Nurse Love Addiction Review

Note: Review copy was provided by Degica Games.

Yuri had conquered many genres from the common school life, fantasy, sci-fi to the not so common American desert. In the title we are about to discuss they conquered another uncommon territory, nursing school, or in this game’s case, college. This is Nurse Love Addiction, developed by Kogado Studio and published by Degica Games.

Nurse Love Addiction

Alternate Titles:

  • White Robe Love Addiction
  • Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou (Japan)

Platforms: PC, PS Vita/TV

Genres: School Life, Drama, Romance, Yuri, Visual Novel

Themes: Coming of Age, College/University, Medicine, Nursing, Nurse, Educational

Length: 20-30 hours (Give or take)

G-Rating: Great

Plot Summary: Follow Asuka Osachi; a ditzy girl training to become a nurse at “Teito Nursing School”.
Experience the story of her and her classmates, as they discover love, medicine, and adulthood.

Nao trying to wake Asuka up.jpeg

A regular morning in the Osachi Sisters dorm room. Also no, they do not remind of Love Live!’s Nico and Maki at all. I am not being sarcastic.

Nurse Love Addiction, or NLA for short, is structurally written like a standard Japanese visual novel set in a non-surreal setting. What do I mean? Let us go over the three parts the story is divided in and it will make sense afterward:

Itsuki, Sakuya, Nao and Asuka in nurse trainee uniforms.jpg

From left to right: Itsuki, Sakuya, Nao, Asuka.

The first part centers around the school/college lives of Asuka and friends. The writers made sure to be as accurate as possible in the medicinal terminology, nursing theories and techniques and the courses taken in a medical school. Basically it makes the “plreader” (play-read) feel as though they too are on a journey to become great nurses (male nurses also exist). “Plreaders” get snippets of what it is like studying at a university; lots of homework and exams, going to internships and living in a campus dormitory, chilling with old friends and making new ones, etc. This may give some “plreaders” flashbacks of their own college years. Another asset to the college setting comes in the form of Asuka herself. At first Asuka went to nursing college on a whim, meaning she picked this career route with little context behind her motivation. Of course as the story progresses it makes more sense why Asuka made this choice but some people can relate to her situation in real life. There are people who, like Asuka, chose a career path on a whim: For example parental motivation, because it looked cool or there was nothing else in the person’s head before making the choice, peer pressure etc. Asuka and friends also learn many important and harsh life lessons:

Words of gratitude and words of abuse…
Lives that are saved and lives that are not saved…
The meanings behind life and death…
The meanings behind the entirety of a person—— the truth of a person.

So yes. Pretty good stuff. Also a good friend of mine, Dr Animaniac, a medical college student can attest to the writers having done their research.

Asuka seeing something magical.jpeg

Asuka seeing something magical.

The second part of NLA revolves around the friendships and blossoming romances between Asuka and friends. In this title there are four romance options:

  • Nao: Asuka’s doting younger sister. In K-ON! terms she would be to Asuka what Ui is to Yui…times a hundred.
  • Sakuya: A beautiful ojou-sama/high class lady who is polite to everyone but for some reason scolds and berates Asuka a lot.
  • Itsuki: Sakuya’s girlfriend. A fancy glasses wearing “chick magnet” with a sassy attitude. She enjoys teasing Asuka, flirting with Sakuya and playing video games.
  • Ms Kaede Ohara: One of Asuka’s teachers. A beautiful brunette who is Asuka’s role model and an inspiration. Despite being an adult Ms Ohara does have some cute traits.

Even though the descriptions make the girls seem like familiar anime girl archetypes, rest assured that as the story progresses there is much more to them than meets the eye. Heck, one of the routes could be seen as an “alternate reality” route in a sense. Something else that is very cool is that each route not only reveals a lot about each woman but also more about the main story as a whole. Basically three of the four routes are connected and each one shares answers to questions asked in the other two routes.

Chibi Asuka.png

As for Asuka herself, having played several yuri visual novels (and ones with yuri content) it is a breath of fresh air to play as a “ditzy” protagonist. Nothing against serious ones but it felt like developers thought the only way for a lesbian protagonist in a good lesbian story (not an eroge) to work was for them to be sardonic or a “straight woman” type character. So yeah, Asuka is great because, to quote a comment by a fan of mine, “Asuka is really funny and she makes the cutest noises!”. She is ditzy but not a complete moron who does not notice what is going on around her. She is an adorable goofball who wants to do good as often as she can. As the story progresses her life changes dramatically depending on the choices made. Can readers believe Asuka’s seiyu, Azumi Asakura, also voiced THE Sexy Beast, the Akuma no Riddle anime’s Isuke Inukai?

Speaking of choices, I have to say that out of all the yuri visual novels I have played, this is one of the trickiest alongside Katahane. Unless the “plreader” is very perceptive, good luck getting a “Good End” on the first playthrough without guides. To make sure the second run is not as long (besides saving before a choice), NLA features a “skip to next choice” option. It is exactly what it sounds like. Just make sure not to skip any new text that was not present last time. Make sure “plreaders” do not miss anything. “Plreader” choices will determine whether Asuka will find happy happy joy joy with her chosen woman or…oh dear me.

As readers have noticed from the above images the presentation is really good. The art style and character sprites are all very well drawn and the backgrounds are great. The soundtrack is solid with a pretty good OP and ED.

Now readers may also have noticed that I have not brought up the third part yet…Let me put it this way…I highly recommend going into this game as blind as possible. Do not Google image search this game AT ALL! Everything I talked about in the review, regardless of how detailed it is, was only scratching the surface. The story takes its time, getting “plreaders” invested in its world and characters for good reason.

Overall Nurse Love Addiction is yet another great localized yuri visual novel in a year filled to the brim with good yuri VNs that is/was 2016. The characters are charming and become more interesting as the plot progresses, the college life and medical school theory were well implemented and immersive, the presentation is pretty good and the romances can either be heartwarming or…oh dear me. The initial release does have typos here and there but nothing a patch or two cannot fix. Highly recommended to patient yuri “plreaders”.

PS: I can understand some being a bit wary due to NLA being pricey. I see it this way. It is long enough to warrant its asking price, about the same as a visual novel released on the Playstation Vita. Besides, the Vita version came out in 2015 (Not too long ago from the PC version’s release) so the game is not that old. In such cases waiting for a big Steam Sale would be the way to go.

  • Get the game on Steam HERE.
  • Get the Vita version HERE. European Vita owners can go HERE.


PPS: For “plreaders” who want to take a shortcut and not experience the Bad Ends (I guess I can’t blame you because…oh dear me those Bad Ends), check out this very helpful guide by the aformentioned good friend of mine, Dr Animaniac HERE.

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35 Responses to Nurse Love Addiction Review

  1. Trans Homura says:

    I’m gonna wait till steam but I’m watching Luda play the game, it looks okay
    Itsuki is honestly how I act


  2. EasyO's says:

    Was waiting for your review of this hoping to see if you gave away your fav couple, but as always you keep pretty professional on keeping stuff like that to yourself (while i get to wear my bias proudly on my sleeve 😉 ). That said i was one of the people going into this game blind knowing only it was yuri and therefore had to play it, now it’s one of my top 5 yuri games of all time and i owe it to you once again for enlightening me on this games release, keep up the good work!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Best to keep my personal preference a secret in the review. Maybe I’ll review my favorite in a future follow-up post.

      Glad to hear you enjoyed it dood. It’s pretty good for the people who care to try it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hourin says:

    Is it normal for this yuri game to be that expensive?
    As much I feel awe at the artwork effort they have in the game, its quite expensive more so than usual, at this rate I might as well buy a physical edition which would be fine at this cost.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yurimylove says:

    Glorious art!! Engaging stories! Glorious art! Edge-of-your-seat mysteries, and did I mention GLORIOUS art?! Oh and I actually quite like Nao’s bad end, not as much as her good end of course, but still… ^_^;

    We’ll I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so far, and still have a little left to explore. I’ll have to wait to 100% it though since I’ll be going on a 3-week vacation to Hong Kong and Taiwan starting tomorrow. I’ll continue to watch anime and comment here when I can get online, (probably at reduced frequency).

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Suou says:

    I love Nao’s bad ending since its quite ‘unique’. xD

    Liked by 1 person

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  7. Elichi_48 says:

    Bad End..?? Definitely don’t one to get a Bad End especially when playing Yuri games. Gonna search for walkthrough and skip those bad ends.. I am not a fan of Bad Ends since I get trauma easily.. 😥


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  11. yukkaonna says:

    Finaly got some free time for Nurse love and my first impression was “Wow! So gorgeous and charming! And Nao so cute! Real “sweet sister”!” And then i heard Asuka so many times, i say for myself – “I fell in love with you, va of Asuka, marry me!”. And Nao… Why i have very strong feeling about her that’s she real yandere? If so, i find my “Perfect imouto”.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Dan says:

    This is horrible… I mean the game itself is great! But my top couple is Itsuki x Sakuya. So my only choice is Nao, shes my top choice anyways. Since the instructor seems like an extra than a main heroine to me. The ending is surprising, but i dont mind abit of gasai yuuno myself 😉 But since the story seems incomplete, I went Itsuki & Sakuya route too… And the whole way I just felt like shit for breaking them up…twice (TT_TT) Haix…

    Anyways, just wanted to thank for the review, which made me try the game 🙂


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  16. Shea says:

    Played this blind first, got ms kaede’s good end which was pretty heartwarming. Played again a while later and followed a guide, I didn’t know there was a “common route” or whatever it was called, on my second route I got the roof scene for the first time which actually surprised the f*** out of me, didn’t know something like that was in this game. Overall it’s a pretty awesome game that is very surprising.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Justin says:

    Heads up, Limited run games will be releasing an physical region standard and Medkit limited edition of Nurse Love Addiction for PS Vita in a 4 hours time.
    They also do worldwide shipping.


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