310th G-View: Hibike! Euphonium 2 (SPOILER Warning)

For this review we are going to do things a little differently. I will divide it into two halves: The first half being the overall review and the second being a spoiler heavy discussion of the important events that took place for the mystery of Eupho 2 must be solved and I am the most qualified person to do so. Why? Because I am The Freakin’ OG-Man and this is Hibike! Euphonium 2.

Check out my review of the first season HERE.

Sound! Euphonium 2 Cover.jpg

Alternate Title: Sound! Euphonium 2 (EN)

Genres: Drama

Themes: School, Brass Band, Yuri (Maybe), Band Club

Number of episodes: 13 (1st episode is over 47 minutes)

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: Kumiko and her teammates have won the Kyoto regional tournament. From now on, life will be getting a lot more hectic. With the national tournament fast approaching, Kumiko’s band is doubling down on practice and discipline, leaving little time for sleep or other recreational activities. The redoubled practice schedule brings Kumiko and Reina closer together, but elsewhere in the band, it seems like drama threatens to tear the group’s unity apart. The ghost of the prior year’s mass band exodus still haunts many of Kumiko’s classmates, and with former band member Nozomi Masumi now asking to return, it seems like the grudges of the past will soon be impossible to ignore.

Mizore and Nozomi.png

The first half of the show’s main focus is on the Band Club’s horrible past year and how it still haunts the 2nd and 3rd years, especially Mizore and Nozomi up here.

For the most part Euphonium 2 delivers a lot of what made the first season enjoyable:

-The challenges of being in a band and seeing everyone work extra hard to win the big one. This season it is more important than last time as they are one step closer to reaching that goal.

-Awesome musical numbers with a bit more variety this time besides orchestral.

-Relatable, for the most part, dramatic character arcs for both returning characters who had not got much in depth exploration and newcomers whose personal troubles intertwine with the rest of the band, meaning Mizore and Nozomi’s arc.

-Vintage KyoAni high quality animation and as good of a soundtrack as the first season’s.

-Shuuichi, aka “What’s His Name” is still a worthless character. In fact, this season he might as well have changed his name to “What’s His Name”. He is THAT worthless to the plot. The one and only time he did something it did nothing for his character. What I mean is if he were replaced by a girl, like Kumiko’s friend from the other school, it would have had the same effect. Basically he is easily replacable. His ONLY worthwhile contribution will be discussed in the spoilers section.

-Asuka is still best girl.

-Even “that” is present here but it does not go as one would either expect or hope.

Overall Euphonium 2 in my opinion, despite there being some parts that annoyed me, is as good as the first season. It is neither better nor worse than the first one. It is another enjoyable entry in the series. Readers who enjoyed the first season as a whole will most likely enjoy this one too. As far as the Yuri Nation goes…yeah go for it. Stick to it till the very end.

Alright. Now that that is done and over with let us discuss the juicy parts of the show. For everyone who are interested in the show and want to go into it as blind as possible, this is your last chance to turn back. For everyone who has already seen the show or do not care about spoilers and want to read what I thought about the major story events that took place, let us begin. Grab some popcorn kiddos, this is going to be another long one.












Sound! Euphonium swimsuit.jpg

Natsuki, Yuko, Mizore and Nozomi in their swimsuits

Let us start with the first major character arc, Mizore and Nozomi’s torn relationship and how it was connected to the “band club disaster”. While some might consider this arc to be melodramatic, it made sense since Mizore had terrible social skills and Nozomi was the only girl who really tried becoming her friend, thus she dearly cherished their friendship. Both were at fault for not telling the other how they really felt, Mizore running away from Nozomi and developing a personal disgust towards her out of fear, despite her still caring for her deep down and Nozomi not having told Mizore that she planned on quitting. Yes, Nozomi thought it wasn’t necessary because Mizore worked hard to master the oboe and she did not want to drag the quieter one down with her but I am certain they could have worked something out if they took the time to talk about it. Still, the previous third years were jerks and a lot of stuff worked against the duo, making things far more complicated. Thankfully they patched things up and yes I ship them hard.

The side characters who got to shine the most this season besides the ones who got major character arcs, like Mizore and Nozomi, were Natsuki and especially Yuko, who seemed to have taken the place of Hazuki and Sapphire as the most prevalent side-characters. Hazuki and Sapphire are more comedy relief and supporting characters but they still gave viewers several fun and inspiring moments, including a quick cameo by Mini-Sapphire. Back to Natsuki and Yuko, Natsuki was pretty cool doing what she could to help Nozomi and the same goes for Yuko with Mizore. Poor dear almost had her heart broken by Mizore when she made it seem like she did not consider Yuko a true friend. That was cold considering how hard Yuko defended her. That and her actions in the second half explain why she was appointed the new Band Club president. While Natsuki’s contributions also explain her nomination as the new vice-president, everyone knows the real reason was because of NatsuYuko. Yes, I admit that while I did not see much chemistry between the two last season, this time I believe they were born to find each other. The pairing is a classsic “feuding duo” but they are just so cute together that it makes sense to imagine them eventually falling in love. Perhaps it is because they somewhat remind me of NibuDeko.

Reina swimsuit.jpg

Yes I know what everyone is REALLY here for. You want my thoughts on what happened between KumiRei and another certain couple. First of all I would like to thank the Yuri Nation’s insanity in regards to the KumiRei phenomenon. It played a part in my becoming less invested in the pairing as time went by. In my mind there were only a few directions they could take this pairing:

  • Their relationship is not tarnished and they will continue snuggling for years to come.
  • Have one of the two go after a guy, either Kumiko and “What’s His Name” or Reina and Professor Taki.
  • Have both go after a guy.

The odds of the two becoming canon was incredibly slim because this is KyoAni we are talking about. KyoAni is KyoAni and KyoAni are infamous for toying with the Yuri Nation’s emotions. The ONLY time they kinda held back on their trolling was with Chuunibyou’s NibuDeko. I do not count KonaKaga because that pairing needed lots of research before that one OVA came out and gave the Nation hope for them. Anyway back to KumiRei. To me it was evident from episode 2.1, as soon as Reina brought up her crush on Professor the 2nd time I told myself, “Yeah this pairing is doomed”. I then asked myself based on reports and fandom insanity the following question: “Why were KumiRei diehards still hanging on to the hope that they would at least maintain their status quo?” I watched and then noticed, it was because Reina was still in Kumiko’s mind and Reina was still flirting with her during the first half of the show. After the “Nationals Qualifying Concert” it became 99% clear KumiRei was doomed and then the last 1% came in episode 12, or maybe even 11. To be honest…it did not bother me. sure it annoyed me at first because this is “vintage KyoAni” but that did not last long. It had become clear that KumiRei from the very beginning was meant to be seen as a…platonic relationship, meaning they are intimate with one another but not romantic or sexual. Basically they are REALLY close but not close enough to be in love or even “friends with benefits”. Perhaps it was meant to be perceived this way from the start but…KyoAni is KyoAni. Would not surprise if them intensifying the platonic nature of their relationship was a stunt to get more eyes on the product to unveil the truth.

The next question I asked myself was “Did I like Reina as a character or because of her amazing seduction techniques on Kumiko”? Once it was made clear that Reina’s character arc would be about her crush on Professor Taki…yeah Reina’s appeal was all about being sexy and her seduction. Basically on her own there is not much to her. While I admit that I too was smitten with KumiRei’s shiny bonds, it did not last long because as delightful as it was, deep down I had a feeling it would mean very much. I was right. Like I said though I am not upset…not because of what I will talk about next but more I had prepared myself for the inevitable. To be fair Reina’s character arc was nowhere near as bad or broing as the other student-teacher one in Maria-Sama ga Miteru Season 11 (Now THAT ONE SUCKED!) but this one is just…”eh”. Definitely the 2nd weakest character arc in the series. the first one is “What’s His Name’s”…did he even have one worth noticing? Whatever.

Kumiko X Asuka swimsuit.jpg

And now for the main event and the biggest surprise of the season that for many was unexpected but hopefully welcomed, AsuKo or AsuKumi. It definitely surprised me at first but quickly made me very, very happy. Not just because of my Asuka favoritism ever since season 1 (I had not turned my back on her once), but because it felt natural and made sense for it to happen. I will do my best to explain why.

See, after thinking about it I realized it all started in season 1. While Asuka was her usual awesome self when not serious, she playfully teased her bandmates like Sapphire but the one person who got extra special teasing was Kumiko. In season 2 that became more prevalent. As Kumiko said during that wonderful scene in the finale, she did not like Asuka much because she thought Asuka was annoying and difficult to understand, not a fan of her cynic worldview. However, during the Mizore and Nozomi arc, she started noticing things about Asuka. Besides the GLORIOUS Asuka in the field scene there was also something about how she coldly pushed Nozomi away that felt different from when it happened to Aoi last season. When she asked Asuka directly and she explained herself, Kumiko was shocked but not really angry at her.

Another hint possibly came from Asuka during the “Nationals Qualifier Concert” when it looked like both Kumiko and Asuka looked at Reina getting ready for her signature trumpet solo but I believe Asuka was looking at Kumiko.

Then there were the Asuka and Minako character arcs (My top two arcs in the overall Euphonium series so far.) and how they are intertwined. The hints of AsuKo/AsuKumi possibly becoming a thing were more prevalent in the 2nd half of the show from Asuka looking at Kumiko from the rooftops, more teasing (especially when wanting to give dating advice) and how she most likely felt that Kumiko could be the one to break through her cynical barrier and free her. Asuka deep down wanted to find a reason to finally stand up to her mom and fulfill her dream of going to the Nationals and play in front of her father.

Kumiko also gave more hints of her growing fascination with Asuka from one of the songs of her favorite euphonium composer sounding very similar to the one Asuka played in the field, a sense of wanting to help her not go through a similar fate as her older sister Mamiko and of course the growing desire to play the euphonium together with Asuka, even before she learned the reason why Asuka had a cynical worldview and why she was cold towards people who did not give their all during performances. It was a mixture of motivating bandmates who were taking things seriously, helping people avoid facing harsher truths and of course her somewht selfish wish. Besides the similarities between Mamiko, both the good and bad ones (childhood inspiration and struggles with fulfilling her own dreams) there was also Kumiko’s attraction to curvy hotties with long dark hair, like her “ex” shall we say.

As far as the confession scene goes and episode 13 for the most part, absolutely GLORIOUS! How Asuka gave Kumiko her special composition as a gift to always remember her when they are not together. Asuka being Asuka could not show weakness because it embarrasses her a lot but it was clear that she appreciated Kumiko’s cofession far more than Professor Taki did Reina’s. Also the show’s title now has a lot more meaning because of what happened. Heck, I would go as far as saying that Kumiko grew out of Reina’s shadow and became one of the best characters on in the series alongside Asuka. Their union is icing on the cake. Oh and that ONE useful thing “What’s His Name” did, getting Asuka to playfully tell Kumiko that she would not mind being her sweetie.

I could go more in depth but I think that is enough explanation for why I approve the direction they went with Kumiko’s love life. I am also concerned about a continuation, if there is one. KyoAni being KyoAni I would not be shocked if they were to screw the Nation over somehow. Hopefully they will do the right thing and keep AsuKo/AsuKumi the intended direction for Kumiko should there be a continuation. It is a shame that KumiRei most likely is done but it led to something far better so I have no complaints…except why “What’s His Name” is a thing since all he is now is a pest in the way of a GLORIOUS conclusion to the series should it continue.

For more AsuKumi/AsuKo analyzing check out:

  • King Kai‘s post discussing the Great Asuka HERE
  • Rai‘s post talking about Kumiko’s self-discovery HERE.

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53 Responses to 310th G-View: Hibike! Euphonium 2 (SPOILER Warning)

  1. Fipse says:

    Please can you explain how everybody thinks KyoAni is yuri trolling? The only anime they ever did it is Hibike. All those stuff about “KyoAni is going to toy with yuri fan emotions again” seems totally nonsense to me. They never trolled any yuri fans (if we ignore Hibike).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Iri says:

      It’s probably from them baiting gay stuff, K-On, Tamako Market and Free.


    • EasyO's says:

      Not sure if you made a mistake or something here but i’m just gonna go ahead and list a couple of other Anime Kyoani is responsible for:

      Full Metal Panic
      Lucky Star
      Tamako market
      Amagi brilliant park
      Phantom world

      The whole deal with the yuri trolling is mostly from Kyoani animating adaptions that revovlve around the status quo, and tend to enforce that aspect of it even when there are yuri couples, that’s really all there is too it honestly.

      Liked by 1 person

      • OG-Man says:

        Let me rephrase my sentence. I’ll switch “staus quo” with “their relationship is not tarnished and they will continue snuggling for years to come.


  2. cirno9fan says:

    Hooray! AsuKumi foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeevs!!

    My top is still NatsuYuu though~

    Anyway, I’d have to disagree. From someone who despised the first season, wished they had never watched it, and struggled so very much to avoid sleep’s sweet embrace throughout….this season was hands and arms and legs and heads better than the first! That first episode was the only one that I just couldn’t make it through.

    Part of what helped me was definitely that I was completely already off the KumiRei fanclub and just hoping for even a little bit more of NatsuYuu. But KyoAni seemed to have decided that they wanted to really go all out to make me enjoy it, because we got tons of NatsuYuu, a whole nother yuri side couple, and Kumiko even got a relationship I felt held way more weight than whatever was supposedly going on with Reina.

    I also liked how things happened…like a lot. Instead of Kumiko just saying that things happened…THEY ACTUALLY HAPPENED

    Also, my gosh, my heart, my breathing, my EVERYTHING during that performance (you know the one). I could barely get a breath in until I learned that they won, and the entire time I was bracing for someone to make a mistake. Masterfully handled that was~

    The Taka thing was meh as could be expected. There is hetmance that can be done well, but this wasn’t it.

    Moving on! I was crying so much during that final performance, tears are flooding even as I type this and reminisce on that scene. It was a recap done right, and the music just fit so well.

    And I was floored when my “silly” prediction of Natsuki being Vice Pres and Yuuko being Prez actually turned out TRUE. I did not expect that! This season was full of wonderful surprises for me!

    All the taka stuff was expected, so it didn’t really dampen my mood at all, and thankfully they only spent a few eps on it, instead of giving it a larger arc.

    Lots of other things I really loved, like Kumiko making up with her sister, and Asuka getting approval from her father. And otehr things I’m probably forgetting. There’s quite a lot! It was a good season~

    Even if back then I was upset at the various people who egged me on to watch the first season through, I’m glad now. it was entirely worth it for this experience!

    Now no Kumiko Love Story alright KyoAni? We’re good where we left off.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      They are wonderful and much better than KumiRei.

      It’s cool if you didn’t like the first season though the character arcs this time around did up the ante more that’s for sure. I can get why you thought this season was better.

      Yes. I admit NatsuYuu surprised me in how well they work off each other. They were born to be together. MizoNozo or whatever that ship’s called were also delightful.

      Correct. AsuKumi is far better than KumiRei.

      She hinted what would happen next by sharing her thoughts before showing us what actually happened. Very nice.

      To me it was kind of a repeat of last season’s concert and yes, I felt the same way then and I felt it again this time. Very well done performances. Even the side-performances were fun to watch.

      I was more interested in Profressor Taki’s side-story than Reina’s attempt to hook up with him.

      Destiny beckons NatsuYuu! They will make a great prez and vice-prez duo.

      Oh yes. Lots of great moments.

      Exactly. Kumiko and “What’s His Name” have ZERO chemistry. Doing a Kumiko Love Story would be STUPID!

      Liked by 2 people

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  4. LuzeriP says:

    I have so many things to say but my English is limited.

    I admit i had high hope for Kumirei but after 3 episodes i got tired of i decided to let them go and throw myself into Nozomi x Mizore. I ship them hard. Mizore only play for her girlfriend, that’s real love. And Natsuki x Yuuko being a tsundere for each other also real love. There other anime to proof that theory.

    This season story is so good. So relatable, I got teared up a lot. Kumiko confession really made my day. She’s my hero, i wish her all the happiness with her love one, whoever that is, Asuka i hope and definitely not with what’s his name.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      A shame but AsuKumi/AsuKo is better.

      How delightful NatsuYu are together. A classic tsundere combo.

      Why yes, most of the character arcs were great except the Reina one which was mediocre.

      Let’s hope so if there’s a continuation.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Zack says:

    Not that I don’t appreciate it, but I thought you weren’t going to review Hibike season 2.


  6. automaticimperfection says:

    Hmm, I am happy I decided to stop caring about this show with the first season, I am also glad you are a reasonable person and could see past the deception, Asuka is indeed cool and the music theme is sorta interesting for me but I knew that pair wasn’t meant to be, even though they seemed so well together, I must say. Thanks for writing this and all the articles on your blog, so we all can enjoy and comment about our shows. Also happy new year!!! ( 16:30 here) not sure about time difference.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. youraveragejoe010 says:

    I was only interested in this show because of KumiRei. How unfortunate it couldn’t be a thing.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. LiteraryOtakuGamerGirlT says:

    One, I absolutely agree with your feelings on KumiRei and why AsuKo is better. I won’t lie, I was one of those KumiRei shippers up until episode 12, when I pretty much figured there was no chance in hell it was going to happen canonically and instead it’d likely be an open ending. I just prayed we didn’t get the novel end, so thank KyoAni for that. However, I definitely didn’t see AsuKo coming, but when it did, I was like, “oh yes, this absolutely makes sense.” I think I’m going to coin the term, “Korrasami’d” Because that’s how I see this development. Just as it was with Korrasami, we never expected it, but when we got it, it made complete sense and we wondered how we could possibly miss it. In this case I know why…we were blinded by the allure of KumiRei and then terrified over the novel ending. All of this distracted us from what I hypothesize may have been KyoAni’s endgame all along. That title drop was perfectly done and I’m still stunned.

    I of course love the other ships, which are clearly canon in my eyes, my favorite probably being between Natsuki and Yuko.

    Shuichi was useless right through the end.

    The Reina ad Taki drama was the least desirable aspect of the show for me, but not really surprising as the signs have always been there, I just let myself fall into the fantasy. However, that’s not my real issue with this season. My only real issue with this season is that Reina became someone I didn’t recognize from the 1st season. She lost her strong and determined personality, of a girl wanting to win nationals at all cost and instead became a simple girl who seemed to only care about her crush on Taki. That was a tragedy imo, but it seems that if nothing else, she and Kumiko will remain the best of friends, so I’ll take that.

    Overall though, I still love Hibike and although it wasn’t perfect, I thought it was pretty darn good.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      AsuKo is wonderful and here’s hoping KyoAni doesn’t dare mess with it in the future with a “Kumiko Love Story”. Nice way of comparing the surprise reveal to Korrasami.
      I too suspect AsuKo was KyoAni’s plan all along. Doesn’t excuse them from screwing around with the Nation with KumiRei last season.

      Natsuki X Yuko are totes adorbs.

      As he should be. His existence baffles me. I suppose it’s because he’s in the source. Meh.

      Reina still had the fire to succeed and make it to the Nationals but at times it felt like she was only doing it for Professor Taki even though it was clear she really wanted it. Oh well.

      Yup. Best friends is the best one can hope for between Kumiko and Reina now.

      Flawed but most enjoyable.

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Eerika Norja says:

    Hmm…now that I know something of ships and no longer have the anxiety of starting to watch the show only for there to be only het endings everywhere, I might actually watch this show now (both S1 and S2, marathon time!). Had it on hold due to not wanting to watch beautifully animated (and otherwise well-done) stuff, get attached to characters, and then have them all end up in het relationships/not have any moments hinting otherwise. But now that I know something of what to expect, I can let go of my anxiety and actually maybe watch the show.

    And perhaps keep an eye out for all the ships you mentioned being good, so I can see all their glorious moments.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Worry not lass. I would recommend checking it out. It has some cringeworthy het moments but yes, the risk is worth the reward with this series. In fact I would say this is a show best viewed in a marathon rather than weekly.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Eerika Norja says:

        And now that I’ve watched the first five episodes, I realize I’m really liking the idea of AsuKumi, even this early on already (probably influenced by your review slightly, but I think I might have shipped them even without it tbh, quite possibly).

        And I actually also noticed a slight bit of potential early foreshadowing for there being potential for the ship in the first OP: Towards the end of the OP, as Kumiko is running with an/the umbrella above her head, it suddenly cuts to a scene of Asuka in the classroom, adjusting her glasses with her euph in her lap and looking straight at the camera (/Kumiko?), before then returning to Kumiko running and then onwards to the concert bit. Potential subtle foreshadowing for a relationship between them that early on, or for other development between the two, at least? (At the very least, that scene of Asuka was likely not placed there randomly…)

        Liked by 1 person

      • OG-Man says:

        Come back when you finished the show in its entirety and then share your experience with the journey of AsuKumi.


    • Eerika Norja says:

      Well…finally finished it. Did sort of marathon season two at the end there pretty seriously, watching about 6-7 episodes today alone.

      My thoughts are a little bit messy still, since I’m writing this directly after the last episode, but anyway, here goes: Wow. I honestly didn’t think I’d like the series as much as I do now. They definitely hit all the right notes (pun intentional) with this series. Though personally season one is probably something like an 8/10 for me, while season two is definitely more like 9-9.5/10. They just got so many more things right in the second season, all/most of the story arcs were great, and there were even a few twists I didn’t fully see coming beforehand. I even cried in a few episodes, mostly episodes 4 and 10 (Nozomi & Mizore’s reunion & realizing their respective mistakes and Kumiko’s outburst at Asuka respectively), which I didn’t really expect to happen when I started the series. Episode 7 was also great, with the President’s/Haruka’s Sax solo, and the rest of Asuka’s arc was great too. In the second season, even Reina’s het crush and Most Useless Character™/Shuichi got moments where they felt not completely pointless (the final part of Reina’s arc (her learning of Taki-sensei’s wife and her true fate and the visit to the grave…not really including her attempts to confess though, those were slightly bleh) and Shuichi reminding Mamiko/Kumiko’s sister of about Kumiko’s reasons for starting to play Eupho/for her starting to play in the school band…other than that moment he was of course an eyesore).

      The only parts that perhaps weren’t as good as they could have been (in S2) were probably parts of the beginning and parts of the end. Not really anything specific about the beginning, but regarding the ending, I don’t really know if I liked KyoAni not showing the final performance, at the Nationals, though I can sort of understand why they did it, to give more time to important drama things. Still…it just feels like a bit of a let-down after hyping up the Nationals all series long. Oh well.

      As to ships, Mizore and Nozomi are seriously pretty much made for each other, they go together so well! Also, Mizore instantly jumped to within my favorites with Ep4, due to sort of identifying with her feelings and fears quite a bit.

      Honestly, I feel like NatsuYuu had their best moment in S1, with the impromptu surprise hug-from-behind from Yuuko in Ep11. They had their moments in S2, especially in Special 1, but honestly, there just wasn’t any moment in S2 that made me ship them any more or less all that much. Although them becoming the new Pres and Vice Pres certainly is pretty nice for the future of their ship.

      As for AsuKumi, I’m glad I stuck with it throughout the series. The title of the series really is well thought-out, secret foreshadowing for that moment/that song, huh? it’s nice to see a slow-burn start to a Yuri relationship once in a while…though maybe I would have liked something like a hug in the final episode or something. But what we got was far more than I ever expected from this series, especially for a main character, and it does set up possible future stuff between them (at least in my headcanons, dammit! Give me some AsuKumi fanfics, other fan writers!)

      I’m not quite certain of who my favorite end up being, tbh, and especially not their order. Mizore became an instant #1 after ep4, but then Natsuki is also awesome, Asuka is obviously amazing, and I also quite liked Haruka. Kumiko is also a pretty nice decontruction of a typical meddlesome main character in a sense, especially with what Asuka pointed out in Ep10 of S2 (“You get involved in all these things out of curiosity, but all you ever really do is watch and don’t really help to solve them” and all that). I also really liked Kumiko’s reaction whenever Shuichi showed up (basically summarized with “Bleh. Why did you have to show up again? Why does everyone think I’d be interesting in a het relationship, especially with this dumb block of wood?”). Surprisingly enough, I also sort of like Hazuki, hetero as she is. And interestingly, the show does have one half-decent/good het couple in the two Tuba players, Riko and Gotou (them already being in a relationship from the start certainly helps, as well as being side characters and not getting an arc of their own, they don’t take attention away from anyone else that deserves it more.)

      As to characters I don’t really like…there the obvious Most Useless Character™…and surprisingly enough, Reina herself. Which is probably one of the reasons I don’t really like shipping KumiRei (though I am willing to possibly compromise with KumiRei shippers with an AsuKumiRei OT3…just saying). Somehow she just never quite clicked with me. Certainly her last arc helped a bit, but then all the ship baiting going on while all the audience knows of her Taki-Sensei crush really doesn’t. Somehow she just never shows me a side of herself I would really like, though she’s far from a bad character as such. I just find her impossible to relate to even a bit, I guess. Or something like that.

      As to possible future stuff/continuation/season 3…at the same time, I don’t want or need more, and I do. I’d like to see more amazing music and what kind of first-years the band gets and how they get along with the others…but I am slightly scared for AsuKumi and Kumiko getting written into an impossible-to-like het ship and more cringe with Reina and ger Taki-Sensei crush…Oh well. I would probably still watch it if we got more, this time at the same time as it airs. Too addicted at this point to stop if I got a chance to see more. AsuKumi all the way!

      Liked by 1 person

      • OG-Man says:

        As a whole the season was pretty good with most of the character arcs being quite interesting, except Reina’s Taki crush, though mostly because it was dull.

        Most of the girls are likable.

        Your view on Reina reminds me of another friend of ours who thought she was cool in S1 but felt she lost her coolness in S2 because of her underwhelming arc.

        Mizore X Nozomi’s arc was delightful. It’s only a matter of time after all.

        I was the opposite with Natsuki X Yuuko. It was this season that really made me see the two as a viable pair.

        AsuKo/AsuKumi 4EVAH! Hopefully they will not only meet again in the future but also hook up once and for all.


  10. kracen says:

    Was expecting the ship to sink from the Reina side, but who would’ve guessed it’d have come from Kumiko finding herself a new waifu? It is a ship I could get behind most definitely, however, I have made my position clear on this many times before, and with that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0BPONgX9Tw

    Liked by 1 person

  11. QueenKuvira says:

    While that ending was… Unexpected to say the least the entire second season was odd. This flip, last witch, and vivid are all I have finished so far and this is the most wtf out off the bunch. Like they went all over the place.. Im happy with all the gay being thrown around espically Mizore and Nozomi which is my fav ship of the season. Overall the season was eh next for me is Brave Witches and Keijo.


    • OG-Man says:

      Depends on what the person wanted from the show. Based on your response you wanted clarity and you felt you didn’t get enough of it. No problemo.


  12. KueKyuuQ says:

    I think I laughed more than I should whenever you called the guy “what’s-his-name”. I was rather thrown when they mentioned him at the end again – what else did he do this season besides the belated b-day gift? I truly didn’t notice him… Seriously, she didn’t even blush for him or seemed smitten at all – contrary to how she reacted to Reina or Asuka or even Natsuki.
    Personally, I think Reina is beautiful and her quiet yet determined personality kinda intriguing. But her story is… sorta boring. She was off and on her own for a lot of episodes while Kumiko was meddling and getting involved. If the creators wanted us more invested in Reina, I feel, they made a wrong turn. (Or they realized Reina’s story had been done a quadzillion times already, so they sidelined her on purpose…)
    That said, I did enjoy the season very much, and feel that Kumiko grew a lot.
    I am not sure about KyoAni or how they intend to handle any yuri-themes in the future, but this season they managed to graduallty give Kumiko a firm foundation – overcoming Reina who’s too busy being heartbroken over Sensei anyhow, meddling with the yuri-couple, learning about people and relationships (my take on what her meddling with Sensei was really about) and her own growing fascination for Asuka and generally coming to terms with her own emotions and desires – and comprehensibly and relateably take her into yuri-land without it feeling forced in a presumable 3rd season. It could be awesome. An incredibly slow slow-burn, but it could work!
    So, if they ever do one, I’ll certainly tune in and keep my fingers crossed.

    Thanks, OG, for yet another insightful review 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Reina won the hearts of many last season but unfortunately her arc was lame and it dragged her down.

      Kumiko on the other hand stepped out of Reina’s shadow and had a great journey of discovery. Hopefully KyoAni will do the right thing and not stray away from what they established at the end of this season should there be a continuation. AsuKumi/AsuKo 4 LIFE!

      Liked by 1 person

  13. This anime maybe good and all but the yuribait is over 21 months of pain and suffering. I blame KyoAni for all this torture. They are known for butchering the original source for the anime adaptations and this is clearly one of the worst. I have a feeling that the studio just does not respect yuri and its fans. Even though the ending was leaning on the yuri side, it was very unsatisfying. As much as I love Asuka, I was praying for a slimmer of hope to see a KumiRei ending, which is of course a wishful thinking. It seems that the novel’s author would like to continue the series but iff she knows what is good for everyone, yuri and het fans, she should not proceed any further.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. K says:

    Happy New Year to you, OG!

    Eupho’s 2nd season was an awesome watch. The stuff that made the 1st season great – band drama, character interactions, music performances (individual and group) – were here again in full force. The ending of Mizore’s arc/ the first half was a bit of a letdown after all that tense build-up. It was nice seeing further development of some old characters apart from Kumiko and Asuka like Haruka and Sir Taki to name a few and some character focus on new characters, namely Mizore and Nozomi. Midori and Hazuki being regulated to the sidelines was a bit sad but expected seeing as they didn’t really have that presence to be major players.

    Now then, about KumiRei; As cute as that pairing was, it was not going anywhere. I realized that at the end of last season. With Reina being out of focus for most of this season and her crush on Sir Taki given more focus (and to be honest, I was more interested in Sir Taki’s reason for being Kitauji’s conductor than I was in Reina’s more than likely one-sided crush), it was just something that had to be accepted. Of course, that shouldn’t be a reason to kill head-canons forever but it is what it is.

    I’ve always liked Asuka and seeing her character arc was just amazing. What amplified it was how it intertwined with Kumiko’s issues with Mamiko. Kumiko was able to see in Asuka her sister who regretted the decisions she made so far in her life which made her actually want to do something to stop Asuka from giving up band and prevent her from making virtually the same mistakes Mamiko made. As an aside to the point I’m making, I liked how Mamiko owned up to the decisions she made when it came to quitting university and how she’s trying to live life on her own terms. Continuing, just like how she was desperately looking for Mamiko after the Nationals, Kumiko looked for Asuka after the graduation ceremony. That confession of hers really took Asuka off guard because she’s usually able to keep her poker face on. Honestly, thinking of those two as a pairing didn’t seem possible but after all this, it doesn’t seem so farfetched anymore. They were the only two euphonium players after all.

    When Yuko was made the president, it was natural to me that Natsuki would be the vice-president. Natsuki’s the salt to her pepper, the Yang to her Yin and so on. They’ll have a rough time leading the new concert band to the gold that eluded them at the Nationals but I’m sure they’ll be fine.

    As for Shuuichi…I don’t really hate him. He was more of a background character this season than the last one, showing up sporadically, most prominently when Mamiko came and when he gave Kumiko her birthday present because childhood friend and all that. Anyway, the point is, despite all the stuff thrown at him, he didn’t really do anything to deserve it. It’s more the fault of the peeps around those two pushing this pairing. Some more than others (cough Midori coughHazukicough). It just feels so artificial and forced and more badly developed than Reina’s crush on Sir Taki.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Both old and new got good character development.

      As you said, KumiRei was a cute pairing but was shrouded in doubt as to whether they would become canon or not. We got our answer and it was for the best that the ship sank early rather than waste more time playing “Will they or won’t they?” .

      Yup. Professor Taki’s own story was more interesting than Reina’s crush arc.

      AsuKo/AsuKumi 4EVAH!

      NatsuYuu are destined to eventually hook up.

      He’s still worthless.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. B-M says:

    Thanks for doing this review. I’ve been planning on watching Hibike for a while, but have been afraid to see a cute ship sunk. Now you’ve made me realise I should watch it anyway!

    Liked by 2 people

  16. yurimylove says:

    one of the best reviews you wrote, my man… and it’s not because it’s the longest ^_^; Seriously, your character analysis is excellent! Especially on Asuka and Kumiko, but also Mamiko, Mizore, and the rest of course. That really helped me understand and appreciate the story as I watched it.

    now to quote one of your fans, “I must admit that”, you’re a braver man than me. I waited cowardly the whole season, until you posted your G-view here, before I finally had the courage to watch S2. I’ve just finished marathoning it, and it was good just as you stated.

    I don’t even remember if Mizore appeared last season, but she has become best girl for me in season 2. She’s just so moe!! Too bad she’s a side-character and only had so much screen time. But time well spent ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Dunno if it’s my longest by far but it’s one of them. I could have gone deeper but that was more than enough to get my point across.

      I don’t blame you. I kinda did the same thing but not out of fear but to avoid the diehard KumiRei fanboy/girl nuisances throughout the season.

      She was probably a background character last season and was briefly shown in the season finale.

      Liked by 1 person

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  18. darks0ulreaper says:

    I just finished watching the entire show in one sitting, I’m sad to say that I had to upgrade my yuri goggles to yuri binoculars, it just didn’t do it for me in regards to the yuri elements. Concerning most other aspects, however, (excluding the adding of unnecessary male characters) it was pretty good, the drama was well executed, and most of the characters didn’t piss me off, and, of course, the music was absolutely amazing; I was drawn towards the screen whenever they did a concert scene.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Rai says:

    Thank you for the mention! :3

    I agree with what you said about KumiRei. I honestly wasn’t that upset about them because I had a feeling it wasn’t going to work out. On the other hand, AsuKo just works. It is so natural.

    I also like what you said about Kumiko growing out of Reina’s shadow and becoming a stronger character. It’s true.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      That they are, AsuKo I mean.

      Pretty much. I stand by the belief that, in wrestling terms, as alluring of a team as KumiRei was, it was clear that Reina was the one being groomed to be a top player while Kumiko would be stuck in the midcard.
      After S2 however, not only did Kumiko get to shine but she showed that she’s a far more capable main event player than Reina ever was.


  20. FagocitameEsta says:

    hermoso final, en si me agrado bastante la segunda temporada. claro, que en la primera yo también caí en la trampa de la posible KumiRei. sin embargo, a medida que avanzaba la historia uno podía notar como, tanto el estudio de animación como la misma autora, jugaba un poco con nuestra cabeza llevándonos a sacar suposiciones anticipadas. En la segunda parte, el personaje de kumiko crece bastante y se deja a un lado al de reina, quizás solo remarca que entre ellas solo existe un fuerte vinculo de amistad (amor puro y platónico), en la novela original kumiko queda emparejada con su amigo (kumiko cae en cuenta que realmente lo quiere) y le afirma a Asuka que tiene novio.
    En cuanto a las relaciones…como ya mencione, la autora deja a Kumiko con su amigo; ademas desde mi punto de vista veo la relación con Asuka como más de aprendiz-mentor, también formando un fuerte lazo. Kumiko ama a Asuka, pero no de una manera romántica.
    Con Reina, es el vinculo de una gran amistad. una persona que la impulsa a no quedar atras y que la ayudo a revivir la llama en kumiko respecto al eufo.
    La relación NatsuYuu me encanto, me ha sacado más de una sonrisa. sabia que habia una chispa de camaradería entre ellas, pero la verdad es que hicieron muy bien en dedicarle más en la S2.
    Y para finalizar, la posible y viable pareja Yuri que vi (y admito que me enamoro) fue la de Mizore y Nozomi.
    A diferencia de Reina (que tocaba para ella misma, y después se lo dedico a su amiga para mantener la calma en la competencia) , Mizore siempre toco proyectando sus más profundos sentimiento hacia Nozomi. El hecho que Mizore tocara de forma estoica era porque se sentía “rota” al haber perdido la relación más importante que tenia. Es claro que sus sentimientos son de amor verdadero, aunque siento que Nozomi aun siga siendo (por torpeza) ajena a ellos, pero después del cap 4 su vinculo se fortaleció aun más.
    Sin mencionar que para el 2018 habrá 2 peliculas, una de ellas centralizada en la relación de esta ultima pareja y la otra de la vida de kumiko como estudiante de 2do año.
    También la autora sacara 2 volúmenes de la novela. centrado en el segundo año de kumiko y compañía.
    Así que por lo pronto, solo tendremos que esperar y cruzar los dedos, para que minimamente metan una pareja Yuri en esta hermosa historia.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      A mi no me importa lo que pasa en las novelas ligeras. AsuKumi es mi OTP en el anime.

      Las otras parejas espero mas momentos para “shippearlas” en ambas peliculas.


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  24. Mauron says:

    I finally finished the series recently, and just in time to see the movie!

    In this season Reina discovered she does occasionally have feelings for men too. Kumiko encourages her to explore this, and it goes… about as well as you’d expect.

    I’m still hoping the manage to patch things up, partly because I like Asuka with Haruka.

    A little over a week until I see the movie, and I’ll rewatch Liz and the Blue Bird before then.


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