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208th G-View: Saki Zenkoku-Hen

The official 2nd season came and went. It was nearly 5 years of waiting for the return of Kiyosumi to the squared circle of the bloodsport known as “super powered lesbian mahjong wrestling”. Was this OBVIOUS first half of the … Continue reading

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Saki 2.12: Passing of the Storm

The big match that had captured Saki fans’ undivided attention came to an end this week. Which two of the four teams were left standing and which ones were eliminated?

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Saki 2.11: Total Annihilation

Being initially taken aback by The Matriarch and her legion of the damned, Queen Kasumi goes on the offensive and releases her own army of chaotic spirits. However…

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Life Lessons: The Power of The Sloth

One of my closest confidants in the yuri council, Arca J (Miss AJ) developed a vision beyond what Yuri Goggles could offer. She called this advanced form of mental observation “The Yuri Zone”. It is thanks to the Yuri Zone … Continue reading

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Saki 2.10: Wrath of a Gentle Giant

Why not give the wrestler who stands out most of all the longest flashback in the season? she deserves it imo. After all, it’s clear that The Toyone Family is the most interesting and diverse team of the three that … Continue reading

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