Yuri Talk: Side-Couples/Pairings 2: OG’s Epiphany

Been many moons since I posted one of these has it not? Well I finally felt like doing one after coming up with several ideas yet not bothering to try any. Let us not dawdle any further and talk about the appeal of lesbian side-couples in anime…again. I already made a Yuri Talk about side-couples before HERE actually. Oh well.  Another title for this post is: “Yuri blogger with editorial rust felt like talking about lesbian co-stars again because of recent squeeing

Kotone and Shizuku

So, yuri side-couples/pairings. I still find them fascinating. For the longest time their appeal has been a mystery to me. Like whenever one pops up they usually get my attention despite not having as much screen time as the main duo of the story.

Maki X Yumeri cold

Over the course of my life as a yuri fan I began to notice things about side-couples. Nothing groundbreaking that others have not noticed but them popping up time and again remains interesting and some make sense why.

Mio X MomoTheir combined sex appeal is often arguably stronger than the main couple/pair’s, meaning they are often the sexier duo.

Mizore X NozomiTheir stories often develop quicker. They experience more dramatic developments in less time than their lead counterparts.

More Maya and ClaudineJunna at the infirmaryTheir stories, charisma and dynamics are so powerful that they sometimes become show stealers to some. Basically they are more popular than the main duo. I freely admit it has happened a couple of times with me. Thankfully it is a rare occurrence.

Yume and YuukiSailor Uranus and Neptune EDMargot Knight and Malga NaruzeThey take less time to become intimate, feel each other or are already in a relationship.

Sensei giving Eiko her presentMaryrose and RosemarySide-couples take more risks in their relationship dynamic, meaning they have more surprises or wow factor.

Mai and Sayaka exhanging numbersThese are but a few of the things I noticed about many of them. The question is why do they seem to have so many alluring factors going for them? The answer is actually quite simple. Time.

Yana and Lydia have a momentThey do not get as much screen time as the leading ladies so they go through the motions quicker. This does not mean their relationships are rushed. Otherwise their raw sexual magnetism would not have much effect. No. They “WHAM! BOOM! POW! ZAP!” fans’ hearts just as effectively because their time is used effectively.

Ashuna teasing Momo yet againWhen they are together their dynamic commands attention. Shippers go ape wanting them to get together. Their interactions are so good yuri fans cannot help but deem them as fated lovers who must fulfill their destiny.

Natsuki and YuukoSometimes the yuri goddesses reward fans for their loyalty toward ships.

Saki and MariaOther times fans look into the distance dazed as they and wonder if their pursuit of destiny was worth it.

Ishuzoku Reviewers Crimvael-CrimAnd some are Crim who embrace their sexy hyena love.

What was I talking about? Viewers can tell my editorial skills got real rusty.

Ko and Rin together foreverMy point is good yuri side-couples are the ones who make a very strong impression on fans despite their limited screen time. So much so that fans want more of them or even their relationship become the main focus. Again this happened to me a few times.

Does this mean Yuri side-couples are better than main ones? Goodness no.

Kita shows her resolve to HitoriErika's friendly seductionTakina checks Chisato's heartMy point was simply to share my epiphany on why yuri side-couples have often grabbed me by the kokoro so many times. Main couples/pairs like HitoKita, KomiEri and ChisaTaki here will always have a special place in my heart and great ones will always be praised to the Heavens. Just felt like giving co-stars their time in the spotlight they actually always had.

Nika moving Chuchu's hairIlia and Lainie's brief joyTo think it took two recent ones to briefly reignite my Yuri Talk itch…

“Won’t it be funny if my heart was crushed by burned cotton candy and I look into the distance with a dazed gaze in the future?”

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16 Responses to Yuri Talk: Side-Couples/Pairings 2: OG’s Epiphany

  1. Nick says:

    So many couples to love!

    Don’t worry, I’ll watch ep 9 very soon!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Alexis says:

    Creo que encontré la respuesta a mi pregunta sobre por qué las parejas secundarias llegan a opacar a la principal “poco tiempo en pantalla, desarrollo rápido de pareja” pero con Maya y Claudine siento que tuvieron una buena dosis de carisma.

    En los juegos también hay buenas parejas: Rena Yuki (Blue Reflection S), Takane y Kanaho (Assault Lily LB), Kokoa y Hayate (D4DJ), entre otras.

    Hace rato había leído en tv tropes que la función adicional de la pareja secundaria es ” como parte del argumento es la motivación de lo que puede llegar a convertirse la pareja principal y al espectador manda el mensaje de que la obra es un yuri y no un cebo y cambio”

    Que madokami bendiga a las parejas secundarias

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      La pareja primaria del anime son Karen y Hikari. Todas las demas son secundarias pero tienes razon sobre sus desarollos. Ellas simplemente son ejemplos de parejas secundarias grandiosas/quienes me gustan mucho.

      Hable sobre parejas anime por eso no inclui las de juegos, manga, animacion del oeste etc.

      Interesante descripcion en TV Tropes.

      Asi es.


  3. tbiscut74 says:

    Side Couples are truly are Fantastic!

    I don’t think I ever expressed how much I loved Jun x Nana from Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight during your review of the series. They were my 2nd favorite couple of the show after the greatness of Maya x Claudine.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Yuri lover says:

    Oh come on!!!!! Did you really not put a picture from “Citrus” and “Bloom into you” !!!!!!!! They the shining STARS of Yuri World !!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Harumin and Matsuri do not become more intimate until later in the manga story.

      Sayaka meets her soul mate in a spinoff story though I guess sharing a pic of the adult side-couple would have been nice.

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  5. cornyf33t says:

    I’m giving a shout out to nagafuji X hino from adachi to shimamura

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  6. chikorita157 says:

    Yes, the side pairings are usually nice and it’s good that a good amount of shows focus on them. Case in point, Hinata and Noa (Wataten), which I find as a cuter pairing than the main pairing (of course, there is Kayori and Kanon), but that is the point.

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  7. yurimylove says:

    “Shippers go ape”, me whenever I see two cute anime girls together 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  8. This was an excellent talk! You summed up everything nicely, and I agree with all your points. All the side couples you shared are among my favorites, too, for the most part. They really do have a unique charm and so it’s always a treat to find good ones.

    Liked by 2 people

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