Magical Girl Site Episode 10: Twisty Twists and To Atone

So I was told I NEEDED to talk about this episode as soon as possible. Took a break yesterday but here it is. Let’s find out what the big deal was.

Tsuyuno's disappointment.jpg

We know how much you wanted to do it again.

So the episode had our heroines and Shioi mourning Nijimi’s death, especially Aya. Before we get to that let’s start with Tsuyuno and Shioi’s conversation. They talked about whether the invisible person who stopped Garbage Boy was friend or foe. Don’t know yet. They also wondered who took their Sticks. Most important part though was Shioi bringing up how they couldn’t ask to stay over at Aya’s that day and pointed out Tsuyuno’s disappointment.

Detective Misuni.jpg

Detective Guy Misuni.

Moving along we saw Detective Guy asking Aya’s parents about Garbage Boy’s disappearance. The only new thing worth adding is the confirmation that her dad cared more about the family name than his kids’ well being. That’s what I got from the discussion.

Aya looking for her Stick.jpg

Aya looking for her Stick.

Aya was locked in her room mourning Nijimi’s passing and blaming herself for it. Telling them about Garbage Boy could have saved Nijimi but he might have got axed instead. The bright side would have been her mourning may have been shorter but considering their dad…ugh. Anyway Aya remembered Tsuyuno’s words about wanting to see her become strong enough to face the world on her own. She went looking for her Stick at the ruins of Tsuyuno’s apartment but no dice.

Aya using her stick on her friends.jpg



Skipping Nijimi’s funeral or condolence ceremony it was a bit surprising to the girls that Aya showed up late. She promised Nijimi she wouldn’t let anyone else die. Afterward she surprised them again by only having her Stick in hand but firing at them.

In cahoots.jpg

Dun dun duuuun.

We got ourselves a twist! There was an Admin meeting scene earlier where Frieza told the others it had a plan to deal with our heroines. At first it looked to be Sarina the Bully fulfilling her role as the new Magical Hunter. However, Frieza (kinda) surprised viewers with a Plan B (or was it C? Shioi used to be part of its schemes…Yeah. Plan C). It planted a bomb at the funeral home hoping to crush our heroines but we’ll find soon find out how they survived. Back to the twist. Detective Guy was working with Frieza. However, the bigger surprise was he lied to it by saying he got rid of Garbage Boy but in actuality he had him chained up somewhere. Was Detective Guy the invisible person or a magical girl working with him? We’ll find out soon enough. The season’s almost over.

Sarina returns.jpg

The bully returns.

As readers could tell Aya knew about the bomb and warped everyone to safety. See, Sarina the Bully made her return overhearing Aya’s resolve to keep everyone from dying. She also had the missing Sticks from the battle at Tsuyuno’s apartment. Long conversation short they formed an alliance to take down the Admins themselves. The others wanted to join them but Aya was all “I want to protect to everyone by carrying the burden by myself so all of you go home and let the two of us handle it”. She wanted to atone basically. Of course the others didn’t like that at all and tried talking her out of it but she stood her ground. Annoyed Shioi was about to slap some sense into her but Tsuyuno stopped her…

Tsuyuno slaps Aya.jpg

She ‘s my girlfriend so I’m the one to do the slappin’.

…so she could it herself. She’s her girlfriend after all so who better to get her back on track? Tsuyuno was all like “You promised you’d be with me and we’d take on the Admins together. How can you keep that promise by being a dumb sacrificial lamb? We’re in this together. We’re all going to hell and coming back out!”. They asked Sarina why she joined them and she said “Because the Admins are bigger assholes than I am”. So there you go. Our heroines along with Shioi and Sarina were ready to take on the Admins. We’ll see how that goes next time.

According to our good friend Rory Sarina’s face turn (or rather her becoming a Tweener) was better handled in the manga showing how she slowly changed her mind. Even so I’m sure many of us suspected she’d join our heroines at some point so no big deal. Good episode.

PS: Frieza sang the OP in this episode. It’s as creepy as it sounds.

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13 Responses to Magical Girl Site Episode 10: Twisty Twists and To Atone

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Considering we’ve already seen that Sticks don’t even have to be used by girls….I am thinking he’s a magical boy via one of the other admins. or stole someone’s stick at the scene of a crime.

    The interesting thing that this has revealed is that the admins are NOT “all seeing”, or they would have known what Sarina said to Aya, and what they were planning. Though I still wonder about whether Nana knew this would happen….I just have a feeling like it’s still part of the plan….

    Was nice that Tsuyuno pointed out the glaringly obvious to Aya, realizing how much of a masochist she is. Not int he sexual way (Only Tsuyuno will know that one 😉 ), but in how she always puts everyone before herself, to the point of killing herself…I can kinda relate to that, as I tend to kill myself (sometimes in an almost literal manner but not like suicide, but like pushing myself way beyond my limits so that others can live an easier life) for others regardless of how they treat me. When I was being bullied, I just saw it as “I’m here to help them let out aggressions”, things like that.

    So i can understand why Aya did what she did regarding her brother, but all the same, I would have told SOMEBODY. I’m not a teenager anymore afterall, and you learn things as you live longer. But at her age? I could see myself having a difficulty with that situation.

    Anyway, very hype to see how this goes! We’re almost to the end!

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    • OG-Man says:

      The person had a male silhouette so if it wasn’t Detective Guy it could be a boy.

      Frieza’s the kind of scheming being that were it to have a “Plan D” I wouldn’t be surprised.

      I see you are another person who can relate to Aya. It would appear we have another situation where her likability and empathy for her heavily depends on the viewer understanding where she comes from. I like her as a lead. However, those who don’t may be people who can’t relate to her.

      Almost there.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. kitsu260 says:

    ´´Sorry for kill your dear friend, you´re together now´´
    Even when Shion tried to be nice, she is awfuld.


  3. So Detective Guy was a bad guy, huh…not that unlikely, now that I think back, but I can’t really say I saw it coming either. I wonder what his deal in all this is/why he’s helping the Site Admins…

    Well, at least we got confirmation Garbage Boy isn’t in the Site Admins hands just yet, or that they’d be planning to do something with him…I wonder if the detective turned her Stick over though?

    So Sarina did do a face-heel turn after all. I would’ve been suspicious of if she really had done so, and was being genuine in where she stands/her dislike of the Site Admins over Aya and Tsuyuno, but if the manga shows her change in sides better then I don’t really think it likely that she’s gonna backstab anyone now…or at least not in that way, or for that reason.

    Such hardship Tsuyuno. Not being able to have a free sleepover at your girlfriend’s place. Too bad.

    For my own behalf, I can’t say I would’ve perhaps acted quite like Aya…but then, I never had someone like Tsuyuno to encourage me to get stronger, so I never really tried to, all that much…I can understand why she did it and where she was going with her ideas though, misguided as those ideas/her plan was…but at least now they all have their Sticks back.

    Time to see how badly their plan goes awry next time, I guess…

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Giack31 says:

    The OP was super weird and creepy.
    I’m glad to see that the brother seems to be taken care of (he’s still not dead though)
    I don’t fully trust Sarina but at least now they are all united and next episode will see serious stuff go down.

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  5. Dominik Cerny says:

    The opening song voiced by the admin was creepy as hell.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Jack Cactus says:

    Although I don’t watch the anime nor do I read the manga wholeheartedly, I do know one thing is going to happen to the Garbage Boy and my God, it’s absolutely wonderful to see him “suffer” at the hands of someone else. Let’s all hope that the animator won’t cut it out of the anime because seeing someone being “punished” for their sins is amazing 🙂 .


  7. yurimylove says:

    VIPs of this episode? Those otaku guys sheding manly tears at Nijimi’s funeral — true devotion right there 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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