The Magical Revolution Episode 9: Duel of Rage

Time to teach the criminal a hard lesson.

Icicle Prison

I imagine K-Dawg too had “Anakin vs Obi-Wan” playing in his mind as the two siblings clashed in a brutal magic battle. Prince Al-Hole was a Water/Ice Type which gave him a slight edge against Anis’ Normal/Dragon. Anis could keep up but knew she had to kick things up a notch to take the jackass down.

Anis damages Prince AlHer biggest advantage is being more agile than the douche prince but to counteract her lethal strikes he has the stolen vampire heart healing critical wounds but not without feeling the burn. He also knew Anis’ Mana Blades were weak against physical attacks.

Anis answers Prince AlHe said that despite having a great power and being feared by many she didn’t change her ways. He demanded to know why. Anis simply said “It’s my ninja way bro. I love and revere everything about magic. Simple as that”. Al-Hole refused to accept such a “simplistic” answer and got more pissed. Specifically he couldn’t understand how she could love something that didn’t love her back.

Lainie in critical conditionBack to the others Euphie’s healing had little effect on Lainie. She painfully called it quits but said maybe some blood could help. Euphie offered hers but Ilia, who held Miss Bazooka’s hand since getting close to her was like “No Lady Euphyllia. I will handle this”. And yes of course in the back of my mind I interpreted it as “Stand back Euphie. She’s mine”.

Lainie X Ilia lesbian vampire kissFrom mouth to mouth resuscitation to “COME HERE MY CRIMSON VIXEN!”

I was at work as usual when this happened so I had to hold back my squees. You all have no FUCKING IDEA how happy this made me! This is a topic I plan on discussing soon in a Yuri Talk post. Look forward to it. But yeah,


However, like Prince Al-Hole’s regeneration our wonderfully gay bazooka HURT! Her vampire magicite was restored thanks to the power of Yuri blood but it stung real bad. At first I thought it’s like Dragonheart and both their life forces were connected but no. Vampire regeneration just hurts a lot.

Lastly, yes. We briefly saw bazooka meat…Life is cool like that sometimes.

Euphie tried to heal the burn but LaiLia were like “You have someone else who really needs your help right now”. Again my head said “We got each other milady. Go save your princess bride”.

Euphie stops Anis from killing Prince AlPrince Al-Hole went coo-coo as the battle reached its climax. He kept getting under Anis’ skin until she’s begrudgingly left with no choice but to destroy him. Finally Euphie could take it no more landing a mighty Spear on her beloved and snapping her back to her senses.

Won’t go into detail about Prince Asswipe revealing the truth of his motivations. It’s too late to beg for forgiveness. I’ve seen too many “sympathetic antagonists” be forgiven by the Internet despite their many crimes. Always reading long tangents that can be summed up with “But he said he was sorry”. Not happening with this guy. TO BE FAIR. At least he admitted he fucked up. That’s all the credit he gets.

Anis backed into a cornerThe important part was the real reason why Anis declined her right to the throne. One day when they’re younger they’re attacked by a monster. As Anis stayed to fight Al fled in terror. After the attack rumors spread among the asshole elite that Anis tried to kill Al out of jealousy. To qualm the stupidity Anis abstained herself from Al, who greatly admired her, and spent most of her time in her laboratory. Al saw her denial of the throne as a huge betrayal, scarring their relationship.

The jerk admitted that despite turning to the dark side he still wasn’t able to match Anis’ greatness and lamented that despite having all the qualities to become a great queen she’s scorned by Conservatives. He knew all along absolute power wasn’t the answer but he stopped giving a fuck about humanity a long time ago. He agreed to share intel on his co-conspirators and accepted his banishment as the family lamented not doing more to stop his descent to madness. After all, Anis had plenty of homies and a strong conviction to lead her on the right path while Al-Hole wallowed in despair alone being corrupted by the typical trash we are all too familiar with in the real world. Again it doesn’t excuse his actions one bit.

I suppose to Anis this may be considered her greatest failure to not help the one person who was most vulnerable living right under her no se. Her sadness hurt to watch.

Euphie and Lainie settle things with AlBefore Al-Hole was banished Euphie and Lailie had to settle things with him. Lailie’s like “I get why you did what you did and I believe there’s still good in you…but you used me, ripped out my magicite and worst of all ruined my special time with my hot maid girlfriend so screw you”. Meanwhile Euphie and him agreed their engagement was forced and neither wanted it. Euphie lamented not handling the situation better but still considered him a piece of crap she hoped to never see again. Al then pretty much said “Become a better fiancee to Anis”.

Euphie's special kissAnd that’s exactly what she intends to do.

Excellent stuff as always.

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23 Responses to The Magical Revolution Episode 9: Duel of Rage

  1. Wow, this was such an action packed episode that gave us a show in more ways than one! The battle was pretty cool, actually; it kept me engaged. It showed that both Anis and Al had their convictions and when push came to shove were willing to stand by them, even to the point of getting serious and fighting to the death.

    Anis would’ve been justified if she had actually destroyed him, but at the same time, it probably would’ve been pretty devastating later, since for better or worse that’s her little brother. Hence why it was imperative Euphie stop her before she crossed the point of no return. No surprise though, as Euphie is always thinking of her and her best interests.

    I am glad that the siblings could clear the air and at least get an understanding of where each was coming from. Too late for forgiveness, of course, and so Al’s punishment was fair imo. Banishment to work until you die isn’t a light sentence, especially when you’re now a vampire. I’m glad Euphie and Lainie could say their piece before he left, but that slap was so satisfying. He’s lucky that’s all she did.

    I do feel bad for Anis though. He was an ass and deserves no redemption, but she still lost her brother and I’m sure that still hurts a lot. So she’ll certainly need Euphie now more than ever. But as we see, she’s already willing to be the best fiance/wife she can be. I’m sure their moment is coming, but what we got so far is great!

    Of course, the biggest buzz of the episode was our favorite vampire and maid couple. I figured she would need blood to revive, but I expected the more conventional ways, like offering a wrist/neck. But Ilia went right for the prime administration method and it was glorious! I had already shipped them at this point, but I think they’ve left the port now and are on their way to sailing the yuri seas. You love to see it! Especially since this is one of the very few yuri anime we’ve had in recent years that had explicit yuri kisses. I hope this will encourage more.

    As always, this show continues to deliver and is certainly shaping up to be my favorite of the season and contender for the year. I can only expect the final few episodes will give an epic and satisfying conclusion for this season, and I can’t wait to see it!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Pretty good fight. Both sides made solid points but Prince Al-Hole did too many wrongs, including an unforgivable crime, to be forgiven.

      Yup. Anis killing him would have scarred her far worse than failing to protect him. Luckily Euphie stopped her in time. She’s almost there Doc. Keep it up Lady Rainbow Sword!

      Euphie and Lailie settling things with Al-Hole was a nice touch. Good stuff there.

      LaiLia lives and my heart cannot be happier! SO. GOOD! Excited for their bonding scenes going forward. True that. The Yuri anime scene has been lacking in on-screen kisses. Gotta catch up with the West. This is a wonderful start, yes.

      Heart is ready for the climax!

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  2. chikorita157 says:

    We know Al is pretty much irredeemable even if he is not happy that his older sister’s reputation gets ruined as she decided to give cover. Still, trying to grab power and rip someone’s magicite and almost kill someone is not the right thing to do. While it’s understandable that he wants to get back at the nobles that ruined her older sister’s reputation, the way he manipulated people and even go to extremes as to murder someone is never right. It’s a good thing that he is going to rot in in jail in a life sentence. Giving him the death penalty would be the easy way out for him. Yeah, Euphie slapping Al while nice, but it should be punch in the face, but she won’t do that obviously.

    At least it’s nice to see Ilia and Lainie live, and hopefully we will see more of the pairing. The last scene was nice, but hopefully Anis and Iliya will make a full recovery as Anis has a big mess to clean up.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Prince Al-Hole did too much damage to be forgiven.

      Bless the vampire and her maid girlfriend.

      Euphie and Anis’ bedroom scenes always deliver blissful moments. They deserve a happy life as future brides.

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  3. Alexis says:

    Todo un mar de emociones, si algo me enseñó seifuku no vampiress lord es que la preferencia por un tipo de sangre es el reflejo de las preferencias sexuales de la vampiresa y que conforme una se alimente de la otra el vínculo crece y se refuerza, aquí tenemos a Illia dándose prisa en ayudar a Lainie quien en todo momento se aferró a la linda pelirroja, espero ver todavía más momentos entre ellas.

    Pienso que Euphie hizo bien en detener a Anis pero no por salvar al principito, sino para evitar que ella se manchara las manos y quedara con sentimientos de culpa mucho más fuertes pero nos quedará como consuelo que los golpistas fueron ejecutados. Aquí me gustaría saber que fue de Tilty.

    La cereza del pastel fueron Euphy y Lainie quienes de la forma más cortés y educada le dijeron al principito que lo aborrecían por lastimar a sus parejas, hay cosas que no se perdonan.

    La serie está muy bien

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    • OG-Man says:

      La fabulosa vampira y su bellísima novia me dieron en el corazón. Que felicidad!

      El Principe Mojón tuvo sus razones pero hizo muchos crímenes imperdonables para recibir piedad.
      Si. Era lo mejor que Euphie detuvo Anis. La trauma de matarlo hubiera sido peor que fallarle.

      Pobre Mamá. Su dolor me dio en el corazón.

      Euphie cuidando de su futura esposa fue excelente como siempre. Ambas parejas merecen felicidad.


  4. Tayumayu says:

    like honestly. this episode have so many scenes that made me squee so hard from the bottom of my soul that i can just “ok u honi prince son of a gun. whatever… i got to see the fluufs ON SCREEN! i lose all care/damn aboout ya”.

    ilia just have to assert dominance over euphi over miss bazooka *cough can’t blame her. she hawt, and that moment where lunie embrace ilia is just…chef kiss moment. if i was euphie, i’d rip the vampire crystal back from him just to call it even ngl, a slap is…..not enough gurl…come on. but its ok, u gotta keep ur wif all happy and safe oh u love birds. i can’t wait for upcoming episodee oh my goodness yesssss

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  5. LuzeP says:

    I was wrong. Turns out Anis is capable of killing her own brother. Do not mess with her. As I said last time, don’t try to make me feel bad for the crazy brother. He’s trying to kill Ilia and Lainie. He said he was doing it for her sister? So because Ilia and Lainie are just a maid and an orphan, they deserve to die? Sorry, he ain’t getting my sympathy. Glad he’s gone. Although probably not the last time we will see him.

    Whatever the purpose is, A KISS IS A KISS. Especially from a vampire is pretty hot. Even tho Ilia still hurt pretty bad she won’t allow anybody else to feed her woman. She lets Lainie suck her blood on a daily basis they are practically married.

    Speaking of married couple, Euphie and Anis relationship has become more profound and intimate. The bedroom scene never fails me. Great episode as always. Another arc to come.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. Not cool bro. Had to pay for his crimes.

      LaiLia lives. Bless them so very much. Fingers crossed for more bonding scenes.

      Not to be outdone by the excellent side-couple our equally excellent main couple’s progress is coming along swimmingly. Their bedroom scenes are treasures always bringing us great joy.

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  6. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Ah, now we see Al’s motivations.
    Do I understand him, yeah I do. Forgive him, not so much, but that’s fine! Not every villain needs to be forgiven. But I do like they gave him a backstory that fleshes out his relationship with Anis more.
    If anything, he did give us a really epic fight between him and Anis, that did not dissapoint. That was a really fun battle to watch!
    Lanie and illya kiss! Well it was more of a life saving thing but it still counts!
    in the end, Anis didn’t kill Al, but he did get to be exiled away and stripped of the throne. The siblings were able to make up at least and were able to settle things in the end.
    I just like how Lanie was able to say “I won’t forgive you” with that tone of voice lol
    In the end she’s too kind, what a sweet girl.

    Well now, they’ve disposed of Al, what’s gonna happen next I wonder? There’s still quite a number of episodes left. Either way can’t wait to see what happens next!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Their verbal clash and battle were both excellent.

      It went from “I must save her” to “Kiss me you gorgeous maid!”

      Main couple’s progress is also very wonderful. So wonderful.

      We’ll see what’s next in due time.

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  7. deathla says:

    How many episodes has left? The way how they used the intros and outros are confusing

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  8. ArcaJ says:

    What an episode! I was rooting for Al to be defeated, but it’s much better that Anis didn’t have to live with the burden of her brother’s death. Especially, since she blames herself for his slide into villainy. I almost feel bad for Al… ALMOST.

    Ilia, holding Lainie’s hand throughout the entire ordeal was probably the sweetest part of the episode. Some people just click, and those two belong together! Ilia can help Lainie be more forthright, and Lainie can help Ilia be a bit more tender.
    I really REALLy hope they don’t drop this relationship.

    Euphie came through for her woman again! Saving Anis from herself looks like a full time job. Lady Rainbow Sword proves her love, even through simple actions: like watching over Anis as she sleeps; partaking of her sadness and regrets)

    I realized, while watching the fight, that Anis and Al are a lot alike. THey both resort to extreme measures to achieve their ideal world. THe difference is, that while Anis makes trouble, her ultimate goal is making the world better than she found it. She tends to want to help the people she sees along the way.

    Al, on the other hand, sees the only way to change the world is through force, since others can’t be trusted to do the right thing.

    In other words, while they are both desperate and reckless (dragon tattoo, ripping out magicite), Al refuses to trust others with choice on the chance they choose “wrong;” while Anise trusts that her ideas can convince others, and she trusts Euphie to present them to the world.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yeah. Anis destroying Al-Hole would have been far worse. Fortunately for her she’s Lady Rainbow Sword to help her recover. It’s a tough job but Euphie’s up to the task in the name of love.

      Yup. Now that LaiLia are together they better not be cast aside. Their epic moment was TOO GOOD for there not to be a followup.

      Astute observation Miss AJ.

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  10. opaco1234 says:

    Actually i will prefer if this arc were longer to feel better the situation, still is for the greatest part that will come soon
    Lanie and Illya was susprised, as expected of the maid name

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  11. K says:

    Honestly, Anakin/Obi-wan didn’t cross my mind at all, lol.

    The sibling showdown did not disappoint. It was evenly matched, with both parties putting everything on the line, in terms of strength and ideals.

    I now understand Algard’s side of things and as such he regained some sympathy from me but not enough for full forgiveness. At least he admitted how wrong he was, willingly accepted his punishment, apologized to Euphie, Lainie and Ilia(though not in person) and cleared the air with Anis so that their bond, while damaged, isn’t beyond repair. As an additional bonus, his testimony led to the Chaturueses’ execution, alongside other purges. It was a good thing Euphie stopped Anis from killing him because if she had, the Anis we know would have died along with him and that would be too tragic.

    Speaking of broken bonds, Anis and Al shouldn’t have ended up where they did. She thought giving up the throne was the best choice to dispel those nasty rumors but Al didn’t want that. This misunderstanding eventually led Al to pull off this Zero Requiem-style plot to take down bad nobles AND give Anis a path back to the throne since he knew he wasn’t worthy. You could say that the darkness of the kingdom caused this rift but ultimately, they should’ve talked about this. In other words, poor communication kills. What a mess. At least Euphie’s gonna be there for Anis, she’s definitely not in a good place at this moment.

    Now, hear me out here, what Algard did to Ilia and Lainie was deplorable…but if you look at things from a certain angle, his actions are what made the Lailia ship a reality, lol. He has been an unintentional wingman of sorts for both ships.

    Some tracks that came to mind during this episode:
    Algard’s reminiscence:
    Algard, Euphie and Lainie’s final discussion:

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    • OG-Man says:

      I failed my “Resonate with K-Dawg” challenge. Then again I was the only one making the Star Wars references. Oh well. Next show. Next show.

      I got his motives and give him props for admitting he messed up big time but he gets sympathy from me. As you said some justice was served at least and Euphie averted disaster just in time.

      Gotta give you props. Your “to be fair” game on Al-Hole’s behalf is solid, especially where it counts. He still sucks and gets no simp points.

      Again my “K-Dawg resonance” needs work.

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  12. yurimylove says:

    Lanie x Ilia yuri approved!

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  13. Nick says:

    Man this ep was worth the hype!

    The long awaited Anis vs Al fight delivered! It was intense and emotional. I kinda expected Al to die as Anis wasn’t going to hold back at all, but Euphie is once again saving Anis from herself. She’s good at looking after her girl.

    I think Al should’ve gotten the death penalty for his actions. I mean banishing him from the kingdom is fine and all, but just knowing he’s still out there doesn’t sit well for me. I don’t know, my inner sense of justice swings wildly when it comes to shows and movies.

    Bazooka meat, that got me laughing!

    That incredible LaiLia moment, I mean what else needs to be said about it? Glad I was able to dodge spoilers about that for as long as I did, given how many people on my TL are watching this show.

    Kinda sad we’re into the home stretch for this show, feels like we’re only just getting started.


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