431st G-View: Assault Lily Bouquet

One of my two most anticipated anime of Fall 2020, the other was AdaShima, came to a close. The question, as always, was whether it was worth the wait or not. Let us find out as we take a look at Assault Lily Bouquet.

Assault Lily Bouquet Cover

Genres: Action, Mecha Musume, Sci-Fi, Yuri

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 9/10

Plot Summary: On Earth in the near future, mankind was on the verge of destruction from an attack by a mysterious life form called the Huge. The whole world united together against this threat, using magic and science to create weapons called Charms. Around the world institutions known as Gardens raise girls called Lilies to wield these weapons. Riri Hitotsuyanagi managed to pass the exam to enter the prestigious Garden known as Yurigaoka Girls’ School. She entered in an attempt to find Yuyu Shirai, a girl who rescued her in her past.

Riri's CHARMRiri's thighs

The simplest description of this show would be “Maria-Sama ga Miteru X Strike Witches” in that it is an anime about cute and sexy girls wielding badass weapons fighting against machine like alien invaders. The obvious differences are ALB battles are primarily on the ground (though some Lilies can leap long distances) and instead of focusing on the girls’ panties and booties the focus was on their lovely thighs. As mentioned in my AdaShima G-View it gave ALB a good fight but ultimately ALB won the title of sexiest yuri show of Fall 2020.

Yuyu vs Huge

Besides top notch sexiness the show also has some quality battles between our heroines and the Huge though initially it seemed to be difficult to follow for some. Fortunately this was quickly patched up and the rest of the action after the first battle was choice. Fall 2020 was the season of “cute and sexy warrior maidens vs mechanical aliens” with ALB leading the charge. Each battle was better than the last capped with an epic final fight and touching vs final form. One noteworthy battle featured a certain purple haired Lily. Yup, her…

There are terminologies for the Lilies’ abilities, skills, their power source and how it relates to the aliens. To cap off the presentation we have the soundtrack. It is nice and the OP and ED are awesome.

Kaede stopping Araya

More on the middle girl later. Let us continue with the Maria-Sama ga Miteru part of the review. Fans of the classic “S-Class” Yuri series will sense familiar vibes watching ALB. The most noticeable being the “Shchutzengel” and “Schild” and its similarity to the “Soeur” system in MariMite. What I mean is pairing up older and younger Lilies together as life partners and the older Lily addressed in the iconic title of “Onee-Sama”. Then there are the formalities and courteousness among the ladies though this only applies to part of the cast. Most Lilies address each other casually. I suppose the following is more associated with Strawberry Panic than MariMite but it too had its fair share of flirting among ladies and ladies pining for each other, which ALB has a ton of too.

Misuzu giving Yuyu a present

Besides badass action and courteously naughty gayness among girls there is drama too. The most prominent one concerning a mental condition that is not easily overcome, if ever depending on the person and how deep the trauma is. Other major personal obstacles revolve around interpersonal relationships and family ties while the rest have to do with lack of courage. It helps all the Lilies are really cool, cute and sexy.

Riri and Yuyu together again

The rest of the review will be about what we all know and love. So the main couple are Riri X Yuyu. Riri is a chipper cutie aspiring to become a great Lily like her heroine Yuyu, who she reunited with not long after joining the academy. Not quite a genki but definitely full of life and spirit. Yuyu is the token ice princess who has her reasons for being that way. Luckily it does not take long for her heart to defrost but the aforementioned reasons are not easily done away with. Not at all…Their relationship is wonderful and make for great leads.

Kaede's an open book

Next we have the beauty many consider the MVP of the show, Kaede. This girl will either fill your heart with great joy or great suffering depending on what kind of viewer you are. I know fans who love this girl so much they could write an essay on her awesomeness and what makes her an excellent Third Wheel lesbian. You know what? Rightfully so. Kaede really is that damn amazing. The lengths she goes to make Riri hers (after falling in love with her in the premiere) is commendable because she did it fair and square, meaning she did not ever push herself on Riri or force her to love her back. She did as much as she could without breaking federal law, always openly declaring her love and desire for Riri, even standing up to Yuyu at certain points during her ice princess phase. Kaede is undeniably one of the best third wheels in yuri anime history. She deserves as much happiness as humanly possible.

Fumi and Miriam

There are many other lovely Lilies on the show. Some appear in several episodes and others only getting a brief glimpse. There are a select bunch who get plenty more screen time in the second half. One of them is one of my two favorite side-gays. I love this super long twin tailed girl so much I ALWAYS address her using her full name, Miriam Hildegard von Gropius. Admittedly it was her name that first drew me to her but she grew on me seconds after her debut.

Moyu Mashima

The second side-gay spends most of her time working rigorously in her laboratory but she does have her moments despite not fighting much. Moyu, aka Asuka’s distant cousin. I will not say more about these two except I have a good eye for awesome lesbians, yes. Besides them there are plenty more great Lilies so surely viewers will find a favorite or two of their own besides Kaede.

Overall Assault Lily Bouquet is my favorite “Warrior Maiden vs Mechanical Aliens” anime of Fall 2020 and one of my favorite anime of the year. The cast is large but the Lilies who get their time in the spotlight take full advantage of it. The action is excellent, the presentation gets better with each episode (it may be tough on some viewers’ eyes depending on their health) and the yuri is delightful from start to finish, just not super steamy. Recommended to viewers who enjoy cute and sexy lesbian action shows. The writers hinted at more Assault Lily in the future. Hopefully they meant animation and not the mobile game.

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19 Responses to 431st G-View: Assault Lily Bouquet

  1. Little Viktoria says:

    I absolutely adored this show! It has just the right balance of darkness and kindness, comedy and sexiness and cuteness. Beautiful animation. And the final episode was glorious! There is so much I want to say about that episode, but best not to spoil it to anyone who is yet to watch the show. Glorious, glorious ^^

    Kaede is such an incredible girl, a true knight in shining armour and a gorgeous elegant lady at the same time. I love her, and hope that she keeps pursuing her passion.

    And I love Yuyu and Riri equally much. True heroines. Yuyu’s voice is so calming and kind.

    Miriam is a joy to watch (oh, lucky, lucky Miriam), Kusumi in her rare appearances is adorable, and the amount of pretty background characters is delightful. The uniforms are stunning as well.

    I’ll rewatch this again and again. I hope it shows the way to many other yuri action shows to come. Especially the ending ^^

    Liked by 4 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Quite right. The show had so much win and capped off with a glorious finale!

      More like find a girlfriend of her own because Riri and Yuyu will eventually tie the knot. But yes she’s a legend.

      Bless Miriam Hildegard von Gropius so very much!

      Excellent cast of cuties and hotties.

      It’s one of the best action yuri anime out there for sure.

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  2. Alexis says:

    Fue un gran show que no tiene que envidiarle nada a una telenovela, la evolución como pareja de Riri y Yuyu estuvo de 10: de una relación unilateral, el descongelamiento del corazón de Yuyu, haber tenido y perdido una hija y terminando con el exorcismo de los fantasmas del pasado, fue genial.
    Kaede es un excelente personaje, peleó con honor contra Yuyu por el cariño de Riri, por eso tiene mi respeto, sin duda es una verdadera ojou-sama con corazón de oro. Pero sin duda mi otro personaje favorito fue Fumi, es toda periodista de espectáculos, voy a extrañar sus noticias Lily.
    Se agradece que pusieran los nombres de las chicas, pero también al ser un elenco tan grande no todas pudieron tener tiempo suficiente en pantalla, me hubiera gustado ver más a Soraha y Kusumi.
    Espero que la serie triunfe y podamos tener más temporadas con las otras dos escuelas de los juegos.
    Espero que Kaede encuentre a una chica que la quiera… o que se case con Araya.

    Gruppi X Moyu, felicidades a las recien casadas.


    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      La historia de Riri X Yuyu fue excelente de comienzo hasta el final. Espero que su amor siga creciendo.

      Kaede es ena leyenda. Esperemos que encuentre su propia final feliz algun dia. Ella con Araya seria esperado. Dos chicas rivales que fallaron en encontrar el amor entran en una relacion juntas. No tendria ninguna queja contra eso.

      Fumi y las demas eran todas excelentes, si.

      Que Madiosa y Kumaria bendiga las recien casadas para siempre!


  3. cirno9fan says:

    I honestly was crazy close to dropping this one around the middle, but I stuck through, and I have zero regrets~

    I don’t have a lot to add, but I personally think another show deserves “sexiest yuri show of fall”, and it’s one that hasn’t ended yet. But I guess my idea of that, and normal people’s ideas of that tends to not be the same.

    That set of scenes near the end had me crying tears of joy~ It was quite the nice thing to put forward! Am glad they went all in on it. Still sad that Kaede’s in 3rd wheel forever, but maybe a second season could give her someone. Or maybe she could find a way to turn it into an ot3. There are still possibilities for her!

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  4. Nick says:

    What a ride this show was!

    As soon as I saw SHAFT was doing this show I was already on board, no way I’m missing one of their shows.

    Yes we already had a number of cute girls fighting alien monster anime this season, but ALB really was a treat to watch. I liked the good balance of story and serious eps with the fun and sexy parts of the show. That was very well done and ALB gets big bonus points for all the attention given to the girls thighs. Bless!!

    As always SHAFT delivers the goods when it comes to the battle scenes and they were so good to watch. The character designs were all very good too and I loved the eye catches and end cards as well, always nice to see familiar artists doing the end cards.

    The OP and ED were excellent along with the few insert songs they had along the way too.

    All in all ALB was an excellent cute girls fighting alien monsters anime and while they wrapped up things nicely, there is always the chance for more given what happened at the very end. Gonna miss this show a lot, was a big highlight of the Fall season for me.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      SHAFT have as great of a track record directing het shows as they do all-female ones like this. The streak continues.

      The thigh and tights action was on point from start to finish. Much respect.

      I think the main reason ALB was the best of the three “Warrior Maidens vs mechanical aliens” anime this season was because they went all in and didn’t stray away from their goal. Yes. I know I’m making excuses to justify this being the best of the three. It just is basically.

      Excellent songs throughout.

      Hopefully we’ll get more than the mobile game in the future. We NEED more.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. tbiscut74 says:

    What a Fantastic Series! Its tied with another show as my favorite this season!

    All of the girls were cute and lovely! I would like to give a special mention to Mai who had my favorite character design.

    The OP and ED were Rocking!

    The fights were sweet! Very well animated!

    My favorite girls were Miriam Hildegard von Gropius(a very cute shortie), Moyu(she just rocks), and Mai. Also super happy for Miriam and Moyu “getting” together!

    And, of course, Kaede is my all time favorite. I love her so much, there are no words that could possibly describe how much I love her. I really could go on forever about her. Bless her forever!

    This show was amazing and I’m going to enjoy rewatching it Dubbed!

    I also hope that it gets a second season! I NEED more Kaede in my life!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Thi Mai with her striped kneesock. Very nice.

      Great action and animation throughout.

      Great Top 3, yes.

      Bless them. Bless them so much.

      Kaede is a legend and deserves her own happy ending.
      English dubs are great excuses to enjoy a great show again, yes.

      Fingers crossed we get more ALB in the future.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. This honestly became one of my favorites of the season, probably second to AdaShima. It really had such a great balance of action, comedy, sexyiness and yuri romance. There were so many great characters, I don’t know if I can pick just one favorite. So many great couples as well. I really hope we get a S2 because it deserves it.

    Also, Miriam and Moyu have congratulations in order on their marriage. I’m sure they’ll be very happy together.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      So much to love about this show, yes.

      Their wedding photo was the best part of the anime. You know how much I love those two as characters and how subtly crazy I went when their relationship was confirmed. For them to get married in the end I was like “Thank you Godoka and Kumaria-Sama!”

      Liked by 2 people

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  8. yurimylove says:

    great review on a very enjoyable mecha-musume show, and the paragraph on Kaede is spot on! My sentiment exactly.

    Liked by 2 people

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  10. K says:

    This was a great watch and one of my favorites of this season, with many lovable Lilies. Riri and Yuyu aside, Kaede really stole the show! I also liked Fumi, Tazusa, Miriam and Moyu.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Giack31 says:

    I loved this show.
    It used some pretty common tropes but actually did something new or interesting with them (like not waiting a whole season for the ice queen to warm up)
    It has a lot of very likeable characters.
    I usually really like “third wheel” lesbian characters but at the same time I fell really bad for them. That’s usually because sometimes I don’t really like the main couple and I think that the MC would be better off with the third character but this is not the case for this show. I really like Yuyu and Riri relationship so I don’t fell as bad for Kaede. She’s a really great and funny character.
    Personally my favourite is Tazusa. Even though she doesn’t have much screen time I really like her design, her voice and that scene where she tried to pet the cat but the cat batted her hand away had me dying laughing.
    The OP is amazing, definitively the best if the season. The ED was also really good.

    And then episode 9 happened and i really didn’t like that (especially the ending). To make things clear I’m not against what happened because I clearly needed to happen to make other things happen in the story, what I didn’t like was HOW they did it. It was so sudden and so nonsensical that I made for one of the least impactful deaths I have ever seen.
    It’s really such a shame that that happened because without that this probably would have been my favourite anime of the season.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. piano_cello_conducting says:

    The direction and plot were poorly-written. However I think the last 5 minutes made up for the weaknesses. I think Kaede deserves better. Also many things were unexplained in the show.


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