205th G-View: Frozen

Not an anime but I’ve reviewed American cartoons before. Besides, it’s a movie about snow and ice and I like cold weather and a Disney adaption of the Snow Queen sounded interesting. While I did initially show cynicism toward it I went and picked it up anyway…especially because of one couple in particular. This is Frozen.

The main cast of FrozenWARNING! This review contains spoilers. You have been warned.

Genres: Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Disney.

Running time: Around 90 minutes

G-Rating: 9/10

Plot Summary: Elsa and Anna are sisters born into a royal family. Elsa has ice powers and is not very good at controlling them. An accident happened that forced the king and queen to separate the princesses for years in order to keep Anna safe from Elsa and Elsa safe from society. Years passed, the parents croaked (as usual in Disney films) and Elsa’s next in line to the throne. Anna and Elsa were kept apart all this time until the coronation ceremony but one mistake by Anna ticked Elsa off enough to reveal her power causing all sorts of chaos. Elsa runs away and Anna feels she’s the only one who can bring her back. Oh, and Elsa accidentally created an eternal winter in the Summer so there’s also that little crisis to fix.

I like simple and to the point plots and this one does just that. Each character has their own moral and theme behind them. Anna for example is the sheltered princess who doesn’t know much about the outside world yet is thankfully not a pushover and has a bright outlook on life. She has the tools to be a cool lady, all she needs is some life experience. Elsa’s journey is to be true to herself while also being brave enough to face the world…which is not easy. Christoph needed to learn to trust people more, Olaf learned that fire is not good (and didn’t care because he’s awesome) and Hans is pretty much a “don’t judge a book by its cover” and “love takes time” character.

Elsa and Anna at the coronation ballNot much else I can say about Anna and Elsa that I haven’t said above. Anna felt like a regular woman to me. She may have been sheltered for a long time but she wasn’t stupid…outside of getting engaged in one day but that can be credited to her being in the mood. Elsa also acted exactly how someone in her position would have. The parents did their best and after they croaked, she was all alone and had nobody to guide her so she followed the last of her parents’ guiding words as long as she could so that both her people and especially her dearest would remain safe from her unstable power.

Olaf the snowmanMascot characters have a bad rep on the internet. They are usually revolted. I admit that there are some that annoyed but Olaf is not one of them. His cheerful, optimistic and always look for a bright side attitude warmed my heart every time he’s on screen. I couldn’t help myself. He’s a lot of fun to be around.

Christoph and SvenThe other mascot character is Sven and his human friend Christoph. I found the few scenes where Christoph talked for Sven amusing because it showed these two are best friends and can usually understand each other without words but Christoph still felt like giving the audience a narration. Nice guy. I liked the dynamic between these two more than Flynn and Maximus’ from Tangled. I Christoph being a nice guy and for the most part, he is. Unlike most male leads in Disney films, Christoph didn’t feel like a FRI (forced romantic interest). He wasn’t abusive like The Beast or shoved in at the last moment like 75% of princes in Disney movies. He also has one of the best lines in the movie: “You got engaged to someone you just met that day!?” I wonder if that was Disney’s attempt at bashing the cliche fairy tale trope or themselves? Whatever. It was funny.

VERY minor peek at Elsa's Let it GoThe songs were all excellent and had a narrative to them. They each felt part of the story and were not just “let’s sing something catchy”. I REALLY wanted to have a different opinion and pick a different favorite song number but “Let It Go” is THAT…DAMN…GOOD! It must be seen on Blu-Ray or if readers have already seen it on the big screen, lucky you.

The special effects are just breathtaking! Elsa’s ice powers are as cool as Jack Frost’s from the also good Rise of the Guardians. Check out that movie as well if you want to see an Avengers like team led by Russian Santa Claus. Then again, Western CGI movies by big studios like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks,

The big sceneI know others noticed hints sooner but this is the scene that made me go “Oh yeah, I can see a fanbase revolve around this couple. I admit that I got hints from “Wanna build a snowman?” but most would easily see that as nothing more than sisterly friendship. I can’t help it. Blame Candy Boy and Binbou Shimai Monogatari for showing me and the rest of the yuri nation that sisterly love is also sweet yuri.

I know it’s Disney and Christoph won in the end but who cares! Elsanna’s way cuter. The whole Christanna thing’s just vintage Disney and part of the norm. On the bright side, like Tangled, it wasn’t a prince this time like it usually is. Anyway, Elsanna have earned a spot in the Yuri Hall of Fame for both the tiny sprinkle of subtext (I’d say it’s Grade 5) and the major fan support.

Overall, Elsanna aside, Frozen’s a really good movie. I haven’t watched a Disney movie I REALLY liked since Wreck it Ralph and the one before it being Toy Story 3. Frozen definitely deserved all the praise it got and was an enjoyable watch. The characters felt classic, yet modern at the same time and they were also likable (even Prince Hans for his cheesiness). The drama did not go overboard, the comedy was simple and effective, the mascot characters were likable, the CGI’s breathtaking and watching it on a laptop monitor does not do it justice. If any readers here are the few who have yet to watch this and do not have a grudge against Disney (T F O) then by all means a buy on Blu-Ray. It’s worth it for more than just Elsanna.

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31 Responses to 205th G-View: Frozen

  1. Great review, glad you liked the movie. ^^


  2. Hourin says:

    There have been fanfictions about the two popping up lately, kind of uneasy due to the cartoon look, but since your viewpoint I’ll pick up when it comes out.


  3. curaga444 says:

    I thought you are one of the people who don’t like animation outside Japan. Glad you like American animation too. Tell me friend, what’s your favorite American cartoon movie so far?


    • Overlord-G says:

      I like most animation. It doesn’t matter where it comes from as long as I enjoy it. My favorite American animation. That’s a tough one. Recently I enjoyed Wreck-it Ralph. I like most action cartoons by Marvel or DC. My opinion is that Western animation companies are best at making action cartoons. Their comedies are more hit and miss than anime comedies, especially the ones targeted towards adults.

      The best answer I can give is that I like a lot of 70’s to 90’s shows with some early 2000’s cartoons.


      • curaga444 says:

        High five, Wreck-it-Ralph is actually my favorite animation movie so far, maybe because i’m a gamer as well.

        I see. I guess you like show such as : Tom & Jerry, Carmen Sandiego, He-Man, and Justice League maybe?


      • Overlord-G says:

        It’s a pleasure meeting a fellow video game fan.

        Yup. I enjoyed all the shows you mentioned.


  4. Hue says:

    The power of yuri err Elsa’s Let It Go has indeed successfully conquered the world, it having a lot of covers, a version with 25 languages, and here in our country it has its Filipino (Tagalog) version dubbed “Bumitaw”, its own “Beki” version (which means male gay), the Do You Wanna Build a Snowman has a “conio” version (funny stereotyped for rich kids who mix English and Filipino language). Funny thing is I watched it for yuri but my siblings caught me watching it then they loved it too, of course they don’t see any yuri in it, but it feels good to share what you like (inadvertently) once in a while with other people. Elsa truly deserves a spot in the Yuri Hall of Fame!! Thank you Frozen for being family-oriented and yurilicious for yuri lovers like us xD


    • Overlord-G says:

      I also have friends who didn’t notice the yuri but loved it regardless. It’s a pretty good Disney flick.

      Yes, Let it Go is THAT DAMN GOOD!

      I nominated both sisters because although Elsa’s got it more for Anna, Anna did have some potential of “seeing the light”.


  5. kitsu260 says:

    Talking about Sister love, are you watching Mikakuin? Since if have a Siscon Oneesam


  6. Cheshire Cat says:

    I’m ready for the first Gay *Queer* Disney Queen *looking at Elsa* =]]

    Olaf is my fav character :]. The way he cares about Anna is the same as Elsa does to her. Remember, Olas says, “An act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.” kk~

    And I noticed that every line Elsa says is always including ‘Anna *here* or Anna *there*’ :”>. I still remembered the awkward moment when I saw this Anna frozen scene in the theater, somebody mumbled, “I think they are gonna kiss!” =)). It was fun, indeed. Nice job, Disney.

    Don’t forget for the Academy Award. I hope Frozen will win :”>. Thank you for a great review xD *Olaf hug*


    • Overlord-G says:

      Sorry about that dood. I only now noticed your comment in my Spam post.”

      Oh yes. Olaf spoke the magic words. It didn’t matter how the movie ended, those words directed towards Elsanna still echoed in my ears.

      Hurray for Disney’s subtle yuri subtext!

      I doubt it but it’d be neat if Frozen did win.


      • Cheshire Cat says:

        Yeah, don’t be sorry, I still have no idea why my comment won’t be appear in any WP blog ;__;.

        If you want to see how Elsanna’S love blow away the world, go to tumblr, you will see lots of subtext from how special Elsa’s eye-contact with Anna :”>. I don’t know if it’s Disney’s intention to make a big step for LGBT fandom. ;).

        I hope Frozen will win xD. Elsanna, Elsanna everywhere~ kk~ =]]


      • Overlord-G says:

        One can hope the subtlety between Elsanna is a first step for the studio..


  7. chowkko says:

    When I saw Frozen I was sure you would talk about Elsanna. I was damn right.


  8. Darkside_Hero says:

    I went in to this movie complete blind, having forgotten it was even in theaters. When the “true love” scene came to pass, I was like ok this is completely yuri and I don’t care if they are sisters.


  9. Avalon says:

    hei dude, can you tell me where am i could watch this show?


  10. shiroganeseta says:

    I don’t want to watch Disney Movie at first, i thought it will be cheesy and all. Well, i was wrong. From the beginning i sensed Yuri subtext and then Bam! act of true love scene make me go gaga for frozen. When other people focused on that sad scene, me and my friend tried so hard to not giggle because the scene is soooo Yuri XD. Incest never bothered me anyway~


    • Overlord-G says:

      There’s nothing bad about good quality cheese. Frozen is not cheese, except for uptight people. Yuri incest isn’t for everyone.


      • shiroganeseta says:

        Usually i can’t stand Disney Movie and their whole Prince Charming and Damsel in distress thing, execpt Mulan. Yes, maybe Yuri is still ok, but what make this not acceptable for most people is the incest guilt .__. I mean, they’re sister, but they didn’t see each other for 13 years, so it’s make me still shipping them :3


  11. Hourin says:

    This reminds me is there some way you can track down Japanese reactions to the Yuri subtext in Frozen?, I’m mighty curious to see what they think.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Never bothered to look it up. Perhaps some of my peeps would know where to look. Then again, I’ve never met an actual Japanese nation member. I don’t mean online but offline.


  12. mutopis says:

    there is talk of a possible sequel. We will see how that goes (sequels dont always do well).


    • Overlord-G says:

      Disney sequels are usually hit and miss, especially the straight to DVD lineup. The thing is though that if there’s a Frozen sequel, Elsanna won’t exist anymore for one major reason.


  13. Frozen was quite an enjoyable experience for me, and while I wouldn’t say I adore it as much as most of the fanbase seems to (I mean, it seems like almost everybody really loves this movie and everywhere I go people sing its songs) it was definitely a really good movie. There was some nice characterization and it really did bring the Disney magic in a lovable way. Like you mentioned, Olaf was truly a lovable mascot and his presence always brought a smile to my face, he was always quite entertaining. Goes without saying the music is great too, it’s definitely a big part of why Frozen has the following it does.

    But I think what I loved most about Frozen is the way it poked fun at the typical princess stories and took unique spins on some of those events. In particular, the comments on the whole romance deal were quite interesting. Namely (another thing you pointed out) Christoph ridiculing the fact that Anna planned to get engaged to Hans despite just meeting him, and also the way the act of true love was carried out by Elsa rather than the love interest as one would come to expect from typical Disney tropes. Both of those were really quite clever and it goes to show that these sorts of stories truly have evolved over the years.


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