Saki 2.5: Sketchy Shocker!

This round was a most interesting one for the viewer who watched the first season.

Reason for participation revealedFirst of all we get a shot flashback revealing why Somkidd was recruited into the Boogie Rockers team. Hint: it’s kinda similar to Yumi and Momo’s matrimony. We also learn that Somkidd’s special ability is a counter-attack that strikes harder when the opponents are stronger. Unfortunately for her…

Miko ThunderFranken-Miko unleashedThe princess finally shows her true power and unleashes a devastating Holy Thunder attack after transforming into her Ultimate Franken-Miko form.

Taco thrown off guardLuckily for Taco she BARELY survived the devastation of the Princess’ signature move. With that display of divine power, the Princess catapulted the Killer Mikos to second place.

Princess used Rest

Killer Mikos ready to rumbleAfter the match we learn the obvious fact that the Princess rarely uses Holy Thunder and must rest a while after using it. This display fueled her harem to fight harder so they can become worthy of a spirit cleansing orgy.

Scarecrow AwaiNobody likes you Scarecrow.

Somekidd preparing for her punishmentSomekidd failed to counter any powerful attacks so that put the Boogie Rockers at a disadvantage.

KiwiThis girl likes kiwis. Her part in the second round was supposedly to not lose points.


Sketch VisionThe second member of The Toyone Family (they’re not Deuces and Fours anymore) is Sister Sketcher. Her ability is somewhat similar to Mako’s where she draws a simulation of all players’ hands in her mind.


Mako Foley showed off the fruit of her labor from the training camp in this match by having a working game plan. Mako’s main target was Sketcher, making sure to throw off her game and never get a big hand. Most of Mako’s attacks didn’t score much but they hit their mark. She even guided the others against Sketcher. A flashback reveals Mako created a second style of combat by observing the field and once she notices a threat, does everything she can to lessen its impact.

Super Mako ModeSuffice to say her game plan paid off and Team Magnus is now in the lead. I’ll explain why it’s Team Magnus now and not Team Angle when it’s Saki’s turn to wrestle.

X-SketchNot even Sketcher’s ultimate move, the X-Sketch was enough to beat Super Mako. Latest cameraman assignment: The X-Sketch.

I didn’t talk about the other two competitors because they didn’t do much.

Next week is Hisa’s turn to enter the battlefield and one of her opponents will make things hard for her.

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12 Responses to Saki 2.5: Sketchy Shocker!

  1. Cytrus says:

    A direct sanbaiman hit is the second worst thing (right after a direct yakuman) that can happen in mahjong. How come it “didn’t hurt much” xD?


    • Overlord-G says:

      Because they only dropped to second place.


      • Cytrus says:

        Well, compared to how they fared in Nagano at this point, Kiyosumi is doing quite well. Mainly thanks to Yuuki being able to capitalize on the first half of the match.

        Mako only gets worst compatibility or best compatibility opponents xD.


      • Overlord-G says:

        I guess I’ll update the sentence with “Barely survived” to emphasize how deadly Holy Thunder was.

        The Megane War remains one of the greatest televised mahjong battles in history.


  2. graycloud says:

    Definitely can’t wait for next week’s episode. Lots of good drama coming up!


  3. Hanneman says:

    The best episode so far, but i expected more from the two Mikos, at least that move was lethal. Mako did surprise me, her change of playstyle was really interesting to watch. In the first season i didn’t like her playing, mainly because she was almost totally blocked from the game.

    Anyway, i just passed here to say that today is my birthday,YEEEEEAH! *happy birthday song*
    I’m turning 17 today, yet still underage (believe me, it cause me a problem recently).

    Oh, and i have something interesting to share about that novel i talked about before, i”l share with you later.


  4. RavenRhen says:

    I’m so happy about Mako, she brought them back to the first place, Too bad her game is only in one episode, btw some parts of the manga was not added in the anime, Oh and it’s Hisa’s fight finally, but I’ve already read the manga so I know the outcome, too much for spoiling myself, haha.


    • Overlord-G says:

      The megane war was also only one episode so it’s just as well. I don’t like spoilers myself so you made the right decision not to spill the beans.


  5. Yurimylove says:

    Sister Sketcher will probably switch careers to artist/painter after being traumatized by super Mako mode. Maybe she’ll become friends with Yuno…


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