378th G-View: Bloom Into You (TV)

Before the anime was announced I noticed a certain manga being mentioned here and there. At some point after I noticed this same manga lauded as one of the greatest of all time alongside the lemony soap. Fast forward to 2018 and an anime was announced. Since I never picked up the manga and the Citrus anime showed how much better the story was animated than in comic form I figured the same could be true for the show we will be discussing in this post, Bloom Into You.

Bloom Into You Scan.jpg

Genres: Drama, Romance, Yuri

Number of Episodes: 13

G-Rating: 10/10

Plot Summary: Yū Koito has always loved shōjo manga and awaits the day she gets a love confession that sends her heart aflutter with bubbles and blushes, and yet when a junior high classmate confesses his feelings to her, she feels nothing. Disappointed and confused, Yū enters high school still unsure how to respond. That’s when Yū sees the beautiful student council president Touko Nanami turn down a suitor with such maturity that she’s inspired to ask her for help. But then the next person to confess to Yū is Touko herself.

One very important thing readers need to know before deciding whether this show is worth checking out or not. BiY is a somewhat slow-paced show. It takes its time building up to the good stuff. Some people may not fully get into it until the third, fourth or even fifth episode. A lot happens but similar to a show like Aoi Hana it is a grounded, complex romantic drama that has a lot to say and makes sure to go over as many details as possible at a steady pace. I will say that BiY differs from Aoi Hana by being a bit faster and steamier.

Touko Nanami

Screen grabs do not do the stellar animation of this show justice.

Before we get to the general review I must point out the most notable aspect of the show, its presentation. When it comes to animation quality I am not very picky. It is the reason why I often keep this part of my reviews short, unless it is worth delving into. The animation in BiY is one of those few instances where I feel the need to go in depth because it is absolutely fantastic. The character designs are quite good to the point that only diehard and ultra picky manga fans would complain (Which they always do). As for everything else…jaw dropping would be the best way I could describe it. The way effects, colors and sounds are implemented throughout the show are top notch, from an instance where it felt like time stopped around the characters or a rainbow flash of speeding colors as a train passes by. A personal highlight was the criminally few first person viewpoint moments. Those were especially cool. Put simply the animators took full advantage of how emotions could be conveyed without uttering a word. Of course the characters spoke but there were times what was going around them said more than spoken dialogue ever could. The same high level quality was present in the music. On the surface it is another vintage “Yuri X Classical Music” combo but here the musical cues have an added effectiveness that must be heard to understand. Also the OP is my favorite of Fall 2018 and the ED is really good. Whether the curious end up liking the show or not there is a high chance they will AT LEAST compliment the presentation.

Yuu trying to reach for the light

The story of a girl trying to understand what love is.

Now to the general review. At first glance this is another Grade 1 (yuri is the main focus) yuri drama that aired in 2018 about a girl growing more interested in another girl and trying to understand what the feeling inside means every time she sees her. It was present in shows like Citrus, Happy Sugar Life. The difference here is that leading lady Yuu the closest thing (as far as I am aware) to a Demisexual protagonist, which in short means a person who does not experience sexual attraction to someone unless they have formed a strong emotional connection with them. Pretty accurate description of what Yuu struggles with throughout the show. It does less to do with developing a possible attraction to another girl than constantly puzzling over whether she has romantic feelings for Touko or not.

Touko pointing at Yuu

Touko is as complex…possibly more so than Yuu.

Next up is Touko, the token awesome seitokaichou, meaning super beautiful, intelligent, talented and the cutie everyone wants to woo. Being the one who made the first move Touko is constantly craving Yuu’s taco, her hunger growing the deeper she falls for the cute peach haired sweetie. Fortunately for Yuu she is also able to restrain herself from going too far. This being a complex drama Touko too has her own secrets. Without giving too much away it has to do with the Freudian philosophy.


Sayaka…Sayaka, Sayaka, Sayaka.

Then there is the third most prominent character, Sayaka. She is the one I will say the least about. Let me put it this way. There is a chance Sayaka change a yuri fan’s overall worldview. A truly fascinating human being who regimarokokolokettaiiiii-she is a “cursed one”.  Huh? What just happened? Oh. Right. Sayaka is quite fascinating.

Besides the fascinating and peculiar main trio the rest of the cast are equally compelling. From minor to important side-characters each one has a story to tell from their relationships with the main trio to their own lives. From Koyomi, Maki-kun and his “straight man” buddy, to a show stealing duo. Readers will know right away who the show stealers are.

Yuu and Touko about to kiss again

Like I said in the red hint above. This show is a bit steamier than Aoi Hana.

The pic speaks for itself. Readers interested in the show need not worry about the yuri. It is there in all its slowly ramping up glory.

From what I have gathered from trusted manga readers, like the Citrus anime BiY follows the manga story to a tee with a few deviations (later chapters coming earlier) here and there and some small plot enhancing anime exclusive scenes. The conclusion is a solid one setting up for a potential sequel. On the date of this review the manga is still ongoing so time will tell if a second season is in our futures.

When it comes to my personal preference I gravitate more towards fun and heartwarming love stories, aka Shiro Yuri. There are some serious and/or dark yuri stories, aka Kuro Yuri I have a soft spot for. Bloom Into You falls somewhere in the middle. It has a fine balance between Shiro and Kuro without one overwhelming the other. Basically this is one of the best yuri anime I have ever seen. Everyone is fascinating and has an interesting story to tell (be it minor or important). The presentation is incredible and the conclusion is good enough to warrant a continuation without feeling like a blatant manga lure. Even so I cannot say it is for everyone. I would say the viewer must be patient, open-minded and most important of all EXTREMELY TOLERANT! If the viewer lacks even one of these then the odds of fully enjoying this show are slim.

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61 Responses to 378th G-View: Bloom Into You (TV)

  1. Umedyn says:

    Truly one of the greatest yuri animes to date, and hands down my favorite for the season. The way they go through emotions are touching, pretty realistic and the major part that makes this show great. That slow burn storytelling is very fitting, and enhances without making it drag on. Dearly hope we get a second season sometime in the future.

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  2. tsubasasfamily says:

    Yah, I think it’s safe to say this is one of, if not the best yuri adaptations I’ve yet seen. Yuri hasn’t been an anime thing for me much until this past year; there are plenty of manga, visual novels, etc. that have been my main source of yuri. But after this year, and looking into the next, it seems that good yuri anime is becoming a seasonal occurrence and that makes me very happy.

    Whatever yuri fans may think of BiY, it’s definitely a huge innovator in the genre; it’s leading the charge in showing producers how good a yuri adaptation can be, that it is indeed a distinct and unique sub-genre of romance, and most importantly that people WANT it (it’s a genre that brings in money!). Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this series, both in the manga and in terms of a second season for the show 🙂

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    • OG-Man says:

      I am not demanding another Fall 2018. I just want more 100% yuri shows. At least one or two per year alongside the 25-50% ones. That’s all I ask.

      If this ends up being THE SHOW that helps 100% yuri shows finally take off beyond the niche market then awesome.

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  3. Karandi says:

    I was very impressed with the direction of this series. The story isn’t really for me and the slow pace definitely means I probably won’t be binge watching this anytime soon, but while watching individual episodes there was just so much care and effort taken in putting them together it ended up being a delight to watch each week.

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  4. exqalph03 says:

    Yup, one the greatest yuri animes to date!
    So much that I’m sure that I can watch this over and over again.! Whew.
    I prefer this much more than Citrus, didn’t really come to like Citrus that much.
    I think one of the points that made this great is how the issue of their relationship didn’t get so dramatic, the way the characters act and think, how they maneuver in their relationships. sigh.. my vocabulary is lacking, haha.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I can too surprisingly enough. Didn’t expect to love it as much as I do.

      Don’t worry. I get what you’re trying to say.

      Thing is Citrus and BiY are entirely different kinds of romance stories. It’s what A LOT OF PEOPLE pointlessly debating over “Citrus vs BiY” don’t seem to get or refuse to get.

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      • exqalph03 says:

        Well, I do understand the difference of the two, why I didn’t like Citrus that much and it’s obvious that they are different kind of stories even from the start, I would’ve like it more if I’m in a carefree time or more leisurely time but I didn’t get to enjoy it much since I’m quite busy and stressed etc. lately, haha.

        Sigh. pity that I can’t enjoy the conflicts etc. that play on the emotion negatively even if only in short time since I’m not in the condition for it, maybe I’ll watch those after I got through this condition of mine 😛

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      • OG-Man says:

        Hope everything goes well for you dood.

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  5. Jack Cactus says:

    Hands down the BEST Yuri Anime of 2018, I’ve seen people claiming to not be yuri fans but ended up fawn all over this show just because how brilliant it is, especially in the characters and how complex they’re.

    One thing I think other yuri anime can learn from YagaKimi is how to portray kisses. Some shows deliberately used them as a method of fanservice meanwhile in YagaKimi, only 2 (I think?) happened between Yuu and Touko and each of them were used as emotional turning points for the 2 characters and that is one of the reasons I love this show so much.

    My personal favourite is Sayaka of course, a girl who chose suffering because she thinks confessing her love would ruin the bond between her and Touko. Having to see her so close yet so distant from her love is just heart-wrenching, it really makes me want to give Sayaka a pat on the shoulder and say “Go get her, girl.” (which she did in the latest chapter).

    Not just the main trio, the show does boast an immensely entertaining set of supporting cast, from the relationship between Riko-sensei and Cafe Manager to the adorably round Koyomi and how can I forget my personal “bro” and spirit animal, Seiji Maki.

    I love this show and I will continue to do so.

    Also, my 5 Best Yuri Anime 2018 goes kinda like this:
    1. Yagate Kimi ni Naru
    2. Revue Starlight
    3. Asagao to Kase-san
    4. Citrus
    5. A Place Further Than The Universe

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  6. tbiscut74 says:

    I liked this show quite a bit and I’d liked the manga too. Nice seeing an older lesbian couple.

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  7. ineedyuri says:

    I’m going to get major hate for this but I really did not like Bloom Into You.
    I read the manga, thinking the anime might change my mind. But all it did is confirm why I didn’t like the series.
    The characters are unlikable, the dialog is boring, nothing really happens, and no one develops.
    And worst of all the anime is basically unfinished. With The Play not happening and their relationship still staying as the can*er it was day one.

    I find it strange how people rage on Citrus and NTR. But enjoy BIY for the same reasons.


    • Ann Sears says:

      “the viewers must be patient huh?”
      n Im like get bored super easily xD


    • Ann Sears says:

      “I read the manga, thinking the anime might change my mind. But all it did is confirm why I didn’t like the series.”
      did u just read my mind???! lol

      not to mention,
      the lack of antagonist makes this series more mundane than it is already. I mean, citrus at least has a goddess called Matsuri


      • ineedyuri says:

        I don’t think it needed an antagonist. We already have Sayaka for that.
        But you could have taken her out of the story and it wouldn’t have affected much since she doesn’t do anything. Actually a lot of Side characters don’t do anything, apart from the writer girl.


    • Stories like Bloom Into You are often referred to as “slow burn”. For that type of story, subtle character development and slow but constant progress in the relationship is the point. It’s not for everyone, naturally.

      The only thing I can agree with is that the story is yet to be completed. However, we have definitely seen Yuu change over the course of the anime, going from believing she’s incapable of falling in love, to falling in love with Touko more and more. Touko doesn’t change in the anime, that much I can concede, but her past and her outlook on the world are revealed gradually, which is still character development, just not the kind where the character changes in the present.

      And as far as the manga goes: we’re now at the point where Sayaka has decided to confess (she will no doubt be rejected, but this is part of her character arc), Yuu has confessed, after which Touko has to face the fact that she has been putting Yuu through a lot of pain. It’s also not a complete story yet, but I believe that the characters have changed.

      Bear in mind that even in the 36 chapters of the manga that have been translated so far, the time within the story has barely progressed further than six months. It also helps to know that in an interview this Fall the author said the story was about 80% done, so the conclusion is likely less than one year away.

      My two favorite things about this story is how it challenges its characters, and that the reason why Yuu and Touko are not together yet goes beyond “we’re both girls”. By challenging the characters I mean that Yuu has to go against Touko’s wishes if she wants to help Touko with her problems, and that’s hard. Touko’s behavior is also recognized as a problem and she is forced overcome them if she wants to be with Yuu. The series also contrasts Yuu and Touko’s relationship with the adult sidecouple, making the point abundantly clear that romantic relationships between girls and women are valid and attainable. Yuu and Touko are not there yet, but they can be if they work things out.

      But you made me curious, what are some of the yuri manga that you do enjoy or have enjoyed?


  8. Platon says:

    I loved this show and I like the manga. This Anime improved the manga a lot and I think that they put everything they had into this show. Looks like they tried and hopefully managed to open the door for yuri shows for the general audiance.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Fingers crossed this finally motivates anime studios to pick up more 100% yuri series besides wonderful Girls Club shows. GC shows will always be welcome but anime like Citrus and Bloom Into You would be swell.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. chikorita157 says:

    While Citrus kind of frustrates me given how many times Yuzu has to say how much she likes Mei and feeling like the relationship taking a few steps forward and then several steps back, Yagate Kimi ni Naru doesn’t really give me the same frustrations. At least Touko is not stoic as Mei, but quite the opposite, although she has interesting character development as she wants to become someone instead of being her shy self. Yes, the development and relationship progression is slow, but it’s still interesting and it’s nice to see.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Yes. I too was annoyed by how many times Yuzu had to prove her love for Mei-Tron. It got repetitive.

      Touko’s a complex case. Too complex for some.


  10. Nick says:

    So many great yuri shows this year, what a blessing. Bloom into You definitely stands out from a lot of them though, at least for me. I enjoyed this show so much, I didn’t mind the slower pacing as it helped build the story and characters instead of rushing to see how much can be covered in a single ep. True the ending leaves the door open for more in the future, but like you said it wasn’t a huge manga lure either, which is nice. Granted if this is all we get, I don’t mind jumping into the manga for more, although I’d really love to see another season, especially after all that build up for the play too.

    Characters were great too. I liked how time was spent developing them and not just rushing through them, I guess that ties into the overall pacing of the show and how they didn’t blaze through each ep.

    Animation was amazing. I’m always a sucker for beautifully animated shows and this one was a joy to look at. The music was on point too. Really liked the classical OST, it fit the show well and added to the overall emotion of the scenes. I couldn’t imagine this show with any other music aside from classical. OP and ED were great too along with the few insert songs. I really liked the final insert song used as the ep 13 ED. That was a great one.

    All in all though I really did like this show. Great yuri show from start to finish, I just really want to see more of it in the future, the story really drew me in so much. But yeah, great stuff overall, oh I didn’t mention the kissing but I thought it was great. They didn’t overdo it and make it extremely erotic or anything, it fit with the overall show and it was really nice to see. Not that I wouldn’t mind seeing some more erotic kissing though…

    Oh and lastly, I liked the older lesbian couple of Riko and Miyako. I do wish they got some more screen time but I’m still happy with the moments we did see of them together. Always nice to see an older couple in anime, wish that was more of a thing.

    Okay, I think I remember all the points I wanted to mention. Great show though, I enjoyed you coverage of it and I hope to see another season in the future!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It was quite the show for sure, provided the viewer had the patience and tolerance to enjoy it. Yup. Good stopping point for a potential 2nd season.

      The presentation was outstanding.

      Hopefully Yuu and Touko eventually grow close enough to go French more often. Until then occasional sweet kisses are much appreciated.

      Miss Riko and Miyako were definitely the show stealers. Hopefully enough JP fans get the message across that a series about an adult couple getting an anime is in high demand.

      Glad there were several fans who enjoyed my unique coverage of this show along with that of Citrus.

      Liked by 2 people

  11. LuzeriP says:

    One of the best anime I’ve ever seen so far. Beautiful animation, great soundtracks, and interesting interaction between characters. The story was more realistic than other yuri anime that aired this year. I’ve said this before, the yuri anime I like the most is the one that real, and I can relate to. That you can learn something from it. Some people say the pace was slow, they got bored. I’d say you’re not watching enough. Try to look at things from another perspective. And why does everything have to be fast anyway? Although I can’t force people to like the show if they don’t open to it. So it’s up to them. The show has major success in Japan which is really important for one show to get sequels. Finger crossed for a second season, but in the meantime I’ll read the manga. And who knows we might get Riko x Miyako anime one day.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It’s one of the best grounded yuri romance dramas.

      Why critics of the show’s pace bothered continuing despite not enjoying it is beyond me.

      What’s most important is this hopefully being the show that convinces Japan to pick up more 100% yuri shows alongside the Girls Club ones.

      A Miss Riko X Miyako spinoff anime would be swell.

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  12. Yup. I think it’s safe to say BiY might be my AotY as well, despite close competition both within it’s season and elsewhere, like Revue Starlight. The fact the story doesn’t conclude very much in the final episode, is a bit disappointing, but like for Houseki no Kuni, the rest of the show is on a level so excellent and amazing, that it can’t detract enough to bring the show down.

    It’s interesting, really, in the sense that I had heard quite a bit about BiY before the anime, from people reading the manga, and had heard the basic synopsis, and thought little of it, but, now that I’ve gotten to know the characters, most especially the main three mentioned, as well as Riko-sensei and Miyako, that I desperately need a 2nd season ASAP, or I might possibly even go for trying to find the time to read onwards in the manga…

    …The series was just SO GOOD!

    Yuu is far too relatable, far too much of the time. Especially at the start, but perhaps so towards the end as well, if I had ever actually been in a relationship.

    And poor Sayaka, suffering from The Curse so deeply…

    Fingers crossed for that 2nd season sooner rather than later, and for the show to make lots of money/be successful!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      20-Gay-Teen was OUR year with many great shows like this one, yes.

      2nd season would be much appreciated to show how the play went, the main trio’s stories and of course more Miss Riko X Miyako.

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  13. elkat4 says:

    My only complaint about this anime is that it ended without a conclusion. I understand that manga’s still continuing and leaving the story for open for a possible second season is better than a rushed ending, but I was devastated by the fact that I wasn’t going to see the actual play or anything the aftermath. TT_TT Please get a second season! PLEASE!!!

    Correction, I have two complaints: Not enough penguins. ;p

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  15. This is easily the best yuri anime in recent history, I got to admit. It has wonderful backgrounds, cute character design, and a nice relaxing story. It is not too dramatic either. Yuu, Touko, and Sayaka are some of the loveliest yuri girls around. The only complaint is the disgusting abundance of males which really ruins the yuri experience. It also seems that this anime also sold well enough to get a second season in the future, something that it is very unlikely for a yuri anime to achieve. Hopefully, a second season will happen.


  16. Mauron says:

    I was hoping Koyomi would change the play after catching on to Yuu and Touko. Yuu pushing for this ending was cute too though.

    It’s a great series, although the “slow burn” style doesn’t make it leap to the forefront of my mind like some shows.

    Miss Riko x Miyako spinoff when?

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Basically her wanting Touko to choose who she wants to be rather than who she “needs” to be.

      Funny thing is there are FAR SLOWER. This one used its time excellently I feel. Hopefully we’ll get that play animated one day.

      A very important question. Sayaka got a spinoff so why not them?

      Liked by 1 person

  17. yurimylove says:

    there is a (mado)kami!

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  18. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 The story becomes even more great before, during and after the cultural festival…most especially AFTER. I want to see that and the characters’ development 😀

    Touko finally realized that her plan to become her sister had an intense dead end but it’s also a great opportunity and she has yet to see it. And they should make a new season since there’s still no update in the manga almost all of the audience of this story should be more interested in it now. Plus less spoilers LOL 😀 And Yuu is already barely able to hold back now so more reason to have season 2 😀

    I’m glad that Riko and Miyako had more screen time in the last episode and we got to see the cute side of jealous Miyako 🙂

    For me, the slow pace of this story overall is just fine because Yuu started with 0 love and they needed to show how that 0 grew and rushing it would seem forced.

    Overall, I love this show and its manga, I love the characters, the side couple and I wish there’d be a season 2 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Very interested in what happens next and hope it eventually gets animated.

      I’ll gladly watch more when it comes out. Like how you said “almost all”. You understand.

      Riko and Miyako stole the show.


      Most of us wish for a 2nd season.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. K says:

    Let me wish you a Happy New Year! All the best for 2019.

    It took me around three episodes to get into this one but after that, I was totally invested in Yuu and Touko’s developing relationship. This anime was well crafted and everything was on point; animation, visual cues, sound, etc. A wonderful experience through and through.

    I felt sorry for Sayaka at first, seeing her as the third wheel in this love triangle but watching her made me want to root for her, even if her odds of taking Touko’s hand at this point are slim. Her interactions with Yuu were funny to me.

    Ah, so Riko-sensei swings both ways (with a preference for men) does she? Well, that just shows how special Miyako is, to her relief.

    Of the side characters, I liked Koyomi the best. I just liked her nature and her facial expressions were cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Happy 2019 to you too K!

      Glad you’re able to eventually enjoy it.

      That is the power of cursed ones.

      You go Miyako! Getting a hot bi, who prefers men, to fall for you. But as we all know Miyako is quite the catch so in a way it isn’t shocking she got Miss Riko to fall for her.

      Koyomi was fascinating and adorable.


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  21. cyan says:

    A little late, Happy New Year! I rewatched the series now that all the episodes are out, and it was worth it.
    To anyone reading this review, this is the pure yuri you want to see.
    Finally a serious series about girl’s love, that actually focuses on how each girl walks the path to loving the same gender.
    It’s beautiful, highly recommended to watch.
    Support it guys anime and manga, hoping for a season two.

    Liked by 1 person

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  23. Baba says:

    I think is the best yuri anime to date. It has a good plot, believable characters, no dumb drama or crazy rivals and good development. I’m trying of thinking of another yuri anime with these qualities but the truth is that yuri mangas have always been the ones with these characteristics. It’s also really beautiful and the producers have done an extremely good job with the edition of the scenes.

    I’m sad that it’s over but I want to believe that we will get another season. Also, we need more yuri animes like this. I think, Bloom into you is in general, a great romance anime and that says a lot.

    I’m here wishing for not only a second season, but also for more yuri animes that make me feel like this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Wouldn’t go so far as calling it THE BEST yuri anime but definitely one of the best.

      Fingers crossed we get more BiY and 100% yuri romances in the future.


  24. Giack31 says:

    Great anime.
    It took a bit to get me interested in it but when it did it just kept getting better and better.
    Of course the story is about Yuu and Touko’s relationship but I also really loved Sayaka’s character (the metaphorical middle finger at her old friend was amazing) and choosing between her and Yuu is really hard.
    It was really satisfying seeing Yuu taking the initiative more towards the end and even trying to rewrite the play for Touko’s sake.
    It didn’t really have an ending but that is to be expected. I actually enjoyed that they chose to do a more chill ending and not a cliffhanger.
    I don’t say this often but this show needs a second season. It’s a good story that deserves to be told until the end (when it does actually end).


  25. cmds says:

    This isn’t really a genre I watch a lot, or much at all. But I did based on your review here. I’m glad I did, I actually enjoyed this show quite a bit. Up until the end, but because it was ending. I ended up relating to one of the characters a little bit which made me start to worry about how the season was going to finish. But it was an enjoyable finish, and I do hope there is another season for this.

    Thanks for all your work on this site, I’ve appreciated it for a few years now. I haven’t found a show you’ve reviewed yet that I’ve watched and I didn’t end up liking.

    Liked by 1 person

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  27. Chantel says:

    I read the manga but had no idea they made it into an anime! Where can I stream this?


  28. cyan says:

    We’re getting a Second Season you guys! Rejoice!


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