346th + 347th Double Slammy: Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru 2

The reason this will technically be a Double Slammy is because both are technically different shows with the first half being a prequel and the other the real second season. Let us take a look at both halves of Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru 2 starting with the “Washio Sumi Chapter” followed by the “Hero Chapter”.

Review of the first season along with a link to the spoiler discussion HERE.

WARNING! This review may contain spoilers for the first season.

One more thing worth mentioning before we get to the review is whether it is a better idea for newcomers to the series to watch the Washio Sumi prequel first before the first season or vice-versa. I would say watch the first season and then Washio Sumi. The reason being is that some big reveals during Washio Sumi have more weight to them when they are revealed during Season 1. I personally feel the twists were more effectively executed in Season 1 due to nobody having heard of the show before. Some twists in Washio Sumi, while still getting the job done, are presented more like they are reminders to veterans of the show. Having said that whichever order newcomers choose to watch Season 1 and Washio Sumi is up to you.

Alternate Title: Yuki Yuna is a Hero 2

Genres: Slice of Life, Drama, Magical Girl, Armored Girl, Action, Moepocalypse

Themes: Friendship, Religion, Yuri

Number of Episodes:

  • Washio Sumi Chapter: 3 movies/6 episodes with episode 7 being a quick recap of the most important parts of the first season.
  • Hero Chapter: 6 episodes

G-Rating: 8/10 for both

Washio Sumi Chapter Plot Summary: This is the prequel to the first season following the daily lives of three chosen heroes: Sonoko Nogi, Gin Minowa and Sumi Washio (Better known as Mimori Togo). Together they form a close friendship and have lots of fun doing whatever they feel like doing but when time mysteriously stops around them they know it is time to venture forth to the “rainbow forest dimension” as I like to call it to combat invading aliens called Vertex that threaten to destroy the guardian tree god Shinju and save the world from destruction.

Washio Sumi

Like the first season the show is split between the heroes having fun times being cute and chummy, epic battles against the Vertex and dramatic character developing scenes.  The fun times are as fun as ever with Sonoko being the brainy genki who at first appears to be a bubbly genki airhead but is quite intelligent and perceptive. Next up is Gin who initially comes off as a charismatic tomboy but deep down is possibly the most feminine of the trio. Last but certainly not least we have good ol’ Sumi through which we get early glimpses of what she was like before becoming the lesbian legend she would be known as later on. We see the origin of her signature patriotism and especially her blossoming attraction toward the female sex. The main difference between her in the prequel to what she would later become is her being much more serious and timid early on. As the story progresses fans will also notice some references to future events such as the iconic top hat.

Gin, Sumi and Sonoko in their Hero forms.jpg

Hero forms.

Next up let us go over the action and drama. Again like last time the action scenes are intense, though they do not fight as frequently (That could also be because the story is six episodes long this time) yet are still awesome to see our heroes fight for their lives against gigantic Vertex invaders that fans of the first season will recognize most of the types they come across. With this being a moepocalypse show viewers can expect the mood to slowly get darker and more worrisome as the story progresses and we learn more about the girls’ personal lives and one girl in particular’s growing struggles.

The animation and soundtrack are beautiful, possibly improved since this crew had time to improve the show’s already great quality. The rainbow forest is still as visually pleasing in the past as it is in present time. While my favorite OP in the series is the first one the Washio Sumi and Hero Chapter OPs both come very close to equaling the first one’s in greatness. The EDs are all good too. The fight scenes are well choreographed and the more brutal they get the more emotionally “cringey” they are. Oh my goodness they get hardcore the longer they go.

The religious motifs are there in their early days with the Taisha/Amnesty still being secretive douches though the heroes’ mentor/guardian is both hot and an interesting character despite being super serious most of the time.

As mentioned above this is Sumi in her earlier years so her yuri powers had just started growing so do not expect her gayness to be as prevalent as they would later become but even so it is still noticeable.

Lastly the differences between the three-part cinematic release and the six-episode TV version are minimal. The anime does have a few additional scenes not present in the movies but they are few.

Overall Washio Sumi Chapter was worth seeing get an animated release from its light novel counterpart. Everything that made the first season of Yuki Yuna great can be found here at a half-season’s worth. Highly recommended to fans of the series to get a better perspective of what it was like before the Hero Club was formed.

Yuna Yuki in Season 2.jpg

The Hero Chapter has a stronger emphasis on drama than the previous two entries.

Let us now go to Hero Chapter, aka the real Season 2 of Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru which takes place a little bit after the…controversial conclusion to season 1. It initially looks like business as usual for our lovable heroes but the looming darkness quickly rears its ugly head out of hiding to once again torture the adorable ones. Afterwards there is mild reprieve before completely being consumed by darkness for the remainder of the season. Even the Hero battles are reduced to around two in the season though they are no less awesome than the others the show is known for. Without giving too much away one serious situation hinted at earlier is resolved quickly primarily because the real crisis would follow soon after. It will make sense during viewing.

Back to the controversial ending. While I personally thought it was a wonderful conclusion I am aware there were some who were less than accepting. What I appreciated about Hero Chapter was they not only followed up by showing the aftermath but also answering a huge question some were asking about “How and why did all this go the way it did?” Now, whether the detractors accept the answers given I leave up to them. As for the way the season/show ends…let me put it this way: Think of it being more about the message sent than how it ended. Once again I had no issue with the conclusion. I really liked what I saw. Whether detractors will be more forgiving this time around I cannot say.

I cannot add much else in regards to the presentation that I have not already mentioned for the Washio Sumi Chapter review as it is the same quality of goodness.

Togo's Lair.jpg

Togo’s love is stronger than ever.

The above image is all I need to show viewers the current power level of Togo’s love for Yuna. Also keep a close eye out…just in case.

Overall the entirety of Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru can be seen as really good “expansion packs” similar to Uncharted: Lost Legacy and Horizon: Zero Dawn. The Frozen Wilds. Their purpose is to add more goodness to an already great series. Like the Washio Sumi Chapter the Hero Chapter is highly recommended to fans of the first season who wanted to know what exactly happens to our lovable heroines after the “controversial” conclusion. Again I am not sure if the new end will be enough to calm critics down but personally season 2 as a whole helped remind me why I love this show so much and consider it my personal favorite Magical Girl-Moepocalypse hybrid show of all-time.

PS: Check out this analysis of the events that transpired during the Hero Chapter finale. It may help explain what happened in more detail. SPOILER WARNING (obviously).

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18 Responses to 346th + 347th Double Slammy: Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru 2

  1. I Loved the return of my Top 1 anime, it was just stunning seeing my girls back, with 2 amazing stories. Even tho, the second part wasn’t good enough as the first, os the even the first season, it made me very happy.

    And if permite me, I’m gonna talk about Citrus here (the last post had millions of comments). I found myself lost in another world for 20min, just seeing Stunning Animation, Stunning Artwork, Stunning Colors, Stunning Kisses, was just marvelous. Citrus was always my favorite manga, and having an anime, means that it has to be at least in my Top 5 best animes, I Loved every single second.

    So Yuuki Yuuna and Citrus, really got me up, both were Outstanding.

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  2. B-M says:

    I enjoyed Washio Sumi’s story a lot. It was a lot like the first season, but neatly compressed around a smaller cast, with some amazing twists to the formula.

    I really liked the drama of season 2, and Tougou’s love for Yuuna is riidculous in this series. Did you notice her hand placement in the picture at the end? Oh my.

    But the ending was… awesome but unexplained? I’m not sure if it’s just Amazon’s subs leaving a lot to be desired (seriously, they are pretty bad), but I was a bit confused what happened there.

    In any case, I want to see Nogi Wakaba is a Hero happen in anime. Considering the references, I think it might be a possibility…

    Liked by 3 people

      • B-M says:

        I think the thing that confuses me a little bit is the end of the oppressing Heaven-Gods. I’m a little surprised to think that’s it for them, you know? It feels a little too easy to erase them all, though the idea of the all gods dying pleases my inner-atheist. It feels too soon for the franchise to just… end like that, with a post-explanation deus-ex-machina and not a whole lot of character conclusion.

        Liked by 2 people

    • To be honest, I’m not entirely sure the oppressing “Heaven-Gods” were defeated there, or if the flames surrounding the area that were wiped out were just an attack by them being finally, and decisively, twarted by Shinju-sama’s sacrifice, thus ending the immediate threat on humanity, at least.

      Maybe the Heaven-Gods left the attack there, trusting that it would wipe out the rest of humanity eventually, and left the Vertex on “auto-pilot” essentially, leaving themselves to go elsewhere and do other things, meaning they could one day be back when they realize the flames are out?

      Maybe the Heaven-Gods left the attack there, but are actually long dead themselves, leaving humanity to truly fend for themselves, unthreatened by others?

      You are right though that the ending does leave that part ambiguous, now that I think about it some more. Making me want a post-series OVA episode where they explain things a bit more even more. It could be they wanted to leave it ambiguous just in case they wanted to continue on from the ending with more suffering, or something. shrug

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  3. Just noting, but Sonoko’s name is spelled wrong the first time you mention her full name. This is unacceptable for best girl. Who is also, I might add, an ally in the cause of Yuri, (subtly) shipping Tougou and Yuuna and writing fanfic about the two of them when she’s at home. Probably. But the shipping/Yuri-loving side of Sonoko is canon (I think).

    What happened to Gin was truly one of the hardest hitting moments in the entire franchise. And that last battle, oh my. And also Sonoko’s last battle, despite not actually being shown but implied instead…ouch.

    To quote myself elsewhere about Yuusha no Shou: “Sonoko survived. I am pleased.

    …But then, I am easy to please. Occasionally.

    Maaaaaaybe would have liked more of something on the Yuri front in the final episode, like Tougou actually confessing fully/explicitly to Yuuna while in the barrier or something (like the name of the last episode almost implies), but still, a fine conclusion to the series.

    …Hmm…maybe a slice-of-life/explaining OVA after the final episode to further bring ship moments/confirmations and explain some things as a sort of “afterword” of a kind, without having to be afraid that someone’s gonna die again?”

    Though, having now realized what B-M mentioned about Tougou’s hand placement in the final scene, yes, I can definitely see things going in directions. Mostly marriage.

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  4. PeteLove says:

    Did anyone else notice Fu Senpai and Karin having a moment then Karin doing what felt like her coming out about Fu senpai to Yuuna. I think it should be episode 11

    Liked by 3 people

  5. philipbaxton says:

    This season was so great. It had the right amount of drama and comedy. I must admit there were a few scenes that had me tearing up quite a bit. Like you said the animation and visuals were gorgeous too.

    It was so nice to see Yuna getting saved this time. That really refreshed things up. I think Togo and Karin really shined in their drive to rescue Yuna and their relationship with her stood out a bit more to me than the others.

    The religious theme in this season was really dark compared to the first. Shinjyu wanting children to fight and die for him in order to protect the world is pretty dark. The Amnesty being ok with using children in order to be closer to god was incredibly selfish and self-serving. By the end of the season it makes you question was Shinjyu and the Amnesty the true villains of the series.


  6. yurimylove says:

    Washio Sumi Chapter is my favorite amongst the three — I actually understand everything that happens there ^_^;

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  7. K says:

    The Washio Sumi Chapter was nice. I actually read the novel before seeing the anime a long while ago but it was a cool experience seeing it in animated form. Sonoko, ‘Wasshi’ and Gin’s daily life was such a treat to watch, indeed…which just made Gin’s heroic sacrifice sting all the harder.

    Now for the Hero Chapter. Man, Yuna suffered a lot this time around. All she wanted was to save Togo but the gods of Heaven did not take kindly to her meddling at all. Then she had to ‘marry’ the Shinju to save humanity which, from what I understand, was a lie because it seemed like it was only Taisha members who were gonna be ‘saved’. Of course with a body that was wasting away, Yuna was thinking that there were no other options. Also, when Yuna suffered, the other Heroes did as well, physically (Fu) and emotionally (esp. with regards to Karin). With all that said, I’m fine with how everything was resolved. Everyone fought very hard for this brave new world they got. Sure, this world is still a wreck and resources are limited but at least they won’t have to deal with Vertexes or Taisha shenanigans ever again.

    When it wasn’t all doom and gloom, the funny bits got a chuckling, as usual.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Yes. That was a very sad scene.

      Thankfully our heroines made it safely. The world isn’t in the best of conditions but they’ll do what they can.

      Oh yes indeed.


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  9. Christian Appel says:

    Anime2you says that S3 is coming, but has TBA/TBD.


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