Birdie Wing Episode 10: Ego Putt

Eve had trouble getting used to her new residence and needed some help.

Eve determined to play with Aoi

Eve was in a bad mood because she still couldn’t have golf sex with Aoi because the latter was busy with school and business, irritating her soul mate. She told Eve to join the Golf Club so they could play together whenever time allowed them to. Amane wondered why Aoi did so much to keep Eve around. Put simply she’s the one and only golf partner for her. The one who brought out the best in her. This reminded Amane of a conversation she had with Aoi’s mom about the one thing missing in her career as a “perfect golfer” was a worthy raivaru.

Ichina holds Eve backBack to Eve. Still frustrated she couldn’t have golf sex with Aoi she confronted the head golf club coach about it. Ichina tried calming her down to no avail. When the coach refused to tell her where Aoi was she stormed off, disappointing him. He hoped she’d join the golf club to get to Aoi but had a Plan B. More on this later.

Eve seducing ladiesIchina’s worried Eve’s antisocial mad dog attitude and refusal to join the golf club would make it difficult for her to settle at the academy but she quickly showed her seductive skills on the ladies, going out with them for some fun. Ichina’s surprised by her mad virgin killer skills.

Eve Meets KuyoTheir date was cut short due to the girls’ curfew. It’s the first Eve heard of such a thing. Ichina, who stalked her all day, told her it’s a rule at the academy. Our brash heroine wondered why she tailed her and Ichina was determined to be her caddie. She hesitated a bit but promised she’d help her beat Aoi convincing Eve to give her a chance when she faced her. suddenly another blonde in red uniform appeared, Kuyo. She’s intrigued by Eve’s talk about beating Aoi and challenged her. Eve didn’t sense a strong aura from her but looked forward to crushing her spirit like many others and accepted.

Kuyo off her gameKuyo excelled at putting and challenged Eve to mini-golf. Her ability was “Search the Line” where she could trace a course to the hole and putt it with perfect precision. Eve meanwhile used Green Bullet and got each hole her way. Ichina recalled her saying last episode to keep an eye on her play style if she wanted to become her caddie. She’s taken aback by her crude style at first but noticed its effectiveness. Kuyo did too and as Eve expected ruined her concentration.

Kaoruko takes Kuyo's place against EveThat’s when Kaoruko, Kuyo’s senpai and tag team partner, stepped in, knowing her kouhai’s already done for. Eve sensed a stronger aura in Kaoruko and was intrigued. We saw her ability, “In the Zone” where she shut off most of her senses to focus only on the ball. She surprised our heroines by using a Wedge over a putter to score.

Eve praises IchinaIt’s Eve’s turn but Ichina stopped her and convinced her to listen. She noticed Kaoruko used a Wedge on purpose. The spot where the ball landed was a trap. If Eve putted the ball normally it would go of course. Eve saw the resolve in her eyes and followed her advice to score too. Kaoruko had seen enough and declared the game a draw since they’re too evenly matched. We would soon learn Kaoruko and Kuyo were the coach’s Plan B. It worked as Eve joined the club the next day hoping to face the upcoming Doubles Tournament. That’s why he wanted her to join the club, to play in the tournament. Gee. I wonder who Eve’s tag partner will be?

 Good stuff as always. Next time it’s Eve’s tournament training. I repeat, this show needs another season.

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12 Responses to Birdie Wing Episode 10: Ego Putt

  1. Eve has finally joined the Golf Club, and when she competes in the Doubles Tournament, I hope she teams up with her certain “golf mate” to go up against those two girls from a different school.

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    There’s no way in any way that they can resolve the story in just two episodes. There’s still so much to unpack. If there were a mobage or a manga, or SOMETHING announced, then I’d think they were just giving ye ole “go enjoy the rest of the story elsehwere”….but I cant’ find any info on that. Not saying it doesn’t exist, just can’t find it personally.

    Are you more warmed up to Ichiha now? She’s not Lily, but that’s precisely why she has a real future as a caddy for Eve. Her skills are the real deal, and Eve sees that now.

    Should be interesting to see where things go!

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  3. yurimylove says:

    i learned today that you can freeze time by concentrating on golf putting

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  4. elkat4 says:

    Mother’s Basement has made a video about Birdie Wing! An anime I’m watching is mainstream! Should I be scared? O_O

    All joking aside, a pretty white girl at a Japanese all-girls’ school wields a lot of power and Aoi should be worried. Eve can easily take over the school with her looks alone.

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  5. Nick says:

    “Eve was in a bad mood because she still couldn’t have golf sex with Aoi”

    That perfectly sums up this ep.

    Nice to see Eve showing off her seductive skills on fellow students. They fell for her instantly.

    I wasn’t sure what to think of Ichina at first, but I’m liking her a lot more now. She’s a nice addition to the show.

    With only a few eps left, I hope they can get through everything. It’s looking pretty hard to do that now, unless they have an hour long finale or something. I just don’t want anything rushed at the end.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Mad respect for Eve’s seductive skills.

      Also respect Ichina weathering the angry hottie storm and proving herself a worthy caddie to Eve.

      Like I said on Twitter just do the Doubles Tournament arc and don’t rush anything. Fingers crossed there’s a surprise at the end.

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  6. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Another cool episode!
    The calm mind trope, where you block everything else and see the path to victory, which takes the form of… flower plants showing you the way and that bamboo water thing? This is why I love this show.

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