Akiba Maid War Episode 8: A League of Maids

This felt like a return to the glorious madness the show started with. Not saying the serious stuff isn’t good, of course it is, just that I’m glad we’re not done with the dark comedy just yet.

Nagi orders a baseball game to settle a dispute

We were at a funeral for Manami, an admittedly low budget one for a legendary figure like her. There were talks of vengeance for the fallen warrior and desire to regain their glory after losing it to the “merger” with Creatureland. Both the former Maidalien leader and Oinky Doink Manager feigned mourning as the ladies wanted to brawl with the latter. That’s when the Creatureland boss Nagi had them settle things in a game of baseball.

Yumechi tags enemyI could go over the game scene by scene but instead this screen grab sums most of it up nicely.

Nagomi hit by an intentional wild pitchNagomi saw the baseball challenge as a good opportunity for everyone to work on becoming peaceful maids. However, everyone but Ranko had little interest in playing the game whereas the now axolotl maid group were ordered to play dirty or rough when they’re at a disadvantage. Nagomi meanwhile was determined to win the game fair and square even enduring some brutal blows to prove her resolve. Slowly but surely some axolotl maids respected her honor and didn’t want to cheat anymore.

Unagi and Right Hand killedWhen the axolotls were in a pinch the leader shoved herself to bat but went to smash Ranko’s head instead. Zoya fought back causing a scene. As both sides argued an axolotl mascot who quietly watched from the rafters stabbed the leader from behind, killing her. It was Manami’s right hand maid seeking revenge though she too was killed by one of the axolotls.

Axolotls defeatedThese corpses creeped me out more than Franchouchou. Also the thicc player with twin tails is hot.

As Nagomi felt sad they couldn’t even play a game of baseball without casualties the axolotls acted like they’re still alive and the game resumed like normal. Oinky Doink won in the end but the axolotls had no regrets commending them for a good game.

Ranko's reunion with her senpaiWe ended the episode with Ranko confirming the Creatureland leader was indeed her oath of sisterhood senpai. She basically blamed her for not protecting their old leader and said she should focus on fighting for Creatureland, not her friends at Oinky Doink. After that Nagi and her driver said with the maidalien leader gone there were no obstacles left but Miss Big Shot said there may be one more. Uh-oh.

Nagomi and Ranko victoriousAs I will continue to say till the final episode give me NagoRan/RanGomi!

Good stuff as always.

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2 Responses to Akiba Maid War Episode 8: A League of Maids

  1. tbiscut74 says:

    Another great episode!

    So happy Nagomi is still the sweet pure child she is.

    The former Maidalien leader got what she deserved. She backstabed Manami and she herself got stab in the back. Manami has been avenged.

    And yes more NagoRan/RanGomi please!

    Also saw that tweet about Kanan and Mari wanting to be the groom and the bride respectfully. Life is good.

    Excited for more!


  2. Gotta say, that baseball game was mediocre. The enemy team should’ve forfeited the game with their teammates dead, but uh-uh, Nagomi is like “No, it’s okay, they’re alive, I just know it!”. I can’t believe the enemy team bought Nagomi’s shenanigans. When will she ever learn? It’s kill or be killed, she can’t stay as a pacifist forever!

    What if Ranko dies? If that ever happens, that’s on Nagomi! Well, I mean, it’s already on Nagomi because her other friend died. And if Nagomi dies, that would be on Ranko. Nagomi needs to step up her game and do at least one bloodsheed, like it or not!


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