Non Non Biyori Nonstop Episode 5: Plush Story

Two stories with similar dilemmas.

Hotaru's scheme takes fruit

We joined The Champ taking a phone call from Komari asking about her free study project. The girls had to build robots. The Champ put the final touches in her magnificent invention.

Hotaru tests the Mecha Koma-Plushie

Thus the Mecha Koma-Plushie was created. It came equipped with voice recording and infrared sensors to detect incoming obstacles and change direction though its ability to detect organic obstacles needed fine tuning.

Pechi lets out Koma-Plushie

Pechi’s like “She’s MY friend, not yours!”

Koma-Plushie's adventure

See? Plush Story.

Renge consoles Akane

Meanwhile we cut to Akane in front of Konomi’s house. She didn’t dare go in. When Renge passed by she explained she’s too embarrassed to meet Konomi because she came to practice a day earlier than planned.

Renge plays slug

Renge suggested she play with her instead. The slug game seemed a bit too advanced for Akane so they played hopscotch instead.

Akane hiding from Konomi

To their surprise Konomi was passing by. Renge did her best to distract Konomi and it seemed the plan would work when a certain hyperactive redhead showed up.

Akane playing slug

Guess she knew how to play slug after all.

Hotaru in panic mode

In the 2nd half of the episode we went back to The Champ. Mecha Koma-Plushie found her way home before commercial. In the last call Komari invited The Champ to study but was busy that day. She came over the next day. Akane was there too due to Konomi being busy. As they helped her calm down Akane stared at Komari. The reason was she recalled seeing Koma-Plushie but her memory of the encounter was sketchy. As she slowly remembered what she saw The Champ grew more and more worried. I won’t go over the details but it was The Champ once again at her best.

Good stuff.


Natsumi's project

Sasuga Natsumi.

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6 Responses to Non Non Biyori Nonstop Episode 5: Plush Story

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Hotaru is really getting creative! Also, her room just keeps on getting more filled with Komaris XD I wonder what her parents think of it? It was quite the amusing journey little mecha koma went on~

    Of course Natsumi would be the one to ruin any chance of her plan working XD Sh’es always the one!

    And that day a new youkai was born….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Good Stuff” indeed! Its always amazed me that a story like, Non Non Biyori, that is literally about less than nothing, could be so intensely interesting. Let me show you my stamp collection, every last stamp, one by one, until the paint peels off the walls! Yeah, yeah, go for it. I’m all in!
    Good review.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yurimylove says:

    lol doggy no like plushie


  4. highonlullabies says:

    Two eps in a row Natsumi has turned up to ruin the best (or should that be the worst) laid plans. She’s definitely got a talent for it.


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