Mou Ippon! Episode 9: Judo Pride

Something that built up since Day 1 happened at last.

Michi vs Sachi

Last time Michi and Sachi began their first round battle. Although Sachi had the height and power advantage Michi wouldn’t go down easily. The big cutie got a waza-ari but our heroine wasn’t out yet.

Michi beats SachiAfter more back and forth action Michi briefly saw Little Midoriko and recalled a special technique especially made against larger opponents. Then it happened…For the first time on a big stage Michi not only won a match but with an Ippon. The childhood dream had come true for our heroine! It’s definitely worth the wait and made up for her lame running gag.

Michi beats KotokoHowever, the gang/her harem reminded her this tournament was contested under elimination rules, meaning you kept going till you’re eliminated or everyone on the enemy team were beaten. Fortunately as Hot Coach noticed Michi had momentum on her side as she’s still pumped and focused. Kotoko tried a more defensive approach after watching Sachi’s match but Michi’s too much to handle so she too fell to her mighty Ippon game.

Kotoko helps NatsuSo Team Sachi were down to their captain Natsu. She’s in a tough spot since it just became a Gauntlet Match for her. Things were made worse by a cheering section of adult judo club members rooting for their revitalized club. The problem was their “cheers” felt more like pressure on poor Natsu. Luckily Kotoko helped by calming down the meatheads.

Michi vs NatsuThough Michi already faced two opponents Natsu’s surprised she still had plenty of energy. Throughout the episode we were treated to Team Sachi’s backstory from their formation and training. Like Team Michi they too revitalized their high school judo club that was retired after a long period of inactivity. The big moment for Natsu came when she remembered an important saying of their club:

“Softness subdues hardness”

Natsu gets a waza-ari on MichiAt first everyone thought it meant there’s a secret technique for a small warrior to take down a large foe but it actually meant taking advantage of an opponent’s momentum or something like that, meaning an energetic fighter rushing in on you may have an opening. Natsu found one and got a Waza-ari on Michi.

Michi beats NatsuUnfortunately Natsu soon made a similar mistake Michi did and our heroine took advantage scoring the third Ippon in a row. Clean sweep for Team Michi!

Michi and Natsu share a similar reliefThough there could only be one winner both Michi and Natsu had a similar reflection after the match. They’re happy they didn’t quit judo. For Natsu she found the Heart of Judo and Michi’s hard work finally paid off. Also like my dear friend Dr T noticed Michi has similar yuri harem powers as the great Yu Takasaki but just didn’t realize it.

Michi and Midoriko patch things upLater the two fated rival teams met up again. Michi thanked Midoriko for the winning move she taught her and repaid her ice cream debt. On her end Midoriko won an award of her own taking down a five girl team by herself. Tsundere cuteness ensued. Meanwhile Towa and Erika shared a moment.

Himeno sees Nagumo doing researchThe Best Girl moment of the episode was when she told the team about their next opponents. Himeno remembered seeing her doing research the night prior. Even though she couldn’t compete she wasn’t going to sit idly by. Next time it’s the second round.

This show has been pretty good but aside from the dumb gag a minor gripe I have with it is Nagumo not yet fulfilling her dream of competing alongside her beloved Michi instead of just cheering her like usual. Hopefully we get to see her in action before the end of the show.

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9 Responses to Mou Ippon! Episode 9: Judo Pride

  1. Raymond says:

    I believe that Nagumo is the most serious of the team members. Being a newbie in Judo, she wants to prove to everyone she has what it takes to compete with the big girls. I also like the fact that she studies their opponents very seriously. I think this is her best trait. Michi and the others simply rely on what their opponents can do once they face them in battle and base their strategies on that. Nagumo on the other hand makes sure to learn the background of her opponents before the tournament. She wants to be fully prepared before going in to the match. I’m looking forward to seeing her step into the ring and put all that knowledge into use.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. chikorita157 says:

    It’s surprising how Machi managed to pull a clean sweep getting all those ippons. But obviously, she has Nagumo and Sono to thank. Still, it’s funny how Sono still has the grudge over the parfait incident, which is already several episodes ode already. Still, it’s nice to see her achieve one after being unable to do so or almost getting there, but fall short.

    Still, it looks like the next round is a challenge for Aoba West, and I wonder how Nagumo can make out their strategy in the next round for Sanae and the others.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. yurimylove says:

    I’m convinced Nagumo will step into the ring at some point, maybe as substitute?


  4. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Fun episode, the fights were so cool to watch and Michi won with ippon! Hooray for her!

    Liked by 2 people

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  6. Nick says:

    Great ep this week, lots of intense judo action.

    Awesome to see Michi go a perfect 3-0. That was so cool to see!

    Looks like their next round won’t be as easy, although I’m sure they’re up to the challenge.


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