Comic Girls Episode 10: Mangaka Holidays

Holiday themed episode this week.

Sad Ruki

We joined our heroines getting excited for Christmas. All but one. Ruki wasn’t all too thrilled about the holiday season. It was due to her having a deadline near Christmas and with her being single and an author of an erotic romance manga it was so hard on her that looking at any kind of romantic setup, be it a “supportive” fan letter or helping out with Tsubasa’s obligatory romantic holiday chapter made her miserable. Koyume tried supporting her but Ruki’s all like “Damn it you already have Tsubasa!” The above image also happens to be my favorite Ruki scene of the episode. Her crying there equaled KAOS’ vintage comedic pessimism.

NYAOS relaxing

NYAOS brings world peace by existing.

Suzu Fuura's constructive rage

The thing about Suzu recently is that while her screen time had lessened every time she shows up it’s GOLD! Every time. Also a certain fan of mine had been YEARNING for more red-eyed Suzu. Here you go.

Ruki's birthday.jpg

Ruki’s birthday.

Having no luck finding an answer for her romantic woes Ruki returned to her room when she was surprised by her brahs with a B-day greeting. Ruki’s birthday was on December 24th. To everyone’s shock she turned 16 that day. Koyume and Tsubasa had nice gifts for her. Then we got to KAOS’…and…

comic girls Sexy Ruki 2.jpg

Thank GOD for KAOS. KAOS certainly thanked GOD for Ruki accepting her gift.

Magnificent. Chalk this to yet another reason why KAOS is our #SpiritAnimal. She also had the answer Ruki was looking for, she had all the love she needed the entire time, though how she worded it…yeah.

Hot KAOS Mama.jpg

Ohhhhhh yeaaaaahhh.

The second part of the episode had our heroines going to visit their families for New Year’s. Unfortunately KAOS didn’t expect her parents to have won tickets to Hawaii. #HotKAOSMama. Koyume and Ruki offered to invite KAOS to their houses but neither were able to accommodate her. That left Tsubasa…

So off they went to Tsubasa’s place and…

Tsubasa's Castle.jpg

Tsubasa’s Family Castle.

Never have I envied someone as much as I envied Tsubasa. For those who follow me on Twitter I brought up my dream of owning a castle. Not only did Tsubasa’s family own one but IT COMES WITH EPIC GAME OF THRONES MUSIC THAT PLAYS EACH TIME IT IS SHOWCASED! ENNNNNNNVYYYYYYYYY! Also KAOS was on fire the whole segment. So good.

Tsubasa's family.jpg

Tsubasa’s Family.

So yes Tsubasa’s an ojou-sama. All throughout the visit Tsubasa seemed to have trouble acting like an ojou-sama. She was a year out of practice after all. I know how that feels. The one who paid closest attention was her mother. She was about to learn the truth when Ruki came to the rescue.

Not the best editing but it was good enough. HOWEVER…

Scary mom.jpg

Hot but terrifying. She makes Suzu Fuura look like Cindy Lou Who in comparison.

Incurring mother’s wrath was ill-advised. We learned the reason Tsubasa moved out of the castle was because she couldn’t be free while there plus her family didn’t approve it. It took some convincing by Ruki for them to let her go. Someone on Twitter mentioned the entire castle segment being a metaphor for LGBTQ children living in a strict household. I forgot to save that tweet. I’m sure my friend The Doc will find it.

Here it is. Thanks Doc.

The old Tsubasa.jpg

The old Tsubasa.

The next day something was off with Tsubasa. It seemed the castle’s “curse” was slowly turning her back to her old ways. Luckily KAOS found a way to bring her back to her senses. It was GLORIOUS.

I don’t have much to say regarding the third segment of the episode. It was mainly about the girls discussing the value of their manga and reflecting on their past manuscripts as they burned old pages. Each girl saw it in  different light. It was nice listening to them discuss it.

Suzu Fuura Jump Scare

Suzu Fuura put all of Hollywood to shame in less than five seconds.

Like I said earlier, Suzu doesn’t get much screen time nowadays but when she does it’s always magical to the point viewers see her scenes as the best parts of each episode since her debut.

Next time we’ll go over the “dormitory is closing” subplot. We’ll see how that goes.

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25 Responses to Comic Girls Episode 10: Mangaka Holidays

  1. chikorita157 says:

    It’s nice to see some Kaoruko and Ruki moments in the first half although subtle. Yes, Ruki looks good in a cat-girl santa costume.

    It’s interesting to learn more about Tsubasa. Given how she dressed before she started creating manga is subtle hint. It’s nice to see Ruki come to the rescue. But yes, Tsubasa’s mother is really strict and she will probably freak out if she saw her daughter having short hair and wearing boyish clothing. Surprised that she didn’t make a surprise visit to check what her daughter is up to. Too bad Koyume didn’t see pictures of Tsubasa with long hair and lady-like. I guess it’s for the best.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Hopefully we’ll get more before the season finale.

      So sexy.

      Yes. Learning more about Tsubasa’s personal life was most interesting. Her mom’s hot but quite terrifying when provoked. It’s best her past be kept a secret from Koyume for the time being. She’ll most likely know when Tsubasa introduces her to her parents once they start dating for realzies.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mauron says:

    Kaos gives the best presents.

    Nyaos remains adorable.

    Hopefully Tsubasa can come out to her parents.

    I’m expecting a new dormitory by the end of next episode, or at least the announcement of one.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. tbiscut74 says:

    Another great ep. Really like how everyone acknowledged that Koyume and Tsubasa are a couple.

    Judging from their mothers, KAOS and Tsubasa have very promising futures. ;p

    Every time the music comes on when showing the castle had me laughing! It was amazing! I loved it!

    Suzu Fuura’s Seiyuu’s ability to scream like that is absolutely amazing! One of the main reasons she and her scenes are so fantastic!

    NYAOS melts my heart every time she appears!

    So in conclusion the NYAOS and the Suzu Fuura scenes are my favorite.

    Liked by 4 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Pretty much. Now all the two have to do is make it official. They’re halfway there.

      Oh yes indeed.

      So awesome. I envy her.

      She’s one the best characters for sure. Top 3 for many.

      So cute.

      Liked by 3 people

  4. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    Fuura-senpai is just great and her timing is perfect. I’ve busted out laughing in just about every scene of hers since her debut. I know those feels of Ruki, being a romance creator and having no one to pull personal inspiration from. However, we all know shes got Kaos, her brain just needs to catch up to what she feels in her heart deep down. And yes, God bless Kaos and her being unapologetically gay.

    I totally didn’t expect Tsubasa to be an oujo-sama, but seeing her life for that brief time, I can’t blame her for wanting to be free. I do agree that it could be seen as a closeted lesbian struggling to survive in a strict and closed-minded household. On that note, perhaps this is the tweet you’re referring to?

    This episode, like the others was great and Comic Girls is shaping up to be one of my top anime this season. It’s so amazing.

    Liked by 5 people

    • OG-Man says:

      She’s in the Top 3 of the show for sure.

      Yup. She’ll learn the truth that’s right in front of her eventually.

      That’s the one. Thanks a lot Doc! Very astute observation.

      Liked by 3 people

  5. B-M says:

    I love that, low-key, Tsubasa and Koyume are basically a couple. Everybody treats them as one!

    The voice acting in this series is phenomenal! Both Fuura and Kaos’ VAs are hitting it out of the park with a really wonderful wackiness and it really adds another layer to the show.

    Tsubasa’s home situation was pretty amusing. I think we all know what it’s like to pretend to be somebody else around our parents, but this took it to a whole other level. Bless Kaos for bringing our androgynous cosplayer back!

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Well, not quite as much Ruki x KAOS this episode, but…Nyaos-sama makes up for it. As does Fuura. We did at least get a bunch more subtle hints thrown at Ruki that KAOS is there for her (in that kind of way). Maybe we’ll get a bit more by series’…end… (whyy…whyy must is have an ending eventually…)

    Surprise birthday parties can be fun though. Nothing really proves to you how much people care about you than them doing stuff for your sake you had entirely forgotten about yourself.

    Interesting seeing KAOS’ parents…I suppose KAOS will just have to see if she grows up to fully inherit them. Here’s hoping.

    Tsubasa’s family and home…wow. Of all of them, I didn’t expect her to be an ojousama…but it makes sense, in it’s way. Drawing and being drawn to PASSIONATE shounen manga to distance herself from where she came from while still keeping some of those influences by drawing fantasy manga…indeed, makes sense. Her family sure is intense, though…I can see how hard it would be to admit to anything else than what they expect from her in that environment. Ruki is apparently thankfully quite used to convincing them of stuff.

    KAOS was once again wonderful, but that hardly needs repeating. She always is. As for relatability points, thankfully my own parents are far less aloof than that, and wouldn’t just disappear on me like that.

    Here’s hoping they’ll still be able to stay together after the next sub-plot is over.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      We got something from them. It was short but oh so sweet.

      BFFs FTW!


      The whole 2nd act was very interesting. Damn it I want a castle!

      KAOS is our #SpiritAnimal.

      Mine are (for the most part) very supportive. Thank GOD for that.

      Hopefully they’ll work something out.

      Liked by 2 people

  7. LuzeriP says:

    This episode is a prove that only Kaos can make Ruki happy again. You already have someone who loves you very much, Ruki, can’t you see. When Ruki said Koyume already has Tsubasa, she didn’t blush or anything. I mean Tsubasa was right there. Maybe they already a couple.

    Kaos said Tsubasa’s house is a mansion, I thought no that’s a freakin castle! With it’s own flag and epic music. I really didn’t see that coming. Both Tsubasa Mama and Kaos Mama are beautiful.

    Liked by 4 people

  8. tsubasasfamily says:

    Kaos needs Ruki and Ruki needs Kaos. One day, they will both accept this simple mathematical tautology.

    I really liked this episode, lots of great shipping goodness. Seeing Tsubasa in her home environment was pretty funny, I never imagined her as playing piano or knitting xD I’m totally on Ruki’s side that she looks way cute with the long hair, though. Let it go wild!

    And can I just say, after Kaos’ mom winked at the camera, I could not stop thinking about how hot the moms in this series are. They’re really hot. Though I then made the unfortunate comparison of Tsubasa’s mom to my own, because when my friends would come over mom would always say low-key strict stuff like that and it’d be like hahaha…ha… and then everyone would go to the basement.

    Anyways. Good episode lol. Sad this series is almost over and I’m scared we won’t get a real kiss, but I try to think positive thoughts.

    Liked by 4 people

  9. Jack Cactus says:

    YAS, that Fuura highlight was a delicious treat, she will always look beautiful no matter how scary she looks, especially with them glowing eyes. 🙂

    Oh lawdie, what did I do to deserve the sight of Ojou Tsubasa, let alone an episode (partially) about her? Please let me have more of that….

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Giack31 says:

    Another fantastic episode
    It was cute seeing how Kaos was thinking so hard about ways to cheer Ruki up.
    Ruki looked really great in that outfit.
    I would really like to see Ruki’s sister mentioned at the begging of the second segment
    Up until now I though that Koyume’s crush on Tsubasa was one sided but the fact that Tsubasa didn’t want Koyume to see her like that showed that she also cares about her (also see what Kaos used to make Tsubasa come to her senses).
    I really liked that they show that Ruki’s photoshop wasn’t that good because we learned a few episode ago that she really bad with computers. I love that kind of consistency.
    Tsubasa’s mom was pretty scary. She really is the demon lord in Tsubasa’s life
    I loved Kaos silence Yeah when Tsubasa jumped on Ruki
    It was cool seeing everyone’s approach towards their manga at the and, also Kaos’ rejected storyboards finally have a use.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      KAOS cares deeply for Ruki.


      It’s only a matter of time.

      Nice nod to continuity.

      Mother is hot and terrifying.

      KAOS is our #SpiritAnimal.

      It was a nice third segment/act.

      Liked by 2 people

  11. themarrowbook says:

    I found the Twitter post comparing the depiction of Tsubasa’s home to the situation of LGBTQ children very interesting.
    As I watched the most recent episode of Hugtto Precure, Emiru’s issue with her brother strongly reminded me of Tsubasa in this episode, as both girls are:

    Born to a rich and strict family
    Expected by their own family to behave in a way that pleases them
    Have an artistic interest (guitar for Emiru, manga-drawing for Tsubasa) that is denied by their respective family

    In Comic Girls, the gender issues are more or less subdued, but still Tsubasa feels the need to hide her identity as a shonen-manga artist, because the readers expect the author to be male.
    In Precure, the issue is more blatantly depicted through the sexist attitudes of Emiru’s brother.
    (I guess it’s for educational purposes, since Precure is a children’s show. But still it’s highly progressive.)

    I do hope those depictions are the signs of change in Japanese people’s view on gender stereotypes, although I still find many sexist and homophobic comments in Japanese forums that I frequent…

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Repeating this comment because I forgot to compliment you for your clever observation on the similarity between Tsubasa and Emiru’s situations.

      One step at a time. Sadly the change for the better is a slow one but at least there’s motivation to continue progressing.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. yurimylove says:

    I learned from this episode that, rejection roasted sweet potatoes taste the best 😀


  13. K says:

    I understand why Ruki would fall into despair around events which put an emphasis on couples, doubly so since all that worrying made her forget her birthday. Nothing like a good surprise party (and a sexy Santa suit) to take her mind off of such depressing thoughts.

    Tsubasa was the only that could take in a homeless Kaoruko/KAOS for the holidays but she was so reluctant in doing so. I get it, you didn’t her to meet your family or see your…CASTLE!? I was as shocked as KAOS was with that revelation. Tsubasa being an ojou did not cross my mind at all. Seeing her home life, I can see why she didn’t really want KAOS to come. Heck, she almost lost her mangaka soul but KAOS epically pulled her back from the brink.

    Now I wonder if the Demon King in Tsubasa’s manga was based on some aspects of her mother’s personality. Also, it’s good that she doesn’t know that it’s a mangaka dorm Tsubasa’s living at otherwise she would have dragged her back home faster than a Quick Attack. Nice job covering for her, Ruki!

    Tsubasa sure has it rough. She feels restricted at home and she has to hide her true identity from her fans. Others would wilt away under these conditions but Tsubasa’s made of very stern stuff. Definitely helps that she’s got friends to back her up.

    Suzu giving a voice to the rejected manuscripts was golden. And you’re right, Suzu leaves a great impact for the small screen time she’s had lately. That aside, that discussion they had about their manuscripts was nice. Also, rejection never tasted so good.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      It’s amazing what feeling sexy can do to help one forget their worries.

      The castle is cursed by the awesome power of a beautiful and frightening maternal unit.

      And she has a love interest. Don’t forget that important fact.

      Yes indeed.


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