National Park Girls First Impressions

(Note: Episode 1 Review Code Provided by Studio Coattails)

The long standing tradition of media centered around “turning everything into cute and sexy girls” continues. From historical figures to soda cans, boats/ships, planets, constellations and beyond. This time we have American National parks. Readers can see this as both a review of the first episode and a first impressions post on what to potentially expect from the rest of the game when the other episodes are released. Join me as we take a look at the premiere episode of National Park Girls by Studio Coattails. Published by Sekai Project.

Note: This is only the first of several episodes. Think of this post as a first impression of what to expect rather than a full on review.

National Park Girls

Genres: Comedy, Educational, Kinetic Novel, Slice of Life,

Themes: Park Girls

Length: 2 hours (First episode. Four more are planned)

G-Rating: Good

Plot Summary: All Eve ever wanted was to protect and preserve the land, but after five years of being a ranger in Yosemite National Park, she’s just about ready to throw in the towel. The people are careless, her co-workers are annoying, and thanks to an increasingly tight budget she can hardly do her job. Fed up and burned out, Eve lashes out, but after being transferred to a remote cabin post in return, she only finds herself more uncertain of the value of being a ranger. Soon after arriving, she meets up with three unexpected guests…

National Park Girls Eve and Jessie.jpg

Eve and Jessie.

Following in the footsteps of Amber (Highway Blossoms) and Madison (Heart of the Woods) Eve Aadams is an attractive cynical grouch. This time however, our leading lady has good reason for being as pessimistic and uncaring for MOST things in life. Just doing her job and having an understandably negative opinion of humanity, leading to her questioning the value of her efforts and livelihood among other things. As the summary mentions that all changes when she has a life changing encounter.

National Park Girls Scene

The Park Girls from left to right: Yellowstone, Yosemite and Zion.

The three spirits, each representing a National Park in North America, steal the show with their personality traits from Yellowstone’s double-accent, Zion’s timid cuteness and Yosemite’s majestic hotness. Oh and of course there is a mascot. Worry not. It does not speak.

This premiere episode of course serves to introduce “plreaders” (play-read) to the main cast, side-characters like Jessie and give a taste of the wonderful voice acting, many of which are returning cast members from Highway Blossoms (For example, Yellowstone is voiced by Jill Harris, who also voiced Marina). The presentation is quite good. It may not look like much but I enjoy the small details in the character movement like Jessie popping diagonally from the side when she heard Eve mumble something, simulating her peeking from the door. It is the little things. HB and HotW also implemented this kind of portrait movement style. This being a kinetic novel there is not much to say about the gameplay. Just click on and enjoy.

Oh yes. About “You know what” that I am certain many readers are wondering about. Nothing is set in stone yet but I was told to be patient and keep going. That is what I plan on doing. However, the cover art and events in the first episode will surely give an idea of what might be coming in the near future. You never know.

Episode 1 was a pretty good start and I eagerly await more in the future.

Check out the first episode on Steam HERE and look forward to the rest.

PS: The educational part comes in the form of skits and Eve’s inner monologues.

PPS: I will most likely wait until the other episodes are out before talking about NPG again. I will definitely promote the episodes as they are released though.

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10 Responses to National Park Girls First Impressions

  1. Mauron says:

    I hadn’t paid too much attention to this title before, so I assumed it was a Yama no Susume/Yuru Camp style dating sim. …I’d probably play all three.


  2. Nick says:

    Yosemite though. She looks very hot indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. The Otaku Judge says:

    Hopefully Yellowstone will get a happy ending in the final episode. If she loses her temper and erupts the continent will be doomed.

    Liked by 1 person

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