Yuri Talk: Yuri in the Video Games of 2019 (By OG and Rory)

(Note from OG: After our friend Rory finishes mentioning the games he played I will continue by including big/noteworthy titles I played/am aware of)

Whilst putting together my list of my top ten video games of 2019 (here, for those curious), I happened to notice that there was quite a bit of yuri in many of the titles I had played. When I made note of that, OG-Man suggested writing a guest post, so here I am once again.
This is simply a post to highlight characters that could be considered lesbians in the games I played throughout 2019. In some cases, it may just be subtext or even just my wishful thinking at best, whereas there are other instances where yuri is integral to the game’s plot.
This is just my personal experience, so don’t expect a comprehensive list of yuri-filled games from 2019 – its more like highlighting yuri characters.

Misty & Nelke

Misty Elerute & Nelke von Lestamm

I suppose I’ll start with the Atelier series, which saw three new games released in 2019: two main entries, and one spin-off.
The spin-off was Nelke & The Legendary Alchemists ~ Ateliers of the New World, which saw the eponymous Nelke tasked with developing a town for the alchemists of the Atelier series to live and work in. She is aided by her maid, Misty. Misty is pretty much devoted to Nelke.

Klaudia & Ryza

Ryza happily chatting with Klaudia

As for the main entries, I’ve no doubt that many will be familiar with Reisalin Stout – or just Ryza – from Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness and the Secret Hideout, due to her thighs. She gets some nice moments with fellow party member Klaudia Valentz.

(Note from OG: Blesseth be dem thighs)

Piana, Rorona, Lulua, Eva & Stia

Three of the girls in this picture express varying levels of romantic interest in Lulua.

However, when it comes to the Atelier series, Atelier Lulua ~The Scion of Arland~ has the other two beat hands down in terms of yuri for 2019. Elmerulia Frixell – or just Lulua – is pretty much a chick magnet. In the game alone, there is a confession, a marriage proposal, some drunken kissing – and these all come from different female characters. That doesn’t even include the female character that the main story revolves around. Safe to say Lulua has plenty of options for a yuri romance.
I’ve been reliably informed that the Arland games of the Atelier franchise are the gayest of the bunch, and Atelier Lulua certainly lives up to that.

(Note from OG: Totori X Mimi. Nuff said)

Olive & Brenda

Olive & Brenda: Seems to be something a little more than “best friends”

Moving on, we have Platinum Games’ ASTRAL CHAIN. In particular, there are two side characters worth talking about here: Olive Espinosa who serves as Mission Control, and Brenda Moreno, who is the Chief Medical Officer. Olive says that meeting Brenda was “love at first sight”, though claiming they’re just friends immediately afterwards does make it seem like she is in the closet. The two are really close.

(Note from OG: I think this is the second Platinum Games developed title with lesbian side-characters I am aware of. The other being NieR Automata. Of course there’s Bayonetta with Bayonetta X Jeanne but that’s a subject for hopefully 2020)

Croixleur Sigma

Clockwise from the bottom: Lucrezia, Francesca, Katerina & Sara-Annika

Croixleur Sigma is an arcade style beat ’em up featuring a cast of four cute girls who can neatly be split into two couples. Lucrezia and Francesca are effectively a princess and her knight. Then you have Katerina and Sara-Annika, who also share a close bond.

On the subject of beat ’em ups, we have Dusk Diver, with main character Yang Yumo (and yes, she bears an uncanny resemblance to that other Yang). She has a close friend named Yusha. One of the other characters Yumo fights alongside is Le Viada, who makes plenty of remarks about how cute Yumo is. In those screenshots above, Yumo is with Yusha in the left one, whilst she is with Le Viada on the right.

Hakuno, Nero & Tamamo

Tamamo no Mae, Hakuno Kishinami & Nero

Moving on, Hakuno Kishinami (both male and female, but obviously the focus is on the latter here) returned alongside Nero and Tamamo no Mae in Fate/EXTELLA LINK. Perhaps the yuri here isn’t quite as pronounced as it was in Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, but both the aforementioned Saber and Caster class servants are very attached to their Master.


Amane Azuma & Reika Rekkeiji

I turn my attention to Game Freak next, and what is probably one of their lesser known titles, GIGA WRECKER Alt.. This one might be more subtext or even wishful thinking on my part, but I saw something between main protagonist Reika Rekkeiji and a girl who plays an important role in the story, Amane Azuma.

Can’t mention Game Freak without acknowledging Pokémon Sword and Shield, and the explosive popularity of the Gloria x Marnie ship. In addition to that, we got some nice fuel for a Sonia x Nessa ship, too.

(Note from OG: Instead of throwing temper tantrums over their big games or nagging about Little Town Hero go play Game Freak’s smaller 2D titles like Tembo: The Badass Elephant, Drill Dozer and of course Giga Wrecker Alt.)

Gun Gun Pixies

Bee-tan & Kame-pon

Moving on towards something a little more lewd, we have Gun Gun Pixies. All about tiny lesbian pixies shooting normal size (giant to the pixies at least) girls with Happy Bullets. Bee-tan and her beloved Kame-pon bring most of the yuri into this game, but there’s certainly some nice stuff from the dormitory girls as well.

Chrome & Filyn

Chrome & Filyn

2019 also saw the release of Super Neptunia RPG. You might think I’d mention Neptune & Noire here, but instead I want to highlight two characters introduced in this game: Chrome and Filyn. They seemed pretty close prior to the events of the game.


One of the best RiStelle scenes

In 2019, I got to experience playing through Tales of Vesperia for the first time (also multiple times, because its pretty easy to miss a sidequest that leads to another sidequest that lets you unlock certain costumes…). It is currently my favourite Tales of… game, and part of that can be contributed to RiStelle – or Rita & Estelle, if portmanteau couple names aren’t your thing. They have plenty of brilliant scenes together.

Just managing to sneak into 2019 are the visual novels Nurse Love Addiction & Nurse Love Syndrome. They were released for the Nintendo Switch on December 26th, and both are yuri tales worth experiencing. Just be pretty careful about the choices you make, because you wouldn’t want a bad end… (or perhaps maybe you do).
Actually, I’m currently reading my way through Nurse Love Syndrome at the time of writing this, so no spoilers please.

Michiru & Akira

Confidants on a Date – that is the name of this particular Memoir

2019 also saw the release the English version of Starlight Revue Re LIVE for mobile devices, which piled on plenty more yuri on top of the couples we got in the anime. From the game itself, I am particularly fond of Michiru x Akira (because Michiru has Akira wrapped around her little finger), Aruru x Lalafin (due to the Cinderella event, and the two jiggling together) and Rui just being hopelessly in love with Tamao. Well, perhaps its not entirely hopeless, but Rui definitely gives of very strong “useless lesbian” vibes.

(Note from OG: Akira is best newcomer!)

Fire Emblem Three Houses

There’s absolutely no way you can talk about yuri in 2019’s video games without mentioning Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which I did so quite extensively here.

That’s just the games I personally played in 2019 that have even the slightest traces of yuri in. I know there are others that I just didn’t get around to, with Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth and Mary Skelter 2 being two examples I can think of.

Thank you very much as always Sir Rory. I’ll take it from here.

Caligula Effect Ayana Amamoto

Caligula Effect Overdose gives players the option to play as a female avatar While she can get extra close to her female allies (ala Persona. The game is similar to Persona 3-5) Ayana Amamoto is a lesbian through and through. Just keep in mind she is “misandric”. No worries, she does not go through “that” kind of development.

Angelica Rogner

Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I-III have got PS4 ports in 2019 with a Switch port of III coming in 2020. I would imagine the other two will follow suit. Angelica here, sometimes ally and sometimes rival, openly hunts for cute “peaches” every chance she gets.

Mary Skelter 2 Otsuu X Little Mermaid

As Rory mentioned Mary Skelter 2 is another yuri title he heard of. Like I said many times on Twitter and my review this game stars an engaged lesbian couple in Otsuu and Little Mermaid. There are other yuri moments between some of their fellow Blood Maidens but these two cuties are where it’s at.

Serment Main Menu

Serment – Contract with a Devil is another 1st-Person Dungeon Crawler with yuri romance options, bringing the total Dungeon Crawlers with lesbian protagonists/allies up to 5 (7 if you count all 3 Lightning Warrior Raidy games).

Kyouko Kuremi

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. The first game (Hacker’s Memory has a male protagonist) allows players to pick a female avatar. I haven’t played far into the Switch port yet (which is the Complete Edition. PC version is also the Complete Edition.) but I was told Detective Kyouko Kuremi and the avatar can be shipped. I’ll continue playing and see for myself. Update: There is a lesbian in the cast named Fei.

Crystar Logo

Crystar. Rei is a chick magnet. Every other girl from her imouto Mirai to her allies have some infatuation with her.

Death End re;Quest Lily

Death End re:Quest features Lily Hopes, a party member who takes a liking to leading lady Shina.

Omega Labyrinth Life

Omega Labyrinth Life: Strong yuri shipping power in this game. The Switch and PC versions are uncensored btw.

Virgo vs The Zodiac Cover

Virgo vs The Zodiac features a lesbian protagonist and other yuri couples. Can the player find a way to bring balance without bringing ruin to Virgo herself and the universe? Give the game a go and find out.

Besides the Nurse Love series other excellent yuri Visual Novels hit/will hit consoles soon.

Honkai Impact 3

Honkai Impact 3rd got a PC port. Players of the mobile game can transfer their save data by registering a MiHoYo account. To the surprise of no one the PC specs are a bit demanding. More info can be found in the Siliconera article HERE.

Fatal Twelve is on the PS4 with extra features. Heart of The Woods and SeaBed are on their way to the Switch in 2020. Hopefully sometime in the future the FLOWERS Collection will be localized as well along with Yumeutsutsu Re:Master. (Tech it’s already available on Steam but no English translation yet)

Here are some more prolific Yuri Visual Novels that came out this year.

There are more games that came out of course like the Yuri Game Jam 2019 entries, more Sakura (Winged Cloud) yuri games. Feel free to mention other 2019 yuri games not featured in the comments below.

About Rory

I enjoy writing, manga, anime and video games, so naturally here on my blog, you will find anime reviews, Nintendo news and other such things that I deem interesting.
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8 Responses to Yuri Talk: Yuri in the Video Games of 2019 (By OG and Rory)

  1. aeon says:

    Another thing about cyber sleuth is there is a canon lesbian named Fei. Hope you look forward to meeting her

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Red says:

    Magia Record released in English this year and has plenty of yuri goodness.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Christian Appel says:

    Waiting for CS3 (Cold Steel 3) on Steam.

    Digimon SCS, Caligula Effect: Overdose and Crystar are on my Steam wishlist – along with some yuri VN.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Mauron says:

    Most of my gaming has been older, but I’ll mention my year’s yuri.

    Trails of Cold Steel: I had about as many ships in this game as a standard girls club anime. Hopefully the sequels keep them intact.

    Neptunia: Beat and Platinumed Re;Birth, Re;Birth2, Re;Birth3, VII, Producing Perfection, MegaTagmension, HyperDevotion Noire, and Neptunia U. Started but have not yet finished Sega Hard Girls.

    I also got a big stack of Atelier games (2 Arland and 3 Mysterious)… ok I just ordered a third Arland… that I’ll play eventually. Possibly Arland next. And I got gifted Kindred Spirits.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. aquwin says:

    Since it came out on switch in 2019 Dragon quest XI should be noted to have some yuri in it. One of the main characters mother is revealed to have been dating a girl who she called her soulmate in a side quest given by said girl. and it also has Frysabel and Krystalinda one willing to go to jail for the other to the pressure of her kingdom up off her. theres another but it make me mad so forget that one

    Liked by 2 people

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