OG’s Top 10 Favorite Anime of 2022

It is that time of year again where I share my top anime of the year. AS ALWAYS these are not the undisputed best anime that aired but ones me, myself and I enjoyed the most. Twas an interesting year for anime 2022. Not much I will delve into because I am saving my reflection energy for 2023 which is promising to be the sequel to 20-Gay-Teen (2018). Enough stalling. Let’s start with the usual honorable mentions then get to the list.

Elan Festival 2022Shared an image of the VTuber Melanie from Studio Elan because she debuted in 2022 and I love her.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Slow Loop
  • Magia Record (It ended in 2022)
  • Estab-Life: Great Escape
  • Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall
  • CUE!
  • RWBY: Ice Queendom
  • Extreme Hearts
  • Luminous Witches
  • Management of Novice Alchemist
  • My Master Has no Tail
  • The Lies We All Tell
  • Love Live! Superstar!! S2
  • Machikado Mazoku S2
  • Prima Doll
  • Do It Yourself!!
  • Shadows House S2
  • Bisque Doll

Special Shoutouts

Birdie Wing Golf Girls' StoryGundam Witch from MercuryBirdie Wing and Gundam: The Witch From Mercury.

Like in 2021 with Magia Record that had not ended that year these two would have been somewhere in my Top 10 had they finished airing this year but because the second cour of both shows are scheduled for Spring 2023 (at the date of this writing) I could not include them. Anything can happen in the second half of each show. It is the reason why Magia Record fell short of making my Top 10 despite it getting a special mention last time. Hopefully both shows end favorably to get more than an honorable mention in 2023.

Revue Starlight Movie PosterFavorite anime movie: Revue Starlight! The Movie.

Technically it premiered in 2021 but it was subbed and had a limited Western theatrical screening in 2022. Long story short this was “Lesbian Lovers’ Quarrels: The Movie”. All pairs had unfinished business and settled things the only way they knew how. The battlefield props had even more meaning than before, the combat theatre performances were the best in the franchise and the yuri cranked up to 11 without “crossing the line” (lips). They were brought together by a certain mastermind who had more context in the recap movie Revue Starlight: Rondo Rondo Rondo. The recap and this sequel movie, technically set after the events of the anime but really it was after the post-credits of said recap, helped turn the mastermind from interesting to absolutely fascinating. That being said MayaKuro still #1.

ya-boy-kongmingFavorite Non-Yuri anime: Ya Boy Kongming!

Of all the not yuri shows I watched this year Ya Boy Kongming was my favorite. Eiko’s journey from a nobody to superstar in the making was a delight to watch while Kongming’s Reverse Isekai antics adapting to the modern world using memories of his past life and implemented stratefies were both cool to learn about and see how they would work in modern J-Pop warfare. The best part for me was the second half focused almost entirely on Eiko’s journey while Kongming and Eiko’s friends and teammates took a backseat as side-characters with only ones trying to become stars along with Eiko getting more time in the spotlight alongside her. Basically Eiko’s the star of the show and that’s exactly I wanted. Despite this not really being a yuri show I for sure got vibes between Eiko and her main raivaru. That is all I will say without spoiling. Naturally the performances were pretty good, especially Eiko’s. Yes I loved her that much.

Now we can proceed to the Top 10. As usual Numbers #10-6 are in no particular order.

RPG Fudousan Real Estate Cover#10: RPG Real Estate

Of the JRPG/Fantasy comedies I watched that aired in 2022 this was my favorite. Ecchi Moe + lovable cast + delightful yuri = Happy OG. The shenanigans our heroines got themselves into along with their efforts to sell homes to an array of quirky characters was fun to watch. Even the slowly unfolding main story in the background was well done as bits and pieces dropped until they all came together to reveal the truth. Lastly were the pretty much couples our four heroines were paired into. Of course the older duo were all set and them repeatedly showing it was excellent while the inexperienced younger pair showed great potential for the future. Expect to read this a lot but there is clearly room for another season yet chances are low we will get more.

The Executioner and Her Way of Life Cover#9: The Executioner and Her Way of Life

When it comes to female led isekai there are two kinds for me. Those where I care about the cool characters and interesting main story while I am half tuned out during fight scenes and those where the fight scenes are interesting too. This one falls in the latter category. Take what I said about characters and story along with good fight scenes and you have this show. Like in RPG Real Estate and other female quartet fantasy shows this year the heroines are paired into two blossoming couples. While the main pair are a fun genki x cool chick combo it is the side-couple who won me over. The gorgeous warrior princess and the executioner’s lovely devoted right hand girl. Another show I would love more of but I doubt we will.

Vampire in the Garden Cover#8: Vampire in the Garden.

There were some dark and dreary shows this year I quite enjoyed. I have a soft spot for vampire lesbian love stories. Probably because there are not many outside of literature, especially with them in the spotlight. This being a drama expect suffering, intensity, brutality, tragedy and of course a blossoming romance that may or may not prevail at the center. Readers will have to see for themselves. Lastly the main couple gave me dark Fine X Izetta vibes. FiZetta are one of my all time favorite couples. Nuff said. My one nitpick is the ending, as in this show should have had more episodes. Readers who saw it know what I mean.

Akiba Maid War Cover#7: Akiba Maid War

From one of the best girls sports anime series out there in Uma Musume to this. I talked about dark shows I enjoyed. This was a dark comedy that repeatedly sent me for a loop. Even when I had an idea what could happen I was repeatedly caught off guard by the execution. Not once was I not surprised. The sleeper hit of the year, as in I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Naturally there is a developing story behind the madness and it too is something else. Appreciating this show requires to go into it as blind as possible and have an open-mind. Readers who can take the heat may be in for a hard to forget thrill ride. Lastly RanGomi are legit and I will stand on that hill 4 Life.

Healer Girl Cover#6: Healer Girl

Musicals were great, main trio’s journey fun to follow and story was straightforward because it was mainly journey without a destination. The main draw, besides the yuri naturally, were the excellent healing scenes. The girls performed healing through songs which transported them inside a projection of the patient’s physical and mental health. It gave off Symphogear vibes just without fighting. Again, nuff said. Back to the yuri it started something used more than once this year (It was carried over to Novice Alchemist). That was adult women who did not say they were a couple but it was clear as day they were. It dubbed them “They just are” couples. Yet again I want more but it is highly unlikely we will get more.


Princess Connect Season 2 Poster#5: Princess Connect! Re:Dive Season 2

Two of the top 5 are sequels with Princess Connect’s 2nd Season being one of them. Everything that made the first season great for me was accounted for. The main story developing behind the scenes still required playing the mobile game to get the full context but what we got in the anime was good enough for me. It was a solid plot but there was only one story that had my complete attention alongside the fun adventures and ladies our heroes met and helped, including returning cuties. That of course was the relationship between warrior princess Pecorine and tsundere kitty Karyl. I worried because of Yuuki being the protagonist of the mobile game the show would tone down their already well done relationship in S1 but NOPE. They kept going…HARD. I will cut this one short because there is a Part 2 to my year end look at 2022 besides this favorite anime post.

Bocchi the Rock main girls#4: BOCCHI THE ROCK

This is one of the shows that hit the world by storm. Rarely does a Girls’ Club show become an anime phenomenon and BTR is one of them. Hitori is a very relatable protagonist, especially to viewers with similar struggles of social anxiety. Not the first protagonist of her kind but certainly one who touched many. Her journey to grow stronger thanks to her friends/harem was excellent and said friends rule. Another highlight was how hard the animators went using numerous styles to portray Hitori’s “inner episodes” that usually exaggerated her fears of the outside world while other times her fears were justified. The performances were excellent as is to be expected from a band girls anime and they even threw in some references besides the expected ones in anime. Lastly I mentioned Hitori having a harem but were one to dig a bit deeper they will find a relationship that shows the difference between idolization and growing affections. This is one of the shows I have a really good feeling about another season.

Lycoris Recoil Cover#3: Lycoris Recoil

Not since Meduka Meguca has an original anime starring lesbians not adapted from a book or video game made as big of a splash as LycoReco did. Its success can be attributed to many things but ultimately it just hit all the right notes to become a mainstream sweetheart. Excellent presentation, a pretty cool story with a just the right blend of action, comedy and drama, a great cast of heroes and antagonists all topped off with a main duo who are a perfect match. From their looks, banter, badasssery, interactions with themselves and others and of course their strong relationship. Like BTR it is only a matter of when, not if we get more LycoReco. Fingers crossed they do NanoFate proud by “crossing the line” in the future.

Love Live! Nijigasaki Season 2 Cover#2: Love Live! Nijigasaki Season 2

I enjoyed Superstar Season 2 and apart from the finale I was not too bothered by its other flaws that will hopefully be rectified in its historic third season. No such doubts exist for me with NijiGaku’s 2nd season. This one solidified the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club as my favorite group in the franchise. I already loved them in S1 and S2 made them my undisputed favs. We got more girls from the original School Idol Festival game. The writers were clever to split the girls into units and have them share screen time and development that way. The performances were great as expected of the franchise and the new trio all had their time to shine one at a time soon becoming perfect fits with the rest of the club. Though Liella ramped up the yuri in its 2nd season NijiGaku remained on top of the mountain with its fluffy gayness. It is like with each new season of the franchise regardless of group the softness gets harder and harder. My two favorite couples grew stronger and I found a third favorite among the new girls. Although some couples did not get as much time to shine as fans would have liked they were still acknowledged. I eagerly anticipate the special OVA that will either end their story or setup one last performance. Lastly Yu Takasaki is one of the best yuri harem protagonists in history.

People who followed my coverage in 2022 may have noticed one anime I sang its praises missing so far. Yup, It is my #1.












Akebi's Sailor Uniform

#1: Akebi’s School Uniform

This show…When I discovered yuri anime it would not be long before I was engulfed in the world of “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things”. It became My Drug until I knew from the bottom of my heart that it was my favorite anime genre. VERY RARELY am I not entertained by the high school adventures or outside school ground activities of cute and sexy girls…Akebi’s School Uniform reminded me why I fell in love with this particular Slice of Life subgenre. Everything I love about Girls’ Club Shows can be found here. Simple but fun stories. Fun character development. Cuteness. Sexiness depending on the girls’ designs. Speaking of sexiness the way they highlight their sex appeal, usually just because, chef’s kiss yo. Chef’s. Freaking. Kiss. Komichi’s reason for wearing a sailor uniform and why making friends was so important to her. The other girls’ amusing quirks and stories. The classic school activities that never get old no matter how many times I see most or all of them in one show. The countryside setting that helped differentiate things somewhat ala Non Non Biyori. And of course the usually light yuri amplified by the aforementioned animation highlighting their sexiness. Komichi X Erika. Nuff said. Some of the other girls too of course but those two? CHEF’S KISS!

Check out Part 2 of OG’s Favorites of 2022 HERE.

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12 Responses to OG’s Top 10 Favorite Anime of 2022

  1. Somebody says:

    Looking at this reminded me how good of a year this was for anime. I wont go through my top 10 but could not agree more with Akebi as #1.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Excellent list. My top 5 Yuri may actually be quite similar if not the same as yours, though the rankings might be a bit shifted. All of the anime listed here were really great though, and it puts it into perspective that it was a great year of Yuri anime, but I think 2023 is about to change the game completely. I’ll probably post my Top 10 AoY in general on Twitter at some point, but my favorite anime of 2022 Yuri or otherwise is LycoReco. I know that comes as no surprise to you.

    Also, I’m pleasantly surprised by your love for Ya Boy Kongming. Definitely a really great anime. Eiko was an excellent lead, I liked her too.

    I’m excited for all the Yuri coming our way this year. Cheers to another good one.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. chikorita157 says:

    It seems that Aniplex (A-1 Pictures and Cloverworks) basically dominated this year as seen with the top 5. Not too surprising since Akebi-chan no Sailor Fuku, Bocchi the Rock, and Lycoris Recoil had really good productions that are well-received.

    I haven’t watched three of the shows from the list, but most of the titles are on the list with some positioning differences. I did like Nijigasaki a bit more. While Superstar was good, Wien gave me mixed feelings and some feelings that some of the songs were disappointing. Hopefully the third season will resolve some of the shortcomings. I do wonder if the songs some people find disappointing will improve in the live performances.

    Also, I wonder who will be the replacement for Setsuna, but yes it’s unfortunate that Kusonoki Tomori’s condition forced her to resign her position, but at least she has a bright future for voice acting of course.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. cornyf33t says:

    Lycrois recoil and akebi were great.

    Have you see GAP the series? It’s a live action Thai GL based on a light novel. Worth a watch, subbed available on YouTube.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. yurimylove says:

    Akebi totally deserves the #1 spot yes! Management of Novice Alchemist and Love Live! Superstar!! S2 are in my top 10 list for the year.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. K says:

    I actually watched Akebi after the season ended(specifically, around the start of the Spring season). Needless to say, it was absolutely phenomenal and I can understand why it’s your #1 pick. Konming had my attention after the first episode and it was one the shows I looked forward to the most during the Spring. These two aside, this was a good year for anime, in my opinion.

    Did you watch Encouragement of Climb/Yama no Susume S4? I found it enjoyable and it was a nice ending to Aoi’s mountain-climbing journey, among other things. The first four episodes were recaps of the previous seasons, just to let you know but I say watch them anyway, if only because of the ending visuals, which change every episode and they’re all really amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Oh yes indeed. Lots of good shows this year. Kinda had a tough time making the list because I had to drop some shows that were pretty good into the HNs. Still hope peeps get the message that those shows are worth checking out too.

      I just didn’t get to finish Yama no Susume 4 in time. Will of course review or make a Quickie once I finish it.


  7. Nick says:

    A lot of really great anime aired last year, but I think for me Akebi is also my top favorite. It just hit all the right notes and was a beautiful anime from start to finish. Plus Erika and Komichi were such a wonderful couple to watch each week. Love them a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Akebi’s a special show. While they didn’t make my Top 10 Fav Couples list that doesn’t make Erika X Komichi any less excellent. Just wanted more. Hope we get more animated one day.

      Liked by 1 person

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