410th G-View: Hibike! Euphonium Movie 3 (SPOILER WARNING)

It’s time to talk about the third (technically 4th) movie in the series. The first two movies were recaps with some extra scenes. Liz and the Blue Bird was a (excellent) side-story. This movie is set after the 2nd season, basically the 2nd/3rd years of Kumiko and the rest of our favorite band geeks. There are new 1st years as well. Let us take a look at Hibike! Euphonium: Chikai no Finale.

Note: Once the red paragraphs start I will enter spoiler territory so the interested can stop reading before the warning.

Hibike! Euphonium Movie 3 Oath's Finale

Alternate Titles:

  • Sound! Euphonium The Movie: Oath’s Finale
  • Sound! Euphonium The Movie: Our Promise. A Brand New Day

Genres: Drama, Music, School

Themes: Band Club, Brass Band

Length: 100 Minutes

G-Rating: 8/10 (Personal), 7/10 (Overall)

Plot Summary: Kumiko and the rest of the band club are coming to their second or third years of high school. With many of the previous third years having graduated the club is in need of new members. Fortunately their performance in the previous tournament got plenty of aspiring new members to apply. Of all the new members four of them will get the spotlight. Thus begins Kumiko’s second year with both familiar and new challenges.

Before we get to the review allow me to address the elephant in the room by saying readers need not worry. The trailer (along with the first few minutes of the movie) teased there being trouble in paradise but rest assured it ends favorably for us.

To sum up the movie. Think of all the big events and moments in the 1st and 2nd seasons revisited. For example, the club must again participate in a marching competition and the climax is a performance to qualify for the Nationals. Same beats, different approaches, drama and resolutions. Some would think 100 minutes is not enough to cover 2 seasons worth of content but it is. Since the events are familiar all writers had to change was the struggles the characters went through, both old and new, which they did well in my opinion. Kumiko, Reina, Sapphire, Hazuki and other veterans continue their journeys whilst the four newcomers must face and try to overcome their pasts with the help from their senpai. Reina being Reina did not take an advisory role.

Kumiko and Kanade

Kumiko and Kanade.

Kumiko and her fellow veterans focus on putting on a better performance than last time along with their futures after graduating. Some already know whereas others continue struggling with. Kumiko for example. Speaking of, Kumiko somehow ends up becoming the mentor of the important first years (The three girls).

Mirei, Kanade and Satsuki

Left to right: Mirei, Kanade and Satsuki.

Speaking of the first years (There is a boy but he is of little concern. Not a bad boy but he was just there to me) let us briefly describe them.

Mirei is an anti-social giant.

Satsuki is her friend from middle school. She is very social. It annoys Mirei…or does it?

Mirei and Satsuki both have Suzuki as their surnames but to quote Buster and Babs Bunny, “No relation”.

Next is the one who is pretty much the secondary protagonist of the movie, Kanade. One other character best describes her personality because they are nearly identical.

Smug Matsuri

Matsuri from Citrus.

Nuff said.

Blue Bird Stars

The two Blue Bird Couples are in the movie though one of them are background characters for the most part.

Readers wondering if the two Blue Bird couples get to shine in the movie may be a bit disappointed. Natsuki X Yuuko, especially the former, have stuff to do while the our heroines Nozomi X Mizore can be seen every now and then. More so Mizore. I did not mind much because they already had their own movie to shine as bright as the sun. Another Blue Bird star shows up too as seen in the above screen grab. Speaking of pay attention to the title of the band’s qualifier performance.

Not much to say about the presentation. It is the anime but in cinematic format It is excellent as always. I think Liz and the Blue Bird was better because it felt like they got more creative but like most other Kyoto Animation shows it looks and sounds so very good.

Now we come to the main reason the movie is an 8/10 for me. Readers who know where I stand about a certain couple can guess what it is. Without giving away anything with everything else going on “What’s his name” is the last thing on Kumiko’s mind. In fact, when not thinking about the band, the first years, her future or other duties there is only one person who repeatedly comes up…

Overall Euphonium Movie 3 treads familiar ground but has enough differences to make it a worthwhile viewing. “So far, so good”. Hopefully they keep up the good work whenever “Kumiko’s 3rd Year” premieres, be it a 3rd season or another movie. You are almost there boys and girls. Do NOT screw it up at the last second because of peer pressure or some other asinine reason.

PS: There is an after credits scene.

That is the review. Spoilers coming up next.













Kumiko and Shuuichi

Like I hinted in the G-View the “What’s his name” getting an out of nowhere push to the main event worries were thankfully unwarranted. Sure he confessed to Kumiko and once a full moon she thought about him (Mostly when he saw in school or he was brought up in conversations, which was rarely) but there were so many other things going on (including someone I will get to in a bit) she did not have time or interest. When he tried going for 2nd base she was caught off guard but near the end she was like “I have way too much going on and can’t think about this relationship. Tell you what, if around graduation I consider giving ‘this’ a go I’ll let you know”. He was like “I get it. (Guess that’s a no). Let’s do our best to get into the Nationals this time”. Fist bump, done (Hopefully for good). Once again I asked myself, “If ‘What’s his name’ were cut from the series would anything important be lost?” I again say “NO”. The ONLY contribution to his existence is that maybe Kumiko is bisexual but leans more toward girls. In the end he got a Jinder Mahal push over a JBL one. Good.

Euphonium Mirei X Satsuki

Not much to go in depth about Mirei and Satsuki. They along with Kanade are wonderful newcomers. As for the new boy, other than his possible infatuation with Sapphire he was just there. Naturally I ship the Suzukis.

Natsuki called off for a moment

Oh for the love of.

Seriously? They won the gold but did not qualify for the Nationals, instead the band Kumiko described as “Eh. They’re decent” ended getting the last spot over them? That is some cruel foreshadowing yo. Not cool. That and I REALLY hope whatever Natsuki had to care of before the performance will not separate her from Yuuko. DO NOT SPLIT UP THE NIBUDEKO OF THE SHOW! The couples are all cute but those two share a special kind of cuteness.

Kumiko and Reina back at the hill

Not as jaw dropping as the first time they went to the hill but good enough for KumiRei stans.

Kumiko and Reina had another moment at the hill. While not as heart pounding to me as last time it was good. As a fellow Euphonium intellectual said, “Reina has feelings for Kumiko despite her preferring Sensei schlong. Kumiko will always treasure her as her #1 BFF but there is only one person she wishes to spend the rest of her life with deep down”.

Kumiko and Asuka

There is still hope they will do the right thing!

So then. When not focused on school, band, kouhai, her peers or the future…Asuka was her top priority. The Euphonium she plays along with the song. Viewers who remember S2, especially the season finale will know their significance. Kumiko has not forgotten. Before the qualifiers her heart skipped a beat when she was greeted by a familiar voice. Their reunion was brief but it went something like this:

Kumiko: How’s college?

Asuka: Whoa. Why ask about that now? Awwww, do you miss meeeee?

Kumiko: Yeah…Kinda.

Asuka: Well then…Here’s a magical card just for you.

Translation: “Congratulations on figuring me out! But I’m not ready to give you my heart just yet Kumiko. I have a bonus puzzle for you. If you can solve it before you graduate, I’m yours.”

At least that is what I am understood and that is what I am going with. Period.

Like I said, so far, so good. Almost there. Do the right thing and this series will be historic. Fingers crossed when Kumiko’s 3rd Year eventually gets made. This has been building up since S1. While I would not mind Reina winning it would feel like the writers gave in to fanboy and fangirl peer pressure. If they have her go back to “What’s his name” then that can only be described as a complete waste of time.

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14 Responses to 410th G-View: Hibike! Euphonium Movie 3 (SPOILER WARNING)

  1. LuzeP says:

    7/10 for me. I do like the arc in this movie. So many edgy teenagers I enjoyed. Of course it’s Euphonium we’re talking about. The rain scene was so good. But every time what’s his name appeared I just wanna skip it. I didn’t tho. I think Kumiko didn’t have to say ‘that’ to him. Just end it, close the door. Because I’m afraid he’ll be back at it in season 3.
    As KumiRei, that moment at the hill was good, but come on, give me something new here. Natsuki x Yuuko have their moment here and there, not much but I’m fine with it, they’re still cute. As the lack of Mizore x Nozomi that’s to be expected. It only makes me wanna see their movie again. And Asuka once again made my day. Kumiko still has a crush on her. Reina wants Kumiko to be with her after graduation. The ending was indeed not cool. Mizore (with Nozomi) was the star of that performance and the show decided to end like that, I’m so mad. To be honest, my feeling for season 3 still indifferent. But we’ll see. To sum up, I don’t see any difference from season 2. Beside Natsuki x Yuuko and Mizore x Nozomi, everything else still foggy. Still up for grabs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Understandable. Think of it this way, the movie served to introduce the new girls and boy along with giving more details to how the veterans are doing going into S3.

      Humans are at their most edgy/angst ridden in their teenage years so it can be forgiven so long as the characters don’t overdo it.

      Not much progress was made romantically but several of the girls grew quite a bit. The biggest contributions was showing how far Kumiko has come. She was appointed the new president after Yuuko stepped down after all.


  2. yurimylove says:

    Great review! This is the second anime movie I watched in the theater. The first one was Madoka a few years ago, when I watched with my daughter in a filled up theater. This time I watched alone, in a theater only half-full. I brought tomatoes and rotten eggs with me just in case, but thankfully I didn’t have to use them ^_^;

    I’d wanted to watch Liz and the Blue Bird in the movie theater as well, but I found out about the screening date too late and missed it, since the small handful of anime movies actually playing in theaters around here all had only one day (and only one show that day) each. You blink it’s gone. I hope more yuri(-ish) anime movies will continue to screen here in the future, and hopefully some of your blog readers in the Dallas area would like to come as a big group.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Glad to hear you had a fun time at the movies.

      Can’t guarantee I review movies in time for screenings. The only recent anime movie that was available locally for me was Dragonball Super: Broly, which was in 2019.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Mauron says:

    I added this to my list of anime movies seen in theaters (included Liz, Explosive Konosuba with Megumin and Yun Yun, Tanya the backstory of Not Zuramaru, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising but still not turning the frogs gay, Digimon Adventure Tries to get me to watch it subbed by casting Mimorin part 1, Is It Wrong to Want Lesbian Goddesses in a Dungeon, and maybe others).

    I spent a large part of the movie wishing Kabe-don-senpai would live up to her nickname (that I gave her).

    Kumiko gives the worst advice on how her girlfriend should explore her bisexuality… but it seems they managed to patch things up. Asuka’s wonderful insanity can be shared with the former prez… and hopefully the rest of us. Asuka being sexy and nutty spinoff when?

    There was a boy in the first years? Must have slipped my mind since then.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. This movie was a nice addition to the story, if only to show how our girls are growing and evolving; especially Kumiko. The conflicts, dramas and resolutions were very business as usual for Hibike, so nothing much to say on that other than it was well executed, as they usually do. I like the new characters overall, but I think I’ll need to see more of them in the 3rd season to really connect to them like I do our veteran girls. I was happy that they got gold, but was sad that they got their chance at nationals stolen; especially for Natsuki, as it was her last shot. I’m sure Yuuko will be there to support her at least. Kumiko becoming the new club president was a pleasant surprise, but at the same time, I don’t think it could’ve gone to anyone else. I can’t wait to see how she manages that in the continuation. I don’t think we have to guess who the VP is going to be.

    Now onto shipping matters. While Kumiko may have had a minor crush on him at one point of another, I don’t get the impression at all that she’d want to seriously date him. She realized this I’m sure, which is why she decided to end things before they could really begin; claiming to be “too busy”. (But not too busy to think of Asuka 😉 ) I don’t think he’ll be a problem for the future, as if she really did choose him in the end, it would be an absolute waste of the entire series as we’ve seen it thus far.

    It was a little sad that we didn’t get more of our two Blue Bird couples, but they got their moments in their own movie, especially Mizore and Nozomi, so I can’t be mad. The tid bits we did get were great though. I do truly believe Reina loves Kumiko, but her desire for Taki-Sensei prevents her from seeing that she’s had a wonderful partner by her side all this time. I feel she will learn too late that she’s the one she actually wants. For at this point, the ship to Kumiko’s heart has sailed, and she only sees her as her treasured bff. That is because her heart has already been taken by another wonderful lady.

    That is of course, Asuka. S2 gave us an unexpected treat to round out their development and gave Hibike it’s strongest arc yet, so now we must hope that will not have been in vain. I am certain however, Kumiko loves Asuka, as she thought of her throughout the entire movie and did have a reaction of a girl in love when she met her. I’m pretty sure one day Asuka will openly return those feelings. They are too perfect together for them not to be endgame and not being so would severely ruin the continuity that we’ve seen and honestly be a missed opportunity and waste of time. They have to do the right thing, so I’ll have faith they will. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and look forward to the coming continuation, be it another movie or full season 3. I’m hoping for the later.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. Nice growth for our veterans and the new students will hopefully be more fun to watch after their introduction.

      It’s like Natsuki finally got to compete and the team still lost. Japan really seems to dislike the last minute miracle unlike the US. Yuuko will be there for her and vice versa.

      Kumiko proved to be the best choice for Pres.

      At least the Blue Bird couples were there in some capacity.

      Mmhm. Would be a waste of time to have Kumiko go back to “What’s his name” after that discussion.

      Either Reina will realize her true feelings for Kumiko too late and/or support her on her quest for true love.

      S1 planted the seeds and S2 nurtured them to become a beautiful rose, thorns and all. With all dem hints KumiAsu has to be the endgame. It has to be. Fingers crossed they do the right thing.

      Liked by 2 people

      • k1ll1ngz0ne says:

        “as if she really did choose him in the end, it would be an absolute waste of the entire series as we’ve seen it thus far.”

        “They are too perfect together for them not to be endgame and not being so would severely ruin the continuity that we’ve seen and honestly be a missed opportunity and waste of time. They have to do the right thing, so I’ll have faith they will. “

        “Mmhm. Would be a waste of time to have Kumiko go back to “What’s his name” after that discussion.”

        “With all dem hints KumiAsu has to be the endgame. It has to be. Fingers crossed they do the right thing.”

        Thats exactly why they wont do it.
        Because it makes too much sense.
        Because its the right thing to do.

        Anyways, if Bizarro Superman takes over this world and it actually happens, I’ll be the first person in line to watch the finale, but theres a reason they brought back whats his name from out of nowhere.


  5. tsubasasfamily says:

    I don’t have much to add about this movie, but I enjoyed reading the review, so thank you for that. All I can say is, I’m here for the yuri tension and the potential ships, and maybe that’s a mistake but it is what it is.

    KyoAni has been extremely good at baiting with this series thus far, but I do hold out hope that Liz and the Blue Bird and the end of this movie may be pointing to bold new directions… Kumiko and Asuka, in particular, would make me extremely happy (sorry Reina!). The fans (myself included) have certainly been vocal enough for it to be possible!


  6. kitsu260 says:

    We can in general that this movie reforced the idea of Kumiko only had good chemistry with female characters since with Shoes was very weak all the time.
    But unless something big happens this stay in the status quo


  7. Vuk Vuk says:

    I really loved this anime but I never dared watch it past first season cause of fear of it ending being the worst case of yuri trap ever and that would be too much for me to handle if things really ended that way. I waited for quite some time now to get myself some spoilers from trusted source on whatever or not it’s safe to continue watching it.

    I guess now I’ll watch it up till movie and than wait for spoilers again before daring to go for 3rd season if one is indeed made.
    And regarding that… I read some rumors on MAL some time ego that a company behind this anime is gone because of some accident that happened and that because of that there won’t be S3 like originally announced. Anyone knows anything about that?
    I also read on MAL someone claiming that in novels Kumiko does end up with the one that we shall not name, but it being MAL it’s hardly something that can be taken for granted.

    Thanks for giving me spoiler I waited for, now I can relax and watch Anime.


  8. Light says:

    Very nice analysis of the series. I like. 🙂 Hoping for a romantic twist too. But sadly the arson incident put a damper on most plans. It’s really sad that half of the original creative team is gone now. It’s sad to think that the next anime will never be done by the same group of people.

    Liked by 1 person

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