Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 10: Hittori Gauntlet

When we last left our heroines they’re preparing for the next competition when they’re surprised by a returning Dr Paglia managing a hooded athlete (Seva).

Charle Walter

For some reason the Twitter page hyped this girl, Charle Walter. Most likely it’s because of her seiyu. Whatever the reason her purpose was to show part of the 4 stage Hittori gauntlet. The first stage had competitors leap across pillars. Stage 2 were a bunch of trapezes. Oh, and in 3 of the four stages our heroines had to deal with strong wind currents. Charle failed at Stage 2 along with several other background girls.

Lydia at Stage 3 of HittoriSoon it was Team Kanata’s turn, starting with Lydia. Her main motivation was to make Yana smile again. She did well in Stages 1 and 2 but Stage 3, where athletes had to open three big doors, each heavier than the last, proved too much for her. Lydia’s tough but not a powerhouse. She didn’t reach the finish line but she achieved her goal. Yana will compete again in the next event. Way to go Lydia!

Paglia rescues EvaNext up was supposed to be Shelley but her prosthetics still weren’t at 100%. Upon seeing how demanding the Hittori was she withdrew so it was Eva’s turn. She showed her usual super athlete power but the headaches were not only still prevalent but worsened. So much so that Dr Paglia had to rescue her.

Kanata charges onwardNext was our girl Kanata. At first she was concerned about Eva but Eva reminded her what they’re fighting for and to give it her all.

Champion's Light Kanata“Insert the usual reference here”

Stage 3 proved to be tough even for her signature Potato Power so she tapped into her Champion’s Light, aka her Akaza Blood (I’m pretty sure her grandma is who I think it is). Stage 4 was a tower climb…which looked like a lightning rod. Take a wild guess what the weather was at that point in time. That or there’s a nearby weather machine.

Seva easily clears HittoriLastly we had Seva and because she’s most likely the final boss she showed her “beyond super athlete” power, making quick work of the gauntlet.

Seva and Johann make their escapeKanata went back to check on Eva. All the genetic enhancements and childhood abuse caught up with her. She needed special medical treatment which the local medic hut didn’t have. That’s when Johann and Seva showed up. It’s time to dispose of the “weakling” so that the “superior” model could compete without suspicion. Feeling untouchable he cockily blurted out the baddies’ scheme and was like “Our deal is off Paglia!”. Mr Detective and Coach Tama apprehended him but he ordered Seva to carry him away, making their escape. Everyone at least got Eva to a better facility. The episode ended with Eva having a nightmare. We’ll see where that goes next time.

Good stuff as usual.

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  1. yurimylove says:

    That episode ending is so sad, i hope it’s just a bad dream…


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