300 Years Killing Slimes Episode 10: Rory’s Dream

In which the writers made Rory‘s dream come true. Sir Nickolas is also in for a treat whenever he gets to this episode.


Our favorite family came across an interesting poster promoting a particular minstrel, Schifanoia. Flatorte, revealing herself to be a diehard fan of minstrels, big and small, knew all about her. They’re all revved up for the performance…until she stroked the first strum. Schifanoia’s a death metal rocker. The show used another term, as they would for other music genres in the episode but let’s call this Schifanoia’s what it was. La Familia and the rest of the casual crowd reacted as one would expect.

Azusa about to heal SchifanoiaOnce the song was over only Azusa and Flatorte remained. Schifanoia looked like she leaned back all cool and stuff but she collapsed from hunger.

“Insert struggling niche genre indie performer reference here”.

KukuAfter gorging her meal back at La Familia’s pad and taking a refreshing shower we were introduced to our bunny musician’s true self, Kuku. You know that reference I mentioned above? That about summed up her backstory. I’m serious. This latest failure made her consider retiring despite years of trying to make her minstrel career work. Maybe apply for one of those “sexy bunny” (aka a “kemonomimi” enthusiast joint) jobs. Azusa could tell how much she loved music and encouraged her to keep trying. Kuku gave Schifanoia one more go but got the same result.

Flatorte's impressive performanceFlatorte put her internet critic glasses on but she’s the good kind of critic. She was like “You can play death metal but you know metal artists write lyrics and aren’t just incoherent gibberish, right?”. Kuku thought she’s all talk but rather than rely on “passion” or ego like many critics out there Flatorte could back up her words with her own mad skills.  She knew Kuku had the talent and drive but not the brain for the world of music.

Falfa and Shalsha's songAzusa suggested the rest of La Familia show their musical skills in hopes of inspiring Kuku to write songs with better lyrics.

I bet fans hope full versions of all the songs featured in this episode, including the ones Azusa disqualified (Laika’s and Halkara’s) will be included in the OST or a special Insert Song CD.

Inspired by all performances Kuku decided to drop her Schifanoia persona and sing as herself from now on. After a montage Kuku’s ready to leave but not before some parting words from Master Flatorte.

Flatorte saying it like it isFlatorte spit truth bombs. This is applicable to not only the music world but entertainment in general. As a wrestling fan I’m fully aware of this.

“Insert Hulk Hogan and especially Ultimate Warrior joke here”

Beelzebub brings the boozeBefore Kuku could leave to put her newly acquired knowledge to good use Auntie Beelzebub made a surprise visit to hang with the fam and especially play with her favorite nieces. Hearing Kuku’s a minstrel she had play and was so impressed by “The New Kuku” she invited her to perform in a demon concert palooza thing.

Laika and Flatorte about to bicker againKuku wasn’t used to singing in front of a large crowd. At best she got 30 according to Flatorte. Thus she had stage fright but upon seeing her master was as much of a goofball along with La Familia’s support she was ready to go.

Kuku's epic performanceAnd go she did.

With a musical career secured she thanked La Familia one last time for changing her life. Master Flatorte had a parting message for her: “Don’t forget Schifanoia! If you ever want to bring her out again, do it! Remember where you came from!” Something like that.

Great stuff. Another episode that delved into the world of struggling independent artists.

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7 Responses to 300 Years Killing Slimes Episode 10: Rory’s Dream

  1. This episode was hilarious. I want the full version of the twin’s song as well as Rosalie’s. I hope we’ll see the return of Kuku’s death metal persona one day too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Yes, full versions of the songs would be highly appreciated.

    Good to see Kuku finally finding some joy and success in her passion.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rory says:

    This episode was certainly a treat. I was hyped when I saw the preview for this episode, and it delivered.
    Kuku was a lot of fun, both as Schifanoia and herself, and Flatorte was fantastic in this episode. The insert songs were great, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Little Viktoria says:

    What an adorable side character. Red eyes are so pretty. I hope she will be a regular and I wouldn’t mind if she stayed in the family.

    Beelzebub missed the song by her dear twins, but it might have been the best for her poor heart, the way she’s already so head over heels with them ^^

    I can imagine Kuku running into Chuchu (from Show By Rock) and having a fun jamming session ^^

    Also Flatorte was amazing this episode.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. chikorita157 says:

    Definitely a fun episode.I find it hilarious how Halkara continues to get the short end of the stick. Either way, it’s good that Kuku didn’t give up on her music career. I think that Flatorte and Kuku might make a good pairing.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Mauron says:

    I have been waiting for this all anime. Actually, that’s a lie, I’ve been waiting for this since I read it in the light novel. Finally my absolute #1 hype moment has arrived.

    It was glorious.

    Full versions plz.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. yurimylove says:

    At first i thought she passed out from the high, but i guess she’s just hungry 😀


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