Witches Brew Kickstarter

When it comes to Dharker Studios games nowadays, specifically ones touted as yuri titles, all one can hope is they keep it yuri and not include het elements regardless of the reason. While I don’t mind otome and/or bisexual elements in the story…let’s just say certain Nation members aren’t as forgiving. Anyway here’s Witches Brew, the team’s latest Kickstarter project.

Update: Kickstarter was restarted and the Stretch Goals were spiced up.

Witches Brew.png

Witches Brew Comic.png

Whether potion testing scenes will play out in a comic style like this remains to be seen. It would be neat if they did.

Witches Brew, based on the Kickstarter description, is a social simulator about a witch trying to make a living brewing potions to help the locals (and of course winning the hearts of some) with their requests. As the above comic shows some experiments can go wrong with sexy or disastrous results.

The interested can check out the Kickstarter Page HERE to learn more about and possibly help support the project.

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7 Responses to Witches Brew Kickstarter

  1. qorl says:

    While I hate what they did with “Negligee Love Stories” I’m still willing to give them a chance with their 4(!) upcoming yuri titles. Here’s hoping they don’t mess up.

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  2. Koana says:

    Honestly i think dharker learned from that debacle(or saw it had completely flopped) that they aren’t trying anything like it again.

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  3. MM says:

    I am interested in the title. Unfortunately, their kick starter was cancelled today. But, they will relaunch in the near future. (They hope to within a few days, could be longer possibly). I wish them the best in reorganizing their stretch goals.

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  4. tsubasasfamily says:

    They just restarted it and moved the yuri romance stretch goals down. Seems like the myriad of questions and comments regarding romance on the Kickstarter page got them thinking lol.

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  5. Qq says:

    Fair warning their is optional het material in the game if one of the goals is reach. From what I heard they are looking to see if they can do soemthing where a player can set it they ant it or not.


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