YMC #72: The Real Her (By Your Average Joe)

Note from OG: Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to introduce to you to the newest co-contributor of the Yuri Nation, Your Average Joe. This upstanding member of the Nation volunteered his services by posting more manga reviews and if need be other stuff. Check out his first review and share your thoughts on both Your Average Joe’s debut and the manga down below.

1st Manga Review: The Real Her

Genres: Comedy, School life, Tsundere, Yuri, BDSM

Length: 13 (quite short) chapters

By: Imamura Youko
Status: Completedss-2015-12-25-at-01-07-55

Story (‘Dynasty Scan’ didn’t provide one so I’ll do it): A story about a masochist and a potential sadist. Original I guess.

The Manga revolves around 2 central characters. Moe the cutesy masochist who wishes her love, Yuuka the natural sadist, to constantly abuse her. And this is where the Manga kind of falls apart for me, not terribly though. Since BDSM is a primary theme and part of the main character’s personality, it frequently gets mentioned and that just doesn’t sync well with my tastes. If that’s your thing…. Cool I guess, I’m not judging but frankly it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable when Moe seeks pain.

But I did mention that it is not completely bad. At least the BDSM is toned down by quite a large amount. And the characters actually have genuine love and feelings for each other which is another saving grace for this Manga. It is not just someone’s fetishes drawn into a Manga, there is a little character development and a tiny little bit of story implemented into this this which is nice.


(Sorry about the potential poor quality images)

It’s labelled with the comedy but frankly I didn’t discover anything funny worth mentioning. There are a few of those typical Anime/Manga moments where the characters transform into they cute blob mode and ‘aww’ over something cute which is…. cute. Always a nice edition

The character development I mentioned before. Don’t expect anything worth an award but what happens is that Yuuka learns to deal with Moe’s ‘crazy’ fetishes whilst both characters supress their feeling for each other until the end. Just like in the Manga ‘Shinozaki-san’ (which I really recommend/like BTW), Yuuka attempts to knock Moe’s masochistic fantasies out of her.

Yuri Goodness: 5/10

Story (or whatever lack of it there is): 4/10

Characters: 4/10

Overall enjoyment: 6/10

Don’t get me wrong, this Manga definitely is enjoyable and worth your time I believe. But it is over too quickly as each chapter is too short and what the Manga offered did not please me too much. Good Manga though.

Overall Score: 19/40 (I might’ve been quite harsh this these numbers, its hard to translate an opinion into just some simplistic numbers)

(Notes from the author:

Hey, this is my first time writing a review. I ask if you’re interested to please leave constructive critism, I hope you would want to see my work improved! I sincerely hope you all enjoyed though)

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12 Responses to YMC #72: The Real Her (By Your Average Joe)

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I laughed quite a bit during the manga, so I think it really is just a case of it not really being your thing.

    I agree with it being too short.

    It’s basically a power play between the masochist and the sadist, with the masochist trying her best to give the power to the sadist, but the sadist continually rejecting that power. Slowly she begins taking on the power that the masochist wants to give her, until she relishes in it. Much to the joy of the masochist.

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    • OG-Man says:

      BDSM is not to everyone’s liking as our comrade showed us in this review.

      I too thought it was a delightful read. Not hilarious but enjoyable. It’s a story about a masochist who’s crazy about her sadist love interest and wanted to help her embrace her enjoyment of lovingly punishing her girlfriend. It’s something only people with such tendencies could understand. Perhaps if the story were told a bit better. I thought it did a solid job myself but it’s no Sunstone.

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  2. Fipse says:

    Yuri Goodness only 5/10? It is pretty gay and the confession scene was probably one of the best I have read in a yuri manga. And at least it has one while Shinozaki-san still dances around the yuri 😉

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  3. OG-Man says:

    As I told our colleagues here this kind of story is not everyone’s cup of tea. Personally I thought it was a solid read and a decent depiction of a sadist/masochist couple. It’s no Sunstone but it’s not bad either.

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  4. The Otaku Judge says:

    Still a better love story than Twilight… um I mean Fifty Shades of Grey.

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  5. yurimylove says:

    thanks Your Average Joe for introducing me to this manga. It grabbed me from the first page — “how about you keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from me from now on?” >w<

    Funny stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Jamie says:

    Purely constructive criticism, as I see this frequently. Where you wrote ‘always a nice edition’ it should be the phrase ‘always a nice addition’. It makes more sense, though I fully understand they sound similar.


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