309th G-View: Magic of Stella

It is time to check out the moerific show of the Fall 2016 season that is Magic of Stella.


Alternate Title: Stella no Mahou (JP)

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life

Themes: School Life, Video Games, Doujin Games.

Number of episodes: 12

G-Rating: 11/10

Plot Summary: Tamaki Honda is a first-year high school girl who joins a somewhat peculiar “SNS-Bu” circle that makes dōjin (self-published) games.


Tamaki. Omega Kawaii girl of the Fall 2016 season.

The best way to describe Magic of Stella would be New Game!‘s younger sister. The show is half about a video game developing high school Girls Club and half about “cute girls being cute while going wild with their hobbies“.

Let us first talk about the doujin game half of the show. Viewers will learn a thing or two about making games though it does not go into great detail. It is more about showing the challenges of being a small club who make games on a strict schedule, that being in time for seasonal comikets. As mentioned above the girls have their own duties in their respective clubs and they give it their all…and I do mean give it their all.


I am sure a certain Doctor found a kindred spirit in Yumine.

One example is Yumine here who is a fujoshi. The passion this girl has for boys love is so great it may be insane, in a good way. That goes for the other characters and their duties/passions. That is one of many instances of moe, cuteness and hilarity the show has to offer. Besides the crazy passion there is also a strong emphasis on a kind of humor that I do not know if it has a name but for now I will refer to it as “prolonged silence” jokes. To best explain the style of humor I will give an example in episode 2: Seki is passionately reading out loud the script for the next game because it helps her think clearly by doing it out loud. During that time Tamaki quietly observes her at a loss for words. When Seki notices Tamaki watching, the “prolonged silence” joke activates, lasting about 5-6 seconds before Seki starts crying out of embarassment. It is best seen than described but the show likes using this kind of humor once or twice per episode. Personally I love this kind of humor when done well, mainly because I enjoy “talk show style” comedy anime and thankfully Magic of Stella’s instances of using this joke is well timed most if not every time it is implemented. Other than that the rest of the humor is basic “cute girls doing cute things” and fans of Girls Club shows will have no trouble enjoying the funny and cute moments.

The animation quality fulfills its purpose of being adorable both visually and with its cast. The high school girls are adorable and likable, the little brothers do their thing and are not annnoying, the senior citizens are neat and the moms are adorable. They are sadly not super sexy moms but they are as cute and fun as their daughters. The soundtrack does its job well. The OP is fun and the ED is a personal favorite of mine. Do not ask why though. Personal prefrerence I suppose.


Did I mention how lethal Tamaki and Yumine’s kawaii power levels are?

Before we get to the yuri let us briefly mention the most fleshed out character arc on the show, Tamaki’s. Her journey to become a wonderful artist and game developer is both fun and worth getting invested in. She goes on a journey of discovery where she must find what kind of artist she wishes to be and what it is that motivates her to draw and how it is related to becoming a video game illustrator. Oh and there is one thing readers should know about Tama-chan. She is a “daddy’s little girl”. It explains her favorite character archetype to draw. Keep this in mind. It is not unhealthy though, just a part of her.

Yumine twisting Tama X Yumine.jpg

The yuri is centered around Tamaki. She has two or arguably three potential wifeys to hook up with. Which one is the best depends on the viewer. I said three because the third wifey may be better off hooking up with a certain redhead. I will leave that to readers to decide should they choose to pick the show up or already have. Besides the yuri ships there also pro yuri and yaoi comments made by several people so the jokes are both amusing and welcome by the cast.

Overall Magic of Stella is not a game changing Girls Club show but it certainly fulfills all the necessary quotas to be a memorable one. While it will most likely not achieve the same popularity of its older sister New Game! it should not be overlooked either. The cast are totes adorbs, it was fun seeing the club work hard to successfully finish the games in time for comikets and the pro yaoi and yuri attitudes were most appreciated. Highly recommended to Girls Club fans.

PS: SNS is translated to .

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16 Responses to 309th G-View: Magic of Stella

  1. LuzeriP says:

    Not much to say about this anime but man it was funny as hell, i laughed a lot. At first i find Tamaki papacon and her obsession for ojisan drawing kinda disturbing but then i got use to it. Now is more like disturbingly adorable. My favorite part is BL scene between Tamaki and Fujikawa. I pressed replay like ten times.

    Also i find Tamaki’s voice is so freakin adorable. I saw her seiyuu, i think her name is Maria, in some idol concert, she talks and behave just like Tamaki, that really surprised me.

    I don’t thing there’s gonna be a second season but an OVA would be nice though.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It had several enjoyable and funny moments.

      Tama-chan’s “daddy’s little girl” mentality was more a running gag than something to be concerned about. We know that she was the closest to her dad.

      Ah yes. The “love letter” segment was awesome.

      Tamaki is adorable, period. Maria being similar makes me want to check out some of her work.

      At least an OVA.

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    I was on the Haa-chan and Tamaki train by the end of the show. Would have been fine with her and the prez, or her and her bf, but haa-chan just fit the best with her imo by the end.

    Either way, really enjoyable, but not really in the “top” of the moe anime setup. Still, it was really nice watching Tamaki grow as a person throughout. I would not be against another season in the least~

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Hence why I said any of the three would make good wifeys for Tama-chan.

      True. It is ultimately not one of the best but it fulfilled all the necessary requirements to be a good Girls Club show.

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  3. K says:

    I’m glad she remembered why she joined the SNS club in the first place. She originally joined to make a game but I guess between working on improving her drawing and helping with other projects, that reason got buried along the way. However, you could also say that it was because she did all that as well as, I would say, those hard-hitting questions posed by Minaha’s sis Natsu that she remembered.

    On a lighter note, Tamaki was just the cutest! Everything about her was very adorable! The others had good points about them as well like Yumine’s passion for BL for starters. Shiina may be awkward but she has a good head on her shoulders, which is why she’s the current pres. Ayame’s perky and upbeat personality was nice and her past filling her with despair was hilarious to see. Kayo was a nice girl but she was the least fleshed out among them which is a bit disappointing to me. Minaha was a good frienemy for Tamaki to have.

    I agree with you about the potential ships Tamaki can have. I’m leaning towards Shiina, though.

    You are right about the ‘delayed effect’ type of comedy used here. I found it funny whenever it was used. It was well timed to me. My favourite scenes with that would be when Shiina and Ayame coughed up ‘blood’ and when Shiina collapsed after using up all her energy at the beach.

    In short, a pretty nice watch this was.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It was wonderful watching Tamaki’s journey of discovery and yes she is totes adorbs.

      Everyone was quirky to the max and that’s what made them delightful.

      Any of them are viable wifeys for Tama-chan.

      Ah, “delayed effect”. That’s what it’s called. Thanks.

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  4. LiteraryOtakuGamerGirlT says:

    Yumine was absolutely my kindred spirit. This was a very cute show though. Fitting to be the little sister of New Game.

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  5. Ren says:

    Agreed that the ED was awesome. I usually just skip the ED for other shows but this one I actually listened to every single episode.


  6. yurimylove says:

    yes so spot on! yuri-wise it’s not top of the season, but the sheer moe is off the charts!

    I like all the characters, and the mid-season addition of Minaha is most welcome. She reminds me quite a bit of Mika from Kanamemo — both are pink-haired tsundere who are quick to proclaim the protagonist their “rival” ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Star Light says:

    I’ve dropped this show after 3 episodes… That was a right decision.


  8. Christian Appel says:

    It was really like the little sister of New Game, but without the same deep gamemaking and -developing process.

    For me, the most intense body moments Tamaki had with Kayo, so I would ship these two as fav couple.

    Kayo looks really good in her bikini.


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