The Magical Revolution Episode 10: Throne Groan

So what was next for our heroines after the poster baddie was defeated?

Euphie and Lainie worried about Anis

We actually found out right away as Anis told Euphie and Miss Bazooka King Daddy-O deemed her fit once more to ascend the throne. Everyone could tell she wasn’t thrilled but did her best to keep her chin up…which too was poorly done. There were several issues with her once again becoming heir:

  1. Queens were usually relegated to the king’s consort.
  2. Anis was born without magic, giving her an even greater hill to climb convincing people of authority she’s fit to rule.
  3. Regardless of Anis wearing the crown she needed a prince by her side and “you know what else”. Euphie’s reaction said it all.

Euphie offered her public speaking expertise and big brain power but Anis didn’t want either cutie to get involved. She wanted to shoulder the burden by herself but could have worded it better.

Lailie questions Euphie's answerAfter Anis retreated to her workshop to wallow in despair Lainie asked Euphie if she’s okay with her beloved getting a male figurehead because the law said so. Euphie said she swore to take care of Anis no matter what even as a mere loyal subject. MB’s face was like “Ehhhhhhhhhhh…” Fortunately for her she’s plenty of time to learn the ways of the maid under her teacher/girlfriend. We didn’t get to see them snuggle this episode but hopefully they bless us one more time in the finale as I don’t know if we’ll see much of them next time.

Tilty's great ideaWhen the two told Tilty she’s like “Just adopt an acceptable kid yo”. Euphie wondered if she’s worried about Anis and her counterattack was “Shouldn’t YOU be the one worrying?”. You can’t beat her Euphie. She’s the 2nd best beauty on the show. Anyway Euphie’s poor denial only annoyed the Goth babe.

Tilty upset with AnisWhen Tilty finally lost it was seeing her wacky science sister brah pretty much accepting her fate as queen of the dorks. Heartbroken and disgusted by her bestie’s fake smile she stormed off.

Anis excited to go out with EuphieLater Euphie approached Anis saying she thought Tilty was kinda harsh but she didn’t like seeing the wacky sisters upset with each other. Anis changed the subject saying she had to pick up Arc en Ciel at the blacksmith but Euphie knew the princess was tired and ordered her to both wait till tomorrow and for them to go together. Fortunately Anis still had enough energy to be all “Are you asking me out baby?” When her lesbian Johnny Bravo skills didn’t work she used her trump card.

Anis and Euphie on a dateMatching outfits/disguises. Love to see it. Not only that but in public Euphie had to drop the “Miss” from Anis. Ganbare Euphyllia-Sama!

Euphie's pleased smileAt Blacksmith Tomas’ workshop things began shaky with the two but once Anis formally introduced Euphie and he saw her beautiful spell casting he was like “No wonder Anis likes you so much”. I guess in this moment Euphie looked at Arc en Ciel and cherished it as her treasured weapon gifted to her by Anis but you better believe it’s also the joy of hearing Anis liked her a lot. Before they could talk more a crowd gathered outside the workshop. They recognized the princess because she often visited the town. Classic “girl of the people” praise from townsfolk. After receiving Euphie’s permission she chilled with the peeps.

A minute later Tomas asked Euphie if Anis would become queen. When she said “most likely” he had a mixed reaction. He had a feeling she’d be a good ruler the people would love but wasn’t thrilled about it himself. Before he could explain we got a cliche “tell you later” interruption. Fortunately we wouldn’t have to wait long to find out what’s wrong as Tomas wasn’t the only one not hyped for Queen Anis.

Ilia voices her concern for AnisIlia found a down in the dumps Euphie. She asked the maid the same question about Queen Anis. She showed her the now empty Magicology workshop and basically said “She would most likely be a benevolent queen but her heart was not into it at all. She would not be able to mingle with the townsfolk anymore nor go on wild adventures and worst of all…no more Magicology”. When Anis retreated to her workshop the day prior she went to put everything away because she knew this would happen were she again told to take the throne. Euphie tried to hide behind her responsibilities serving the royal family but Ilia hit her right in the kokoro with one question. “Once Anis becomes queen…do you think she will be happy?”

Tilty again knows the answerDesperate for answers she went to the 2nd fairest in all the land. As Euphie made her case Tilty asked “You keep saying it’s for Anis’ sake. What about you? How do YOU feel?” Euphie again tried to hide behind responsibility and Tilty countered with “The first step is to be true to your own feelings. I ask again. How do you feel about Queen Anis? You know the answer. Say it!” After finally admitting she personally didn’t want Anis to become queen Tilty applauded her courage to be true to her heart over her duty. Euphie thought her feeling that way was wrong but Tilty’s like “Who cares about what’s right or wrong? It’s what you want to do that matters most”.

The biggest obstacle was next in explaining herself to Duke Papa. He asked one big question:

DP: “Is the smile of one person more important than the entire kingdom?”

Euphie: “I know one person’s happiness is not enough to put the future of the kingdom at risk…but I refuse to accept that that is the only way!”

DP: “Do you feel this way out of devotion, obligation or sympathy?”


Euphie accepts her feelingsThat’s all I needed to hear.

Notice that Duke Papa said that “As the Duke of Magenta I cannot accept this”. He never said anything about him as a father. Anyway upon hearing his daughter’s “I love her no matter what. That is my final answer” he revealed King Daddy-O was a wacky florist back in the day but was forced to throw away his dreams of becoming a botanist to serve the kingdom as its new ruler. He clearly regretted it but as it was for the greater good (the greater good) it had to be done. That being said there was an Option B…

Lumi the Spirit ContractorRight on cue “Option B” presented herself. Lumi the Spirit Contractor. It was through her King Daddy-O formed a magic pact as Duke Papa watched. The thing is the Duke could have stepped up had he made the pact instead. He wasn’t of royal blood but through the pact he could have bypassed the rules and got the crown himself. Something like that. Euphie was prepared to do so herself for Anis but DP immediately stopped her. Lumi revealed she was technically there to stop her too, or warn her. Next episode she’ll explain why.

Great stuff as always.

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20 Responses to The Magical Revolution Episode 10: Throne Groan

  1. This was definitely an episode heavy on the drama, but it also had a lot of good stuff too. It’s obvious that Anis doesn’t want to become Queen, but is also prepared to do so because of birthright obligation and all that. She’s technically doing what’s “right” for the good of the kingdom, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. This concept is something Euphie had to work through this episode herself.

    She’s still very tied to her sense of duty as the Duke’s daughter and loyal subject. However, she needed the tough prodding of Tilty and Ilia to wake up and realize that ultimately what’s “right” doesn’t matter, but rather what will make both her and Anis happy. It’s clear Anis wouldn’t be happy if she could no longer study her Magicology. Euphie also finally realized that she would not be happy as a result, since she’s already decided to stay by Anis’ side regardless. She could never smile if the woman she loves couldn’t. Anis has always made her feelings clear since the start. Now it’s Euphie’s turn.

    And clear did she make them! She had to work her way up to it, but she finally came out and admitted to her Father that she cared more about Anis than she did about the Kingdom, customs and traditions. And it was simply because she loved her. I’m so happy we got an explicit declaration, so there can be no doubt. Now I suspect the last hurdle will be Anis having a similar convo with Daddy O, but it’ll probably be more serious since it’ll defy the very hard kept traditions of the Kingdom.

    Then we got introduced to a new character with a very nice design and excellent VA to round out the episode. It’s interesting that she came bearing the opportunity to form a spirit contract to take away the burden of the Crown from Anis and give it to Euphie instead. Though it’s interesting that Lumi actually seems to want to warn Euphie against it. It’s even more interesting that Duke Grant faced the same decision all those years ago, but turned it down.

    *As an aside, I know it was a joke the Duke and King Daddy O had something going on in their youth around episode 2 or 3, but now even I can’t help but wonder…

    Anyway, seems like we’ll be getting an insightful story next week and probably Euphie’s decision about the pact. I know Lumi wants to convince her not to take the offer, but somehow I feel like Euphie will anyway. Simply because that’s how much she loves Anis. Even if she must suffer or be disadvantaged in some way, it’ll be worth it if her beloved can smile and follow the path she truly desires. And for what it’s worth, I think Euphie would make a great Queen. But I guess we’ll see.

    Great stuff, as always. And I don’t think we’ll get them much next episode, but I hope we get at least one more scene with Ilia and Lainie as we wrap up things in the finale. I know we won’t know anytime soon, but I’m already hoping for a S2. This is just so good!

    Also, the date Anis and Euphie had was quite cute, especially with them holding hands. Anis’ secret weapon is far too powerful. Nice to see she’s so beloved by the people, even though the Nobles and Magic Council jerks hate her guts.

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    • OG-Man says:

      The adulthood blueprint in a nutshell. giving up your passions for grown up responsibilities.

      Euphie knows her path and may make a great sacrifice for Anis depending on what Lumi tells her but what of Anis? Looking forward to the decisions both girls make. Sacrifices will be made for sure.

      Fingers crossed we get at least one scene of LaiLia together before the finale. A second would be great. When it happens, it happens.

      Wonderful date indeed.
      Anis showed she had another trick up her sleeve and it’s glorious.

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  2. Tayumayu says:

    u know, this particular episode really2 hit the jab out of my poor heartstring with the whole concept of “forced to do things u dont love and leaving what ur passionate about behind”. i cried extra hard bcs it resonates so much with me as an adult (sorry bit out of topic, i love this episode so much).

    with that being said, it really does took lot of people to convince euphie to do what is best for her dear wife happiness. euphie longingly looking at her personal sword part is great moment too. tilty is the best wingwoman ever i tell ya, give this lady a sandwich and a girl to snuggle with X3, lumi is soooo prettyy oh ma gawd. i am so gonna buy all the BD. can’t wait for moreeeeee

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    • OG-Man says:

      It’s rough, yes. You can still enjoy your passions but adult life makes it that much harder depending on one’s life situation.

      It was hard for Euphie because of how she’s raised. Sense of duty vs true love and all.

      Hot Goths rule. Just ask Tilty and now Lumi.

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  3. Jeanettelith says:

    Well, to be honest, i don’t see a big problem. We have here some analogue of the Middle Ages, and not Contemporary period. Well, Anis will get married, give birth to an heir, and after then she can do whatever she wants in her personal life, because this is not a modern family (although marriages of convenience still exist now, and differ little) and she can see her husband at official events only. She can live in her own half of the castle and live with whomever she wants, even with concubine. Maybe this is not the best option, but Euphyllia is clearly now thinking of ascending the throne herself, but this will only look like an attempt to seize power and lead to internecine war. But it’s a fairy tale anyway, so i’m still curious how the author will resolve this situation.

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  5. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit this is a very somber episode and it’s sad to see Anis coming to the realization of having to take the throne thanks to her idiotic brother going off the deap end, which also means giving up magicology. This is something that Euphie doesn’t want her to give up given that it’s something that gives her a new purpose in life and also develop feelings for her.

    Nice to see Ilia and Tilty point Euphie in the right direction and gain her the courage to admit her feelings. I do wonder if she actually goes along with the spirit contract thing or if Anis will try to stop her and find another way. Either way, the date and handholding along with Euphie admitting her true feelings to her father is nice, but I wonder how will Anis react.

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  6. ArcaJ says:

    What an excellent episode! Once again, the revolution is coming from Euphie’s experience. Last episode, she learned about jealousy. This episode, she learned about selfishness. All her life, Euphoe was an obedient girl, who worked for the good of the kingdom, the good of her family. She, thought her life of service was all she offer. When she met Anis, she she was surprised to find that she wanted something for herself. She wanted Anis. She wanted Anis to be her genuine self and smile.

    It probably scared her, that she would let the kingdom burn to the ground, rather than leave Anis in that kind of pain.

    And Anis was in danger. If she was the queen, she would be great at the day to day tasks. But, taken away from her magicology, her relationships, her adventures, and Anis would wither up and die. She would lose that very spark of life that the people love about her.

    Euphie decided to fight because she loved Anis. (She actually said it!) He father, the Duke’s reaction was most interesting. It’s heavily implied that he and the king had a relationship. It was his choice to support the king in his own way, for the “greater good.” (The greater good!) His daughter is looking to another path to support her loved one.
    A path that seems dangerous.

    A revolution doesn’t happen with sunshine and lollipops. You’re essentially tearing down a societal structure that has stood for an age. People in power won’t take it lightly. There will be a struggle if Euphie tries this.
    I love how this show highlights the consequences for each action. Let this be the hour in which Lady Rainbow Sword takes up her blade to defend her love!

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  7. SeanDrake says:

    I really want a season 2 but the anime takes to the end of the published LN’s.

    I haven’t checked out the WN for awhile so I’m not sure if that’s further along.

    So I guess we need a good up tick in sales of the LN/Manga and the Author to write fast and we might see a s2 someday.

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  8. Alexis says:

    En mis clases de historia, recuerdo que a Luis XVI le gustaba la cerrajería, de hecho sus trabajos aun persisten en Versailles, su instructor decía que era muy bueno, pero al final se convirtió en el último rey de Francia por obligación. Es el mismo caso que Anis, es buena en magialogia pero no comparte la idea de ser reina.

    Solo tengo dos soluciones: que haga lo que hizo Cristina de Suecia, después de gobernar un tiempo y cuando empezaron a presionar por un matrimonio forzado renunció al trono y la mejor de todas, que Palletia se convierta en república, así cualquier idiota con iniciativa (y dinero) puede gobernar, las secuelas que dejó el principito fueron mas graves que sus acciones en sí

    Estoy en terrenos desconocidos, solo sabía hasta la caída del principito así que ahora no sé que va a pasar con la historia.


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  9. LuzeP says:

    The whole scene and conversation are symbolic. Making it more about the country and Anis hoping to pursue Magicology, we know the main problem is that Anis is gay and doesn’t want to have a husband or give birth. It looks like a more minor problem but this is a big problem for lesbians. We can see the way Anis looks at herself in reflection of one of her machines. It screams “this isn’t me”.

    Anis refused Euphie to get involved as she doesn’t want Euphie to see her with a man. The date was her last attempt to be with a woman she loves. She becomes different. It took a few people for Euphie to realize but that’s okay, she will do everything to help Anis. And she was like, screw the subtlety, I love her. I don’t know how she will help Anis but I believe in Euphie.

    I also don’t know how I feel about Lumi but damn she’s beautiful. Lastly, give us more LaiLia!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Some of our other home girls also deduced the connection between Anis’ emotional struggle and its ties to society but you saw the bigger picture. Sasuga Nee-San.

      Hopefully both our heroines find a way out of this mess without having to sacrifice one an other’s happiness.

      Hot Goths rule.

      We need at least one more intimate LaiLia scene before the end!

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  10. K says:

    Huzzah, Anis’ claim to the throne was restored! She now just needs to put that magicology nonsense behind her and things will be golden, hahaha…ha. This dilemma got me thinking, would she have had such a problem taking up her royal duties if she didn’t relinquish her claim the first time? Would she have pursued magicology as hard if she was the heir apparent? Those questions aside, I await Anis actual thoughts on this matter.

    Tilty’s reactions to this “new and awakened” Anis were on point. She was never going to go along with this farce.

    It took a bit of goading but Euphie’s feelings for Anis can’t be denied now. She would be willing to do anything for Anis’ happiness and would you know it, there is another way. However, as expected, it’s seems like it’s very risky. Can’t wait to hear Lumi’s PSA about spirit contracts.

    Princess Euphylia…that would have happened if Grantz became king instead of Orphanse. Would those two have even met if fate went in that direction? I would say maybe, Orphanse and Grantz were the best of friends after all and that wouldn’t change because the latter took the throne. Things would be different, obviously.

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  11. yurimylove says:

    eagerly awaiting Euphie’s “love confession” scene, face to face — preferably followed by a passionate liplock 😀

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