430th G-View: Adachi and Shimamura

I will spit it out right away. This is not only one of the most anticipated anime of 2020 after it was announced but it is one of the most personally relatable stories I have ever seen. Find out what I mean as we take a look at Adachi and Shimamura.

Note: This review is by someone who has not read the source material. For a review by someone who has check out Rory’s.

Adachi and Shimamura Cover

Alternate Title: Adachi to Shimamura (Japanese)

Genres: Slice of Life, Romance, Yuri

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 10/10

Plot Summary: Adachi and Shimamura, two young women who attend the same high school, are inseparable friends. Whether playing table tennis, chatting about favorite TV shows, or just relaxing together, they’re happy to share their days. When Adachi’s friendship turns into romantic attraction, the relationship begins to change, one day at a time.

Adachi and Shimamura Cliffhanger

So what did I mean when I described this show as one of the most personally relatable? Simple. Adachi is a very reclusive girl. Apart from Shimamura she is very socially distant from almost everyone else, even her family (The little we got to see of them). So much of what Adachi from her personality, behavior around Shimamura’s own family and acquaintances and the way she feels about her crush hit close to home. At times it was scary how how much of her high school life and love mirrored my own. Obviously it was not 100% identical (I did not skip classes often nor was I a fortuneteller magnet) but a lot of what she went through I did too. As soon as I knew who I liked 90% of my thoughts were about her. I hardly ever approached other classmates or students unless they befriended me and apart from my closest friends I did not say much to their other friends. I was the quiet one in most gatherings…and still am. My point Adachi is my spirit animal in so many ways. For the longest time I thought it would be very difficult to find an anime character I could relate to in more ways than being the quiet one. I found her in this already iconic lesbian protagonist.

As for Shimamura, because of a past event she too is socially distant. Not the same as Adachi but she also did not get along well with others. In her case it was her fear of getting close to anyone. Sure she could have a conversation and hang out with people she could trust but to truly call them buddies/pals and the like was something else entirely. Of our two heroines she had the most personal luggage to the point some would see her as overthinking things way too much. Like Adachi however, there are people who relate with Shimamura too. The fear of befriending others and having thoughts like “Will it last?” “Can I be a good friend to them?” “Will we get bored of each other?” and many more cautious thoughts.

Adachi napping on Shimamura's lap

What about viewers who had a less socially awkward high school life than our heroines and a certain other side-couple? Heading into this show I had a feeling it would be a “slow burn” romance based on the plot summary and word of mouth. It was, but like OshiBudo it was the best kind of “slow burn”, meaning a very entertaining and compelling one to watch. The similar yet contrasting personalities of our main heroines make for a very interesting dynamic and viewing experience seeing their “Gay teenager complexity” story unfold. With Adachi it is the struggle of her growing romantic feelings for Shimamura along with her desire not to socialize with anyone other than Shimamura. Shimamura meanwhile has a fear of getting close to anyone due to a past experience leading her to overthink socialization…except when it came to Adachi. When it came to her blue haired comrade her feelings became more jumbled as Adachi conveyed her confusion through her actions.

The show switches between Adachi and Shimamura’s perspective which is pretty cool as viewers get to hear what both girls thought about a recent meeting or what they were doing before or after meeting.

Adachi Chinese Waitress

An unexpected surprise was how sexy the show turned out to be. Not only our main heroines but other lovely ladies got to show off their blessed figures. It gave the undisputed Fall 2020 queens of sexy thighs, Assault Lily Bouquet, a run for their money on sexiness. This is the perfect segue to discuss the presentation. In short, beautiful. The animation is superb, with nice screen expanding (forgot what it was called) at the beginning of each episode or during important scenes to dream/mental sequences that fit the girls’ thoughts at that point. It reminded me of the superb animation in Bloom Into You. Same can be said about the soundtrack. It is melodious and relaxing like most of the show. Despite tons of dramatic inner monologues between our heroines the show is surprisingly chill to watch, super intense romantic moments notwithstanding, mostly from Adachi. The OP and ED are lovely.

Hino groping Nagafuji

I talked up a storm about AdaShima but what about the rest of the cast? Besides gorgeous adult women there are two side-couples worth mentioning. First up are Hino and Nagafuji. Do not let their amusing introduction fool readers. Give them time and they will show everyone something special, proving yet again that for some reason yuri anime or shows featuring lesbians usually means the side-lesbian or side-couple usually are on par or surpass the main couple in awesomeness. Fortunately on this show both the main and side-couples are awesome. Speaking of side-characters…

Loli astronaut

Although this little astronaut’s ultimate purpose on the show is debatable her presence is welcome and she has her fans. Her true calling is revealed later on. No. She is not space cupid, not necessarily.

Overall Adachi and Shimamura is destined to become another yuri classic. Unfortunately like BiY/YagaKimi it had a “lure” season finale, meaning the long agonizing hope for an animated continuation. Other than that it is highly recommended to most yuri fans. It lived up to the hype and then some.


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25 Responses to 430th G-View: Adachi and Shimamura

  1. cirno9fan says:

    yeah, the only gripe I would have is it was the most sequel bait show this season so far. Still, it was an extremely enjoyable watch, and I don’t regret it one bit~

    Would very much welcome another season, but I think this was enough for me to decide to give the LNs a chance.

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  2. I’m glad you enjoyed this as much as I did, and agree with every point you made. This was a brilliantly produced and well done yuri anime. It is similar to BiY when it comes to the aesthetics and production quality, but I think it surpasses it in terms of relatable characters and poetic storytelling. This was slow burn yes, but it never felt boring or on the path to nowhere. Despite the anime ending on a very lure/sequel bait note, Shima’s final lines seem to heavily suggest that she wants to keep Adachi by her side nearly as much as Adachi wants to be there, and comparing that to how she started, that’s amazing development. It’s obvious they will get there eventually, but if we see it animated or not will be up to the gods. I do think that it did it’s job however, as I’m strongly considering jumping into the LNs.

    On a side note, the side couples were a nice treat. NagaHino were definitely top tier girlfriends, and were obviously a lot less shy about progressing in their relationship. Perhaps they will be a good influence on AdaShima and push them forward. It worked with inspiring Adachi to ask about a sleepover at least. Alien Imouto and Shima’s Imouta are promising baby gays I think and they were adorable, but I’m curious to see how that might be handled when they’re older, as Hachi is not human. We may never actually see that though. None the less, they were always a joy to watch.

    Overall, Adachi and Shimamura was my favorite anime of the season, and will certainly become a classic alongside BiY and others.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I know how hard it was for you to relate with Yuu and Touko, yes. AdaShima were certainly easier to love and root for.

      As you said Adachi’s hard work paid off as Shimamura’s mind is slowly realizing what her heart’s been trying to tell her for a long time. Keep it up Adachi!

      NagaHino were a treasure and our heroines can learn much from them should they dare ask. The space loli found her true calling as Imouto’s soul mate. Hopefully they too can find a happy future together.

      As always I yearn for an animated continuation. Whether we get one remains to be seen.

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  3. William ranzani says:

    Im so happy for watching this anime. I had so much tears hahah. Every time they had their inner thoughts and monologues i found it so deep. So true.

    The scene where shimamura was imagining the sakura trees blooming, so deep in her thoughts then adachi appeared calling for her was so beautiful..

    Im really happy to be able to watch such cute story..such deep relatable thoughts. Loved every voice acting. Really lovely.

    Everything perfect in my opinion. Hope we get a second season. But still im happy for what we got. So much im speechless lol.

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  4. Dante Smith says:

    This is easily the cutest anime of 2020 hands down and quiet possibly one of the few things that kept me going through this God-awful year.

    The fact that Adachi’s emotional turmoil is not gender-gated is what makes the story so relatable for everyone. We do stupid things when we fall in love and the moment our crushes give us some of their affection, it really feels like winning but a the same time we know that they’re probably just being polite to us and we’re not that special, and that’s a very real and scary thing.

    But more than just romance though, the parental conflict (and possibly neglect) hits me like a brick covered in lemon juice but in a very sympathizing way.

    Initially, I had problems with Nagafuji’s design for her……..proportions but that later got sidelined due to her strong relationships with Hino. It’s cute, it’s wholesome and it makes me feel……………hot and heavy. (Although I still prefer Nagafuji’s height in the first release of the manga, Hino’s only up to her chest………………imagine that)

    Overall, this is definitely my personal favourite this year, here’s hoping for a second season or at least an OVA. To quote Gigguk: “It’s cute, it’s gay, it’s comfy, I love it.”

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  5. tbiscut74 says:

    Man what a Fantastic Series! An instant classic!

    I must say that the voice acting in this show was top notch!

    Adachi was a great gay disaster! And we absolutely loved that about her! Such a cutie!

    NagaHino were God Tier! They stole every scene they were in! I love them so much!

    And then there is Yashiro. Wonderful, Amazing, Beautiful Yashiro. She stole my heart and every scene she was in.

    Yashiro x Imouto is precious and was a total welcoming surprise!

    The fortune tellers were the best side characters!

    Like everyone else I have my fingers crossed for a 2nd season.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Adachi’s a legend.

      NagaHino were so good they got me to write that side-characters Yuri Talk. Bless them.

      Alien X Loli fulfilled their roles of “being cute”.

      Both fortunetellers were excellent, yes.

      NEED S2.

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  7. Rory says:

    Another yuri classic to add to the list.
    Out of the three light novel adaptations I watched this season, this one was truest to its source material. Also, the best of the three.
    Adachi and Shimamura played off of each other wonderfully, the side characters were amazing and it was all presented so beautifully.

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  8. yurimylove says:

    Good yuri romance. Needs moar!

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  9. Alexis says:

    No había comentado nada aquí pero vale la pena hacerlo. En estos días terminé de ver bloom into you, lo había olvidado y al terminar mi primera conclusión de varias fue que yuu es una matapasiones.

    Muy interesante la serie, creo que el momento que más me enterneció fue cuando Adachi se estaba convirtiendo en la cachorrita de shimamura y el momento más emotivo fue cuando encontró su versión perruna, es ahí dónde tocó fondo. Buena metáfora. Nagahino fue una buena pareja complementaria. Tal vez faltó desarrollar más a tarumi, espero que sea una digna oponente si la volvemos a ver.

    Algún día las veremos de nuevo y espero que resuelvan la pregunta de quién es yashiro.


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  10. Nick says:

    You summed it up nicely, this was a wonderful slow burn romance anime that definitely stands out this year.

    Presentation was wonderful, the animation and music fit so perfectly and now that you mentioned it, it does remind me of Bloom into You, which was also fantastic.

    Definitely felt like they left the ending rather open and directed you to the manga/LN to get more out of this, but even so what we got was still very nice. I do hope they do a full on S2 in the future because I totally would be down for more of Adachi and Shimamura’s growing romance.

    And gotta mention that Hino and Nagafuji were a very welcome side couple that I ended up loving so much. They had some really great moments and they brought the heat too!

    All in all this was an excellent yuri anime and one totally worth checking out.

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  11. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit that this is a wonderful yuri anime. As many has said, the presentation is very good. Not to mention, Adachi is a precious cinnamon bun and I liked how she develops and gain the courage to share her romantic feelings towards Shimamura. Also, the Taeko and Akira pairing is also enjoyable as well.

    But yes, this show needs another season along with Bloom Into You/Yagate Kimi ni Naru

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  13. OG-Man says:

    Adachi’s a legend and NagaHino were excellent.

    Quite right. Both AdaShima and NagaHino deserve to have the rest of their stories animated.


  14. Giack31 says:

    Adachi was a really good character and NagaHino were great but as much as I tried I could not get myself to like Shimamura. She just always felt like she was just “along for the ride” and never showed any feelings back for Adachi (other than in her inner thoughts). Honestly if we didn’t see those scenes from her point of view I would have just assumed that Adachi love was one sided. She always forced Adachi to do the first move even though she clearly knew how hard it was for her to do that. It was so frustrating.
    Still everything else was great, the other characters, the animation, the soundtrack.

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  15. EclecticEel says:

    I wanted to like this but absolutely hated it.
    Adachi was, for no well-developed reason, way too unhealthily dependent and obsessed over Shimamura, and despite how the show obviously wanted to portray the relationship I found nothing lovable or endearing about it. It was cringe-worthy all the way for me.
    It felt like the writer was projecting way too much of their personal struggles without even trying to develop the most tenuous understanding of how people and relationships actually work, and just coercing and contriving every character and situation to be amenable to their own deeply flawed pre-conceptions.
    Thought the music was quite nice though.


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