479th G-View: Do It Yourself!!

Cute girls building cool stuff along with an adorable blossoming romance. If this has your attention read on to find out more as we take a look at Do It Yourself!!

Do It Yourself Cover

Genres: Slice of Life, DIY, Crafting, Arts and Crafts, Yuri

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: Serufu is a clumsy injury prone girl along with her childhood friend Miku, aka “Purin”. The plan was to attend the same high school together. However, things did not turn out the way they hoped. Although Serufu was not too bothered Purin’s reaction said otherwise. On her way to school she tripped and broke her bike. Just then an older girl stopped to help repair it. Wanting to meet the cool girl she was led to the “Do It Yourself”, or “DiY” club. It was about crafting and building things the old fashioned way. Intrigued Serufu would become enthralled in the club and meet like-minded girls all while Purin watched from a distance.

Yasaku shows Serufu and Takumi how to stick tilesLeft to right: Club president Yasaku, Takumi and Serufu.

Like many Girls’ Club shows before it centered around a theme in DiY viewers learn about crafting and building cool things such as furniture, decorations using crystal bits, signs and even a building or two. It feels like watching a mix of arts and crafts and carpentry. Also like other Girls’ Club shows expect to see the cuties doing cute things and once in a while show off their good looks depending on their figure.

Serufu and Yasaku work on a bench made of skisAs mentioned what sets it apart is its theme. When the girls get to building they go all out sowing and explaining the intricacies of what they are building or crafting in each episode. There are only so many things I can add after reviewing as many Girls’ Club shows as I have over a decade. Most thread on familiar ground. This is not a bad thing at all for fans of this Slice of Life genre. All I am saying is viewers know what to expect. All a fan can hope is the activities being fun and the girls being worth watching do fun stuff and go through character development. Fortunately DiY does both quite well. Each girl is shown has a particular talent as viewers watch them realize their potential.

One thing worth mentioning is what felt like a tertiary theme on the show. That being discussions about technological advancements and the relationship between humans, science and technology. I call it tertiary because while these topics are brought up from time to time and are eventually answered with a pretty good speech in the climax of the show they are not as important to the girls as the things they learn being part of the club. Still a neat topic that somewhat reminded me of the Wall E movie. The main development is about the girls’ sense of discovery and friendship.

Blonde girl actually likes toolsSome of the girls’ personal developments go a bit deeper such as this American girl. Without revealing too much about her I will say fans of “Engrish” speakers will have a ball with this girl. I dare say she is one of the most “Engrish” characters I have seen in my life. This is a compliment by the way. I greatly enjoyed hearing her mix Japanese and “Engrish” in almost every discussion.

The cat had arrivedThis girl has an interesting origin I have not seen very often in anime. That and her physical attributes are most impressive. That is all I will say about her.

Determined SerufuAs hinted in the summary main girl Serufu is a lovable clumsy injury prone airhead. There is a running gag about how many times she gets hurt. For some reason the inside of her mouth is pale white. An interesting distinguishing feature. Speaking of being an airhead she has a vivid imagination and often disappears into her thoughts. Keep this in mind because her imagination plays an important role. Besides that there is more to her than getting hurt all the time and laughing it off.

Takumi and Yasaku have a momentWe will talk about the main event later. Know that these two have something that ties them together blessing cultured viewers with delightful moments.

Takumi, aka Takumin is the quiet cutie of the group. When she steps out of her shell she becomes delightful. Then there is the club president Yasaku. She is a token cool tomboy who looks intimidating at first but is quite sweet. Keep the latter in mind about her.

The show features excellent adult women too such as the girls’ moms and the lovely club advisor Nurse Haruko. Much appreciated older beauties.

Before we get to the last character let us quickly go over the presentation. It goes for a simple and effective art style. It does not look like much at first glance but the animation goes a long way over the course of the show. It was a pleasant surprise. The soundtrack is fun and chipper befitting the show.

Jealous PurinExpect to see her puff or pout very often.

Finally we come to the main event. Purin. Let me put it this way. Purin is the reason this show is a Grade 2. I am not an expert at “Tsundereology” so it took me a long time and some help to understand what her deal was, aka why she was such a mean tsundere while pining for Serufu from a distance until it became crystal clear near the end. Heck it felt like a certain episode in the first season of BanG Dream expanded across multiple episodes. Suddenly it all made sense. There may be another pair as I alluded to earlier but yuri fans are to pay close attention to Serufu and Purin’s story.

Overall Do It Yourself!! is a simple and very enjoyable show about cute girls working on arts and crafts and carpentry building cool stuff. There is a discussion about advancement in technology vs human ingenuity but it does not play as big of a role in the story though the message is nicely presented. Like most Girls Club anime the cast of cuties are a lot of fun and equally fun to watch do cute things and become stronger over the course of the show. Also be sure to pay close attention to the main duo’s story throughout the show. Recommended to GF aficionados.

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18 Responses to 479th G-View: Do It Yourself!!

  1. Error says:

    This show started very good, until we got “Engrish” girl…


    • Ruby says:

      I agree. The Engrish…
      I still enjoyed the show and the cute relationship between Purin and Serufu, (they’re so gay), and I loved how it talked about the technology and doing things yourself. I’m rating it a 7.5. Buuuut, there were several things that I hated, like the Engrish.

      It’d be different if the character wasn’t supposed to be fluent in English, but the fact that she is supposed to be American… And she talks in Engrish again and again… I know most people don’t mind, but I’m glad to see someone agree with me.

      Same to a lesser extent with the girl with an interesting origin: Shii. To me, she wasn’t as interesting as the other characters. I felt like she was just kinda there. Her and Jobko dragged down the anime for me, which sucks because I like all the other characters in the cast.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You summed it up well. It was a really enjoyable and fit the classic GC anime formula we all know and love. What gives it something unique and special are the things you alluded to. Shi’s origin was awesome because it’s so unique. Joboko’s Engrish was one of the highlights of the show for me. Not sure why so many have been complaining week after week, but whatever I guess. Best of all though, is definitely Serufu’s and Purin’s story. It was a perfectly crafted subtle but obvious love story, and the focus we got in the final half of the last episode was wonderful. Really did enjoy this one quite a bit and while I’m not sure we’d get one, I would love to see a second season of this too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      People nagging about the Engrish is their issue. Nothing we can do about it.

      Not much else to add that you haven’t in this post. Serufu X Purin was wonderful as was the rest of the show.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. chikorita157 says:

    As expected, this show was a surprise of the season. It’s nice to see girls build stuff in the not so far distant future where tech is everywhere. Yes, I am a tech enthusiast, but sometimes you need to get away from using all that tech. Still, it’s nice to see girls build stuff.

    Of course, Juliet is a fun character, although some find her annoying. I do enjoy Miku acting tsundere towards Serufu just because she didn’t need being look after and seeing her puffy face and being in denial about wanting to do DIY. But when she finally defrosted, the moments were glorious.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      The message was simple but effective and presented well too.

      I’ve seen much worse characters than Jobko or Purin. They’re tame.

      Like most lovesick tsundere gay girls the wait for Purin’s defrosting was worth it.


  4. Jeanettelith says:

    Yua and Miku relatioship was interesting. I like the show. Especially i like the ending… The guitar of the cat and the dog broke, after which they look at the pig, which is clearly afraid of something … And that’s what! They used pig tendons to create new strings, pig bones for tuning keys… And they upholstered the body of the guitar with the skin of the unfortunate pig. Just look at the pink color of the new guitar! But this was not enough for them, because they still cynically attached pig sunglasses to the guitar… “Duu itto yuaserufu!” 😀


  5. K says:

    DIY was one of the anime I looked forward to seeing the most this season. I loved how this story played out. I also loved the cozy, easy-going atmosphere that it exuded, at least that’s how it felt to me.

    The characters were all delightful and it was nice getting to know them throughout the show. Takumi was my fave of the club members and Miku/Purin gradually grew on me, eventually becoming my second fave. When the reason behind her tsun attitude towards Serufu was revealed, I couldn’t help but giggle since Serufu didn’t mean anything grand when she said that but to Purin, that was great mental damage.

    Jobko had a nice send-off. I hope her experiences in Japan will at least start to heal that rift between her and her father.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Many call it THE chill show of the season.

      As always with tsundere characters, especially the puffier ones like Purin, patience is a virtue. The wait was worth it for SeruPuri goodness.

      All the best to Jobko.


  6. elkat4 says:

    I need a time skip where Purin’s the CEO of some tech company or another only to come home and find out that her wife nearly burned down the house cooking dinner because the cooking robot broke down. After scolding Serufu for making her worry, she steels herself to eat the meal that is either a solid black block of charcoal or boiling pot of mysterious liquid. The next day she has to call in sick, having gotten food poisoning. Hence she spends the whole day in bed, worrying about the troubling sounds coming from the kitchen as Serufu makes her something to help ease her stomach.


  7. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    This was a really fun chill show – watching teh girls make arts and crafts and eventually a treehouse was so much fun. Putting something together yourself really does give a satisfaction and the show does help get that across.
    I also really liked the characters, Purin and Serufu are so fun together.
    It’s my “feel good” show for the season!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. AK says:

    Yeah, I liked this one a lot. Yuru Camp got me into this genre of anime and I’m very happy it did. DIY was relaxing. I thought the Purin/Serufu thing was left pretty ambiguous but I certainly see how it can be read with a romantic angle. I’m only left wondering what the deal with the robot jellyfish was.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Yuru Camp is a great show to start your “chill girls” journey.

      Mostly ambiguous for inexperienced mainstream viewers but I get your point.

      Some things are best left unanswered, mainly the robo jellyfish butler.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Nick says:

    This show ended up being different from what I thought it would be when I first heard about it, but in a good way. I really enjoyed the comfy slice of life vibes this show had, showing the girls on their journey to make the treehouse, it was very fun and relaxing. I felt like wanting to build something myself, but I lack the tools and space for that. Hard to really build anything in an apartment.

    Purin was by far my favorite. I think that was pretty obvious though. I just really enjoyed her character a lot and every time she was on screen I just was drawn to her. It took a while but she finally was able to join them in the end, although in her heart she was always there with them. Nice to see her finally sort out her feelings for Serufu by the end and that moment with the two of them on the bench, ah so good.

    All in all Do It Yourself accomplished what it set out to do and while I doubt we’ll see these girls again in another season, I greatly enjoyed watching their journey to build the treehouse. A top favorite of mine for the fall season, I’ll miss these girls!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Motivating show to get people to build stuff, yes.

      It’s worth the wait to see Purin and Serufu make up and grow closer.

      Yeah. Don’t think there’s much else to tell. Maybe an epilogue movie. Regardless a very fun watch.

      Liked by 1 person

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