Do It Yourself!! Episode 8: Blueprint to Success

As we inch ever closer to the anticipated tree house construction we joined our heroines figuring out how to bring it all together.

Cool work aprons

We began with the gang sharing their latest creations. Shii and Jobko showed off some cool trinkets. Takumin surprised everyone by turning the used rags she found at Yasaku’s store into cool work aprons.

Takumi and Yasaku have a momentYasaku was reminded of a scene from Sunflower Girls and Takumin was elated she recognized the moment as the two confirmed to viewers what kind of series it was. Longtime followers of this blog weren’t at all surprised by this vintage Girls Club goodness. It’s part of why we love them so much around here.

Serufu sad her merch isn't sellingAfter that the next order of business was to celebrate the successful sales of their merch from last episode. That was until Serufu asked how well hers was selling. They did their best but couldn’t sugarcoat the sad truth. Ganbare Serufu! Fortunately there WAS something she’s pretty good at, drawing, which was why they asked her to take notes of their ideas for the tree house design so she could make a draft to turn into a blueprint of the real deal.

Serufu's new tree house conceptHowever, like the last drawing some episodes ago it’s awesome but wacky. Again would be awesome if something like it could be built in real life. Fortunately our heroines took pieces that resembled their ideas and put them together to draw a more feasible design. With that done came the final step, making the blueprint. Question was who would do it? They pondered over it till the next day. Serufu volunteered but it’s Jobko who confidently stepped up leading to Yasaku amusingly ask “Why didn’t you say anything yesterday?”

Purin and Jobko in the tubLuckily for my homie Jigglypuff got more screen time this episode.

Jobko looked all cool with her scanner glasses and appeared to have things under control. One evening Puff Mama checked on her and found the Murican lass having a hard time though she wouldn’t tell her why. It’s part of her plan to get Puffy to ask if she wanted her to listen. Jobko said she hoped an old blueprint she and her mom made had all the data needed but it’s tougher than she thought. Being the helpful tsundere she was Jiggles offered to help. Also earlier she still had plans to make an accessory for Serufu using the shells collected at the beach but as usual held back. Having said that the defrosting seemed to be almost done. Jobko thanked Jigglywiggly for the help but Jiggles didn’t want her to reveal that to the others because she’d be too ashamed to face them after all the bad things she said about the club.

We ended the episode with everyone praising the little one for the blueprint “she made by herself” when Serufu invited them over to her house for a surprise. Earlier Serufu told her mom about all her great teammates while downplaying herself. Mom said she’s a great drawer but the cute klutz didn’t think that’d be enough to help during construction thus she’s determined to get better at building. We’ll see what surprise she has in store for everyone.

Good stuff as always.

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