377th G-View: Release the Spyce

An anime about lesbian ninja spies. What more needs to be said to get readers’ attention? This is Release the Spyce.

Release the Spyce Poster

Genres: Action, Yuri

Themes: Kunoichi, Ninjas, Spies

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: A lone high school girl named Momo attends a high school in the city of Sorasaki. Unbeknownst to everyone, Momo is an agent who works for the private intelligence agency Tsukikage, that protects the city and its people. Under the tutelage of her senior Yuki, and her other friends, they keep the peace in the city.

Momo and Yuki planning their attack

Main spies Momo and Yuki.

As I said in the introduction this is a show about badass lesbian spies who act more like kunoichi than what Western audiences are used to when talking about spy fiction. More familiar spy traits and tropes quickly appear on the show, such as elegant dresses, clever disguises, cool gadgets etc. There are even goons in suits though early on there are street gangs. The show pays homage to Western spy series such as James Bond, The Avengers (Not the Marvel one) and Kingsman. Sadly no Get Smart homages that I am aware of. The main plot is that or Tsukikage defending the city of Sorasaki against the evil organization of Mouryou and their affiliates from committing heinous crimes such as drug smuggling and more inhumane ones. It features twists and turns one would expect from a spy flick. Do keep in mind that one of the writers was involved with Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru, meaning that although the show is mostly action packed cute and sexy fun…expect some pretty rough scenes and moments such as the aforementioned inhumane crimes. This would be a PG-13 show unlike Namori’s crown franchise Yuru Yuri. While Momo and the rest of Tsukikage’s journey is badass it is also one full of danger and some suffering. The longest running subplot is about a potential shocker that would shake the team to their core.

Momo and Fu vs Byakko

Momo’s first major challenge.

As I already mentioned our heroines do lots of cool spy stuff and engage in some kickass battles. Just do not expect them to go past five minutes. Think of the ones from the Akuma no Riddle: not super long but still pretty cool. There are also vehicle chases/battles, stealth missions, gunfights and of course “socializing”. More on that in a bit.

The presentation is something else. What do I mean? The animation has Namori written all over it. However, while most of the girls are drawn in the vintage Namori style there are also a select few women of varying shapes and sizes from the large to the muscular. Very much appreciated. While these ladies are only present early on the variety is still appreciated. The action is also very fluid. Not super flashy but it gets the point across no problem. The crashes, explosions, smashes, cuts and slashes are felt from the other side of the screen. Then there is the soundtrack…I have no words. It is one of those “GET IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!” soundtracks. Yup. That good. OP reminds me of that of a certain “unlucky” anime, which is a great thing. The ED is good too.

Momo proud to be Yuki's apprenticeFu and MeiGoemon and Aoba

Next up is the “socializing”. Yeah, it is romancing. So the main couples are the three Master/Apprentice duos.

-The first one of course is Momo and Master Yuki. Momo is the up and comer with great potential whereas Yuki is the stern ice princess leader with a caring heart deep down. Also Momo has a very…interesting ability. Oh yes indeed.

-Next up are Fu and Master Mei. Fu is the token tsundere and Mei is a free spirited senior. Not much else to say about the two…

-Third is Goemon and Master Hatsume. Goemon is a gentle giant (readers can guess why I described her as such) and Hatsume serves the role of “Agent Q” (The inventor) on the team. She is very friendly but far from gullible.

There are other noteworthy side-characters. One duo in particular is especially worth mentioning…

Moryo agents

Mouryou Agents and leader.

One group also worth talking about are the Mouryou Agents and their voluptuous leader. One of them is sadly underutilized whereas the other three serve more notable roles. I will not much else but the two agents who get more screen time are interesting lassies and the leader is one of my favorite villains of 2018, and also one of the sexiest anime babes of the year.

Overall Release the Spyce is a cool, sexy and kickass fun time. Most of the cast is cool and interesting, the action is badass, the homages to familiar spy series are nice, the presentation is noteworthy, the serious scenes/moments are effective and the yuri is lovely. Definitely worth checking out. Just be careful of those more intense scenes.

PS: The Spyce in the title is explained in the first couple of minutes of the show. It also has an origin story.

PPS: Highly recommended reading the official post-episode 4-Koma that were released weekly on the Spyce Twitter page and then translated HERE.

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52 Responses to 377th G-View: Release the Spyce

  1. Umedyn says:

    That OP is one of my favorites of the season, even though Bloom Into You’s OP has to be my favorite this time around, This one was a toe-tapper. Really liked the show too, naturally almost reminded me of Princess Principal.

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  2. Jyubei says:

    I will hope there will be season too of this and we can see them as mentor.

    I just realize this but Byakko can be Goe and Hatsume biological child.

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  3. Gurrenprime says:

    Honestly I’m not very positive on this one. The characters all felt fairly cliched, only like 2 or 3 fight scenes interested me, and the major plot twist the first 9.5 episodes built up to was just disappointing on pretty much every level. I’m honestly very confused where the hype for this show is coming from?

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    • Red says:

      Agreed. Of all the shows I picked up this season, this was the lowest for me, the only one I wouldn’t have watched at all had I known how much I would enjoy it. I hesitate to even call it gay.

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  4. cirno9fan says:

    I felt like the show started to tank in quality the second half. First half was fantastic, but things started to really go downhill.

    I feel like the writers were planning for a 2 cour and had it cut down to 1.

    The ending was also kind of pretty unsatisfactory. I think the whole thing about what happens in “graduation” was egh. And the rules of “spyce” seemed kinda not that important really considering what the enemy was doing. Seemed more like Tsukikage were lagging behind the times and forcing others back with them.

    If Moryou weren’t such a silly “WORLD DOMINATION” organization, I’d be rooting for them honestly….

    And not enough Byakko ;_;

    But at least my best couple never stopped being best couple (for me)

    I don’t think it was a failure of a show, as most of the issues were laid out well early on, so I was more prepared for them, but I still had hope there might be something kinda unique.

    It had some good spy action though! And some good yuri!

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    • OG-Man says:

      I think the mistake people made was expecting a lot from this show. Dunno why in all honesty.

      Complex evildoers are overrated. Straightforward “take over the world” goal was fine by me.

      The graduation thing is another spy flick tradition. Long story short it’s to protect both them and the organization they worked for.


      • cirno9fan says:

        Because the first episode made it seem that there was a lot to look forward to.

        I’m not complaining they were cartoony, saying the only thing holding back me from cheering them on more than Tsukikage was that.

        But they were only doing it because Spyce loses its effectiveness once they get older but….the older characters were using something like Spyce freely without any repercussions and even guys could use it….It only got “problematic’ when they used too much at a time (which was also a fault of Spyce….so no real new drawback)


  5. tbiscut74 says:

    This show had my favorite OP of the season! (Well second.) It is constantly getting stuck in my head! So Catchy!

    Also Main Villainess Very sexy!

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  6. ineedyuri says:

    This show fails to live up to the greatness that was Princess Principle.

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  7. LuzeriP says:

    8/10 for me too. This is the fluffier version of Princess Principal but the yuri was stronger. Yes, erasing memory for graduation thing kind of a bummer. I feel bad for Momo but she got herself a cutie so she’s gonna be fine. My best couple is Goemon x Hatsume. Their arc was my favorite episodes. I’m glad Hatsume still working for Tsukikage after graduation. Of course Goemon is my best girl, I like my girl strong. And if I’m not wrong I think beside the game there are novels too. So yeah, I’d love a second season. This is not enough.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Exactly. Not once did I compare it to PP while watching to be honest. Makes about as much sense as the “Citrus vs Bloom Into You” debate, meaning not much.

      The only reason what happened to Momo hurt more here than when it happened in the first Men In Black movie was because of the yuri. Otherwise, same thing. Maybe fans will groan less if an MIB 2 scenario happens where Yuki is brought back to Tsukikage, because reasons like what happened with Agent K.

      Goemon had the best moments and girlfriend so yes. She’s best girl.

      There’s enough material for a potential 2nd season, yes.


  8. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    A really nice show 😀 I’m happy none of them died 😀 And those ships are really nice. I had fun guessing who the secret spy was even though I got the “traitor” wrong I got the “it’s all just part of the plan” part of it 😛

    And in that last part…I was hoping Momo would at least take advantage of the opportunity and surprise Yuki with a kiss then shoot her immediately afterwards. I mean she’s sorta being forced to do something she didn’t want to so it’s…uh…payment? LOL 😛 So even if that memory erasing stuff had a temporary effect Yuki can’t really do something about it now because she’s supposed to have forgotten about it 😛

    Anyway, overall I really loved it 😀

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  9. The show got better halfway but the finale is kind of terrible. In the end this was a nice little spy yuri anime by two popular creators. Looking forward to how the mobile game will go from here.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!


  10. Veela says:

    This is a good anime, a bit predictable at times but with a great soundtrack. I won’t compare it to princess principal since the focus is way different but both are great. My fav ep was when Goe lost control and beat the crap of every yakuza she found (for me she is the science baby of Homura and Madoka, think about it, Madoka’s personality and eyes with Homura’s looks and craziness). A 9/10 anime for me.

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  11. yurimylove says:

    “Tendo-kun” is best girl for me. I would not meet her, however, without full body armor on 😀

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  12. K says:

    Huh, Mei really was a double agent not an agent of chaos as I thought. I was overthinking her motivations a tad much. In any case, she’s the bubbliest double agent I ever saw.

    RIP Ms. Tendo. You were a very entertaining villain.

    That was quite a tearful ‘graduation’ ceremony Momo went through, but it was Yuki’s decision. Now she can live her life as a normal girl, forgetting everything about her time in Tsukikage…or did she? That smirk on her face tells me that either those memory erasure bullets suppressed her memories temporarily(probably means that she’s a secret collaborator) or she remembered on her own.

    Wow, even Dolte’s working with Tsukikage and she’s back to normal. Hatsume wasn’t kidding when she said she would befriend all her enemies.

    With a cute apprentice under her care, Mentor Momo and the rest of Tsukikage will continue to protect Sorasaki from the creeping shadows that threaten it’s existence.

    This was a nice romp, even if it was too clichéd at times. I think there should have been more variety to Spyce abilities apart from just boosting physical prowess.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. This show was never meant to be complicated. Why else would they add the “traitor” subplot right away instead of it being a shocking reveal?

      One of the best and sexiest heels of 2018.

      My best guess is they’re temporary. It’s similar to what happened to Agent K in the first two Men In Black movies.

      Hatsume is secretly Nanoha’s ancestor.That is the biggest twist of all.

      I was so happy for Master Momo.

      More like homage than cliched. I think people set their standards way too high for this one. Most likely spoiled by PriPri as some here were.


  13. Crashers says:

    That smirk Yuki still remembers!
    Everything happens fast but I still like the last episode though We did not see Goe use her wolverine claws. (Maybe she will use it jn the game…)
    My favorite episode is 7 because its really cool episode and it also focuses on Hatsume x Goe relationship my OTP of this show.


  14. Personally I quite enjoyed the show, though I do agree the last episode could’ve been stronger. More plot-twists, and less of the main villain being caught off-guard would’ve been good. Also, I felt like the show didn’t really use stuff from previous episodes all that much in the last showdown, like, for example, having Momo retreat for a moment in the battle and it ending up being the perfect unexpected move or something…I would’ve also preferred it if Tendo had already guessed Mei was a double agent and such beforehand and prepared for it, and then the “safe house” for the guests not being safe at all for example, rather than them being knocked out by Mei. For a last confrontation, it was a bit too quickly over & “simple” as compared to earlier ones in the series…

    And the memory erasing certainly caught me off-guard…though I do wonder if that last look from Yuki at the end as they passed each other was meant to show she does remember Momo, at least…though I wonder if Momo realizes that herself then, of course.

    For a show that did a plot-twisty last episode better, Double Decker in comparison did it quite a bit better, and did have gay involved as well…though Spyce does win in that department, at least. Mei & Fu, and Goe x Hatsume are both great, at least, even if Momo is forced to part from Yuki. Though I do wonder, if at the end of Momo’s time at Tsukikage, she chooses the same option, and reunites with Yuki, and they continue on from there somehow, possibly due to Yuki revealing she remembers Momo after all?

    The “Goemon goes on a rampage” episode/arc was maybe my own favourite, as well.

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    • OG-Man says:

      That was meant to be a joke about “mid-battle/crisis dialogues” since Tendo took advantage of Mei telling everyone about the double agent plan right there instead of later to activate the “In case of betrayal” backup generator. Basically she came prepared.

      Tendo wasn’t a lucky heel. Some wrestlers are able to recover their strength and fight again after a grueling PPV match the night prior. Tendo’s damaged arm from her battle with Yuki hadn’t fully recovered, hence her advising Momo to take advantage of that in the final battle.

      As I told a few others it was similar to what happened to Agent K at the end of Men In Black. He too requested Agent J erase his memories so he could live a simple life. It was painful and understandable. Here more so because yuri. Yuki showing signs of remembering could lead to what happened in MIB 2 where Agent K rejoined the agency “because reasons”. Anyway that’s what I imagine will happen. If Yuki doesn’t come back ala MIB 2 then Momo and her may possibly reunite upon retirement.

      Show was more of an homage than a game changer, hence the abundant familiar tropes and stuff. I understood that since the first episode. As I told K PriPri most likely spoiled people and they set their expectations too high for this one.

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      • Right, right. Mostly I was wishing for something a bit more impactful and well, surprising, in the end, I guess.

        Indeed, her taking advantage of the injury was one of the best moments of the fight.

        Hmm…I could see that MiB parallel working too, indeed. Provided we get a 2nd season, ofc. (Hopefully we do.)

        And indeed, being a fun show was how I saw the show myself, not really a serious plot-twisty spy story like Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy or anything. Different studio, so I never really linked or compared it to PriPri all that much. As for my comparison to Double Decker, that’s a more comedic show, or even towards absurdity at times, so it has more freedom with what it does as compared to Spyce, which can’t just pull plot-twists out of nowhere without it feeling a bit silly, perhaps…still, perhaps I just wanted one more, like one about Yuki’s mentor at the end, and a slightly longer showdown…

        …But what we got was indeed good already. And the music indeed was one of the best things about the show, as you said earlier. Maybe if I had been watching more of the traditional spy stuff this year, I would’ve noticed more of the homages better…


      • OG-Man says:

        People would have complained if Master Nagaho somehow survived…because it’s the internet.

        Fingers crossed. Momo and Yuki need to tie the knot at some point like MeiFu and GoeHatsu.

        I’ve seen enough spy shows over the years to recognize the tropes and traditions but of course it’s not the same for everyone.

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  15. Gurrenprime says:

    Couple days late to this realization, but Spyce only works on teenage girls, and it starts wearing off around the age they’d graduate high school. Two of the three main couples “broke up” because the senpais of which “graduated.” This better not have been some bullshit “it’s only a phase” symbolism.


    • OG-Man says:

      Only means the Spyce effects weaken as they grow older. That’s all. That phase worry you brought up is overthinking it.


      • Gurrenprime says:

        Yeah, but when the main couple breaks up because one literally outgrew the other, it seems at best like the writers didn’t think things through very well. Which more or less sums up my opinion of the show as a whole, so I guess I could believe that.


      • OG-Man says:

        Hatsume moved on permanently to support. Katrina and her were never shown to be lovey-dovey compared to Goemon and Hatsume. Also Hatsume worked as support more than on the field.

        Nagaho died.

        No one said Momo and Yuki won’t get back together in the future.

        I think Mei’s Master retired. I don’t remember.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Gurrenprime says:

        It still just feels wrong. We need more canon yuri in action anime, not less, and the excuse they gave to keep it from being canon was one character growing up. I don’t care what the in-universe excuse was, or even what the author intent was, it just feels wrong. And considering that was the last thing the show had going for it after fucking up the traitor reveal, it just made the entire series go out on a really sour note for me.


    • Red says:

      I see where you’re coming from, but it’s very likely a simple justification for the writers to only use teenage girls. This kind of thing happens all the time.


  16. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    I enjoyed this show. It was a simple show of cute spy girls being super gay and fighting crime. People were looking for it to be too much more, perhaps because they foolishly felt compelled to compare it to PP. As you said and I’ve said previously, comparing these two really is as ludicrous as comparing BiY and Citrus.

    Personally, I think Yuki remembers Momo by the end, regardless of if she faked the memory erasure or if it was only temporary. That smirk seemed fairly telling of that fact. My head cannon is that once Momo retires and transitions to support, she’ll try and meet Yuki again and either she’ll reveal she remembers Momo at that point, or she’ll play along and allow them to fall in love with each other all over again. Even if she really has forgotten her memories, I have no doubt Momo will find her again and make Yuki hers. Ultimately, I believe they will be lovers and wives one day. =)

    It’s be a solid 8/10 for me too. I’d love to see a S2 if we are so fortunate, but this ending was fine enough for me to be content even if we don’t.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Precisely. The exact same mistakes were made and that comparison ruined the viewing experience for several of the unsatisfied. I guess they didn’t expect Yuru Yuri: Spy Edition and seemed to be overthinking things or, again, expecting too much. Simplicity and predictability are seen as flaws nowadays. Eh. What can you do.

      Your headcanon isn’t far from the truth. The following was revealed in the last post-episode comic strip on the Spyce Twitter. They’re all translated and compiled over at Dynasty. I’m only going to talk about the last strip, which showed Momo feeling like Yuki’s still watching over her and Mei noticing this, thinking “Momo is deeply in love with Yuki”. That means the bullet was more like the real “final/graduation test”, showing Momo managed to let go of everything holding her back from becoming a Master. Yuki remembering means that either the effects were temporary or the bullet was a fake. Did you notice the smile on the elderly woman reading the news bulletin? Yuki said she’s a former Tsukikage agent. That was the first sign the effect was temporary. Yuki also wanted to leave Tsukikage because of the painful memories. She probably thought “Momo killed the woman who caused Nagaho and myself much grief. Justice was served and the nightmare had ended for the time being. My work here is done…but I’ll continue watching over my beloved Momo in secret.”

      Point being they’ll definitely reunite one day, be it in a 2nd season or after Momo retires.

      As for people going “Why keep that little detail in the comics and not include it in the anime?” my response is the following, “It worked for Korra and Adventure Time.”

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      • OtakuGamerGirlT says:

        Such valid points, well said. I didn’t even catch that cue about the old lady, nicely spotted. Who cares what the haters think, their opinions are invalid anyway.

        Liked by 2 people

  17. Mauron says:

    Fun and cute show with lesbian ninja spies.

    “Spies are liars.” Did Yuki fake the bullet, or did Momo change the setting before shooting? I’m hoping for the latter, so they don’t have to be apart for long.

    I was expecting a double agent from the beginning, and Mei’s overacting plus dropping their destination added to it.

    That special MeiFu ending was wonderful.

    And that opening. So catchy.

    Tendo is pretty sexy, even if she’s miles behind Akane.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Best kind of spies alongside lesbian steampunk spies.

      Either that or the theory I discussed with OtakuGamerGirlT. In short, the effects were most likely temporary.

      Double Agents are spy media tradition so it made sense for a fun homage anime to incorporate the trope.


      One of the best OPs of the season.

      Still can’t decide which one is the sexier lesbian villain between Akane and Tendo.


  18. Nick says:

    A little late, but I’m finally here.

    Like you said at the outset, “lesbian ninja spies”, I mean that’s more than enough to get my attention and start watching. But for real, this show was pretty damn good.

    Sure it might not have been the Princess Principal everyone was hoping for, but hey this show is still solid and is right up there in being a great spy show with an all female cast. Filling with action and excitement, twists and turns, cliffhanger endings and everything else you expect in spy shows, Release the Spyce did an excellent job capturing the whole spy thriller vibe and carrying it through to the end. Sure there were a few bumps along the way, things I had liked done differently, but on a whole the show was very enjoyable to watch. I too maybe wanted a little more out of this show, but even so I’m still satisfied with what I got. Like I said, a few bumps along the way but overall it’s a great show.

    I liked the girls too, they were all great. I think Goe and Hatsume were the couple I liked the most, but honestly they were all great couples and I like how they each got some quality screen time, it didn’t feel like they glazed over any of them.

    Gotta say though, Tendo was really hot. Like honestly she might be my favorite overall. I know she was all evil and wanted to take over the world, oh and how she killed Yuki’s Master, but still I just thought she was super hot. I like how you described her as voluptuous, that’s a word I don’t use too often but it works well for Tendo.

    So yeah all in all Release the Spyce was a fun show to watch. I’d love to see more in the future, hell I say that about every show I like, but I think there is plenty more in the way of story to tell out of this show. Whether or not that actually happens… is another story entirely.

    Good stuff though, enjoyed reading your weekly reviews on it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. It was an enjoyable all-girl spy show that made it clear from the first episode it wasn’t going to be as complex as PriPri but some people didn’t get the message. Oh well. Still a pretty good show as you said. I admit some stuff could have been done better but nothing that gravely affected the show’s entertainment value.

      Goe X Hatsume being your #1 couple is a great choice but yes all three (four technically) are equally great “best couple” choices.

      Tendo and Akane are tied as the sexiest lesbian villains of 2018…actually they’re the only lesbian villains of 2018 (Matsuri was more of an antagonist than evil). Okay. The sexiest villains of 2018, yes.

      Hopefully we get another season. Very much welcome.

      Fans enjoying my posts makes it worthwhile.


  19. erodas says:

    Just finished watching this anime and I have to disagree with you putting it in first grade of the yuri anime list. There were some subtext sure but nothing solid. I’d put in grade 3 or 2 at best,


  20. Giack31 says:

    Pretty good.
    The whole graduating thing kind of kill the hope of any long term ships but that was basically the only bad thing about the ending.
    The best part of this was the soundtrack, from the op to the songs used in battle and the song used in Goemon’s rampage were all so good.


  21. Christian Appel says:

    Lesbian ninja spies suits, because the manga has shoujo ai as main tag.


  22. piano_cello_conducting says:

    (I’m breaking my post into two as the previous long one was rejected for whatever reason – analysis will include discussion of final episode).
    I found myself liking this show more than I though I would. Having said that , this show requires suspension of disbelief. Who is financing Tsukikage and don’t these girls have a life of their own to lead (unless we are talking the Batman reason) instead of risking their lives for free? That is ignoring the typical “take over the world” villains. Despite going into dark themes with child abuse, human trafficking, drug abuse and prostitution, the last episode didn’t go as dark and dramatic as I thought it would be. Excluding the main villain, the three secondary villains ending up working for Tsukikage. The nice thing about the ending for me though was watching Momo go full circle by taking up a apprentice.
    For those of you hoping for a 2nd reason, I doubt it will happen much as I hope it will. DVD sales haven’t been spectacular and the few anime with poor DVD sales that got a 2nd season were due to strong manga fanbase that this show unfortunately doesn’t have.


  23. piano_cello_conducting says:

    My yuri analysis as follows:
    For a yuri bait show, this anime doesn’t have too much yuri. The main true yuri couple for me is Mei x Fu who are practically married to each other. I wish that had been more affectionate and intimate moments between the two though.
    Yuki x Momo is not yuri enough for me. It’s true that Momo was head-over-heels for Yuki but Yuki’s side it’s only mentor-student or at most a friendly relationship. We never see any evidence that Yuki is head-over-heels-madly-in-love with Momo and by the end of the series, it seems that Momo has moved on (kind of like how one will look back fondly at one’s first love but know that it is time to move on).
    Hatsume is riding on two ships but from what I see, she just wants to befriend everyone and is not genuinely deeply in love with anyone. Theresia just wants a friend. Goemon is madly in love with Hatsume but the affection returned by Hatsume is just not as equal. In any case, Goemon does not seem to have a problem sharing Hatsume with Theresia.
    The other true yuri couple is the side yuri couple- Momo’s friends. They clearly have already consummated their relationship but because of lack of character development I can’t really care about them (the fact that I can’t even remember their names says a lot). I’m also calling it now – the two policewomen are a yuri couple but again sadly have a lack of character development.
    The show is entertaining enough but other Mei x Fu the yuri aspect is lacking in my opinion.


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