Flip Flappers Episode 10: The Mimi Dilemma

More somberness as we learn more about what is going on.

Boat girl's face revealed.jpg

The first big reveal was Boat Girl’s face and her name..Mimi.

Yayaka and children who did not survive.jpg

First of all let’s talk a bit more about Yayaka who had regained consciousness. We learned that she was the only survivor of an experiment conducted by the Woo Tan Clan to create super soldiers to gather fragments. She would then tag along with the Twin Dolls (who as expected aren’t human).

Yayaka about to confess something.jpg

It was here I hoped what Yayaka wanted to tell Cocona were the magic words we all wanted to hear from her.

Taro and Yuyu storming the base.jpg

I think this is the first time we’ve seen the twins grin.

Speaking of the Twins they along with some Woo Tan Clan robot soldiers stormed the Flip Flap base. They stated the obvious to Cocona, about her having an amorphous fragment inside her left leg and them wanting it. Yayaka held them off while PapiCoco escaped. Hope she’ll be alright.

Papikana and Mimi.jpg

Papikana and Mimi.

Papikana putting a flower crown on Mimi.jpg

Well this explains why Papika said Mimi’s name that one time.

Long story short both Papika (full name Papikana) and Mimi were most likely also part of the Woo Tan Clan’s child experiments to gain access to Pure Illusion. Papika (and a younger Dr Salt) helped put a smile on Mimi and she gifted Papika by having her be the first person to see Pure Illusion with her.


Cocona was angry at everyone because she felt like everyone had lied to her all this time. Papika didn’t want to tell her the truth about Mimi because it would hurt Cocona but Cocona thought it was because she didn’t love her as much as Cocona did. while escaping in a tunnel they predictably went through different paths.

Grandma's remains.jpg

What surprised me was not the reveal of Mimi being Cocona’s mom (and Salt being the dad. That was obvious) but grandma having been a Woo Tan Clan robot all this time. That explains why she was so laid back about Cocona going to hang out with a “friend” for long periods of time.

A mimi fragment on top of the spire.jpg

Huh. There was an amorphous (or perhaps Mimi) fragment on top of the WTC spire. This could also mean the third Doll was created using a Mimi fragment.

As far as “our wish” is concerned there’s still hope. If it didn’t work out with the mom, why not the daughter? I mean she’s somehow stayed the same all this time. Maybe we’ll get an answer to that next episode.

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21 Responses to Flip Flappers Episode 10: The Mimi Dilemma

  1. Eerika Norja says:

    I just love this show more and more each episode. Finally get some answers, and indeed some of them were as I had suspected, but they still managed to catch me off-guard with some of them, like the grandmother-robot, and the way they showed things…so many plot-twists and reveals! Ahh!

    …Looks like Papika(na) really is older than she appears to be. Does she not age, did she change bodies, jump through time, or something else? Dr. Salt’s comment about her “finally regaining her memories” really makes me wonder. She lost them for some reason for a while then, perhaps due to the flashback scene and what happened with Mimi, and only regained them recently due to being around Cocona and having parallel moments to the ones she experienced with Mimi?

    Which brings me to the flower scene in this episode. If Dr. Salt really is Cocona’s dad, then him making the flower crown, even if Papika was the one to put it on Mimi’s head, could have an interesting romantic parallel with Ep7’s flower crown scene and PapiCoco…hope yet lives strong with them becoming explicitly canon!

    Hopefully Yayaka survives her encounter with the twins…there still things you need to do Yayaka! Like be happy!

    Papika’s off-hand comment calling the amorphous she had “Mimi’s fragments”, and Mimi calling PI “her world” makes me wonder…what if PI is actually Mimi’s own, perhaps subconscious world, or she’s at the very least the only key to it, and the amorphous are actually literal fragments of her body that she scattered around Pi, possibly deliberately (after disappearing due to whatever happened in the flashback scene). Perhaps intending for her daughter to be the one to find them, or at least guiding her to them through the fragment inbedded in Cocona when she does go looking for them, thus explaining why they always find them so readily, unlike Yayaka & the Twins who seemed to have some trouble with the same. And also perhaps either to allow her daughter time to grow up while her opponents had to look for the fragments/figure out another way into PI, or to draw out her opponents and thus figure out their plans. Or both.

    And finally, what if the experiments were originally not done by an organizanition bent on world domination through PI, but at first had a nobler purpose? Or at least one not so obviously antagonistic. And perhaps over time the leadership’s ambition grew (note: involves Dr Salt’s dad, and thus Cocona’s grandfather, who could still be leading the Clan right now, perhaps), and Mimi, Papika(na) and Salt saw/felt the change, and decided they needed to leave to prevent something catastrophic. But since Mimi was the key to everything, leaving wasn’t so simple, and big things had to happen to get the others out safely…leading to Papika(na)’s memory loss (and perhaps the reason she hasn’t aged while Salt has…though this could also have something to do with where she’s from/what exactly she is), Dr Salt going rogue and fighting the people who still wanted to continue with the PI experiments and want world domination, and Mimi disappearing. Perhaps the “Woo Tan Clan” weren’t always evil, but simply came to be so due to the corrupting influence of greed and the opportunity to gain way too much power.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Good theories as usual. Shall be interesting to see how many of them are correct.

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    • darks0ulreaper says:

      There’s a possibility that Papika and Cocona are Clones, or, perhaps, Reincarnations of Papikana and Mimi, my main reasoning for this theory is that Cocona seems to have had some sort of awakening at the end of the episode; it’s possible that Papika’s memories of Mimi are sort of like memories of a past life, this would also explain how Papika hasn’t grown old even though she should be roughly as old as Dr. Salt.

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  2. Star Light says:

    The worst-est (yeah, it’s even worse than worst) nightmare has become! Arg, my heart, it cannot take it anymore. Somebody, please tell that we will have flashpoint in the next episode. Ok. :((

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  3. LiteraryOtakuGamerGirlT says:

    Yea, I think it was pretty obvious that Mimi was her mom and so naturally it’d follow Salt was her dad. Though now I wonder why the heck Cocona ended up with Robo Granny in the first place. That Granny reveal was also for me, the most surprising part of this episode. Still, the show continues to out due itself, so I’m looking forward to seeing where things go from here.

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  4. KueKyuuQ says:

    Oh, Cocona, you can’t catch a break….
    While the Mimi-mom-thing was rather obvious, I am not entirely sold yet on Salt being Cocona’s father (why would he let her stay with Robo-Gran?). The twins are ‘made’ so… who knows what else happened?
    Hnn… Papika has an enthusiastic way of proclaiming her friendships, so IMO it’s a bit difficult to tell if she was in love with Mimi …the same way she seems to love Cocona. She seems to be aware by now that Mimi is Cocona’s mother (“that would be too sad for you” / also maybe cause for her sitting on top of that staircase, looking all thoughtful) – which, if true, even furthers the question why Papika didn’t age…
    However, with what the show has shown, I doubt that Mimi ‘died’ – maybe an event caused her to reach another stage of consciousness / existance, which also allows her to enter her daughter’s dreams. And maybe, just maybe, that ‘event’ is also the reason why Papika appears so young and had lost her memories…..
    Per this episode, Yayaka and Papika have something in common – they were both ‘chosen ones’ who survived tests regarding PI.

    I do like, that at the end of the episode, Salt’s reaction to Cocona about letting Yayaka stay, gets so much emotional depth, knowing that she’s his first crush’s (and possibly his own) daughter and looks like Mimi, so he just can’t refuse Cocona’s plea for her friend…

    Two more episodes to go, right? Ah… so many questions and theories…

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  5. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    HA! I knew it! Mimi’s the girl in Cocona’s dream! 😀
    Also…I knew it! She’s her mom though I had my suspicions before I can’t believe I’m right LOL 😛

    Papika should be 30+ years old now, is eternal youth one of the effects of those stones?

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  6. ArcaJ says:

    I figured Mimi was related to Cocona. (The resemblance and apparently, smell, were uncanny.) Whatever Papika is, Pure Illusion didn’t make her that way. If Mimi opened her heart to Papika (and Maybe Dr. Salt), she may have wanted her to meet Cocona.

    I’m starting to feel like Cocona has worse luck than Yayaka. It seems like her entire life is a lie.

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  7. EasyO's says:

    The emotional rollercoaster angle this show is taking is such a sweet pain i’ll never forget (that means i’m having fun :P).
    Note probably one of my favorite parts of this episode is the still of Yayaka still holding the flowers even while escaping, so romantic~

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  8. K says:

    Oh, this isn’t the first time Yuyu grinned. I remember her doing that when she and Toto tricked Cocona into undoing her transformation last episode.

    Some interesting revelations this time around. Mimi was Cocona’s mom. After seeing her resemblance to Cocona, red eyes aside and a younger Dr. Salt, it makes a pretty good amount of sense. Speaking of Salt, him being the dad is highly possible but you know what I wanna know about? That guy that ran into Cocona and Papika a few episodes back. What if there’s two flavours of Salt running around? That would be something, won’t it?

    As for Cocona, the poor girl got quite a raw deal. She felt her life spiraling out of control with all these secrets coming to light. Heck, her “grandmother” was a robot spy! Also, if Dr. Salt is her dad, did he know all along and allowed the enemy to be that close to his daughter? I think yes, if only because they weren’t actively trying to harm Cocona. In fact, from all of this, you could say that everyone had their eyes on her. In any case, she’s gonna have a difficult time trusting people for a while.

    Yayaka’s life wasn’t all that good either. She worked so hard and survived being experimented on only to be treated like dirt when she couldn’t live up to their expectations. She really needs a break from all this.

    Yuri-wise, PapiCoco…seems a bit awkward now with all these facts coming out. On the other hand, Yayaka’s odds have increased, I say…that is if Cocona ever forgives her for lying to her for as long as they knew each other.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Nicely done spotting that.

      Two Salts eh?

      Most, if not her whole life up till now had been a lie.

      Oh PapiCoco’s still going strong.

      Cocona X Yayaka is still a backup plan.

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  9. Zuneko says:

    I feel so bad for Cocona! She just kept getting punched in the gut with lies and secrets the entire episode.

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  10. yurimylove says:

    well… at least the generation gap is not as extreme as When Marnie Was There ^_^;

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