432nd G-View: Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom

Here we are again back at Rabbit House. Sure, we got two super special episodes but it was great seeing the coffee bunnies get a proper third season after a 5 year wait. Had they not lost a step or did they spill coffee somewhere along the way? Let us find out as we take a look at “Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom”, aka Coffee Bunnies Season 3.

Check out my reviews of S1 and S2 HERE.

Is the Order a Rabbit Bloom Cover

Alternate Title: Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu-ka? Bloom (Japanese), GochiUsa S3

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Yuri

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 11/10

Plot Summary:

The following is another case of me not having much to add that I have not already in past G-Views of the series. Not to say there was nothing new this season but I could start and end the review with “more of the same” and call it a day.

Adult Cocoa in 10 more years

Everything that made the past two seasons excellent remain intact in Bloom. The moe is still very powerful, the jokes are on point, the coffee bunnies and side-characters are the same as ever and the yuri “flip-flopping” (unfortunately for me) is still there. This being the third season and 5 years later the animation obviously is the best it has ever been while the soundtrack remains unchanged in a good way. Although the sexiness was toned down. Most likely for a similar reason as Strike Witches 3. Fans were blessed by the bunnies’ lovely figures throughout past seasons there was little need to show off their goodness as often this time around.

New ChiMaMe

While the core of the series remained relatively the same the narrative was what really changed. This time the main theme was “looking to the future” as our heroines thought about graduating and what it would mean for their friendships and relationships. ChiMaMe were going to high school and Rize’s college bound. What would that mean for their time together with everyone and what did they want to do with their lives in the future? Such questions circled inside all our heroines’ minds. Naturally we learned more about our heroines’ secret traits and got some neat flashbacks.

Cocoa and Chiya, Yuri goddesses

Alongside the change in theme there was a change in setting too. A lot of the show did not take place in the coffee shops but at the older girls’ schools and in town. Thanks to that we were introduced to their classmates who of course were as entertaining as our heroines.

Cocoa riding with Chino

Fans of flip-flopping would have a field day this season, meaning any and all ships among our heroines got their time in the spotlight. While yuri shippers were blessed this season confirmed to me once and for all that I am not much of a “flip-flop” fan. It is why I do not revere Yuru Yuri as much as most yuri fans. At least Rin X Aoyama Blue Mountain remained unaffected by the flip-flop. In fact they grew stronger this season.

Overall GochiUsa S3 is “more of the same” in terms of humor, cuteness and gayness but thematically our heroines experience their biggest development yet. They haven’t lost a step. Great stuff. Highly recommended to fans of the series.

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12 Responses to 432nd G-View: Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I’m not a fan of the “flip flop” either. I don’t know which way it’ll go in the end, but it was enjoyable. There are lots of other “moeblob” shows I wish would get another season instead of this, but I still greatly enjoyed this. This was personally my favorite season of gochiusa, probably precisely because of the thematic shift. Really brought on a lot of character growth and development~

    Will miss this series. I’d be surprised if we got anything more than a movie to finish off things, so pretty sure this was the end.

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    • OG-Man says:

      It’s great seeing everyone again not miss a step. Yes they were in super OVAs before S3 but this felt more like how it should be.

      Like Somebody said a movie about their trip would be pretty cool. We have seen movies about vacations several times already so why not one more.


  2. Somebody says:

    I’m not sure I would agree that there was much flip flopping. I would say the core couples really remained the same. The only thing that really seemed to change were Chino’s feelings becoming stronger for Cocoa. Syaro still has it bad for Rize and she is completely oblivious to it. And Chiya is still left out. It’s also possible I’m so dead set in my couplings that I cant see anything else.

    I will say my only disappointment of the season was the lack of Rize and Syaro moments. As my favorite pairing I was wishing for more. Other then that it was a fantastic comeback after such a long break.

    I would really love a movie of their trip they were talking about at the end. Also if they threw in a season 4 after that would be just dandy.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Most likely you haven’t given up on your ships.

      They were all as awesome as ever and it was glorious.

      We may get a movie about the trip. We’ll have to wait and hope for the best.


  3. yurimylove says:

    My favorite parts of GochiUsa series are all the pretty costumes and Chino’s deliciously creative latte art.

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  4. Nick says:

    Lots to love about this season of Gochiusa.

    While on the surface a lot remained the same, I liked the point you brought out about how the overall theme was looking ahead to the future. If anything that was the core theme of the season, all the girls looking ahead to the future, be it Chino and company going into high school, Rize going to university, or Cocoa and Chiya entering their final year of high school, and then the all important question of what comes after school. For a cute and fluffy show about girls working in a cafe, they had some deep themes going on at times and it was nice to see.

    I mentioned this a number of times while commenting here, but I liked how a lot of their adventures this season took place outside the cafe setting. It felt like we got to know their town a lot more this time around and I actually really liked that about this season. Nothing wrong with cafe fun, but expanding the boundaries and showing what else the town has to offer, it was really good and should there be another season, OVA, or movie, I hope to see more adventures outside their respective cafes.

    I can understand the flip-flopping of couples being annoying after a while, I didn’t have a huge issue with it, but it did make it a little difficult to really nail down a solid couple because of how well everyone seemed to work together. Pretty much everyone except Chino felt like they had other options aside from their main girl and while that did make it hard to have each couple stay put, a point about all of this I did enjoy was seeing two characters who previous didn’t do much together finally having a moment together and doing something. Just strictly character development wise, I liked this approach done this season as it helped each girl grow and we got to see new sides to them and how they play off other characters.

    Animation and music remained excellent as always. I was a little worried seeing another studio was doing S3, but once it started there was nothing to worry about.

    All in all I’d say this is another stand out show of the season and it really refined all the characters as they look forward to the future and beyond. I really hope we get more Gochiusa in the future, be it another season, OVA, or movie, but just something more because watching these girls each week is always such an enjoyable experience.

    I’m probably missing some points I wanted to mention, but more or less I think I covered what I wanted to.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yeah. That was the most important part of the season, all the girls thinking about what’s next in their lives as they grow older. It’s nothing new for anime about teenagers but here it felt so important and well done.

      Righto. Very cool seeing our girls outside their coffee shops more often this season. We got to meet more cuties thanks to that.

      I’m glad you understand. I do agree with you on them showing different sides by pairing up with other girls they’re not often seen alongside, like Cocoa with Syaro.

      Always down for more GochiUsa in the future.

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  5. chikorita157 says:

    As with the previous seasons, I really enjoyed the third season. Liked that there is more developments with Cocoa and Chino. Yes, it seems that Chiya and Sharo finally got some spotlight, but I wanted to see more Rize and Sharo as always. It’s surprising to see Cocoa and Sharo since I never expected that to happen. Also, it’s nice to see Mocha in the last episode, although I kind of wanted more.

    But yes, I am hoping for a fourth season just like Hidamari Sketch got.


  6. K says:

    Great review! Bloom is more of the same moe goodness that I’ve come to expect and more. I really liked that more of the town and their schools were shown. It’s quite scenic.

    I don’t mind the different possible pairings, but I understand your misgivings about it.

    While everyone, Chino especially, got tons of focus and development, I thoroughly enjoyed Chiya’s time in the limelight. She’s the best!

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