RPG Real Estate Episode 10: All But One Puzzle Piece

Since we’re in the home stretch it’s about time for some big reveals.

Fa at the dragon site

Right away the first big reveal was Fa and the rampaging dragon not being the same entity. We saw her at the latest dragon sighting about to face it. She had a different voice. Could it be?

Mysterious woman SeleniaOne important detail. Viewers who checked out the post-ED scene of the previous episode know the real mastermind behind the dragon attacks showed herself to viewers, Selenia of the dragonkin. She’s the one who has had the big red dragon wreak havoc and most likely connected to Fa but how exactly remains to be seen.

IsanaBack to the present. We got most likely the last important client of the show, Isana the lovely smol tan elf. Her house got wrecked but not by the dragon. It’s just old, like her who was over 8 centuries. We got jokes about age, jobs and classic vs modern armor. All good stuff as always from this show.

Kotone working while downI haven’t said this much throughout my coverage of the show but Kotone is an excellent progagonist. Adorable face with many wonderful expressions, lovable lead and of course amazing body. She rocks.

Fa didn’t come home that night so Kotone was depressed all morning at work but still listened to Isana’s request and helped her find a new home inside the Yggdrasil. It being the World Tree it would last much longer than a wooden house. Thus our heroines met their sales goal but of course they couldn’t celebrate without Fa.

Isana describes a familiar entityLuckily Isana was a fountain of wisdom. After hearing the details she recalled the Dark Lord being multilingual between humans and non-humans and could turn into a white dragon.

Rakira has Kotone and Rufuria make upKotone defended Fa with all her heart but Rufuria had her doubts. The two argued but Rakira helped them make up. They agreed to keep looking for her until nightfall. Fortunately Kotone found her sleeping near their home again. Her relief was short lived as Rufuria saw a newspaper headline with a picture of Fa in the burning forest and called Kotone but she lied to her. RakiRufi quickly figured this out and came over.

Royal Guards take Fa away from KotoneThey tried to help but Kotone kept lying to protect Fa. They’d soon be in a pickle when the royal guard came to detain Fa. Isana worked for the royal bureau so she had no choice. The evidence against Fa was too much so she’d be taken away for questioning. Kotone tried to stop them but Mona cast a strong ice wall spell.

Red dragon attacks prisoner carriageOn their way to the castle they were attacked by the red dragon, proving Fa innocent.

Kotone and Toto rescue FaThe problem was the dragon flung everyone way up high and Fa was tied up. Luckily Kotone refused to give up and went after her bringing some familiar help along in Toto and Shiro.

Great stuff as always. Next time our heroines finally confront the dragon and the truth about Fa will most likely be revealed. Either then or in the finale afterward. Pumped for it.

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11 Responses to RPG Real Estate Episode 10: All But One Puzzle Piece

  1. Fa is not off the hook yet. The final battle against the red dragon who made an ambush will soon begin.

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    Now that the cast is fully on board that Fa is not the “rampaging dragon”, my theory about her being something that was trying to broker the peace, also seems pretty validated. This was a very emotional episode, but good on Kotone for never giving up on her partner, no matter how much everything was stacked against her. Fa is very lucky to have a woman like Kotone, and Kotone likewise is very lucky to have a woman like Fa in her life.

    This really does bring to mind that maybe just maybe, the original Overlord was killed in the midst of a lot of misunderstandings, like how Fa here was getting ready to be inquisitioned.

    It was really hard getting through those scenes, especially with how Fa was ready to fully sacrifice herself and her freedom, but it was all worth it to see Kotone come flying in and swoop Fa into her arms~

    Fa is ❤

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  3. yurimylove says:

    Sera and Mona were finally competent, for once xD

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  4. chikorita157 says:

    I knew that Kotone hiding the truth and worries about Fa will catch up to her. Still, it’s sad to see her feel down without her being around. Thankfully, it’s not her as the others find out, which makes me wonder why Selenia awaken the red dragon.

    Nice to see Toto back, but I guess we’ll learn more about Fa from Satona soon.

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    • OG-Man says:

      The last remaining mysteries are Selenia’s goal. Why does the red dragon wreaking havoc bring glory to her clan?

      Next is whether Fa is the reincarnation of the Demon Lord. We’ll hopefully find out next time or in the finale.

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  5. Nick says:

    Kotone should’ve told Rakira and Rafuria sooner, but I guess she felt she could handle this burden on her own. At least they’re all on the same page now.

    So it looks like Fa wasn’t the dragon terrorizing the land, at least that’s what I got from it. Especially with the red dragon showing up at the very end. I wonder if Fa will turn into a dragon to fight the red dragon? That would be something.

    Isana was a wonderful character this week. Smol, tan, lovely elf.

    Looking forward to the final few eps!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. Important part is they’re ready to help rescue Fa.

      We already saw after the ED last time Fa wasn’t the bad dragon. Your idea of her turning into a white dragon to fight the red one would be pretty sweet.

      That she was.

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  6. K says:

    I know that she was broken up about Fa’s disappearance and all but I found Kotone’s depressed look funny and she was quite snarky too. Also, it’s pretty messed up that she’s apparently a better worker when she isn’t a joyful goof.

    Rufuria’s jealously of Isana’s job perks was very plain to see 😉 .

    It was rough watching Kotone and Rufuria fight but it was bound to happen since Kotone didn’t believe in her friends and fess up sooner.

    With how much of a comedic duo they were, Mona and Sera had to remind us that they were castle officials for a reason. They are quite scary when they get serious.

    Before I watched this episode, I had started thinking that Fa truly wasn’t the rampaging dragon but she instead was pushing back against its assault/minimizing damage to the surrounding areas. After watching, she seems to be vindicated and now we wait for the truth of this situation.


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