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Your Average Joe gives author recommendations: Itou Hachi (By Your Average Joe)

This will be short but hopefully sweet 🙂 Intro: Anime and Manga reviews are all well and good but I want to also give the creators praise for their work. For Anime it is harder as there is an entire … Continue reading

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YMC #87: Iono the Fanatics (by Your Average Joe)

My 12th Manga Review: Iono the Fanatics Genres: Comedy, Drama, Harem, Polyamory, Romance, Science babies, Yuri Length: 12 chapters + prologue and omake By: Fujieda Miyabi

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YMC #86: Resounding Echo (By Your Average Joe)

My 11th Manga Review: Resounding Echo Genres: Yuri, + more genres (varies) Length: 3 one-offs, 1 three chapter long Manga + 1 bonus chapter By: Kigi Tatsumi (Sorry for the poor quality image, couldn’t find a better version)

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Yuri Talk: My Gripes, Dislikes and Hopes for the Future of Yuri (By Your Average Joe)

I am and have been super busy lately, so my next Manga review will be a while. But since one of the hype shows of year (Netsuzou Trap) has been announced with a premiere date, I figured this would be … Continue reading

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YMC #83: Akuma no Riddle (By Your Average Joe)

My 10th Manga Review: Akuma no Riddle Genres: Action, Anime, Assassin, Drama, School Life, Tomboy, Violence, Yuri Length: 47 chapters + a prologue, completed By: Kouga Yun & Minakata Sunao Check out OG Man’s Anime review of this Manga HERE

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