434th G-View: Warlords of Sigrdrifa

Fall 2020 had 3 anime I would describe as “Warrior Maidens vs Mechanical Aliens”. I already reviewed Strike Witches S3 and Assault Lily Bouquet so now we will talk about the last one. What does this one have to offer? Let us find out as we take a look at Warlords of Sigrdrifa.

Warlords of Sigrdrifa

Alternate Title: Senyoku no Sigrdrifa (Japanese)

Genres: Action, Drama, Science Fiction

Themes: Airplanes, Aerial Warfare, Fanservice, Military, Mythology

Number of Episodes: 12 (1st episode is 40+ minutes)

G-Rating: 7/10

Plot Summary: When humanity is threatened by mysterious Pillars, the Norse god Odin offers humanity a way to fight back: young female pilots called “Valkyries”, each piloting a special, magically-enhanced plane capable of fighting this mysterious new foe. One of these Valkyries is Claudia Bruford, a German pilot who gets transferred to Tateyama Air Base, where she befriends a trio of Japanese Valkyries, and learns the value of friendship. 

Claudia's new family

Coming into this show all I hoped for was it to be as enjoyable as The Magnificent Kotobuki, focus mainly on the ladies and treat the guys like insignificant dorks. Well the guys got more screen time than expected and they were dorks but I admit they were likable dorks and proud to be manly men. They liked to “flirt” with the ladies but it never came off pushy. They were more like loyal fanboys to the Valkyries willing to sacrifice their lives to help the cause. So yes, they were cool chaps.

Claudia Salute

I guess the best way to describe Sigrdrifa would be “finding light in the darkness”. The premiere starts in the middle with fun, gloom and cool action. As it progresses it bounces between fun, gloom and the middle again with most of the second half being gloomy with small glimmers of hope. It is first and foremost a war anime with drama revolving around the hardships of war, lost comrades, traumatic experiences and trying to not lose hope when all seems lost. All our heroines joy, sorrow and renewed hope throughout the show. Despite some flags being incredibly predictable, I am referring to one tragedy in particular, it still hurts to watch the reaction of the loved one seeing her hope crushed in an instant. It is a solid story overall.

Sigrdrifa bathhouse moment

Having said all that about the narrative, this show also features plenty of sexiness. Readers who felt Strike Witches 3 needed more of its vintage ecchi goodness will have no such issue watching Sigrdrifa. Heck, Episode 4 features one of the most insanely hilarious beach segments I have ever seen (Keep in mind the guys are wearing “tighty wightys” too.) and it is followed by a delicious bathhouse scene featuring a serious discussion/info dump in Episode 5. If nothing else the Blu-Rays are worth checking out for potential uncensored goodness. Longtime fans or frequent visitors of the blog will know I am no stranger to anime featuring ladies showing off their bodies or getting their clothes shredded yet have fundamentally sound storytelling. Sigrdrifa is an example of such.

While the story is solid it is one viewers will have to be patient and “connect” with. There is a lot of exposition in the first half that will make sense in the second and not as many battles as one would expect. This is not a one or two battle per episode show.

Pillar Readies Counterattack

Moving on to the action. Most of it takes place in the air via dogfights. Probably because the Valkyries did not need advanced technology to take out enemies they piloted old school fighter planes whereas the guys piloted modern combat jets. Take wild guess which ones were stronger against the Pillar. As mentioned in the intro the Pillar look like mechanical aliens though here they seem to be of mythological origin, namely Norse Mythology. Why? My best guess is the story of creation based on Norse Mythology resonated with the writers and the story they wanted to tell. It is evident they did their homework with the Valkyries’ purpose of giving fallen warriors a proper sendoff, other gods, the paradise of Valhalla and of course the world ending war of Ragnarok.

The presentation is good. The ladies look good, the soldiers are buff goofballs and the CG planes, jets and “aliens” look cool. The soundtrack is rad along with a rockin’ OP and bittersweet ED.

Claudia's try hard introduction

Azuzu, Miyako and Sonoka

Claudia (blonde), Miyako (black), Sonoka (pink) and Azuzu (gray).

Let us go over our four main heroines:

Claudia is the main lady. She was assigned to a Japanese base after one of her fellow Valkyrie fell in battle to take her place. She is a “fish out of water” despite having some knowledge of Japanese culture. For reasons revealed over time she had a strong connection to a certain Norse king. She feared teaming up with others because she saw herself as cursed, fighting by her side was a death sentence but over time learns to appreciate life much more thanks to her new friends.

Miyako is a genki loved by all for her boundless optimism and positive energy. That does not mean she is clueless or an airhead. She knows full well what she is fighting for and wants to spread hope and joy to help alleviate as much stress as possible.

Sonoka is “the cute badass” in that she is adorable on the outside but like her chest she packs a ton of heat and her combat skills appear to equal that of revered Valkyries (known as the “Named”). Her character arc is a challenging one, yes.

Azuzu (OG best girl) is a Tsundere with a big brain but has the least stamina and combat skills on the team. Still, she can hold her own and is inexplicably gorgeous. Occasionally brags about her intelligence and beauty and she has both to back up her boasting. Is constantly annoyed by “stupidity” but her caring nature is easily noticed. Biggest weakness is her need to over analyze everything and not taking enough risks in battle.

Azuzu X Miyako

While there are some yuri ships the highlight couple are Miyako and Azuzu. Azuzu is the brain, Miyako is the brawn and together they make the perfect team/couple. Just like her kind nature Azuzu does a poor job hiding her love for Miyako, even from Miyako herself. She is cutely teased by everyone. Miyako loves her super sexy grumpy smarty pants with a big heart and Azuzu loves her bright and cheery idiot cutie.

Overall Sigrdrifa is a solid show with a solid story, nice presentation and a fine cast. However, I personally felt it did not quite reach that “8 and up” fun factor for me thus it got a 7. Reminds me of Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars. Another decent show that did not quite reach the “good” range for me. That does not mean I thought the show was not good, just decent. May be worth checking out at least once.

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9 Responses to 434th G-View: Warlords of Sigrdrifa

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Personally my AotS! It had such a great balance of goofiness, seriousness, cuteness, and depressiveness. I never felt overwhelmed by any of it. The episode where Sonoka is suffering was definitely a hard watch, but it wasn’t unbearable, and everything was handled really well. This is a show that had a surprising amount of character death, and never took a single one back. Which I think helped the show, since it did want to seriously go over how terrible war can be. But it also goes over how to move forward when you’re one of those “left behind”. The show was full of emotions. And yes, it was also full of sexiness 😀

    The show was very surprisingly generous with the ecchiservice. Still not as openly ecchi as Fruit Tart was, but a lot more than I think any of us had thought it would be. But they also had the guys on full display, which I think was a nice touch.

    Another surprising aspect of the show was how serious they took Miyako and Azuzu’s relationship. At first I thought it was just going to be a running gag, honestly. But they went full in on it ❤ The lines Miyako and Azuzu said to each other would be extremely embarrassing to say, but the way they both can say them so clearly, shows how much they think of each other. I was really worried one of them would die, because it seems all the rage to kill off one of a yuri ship, but nope.

    I found the story very engaging, but I think the “exposition dump” was mostly to help the people who haven’t read the prequel novels. I haven’t either myself, and I still really really enjoyed the show. So that is one thing they also handled well, not needing the prequel novels to keep engaged.

    All the cast were fantastic, including all the guys (except that one guy who met his demise anyway), which is not a normal thing for me in a show like this. But they handled it swimmingly well, and I cried too during that final scene at the grave. The show put so many emotions inside of me, and still has some left in there as I type this, even having seen the finale right when it was out.

    Even though Miyako was more my style of character, I possibly could say that Azuzu was my favorite. It’s a rough one. The both of them had such a dynamic, and that tends to also influence who I like more. But again, all the characters were fantastic, so it’s not like I’m saying those two overshadowed everyone else, just that those two shone the most in a box full of shining lights.

    I am really happy with how it ended, but would not be unwelcome to another season. I imagine there will be more mythologies that will show up which can bring about more interesting stories. I don’t think it will get another season, but I still do hope for it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Somebody says:

    I couldn’t get past episode 4 or so of this one. Is there enough yuri that makes it worth a watch? Overall was not a fan of the story or male cast but if the yuri is good enough would definitely give it another go.


    • OG-Man says:

      If you’re worried about more male fanservice then Episode 4 is the end of it. If you mean the guys still getting attention then that’s not gonna end. They don’t hook up with any of the girls though. The yuri is there, just gotta be patient.


  3. Little Viktoria says:

    My favourite anime of the season! (Followed by Sleepy Princess… I also haven’t watched Adachi and Shimamura yet). I loved the story, it had enough darkness and ominousness to make me wonder every episode if we would all be terribly sad and heartbroken in the end… stories like this have such an impact on me. I was definitely terrified until the very last moments, especially when Claudia used her god-given bullet. A beautiful, beautiful series. Not without its harrowing sacrifices, but it was all worth it a thousand times over.

    Azuzu is my sexiest girl of the season – no one else comes even close. And her hero Miyako is a true hero and an endless source of positivity and kindness. I might love this couple more than any other this fall. Their special fireworks flight is a moment to remember forever. As was Miyako coming to the final rescue. The way everyone knows from the beginning how passionately Azuzu loves Miyako, and how everyone teases her for it and supports her in every possible way, is charming.

    All the characters are incredible, all the way to the grumpy old lead mechanic. I loved the music too. Some parts evoked (probably intentionally) Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks, and I like that. And the sexy segments… very nice ^^

    Liked by 2 people

  4. K says:

    This was a fantastic series! The story was compelling, the fanservice was bountiful and all the characters were very loveable. Additionally, the guys here were the funniest and most chivalrous dudes I’ve seen in a while. It’s quite sad that those three dudes didn’t make it to the end but they bowed out with a bang! Episode 4 was a hilarious episode, indeed. The battles were good but I am a tad disappointed that there weren’t more dogfights with resurrected Valkyries. It would have been quite a blast, I think.

    Azuzu was the best. She may have been quite the grump at times but she really meant well. I enjoyed watching her with Miyako and despite her feigned annoyance, those two are very inseparable. Speaking of Miyako, she’s such a sunbeam of endless goodness and I think she best represented what a Valkyrie does. Watching Sonoko’s suffering after that event was painful but her revival/renewal was quite the payoff. Lastly, It was lovely watching Claudia gradually see the Tateyama Base as irreplaceable to her after her “Shinigami” beginnings, to the point of no longer blaming herself for the deaths of others.


  5. Giack31 says:

    I’m not sure I 100% understood the plot in the end but I also don’t think it really matters. What actually matters are the characters. They are all fantastic, from the main characters to the pilot trio (enjoyable male characters in a girl centric anime, that is something you don’t see that often).
    Especially the 4 main girls. I really liked that Miyako was more than her usual bundle of energy self but could also get serious when the situation required but still maintaining her positive attitude. My favourite was Azuzu, she’s just so beautiful and the best kind of tsundere.
    I also really really liked the art style.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Kuudere-Kun says:

    I was not expecting such a big Ship moment in the Climax. I only just finished the show as a Dub watcher, it was pretty fun.


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