Catgirl’s Questlist Kickstarter

From the creators of Snowed IN, Rascal Devworks, comes their next big project with a “light novel spoofing” long name. To simplify things we’ll use its shorter name, Catgirl’s Questlist.

Catgirl's Questlist.jpg

Plot and description:

Catgirl’s Questlist is everything we love made into one game: an isekai with yuri romance, half RPG and half visual novel.

After her fateful meeting with the catgirl Téa, who claims to come from another world and to actually be a human, Vera decides to join forces with her and form a guild. That allows Téa to play dictator, and gives Vera the opportunity to meet cute girls and frolic around, discovering things about the world she could have never imagined before.

Help Vera romance one of the main girls and delve into their shared nights with an optional, free H-patch. Some say there is even a harem route hidden among the various choices…

Catgirl's Questlist Main Cast.jpg

Vera and her potential lovers.

As the trailer and plot description show the game is an RPGMaker made game with Visual Novel elements. If this sounds appealing then visit the Kickstarter Page HERE to learn more and potentially help support the game. Steam storepage link (Includes Demo) HERE.

Catgirl's Questlist Vera flirting.jpg

Best girl.

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3 Responses to Catgirl’s Questlist Kickstarter

  1. qorl says:

    I’ve been waiting for this kickstarter for like 2 weeks. Snowed In was pretty good, but I hope this title is sweeter. Oh and speaking of toned/muscly girls, I wonder how Alpha’s Adventures is coming along…anyone know?

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    • MM says:

      Thanks for reminding me about that project. After 7 months of radio silence, there was finally an update post. The creator put the project on hiatus as of April 5, 2019. Onee-Sama Productions did it due to dealing with mental health issues.
      You can read about it here in the public update on Patreon.

      As someone who did back that project, I personally don’t mind waiting a while. This blog site was the reason I found it and I enjoyed the demo and art. Though, I do understand the frustrations of some of the other backers and why people started to think the project was a “scam” during the months before that update.

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  2. JJ says:

    I’ve been waiting for it since I first heard about it, too! Harem route with a variety of personalities and even multiple species. Plus gameplay for everyone who wants something more than a visual novel. Excellent!

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