480th G-View: Akiba Maid War

I came into this show expecting a fun show about cute and sexy maid girls competing in maid cafes. Let us just say the “What I expected, what I got” meme fits nicely when talking about this anime. Viewers are not ready for this one and it is highly recommended going into it as blind as possible. I will do my best to not delve too deep into this one while still selling it as a truly fascinating watch I personally will not forget as we take a look at Akiba Maid War.

Akiba Maid War Cover

Alternate Title: Akiba Maid Sensou (JP)

Genres: Action, Comedy, Dark Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Yuri (probably)

Theme: Maids

Number of Episodes: 12

Objectionable content: High. Viewer discretion is advised.

G-Rating: 9/10 (Personal), N/A (Overall).

Plot Summary: Nagomi had a dream when she came to Akiba. She aspired to become a maid which is why she eagerly applied for the Oinky Doink Cafe. What she did not expect was she would enter the gates of a proverbial Hell on Earth in the guise of maids. She would become part of a peculiar group, especially the other new member, Ranko, the 36 year old mysterious beauty.

Nagomi enjoys her maid outfitNagomi Day 1. If she only knew what she got herself into…

It is a show about maid cafes and their maids themed around animals (and some aliens) competing with each other to attract customers. Our heroine and her interesting fellow piggy maids get into one crazy situation after another in an effort to keep their cafe going as long as possible. Them being the main group it naturally means the Oinky Doink Cafe has an uphill battle to stay afloat. There are rules among the groups but they are lax for the most part. Having said that rules play an important part later on. Codes of honor, laws of power, what it means to be a maid, ramen law, ageism and more.

Nagomi fishThis show is part comedy, specifically dark comedy. Almost South Park-esque. There are few limitations to the sense of humor here. As mentioned in the introduction knowing this anime is one of those “expect the unexpected” shows still will not prepare viewers for what is to come. Alongside the many episodic shenanigans there is an ongoing narrative with twists and turns. Some expected and others admittedly surprising. Try to think up some shenanigans and you might be right…or way off.

Nagomi's coworkersNagomi’s oddball coworkers and manager: Shiipon, Manager and Yumechi.

Let us go over Nagomi’s coworkers. Shiipon is a gyaru and the less rough of the group at first.

Yumechi is the proudest member initially as in she does not appreciate anyone getting in the way of her work.

The Manager is one those who mostly thinks about her own skin but deep down does care about the girls. Her reactions and mannerisms are particularly amusing.

Also there is a panda.

Alongside the main five a sixth member joins near the end of the first quarter. She is my favorite side maid. I briefly talked about the side maids first because other than their respective character centered episode they spend most of the show helping the main duo. They are all cool and get to shine outside their episodes just do not expect them to be in the spotlight as often as the main duo.

Nagomi and RankoMain girls Nagomi and Ranko.

Next are our main heroines starting with Nagomi. She is an optimistic girl aspiring to be a wonderful cafe maid before being hit by the truth as hard as the Isekai Truck of Doom (This show is not an isekai). After that she does her best to keep the dream alive but it becomes harder and harder with each passing day. Truly a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world of maids vying to be the top money bringer all while trying to maintain whatever semblance of order there is in Akiba. Nagomi’s road to adaptation is far from easy as the competition grows more fierce.

Alongside her is the 36 year old beauty Ranko. Her defining characteristic is her wonderfully stiff yet passionate delivery in every sentence. She conveys many emotions all in glorious monotone. Keep this in mind as it is very important later on. Other than that she is the classic intimidating but kind badass. Emphasis on intimidating and badass but her kindness is also heartwarming. Nagomi and her get the most character development which makes sense as they are pivotal to the plot and most of the reveals over time. Speaking of reveals most things are answered over time.

Ranko MMA MaidThe only thing I will spoil.

There is an action tag in the genres. REMEMBER THIS going into the show. Top notch battles between maids for the prize. Oh yes indeed. This is thanks to the nicely done presentation that compliments the unpredictability of the show. The soundtrack features my favorite OP of the season, maybe even year. The ED is pretty cool too.

Nagomi motivates RankoI will stand on top this hill. There is something between the heroines. That is all I will say.

Overall I did my best to keep it as vague as possible while enticing readers with an inkling of interest to check out Akiba Maid War. The presentation is really good and the main duo delightful provided viewers are okay with pacifist or peace seeking heroes in Nagomi. Ranko is a badass though. I firmly believe there is something between them. While the side-characters do not get the spotlight as often as the main duo they have their strong moments besides their dedicated episodes. Having said that the dark comedy is definitely not for everyone. As mentioned in the description though…viewer discretion is advised. I cannot guarantee an enjoyable viewing experience but it for sure is a fascinating one for those willing to stick with it.

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16 Responses to 480th G-View: Akiba Maid War

  1. This show is definitely taking home my personal award for ‘Most Interesting and Unique Anime of the Year’., there’s no doubt about that. From the start to finish, I could not predict how mostly anything would go. Even things I could somewhat expect were executed in crazy ways and assumed tropes were flipped on their head. Even down to the final end credits scene, I had no idea what I’d find.

    So I can wholeheartedly say I loved this anime quite a bit and am glad I got into it. Probably one of my favs of the season in fact. It had a bit of everything, especially for those like myself who enjoy dark comedy and macabre themes. No doubt this was a wild ride all the way through. i loved all the side maids, but Zoya was my fav as well.

    I am right there with you on that hill. Even if there’re some doubts on the side of Ranko having legit romantic feelings for Nagomi over sisterly, there can be no doubt about Nagomi’s feelings for Ranko. I’d say the final episode basically confirmed it quietly just from Nagomi’s initial response to Ranko’s murder. She seemed quite ready and willing to avenge her and die, so she could meet her in hell and be together with her again. (Basically an abridged account of Nagomi’s own words)

    She recovered from the grief and returned to her true Nagomi spirit before she could fall off the deep end, which I’m ultimately glad about. Nerula and Ranko both believed she’d change Akiba forever in her own way, and she certainly did. Though not without some pretty significant battle scars. But she still persevered to the end, and I was pleased about that.

    So yeah, such a truly wonderful show and is honestly an example of why we come to fall in love with anime. At least for me personally, it’s surprises like this that fuel my anime-loving spirit. Though I can agree that it’s not for everyone. This is one of those polarizing hit-or-miss kind of shows, but for me it was a massive hit.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It’s crazy, unpredictable and merciless approach where we had no idea what would happen or who would survive was what kept me coming for more. There was a dark cloud looming throughout but the show was so intriguing those who enjoyed it kept going to see what happened next.

      Nagomi wanted that hot adult taco and that’s final, oh yes indeed.

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  2. tbiscut74 says:

    This was the surprise show of the season! Loved it!

    The characters were great and the dark comedy was also great!

    The OP Rocked!

    I was really surprised who lived and died in the finale! Especially how some of the characters died!

    I really liked that ending scene alot!

    All and all, a great anime with sexiness, twists, action, laughs, and sheer boonkers energy!

    And Nagomi x Ranko will live in my heart forever!

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  3. chikorita157 says:

    Cygames come up with the wackiest shows, first with Uma Musume, then Zombie Land Saga and now Akiba Maid Sensou. It was an interesting concept of having maids in part of Yakuza gangs.

    Sure, seeing some characters get killed is tough, especially Nerula (who is too good for this show) and Ranko was tough and shocking, but it’s nice to see Nagomi stay true to her promise, although she came very close to breaking it though. Still, this show is one of the more enjoyable ones, besides Bocchi of course.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Crazy ideas, all pretty good.

      It was hard to watch good ladies die and Nagomi barely made it out alive despite the painful scars she’ll carry with her till the end. Ganbare Nagomi!


  4. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Akiba maid war was one hell of a ride and it was such a fun one.
    The story takes so many turns, sometimes it makes you laugh and other times it went dark.
    The action scenes were very fun to watch as well.
    Overall it was a fun show, it was worth it to tune in just to see what kind of crazy stuff will happen this time around.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. LuzeP says:

    I’m a fan of mafia and yakuza shows. I can’t stress enough how happy I was when I watched the first episode. I knew what I’m getting into right away. It’s not gonna be pretty. Tragedy entails. And Ranko is my fave girl. It was hard for me to accept. But it is what it is. My second favorite is Panda. Nagomi is a good girl and she loves Ranko until the very end. Overall I enjoyed it very much. I will recommend this show to people who like action movies/series.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. yurimylove says:

    at least miss manager x panda survived. Well, miss manager and panda probably, not sure about the x.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. K says:

    Maid Wars was a really wild ride! The first episode surprised me and what predictions I had were proven to be wrong for the most part. I loved the dark comedic aspects as much as the serious scenes because, to me, nothing felt out of place. Nagomi, Ranko and the Oinky Doink Cafe’s legend won’t be forgotten!

    Despite all that happened during those turbulent times, Nagomi ultimately stayed on the path of Moe. She had plenty of personality switches and was entertaining to watch as a result of them. Truly, she is most deserving of being called a 1st-class maid. Nerula and Ranko would be very proud of her.

    Nagomi and Ranko aside, Zoya was my favourite maid and I liked her introductory episode the most.

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  8. Nick says:

    Definitely a show not to dive into too much detail about as that’ll ruin the shock and awe, but wow what a wild ride from start to finish! For sure this is the sleeper hit of the season. I went in expecting one thing but got something totally different but ended up enjoying it for the most part.

    My only complaint about this show is the ending, it just didn’t feel right to me and after all is said and done it felt unnecessarily happy and concluded. For a show like this, that ending just didn’t suit it and without that post credit scene it would’ve been so much better. But that’s just me. I’ll get hung up on the little things at times and I hate how much it’ll end up bothering me. I’ll be over it in a few days though.

    Overall a solid show by P.A Works and I’m glad I decided to put it on my list and be shocked and awed from start to finish.

    Liked by 1 person

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