Frosty Ramen Camp Episode 7: Journeys

The theme in all three shows this week were journeys of varying lengths.

Yuu and Koizumi-san eating together.jpg

Yuu relishing this trip with Koizumi-san.

Yuu and Misa in a haunted house.jpg

Yuu and Misa at a haunted house.

So Summer Vacation had come for our heroines. Yuu and Misa wanted to party while Jun focused on her studies but could spare the afternoon to hang out with her friends. They went to an amusement park and had fun.

Misa Mad.jpg

We need a beach/swimsuit segment. Koizumi-san isn’t the only sexy girl on the show. They’re all lovely.

Duing fun times our lesbian stalker gushed over Koizumi-san as usual prompting the others to visit a ramen restaurant to do the usual. What followed next was interesting as Jun was still thinking about what she wanted to do for the future so she asked the others. Misa said she’d probably skip college after graduating high school to become an idol or model. She does have a nice body as seen above. Jun of course would continue studying. As for Yuu…

Beautiful ramen model Koizumi-san.jpg

Koizumi-san, top ramen model/spokeswoman/ambassador.

Yuu's future plans.jpg

Yuu’s future plans.

Become a manager/DJ and introduce Koizumi-san to the world, catapulting ramen’s popularity beyond the stratosphere. That or become a top ramen chef for Koizumi-san.

Yuu and Koizumi-san begin their ramen tour.jpg

Yuu and Koizumi-san begin their Japan Ramen Tour.

I’ll say two things about Yuu and Koizumi-san’s Japan Ramen Tour:

1: At least Yuu didn’t find Koizumi-san via stalking this time.

2: People who thing Citrus’ Yuzu is having a hard time getting a half-robot girl to fall in love with her must realize Yuzu’s struggles PALE in comparison to Yuu’s…then again Yuu’s tactics haven’t been the most commendable so Yuzu has that over her.

Anyway the tour is straightforward as viewers got to learn more about ramen while Yuu tried in vain as usual to get Koizumi-san to accept her. Still another solid episode.

Rin's Mom finished a phone call.jpg

Rin’s Mom calling a familiar veteran camper.

Moving on to Yuru Camp the episode started with an urban legend (more on that later) followed by a call by Rin’s mom to a certain someone. That being the veteran camper Chiaki met last episode who was revealed to be Rin’s grandpa. He’s also the one who got Rin into camping.

This incredibly brief fourth wall joke was the funniest joke in the episode for me.

Nadeshiko’s facial expressions are fantastic though Rin’s no slouch as she’s had many great reactions despite not having as many expressions as her girlfriend.

Drunk Onee-chan.jpg

Drunk Onee-chan. Even Yuru Camp acknowledges Takunomi.’s greatness! HUZZAH!

Here’s a delightful bonus alongside RinDeshiko’s adorable date. While exploring the lake Nadeshiko ran into two veteran campers who she initially thought were a couple but were actually siblings. The otouto was a responsible young man while the onee-chan was a teacher who spent her free time drinking. Hope onee-chan isn’t a one-off character.

No manga spoilers please.

Rin struggling.jpg

Rin struggling to start a fire.

The otouto even helped RinDeshiko start their Bincho-Tan fire. How nice.



After dinner Nadeshiko hoped she’d get to sleep in the same tent as Rin…in case of a monster attack…yes, that’s it. Rin refused because she didn’t believe in it.

Cuties sleeping together.jpg

Nadeshiko wins.

A very nice date, it was. Looking forward to more chillaxed fun next episode.


Relieving nerves.jpg

Two hot women being silly. That’s definitely one way to relieve nervousness during an interview.

A for effort Shirase.jpg

Unfortunately Best Girl had more of a “tough love” posse. No mercy for our heroine.

Penguin love.jpg

I want a penguin plushie too.

No mercy.jpg

It’s not easy being Shirase. I feel ya dearie.

Gin noticed Shirase’s struggles but we’ll get to that in a bit. For now we’ll talk about the low morale of the shockingly small crew. Yuzuki was very suspicious of it all. It didn’t help that several of the crew didn’t show much optimism of the situation and there weren’t that many supplies. There was so much that could go wrong.

The Old Gang.jpg

The old gang.

When our heroines hesitantly asked one of the babes about the situation she got why morale was low for some but they were still determined to go for it. It was something they wanted to do and would brave the harshness of Antarctica to accomplish that goal. When asked what said goal was she said “To see the sky”.

Antarctic Ninjas.jpg

Antarctic Ninjas.

Yuzuki wasn’t convinced by the babe’s words and wanted more concrete reasoning so the four went “undercover”…very poorly. It was glorious. After passing some people they “secretly” observed a specific trio who said what they’re currently doing wasn’t their original plan. What they REALLY had cooking up was huge and it seemed like more people than the the Sexy Three were up for it though again there was uncertainty among many.

More suspicious than ever.jpg

More suspicious than ever.

Now the thing about the room our heroines were assigned to is that it was the same room Takako, Gin and the other babes stayed on their first expedition. That evening one of the beds had glowing lights above it. The girls knew it was Takako’s bed so guess who got that spot. Seeing the lights got Shirase thinking about what exactly her mom was looking for. It was related to a starry sky.

Gin and Shirase talking about their goal.jpg

Gin and Shirase discussed Takako and the first expedition.

Gin saw Shirase checking out a telescope and told her about her mom and their their mission. Takako was the heart of the team, the one who psyched everyone up for the journey. Their main goal was to go to Antarctica and find a the best spot to see the stars (A Place further than the Universe) so great that it would rival some of the best observatories in the world, or something like that. Then one day during their expedition Takako disappeared. On their first expedition they managed to gather as much support and sponsors as possible but after Takako’s disappearance most, if not all of the support pulled out. Even so, the original team never gave up. No matter how long it took they would one day return to Antarctica and finish what they started. That time had finally come.

Schoolgirl Gin.jpg

Gin looked nice with short hair.

Schoolgirl Takako.jpg

Bigger eyebrows than her future daughter.

Shirase's courage.jpg

Shirase’s courage.

I’m so proud of you Shirase. It took a lot of courage to do what she did. She knew she needed to be brave to go on this journey with everyone and after seeing how determined the OG team were to go again she did her best to toughen up. One step at a time but she’ll definitely go for it.

Based on the post-ED preview their journey’s going to be rough from the get-go. Let’s hope for the best.


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16 Responses to Frosty Ramen Camp Episode 7: Journeys

  1. Umedyn says:

    I really hope they aren’t just using Yuu as the “only gay for the comedic effect” stereotype that is so common in anime… It feels like they are. I like the show, and learning about all the different types of ramen is cool, but doing that would really kill the show for me. It is way too over used and really gets on my nerves.

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  2. tbiscut74 says:

    Another good ep of Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san. This one had made up for the last one with having the episode revolve around best girl! The entire amusement park segment was cute. Especially the haunted house part. The ladies looking lovely in their yukata. Misa is my second favorite in the show. I would like to see what a Yuu Koizumi Ramen Rap would be like! I also hope that they go see the fireworks together. Would be nice. And poor Yuu forgetting she’s on dinner duty and getting scolded by her older brother. Lost track off time spendin with her bae.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. cirno9fan says:

    First up, I’ll get the blip out of the way: Too much talk about ramen, but the first segment was pretty neat. I feel lik ethe show would mean more to me if I lived in a place where a bevy of quality ramen shops were within reach. But I don’t, and while the stuff looks delicious, it gets kinda old. Show needs less focus on that.

    now to talk about yorimo: First, sorry. Japan once again threw me off (and natives too) with their completely random usage of kanji. I screwed up. Moving on, was a very moving ep, and I am trying to steel myself for what’s to come. Almost certainly Kimari will disappear at one point. I just have a very strong feeling that will happen to mirror what happened to Shirase’s mom. She might even somehow find a living mother….but that’s probably a huge pipe dream. Weeks? Maybe. Months? Plausible. Years lving in one of the most dangerous places to survive on Earth with no one else to help you….not likely. But the show could surprise. You can tell the crew is here for very personal reasons that have nothing to do with fame or fortune. This show is very feels inducing ;_;

    ONTO THE MAIN EVENT! Because it must be iterated every time: Nadeshiko is ❤ Seriously. GotS material for certain! I am pretty darn sure that teacher will end up being one of their teachers, if not an advisor (can’t recall if they ever said they actually had one…). I mean, they need one to be recognized more officially, and to have an actual club room. they just need to get Rin to officially join first. Which Nadeshiko is getting close to achieving! I lol’d when Nadeshiko’s plan somehow worked anyway. And the smug way she gloated her victory was ❤ She is way too adorable~ The grandpa seems pretty neat from what we’ve seen of him, i wonder if he’ll show up again? And then at the end, rin was all “Next time I get to take you out” ❤ Nadeshiko is killing it!

    Also, Nadeshiko got her boat ride XD She really knows how to get what she wants even when she doesn’t do it directly….is she maybe a lesser Haruhi?

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Mauron says:

    My thoughts when Yuu was traveling with Koizumi: You were never invited, you’re just stalking.

    Camping: I thought we’d see more of grandpa’s encounter.

    I was surprised when Rin commented on the camper seeming like a nice guy. Said camper sounded very feminine to me.

    I would be shocked if the drunken teacher did not show up again. Unfortunately i do not know the name of the their school, but I’m assuming it’s whatever said teacher wondered about.

    Nadeshiko and Rin should keep camping at haunted sites, so Rin can keep sharing a tent for protection.

    Antarctica: Shirase should have been behind the camera from the start, with Hinata joining filmed members. Who cares what Yuzuki’s mom says?

    One of those girls is right about how to get out of the ship.

    Remember: These girls are not legal. That means you, creepy guy.

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  5. Ramen: This episode made me wonder a little if Yuu might actually secretly be not that impossibly far off from reaching Koizumi after all…while it’s true that Yuu is probably hard to shake off one she starts following her, all Koizumi tells her each time is a “no thank you”, and Koizumi at least seems like the type who would firmly prevent Yuu from following her if she truly hated her being there (granted, a no should be accepted as a no anyway. Consent is important, and Yuu is a stalker here)…now we just need an episode where Yuu isn’t there for a while, maybe due to illness or something, to see if Koizumi does something surprising then…

    Yuru Camp: More goodness. So the cool solo camper was Rin’s adventurer grandpa, huh? Well, I guess we know where her solo-camper streak comes from, now.

    Nadeshiko too cuute. ❤

    I personally got the impression that the other camper pair were sisters, though, and the other is just a tomboy, and that Nadeshiko was just wrongly assuming based on impressions? Their voice at least sounded fairly feminine. Could be wrong, of course. Their (drunk) sister certainly does seem like she might show up later..either as a classroom teacher or as their club advisor as Cirno9fan suggested.

    Antarctic: Another great episode. This one might end up being my AOTS at this rate, really.

    Hinata was best ninja, just standing casually next to the other three actually trying to hide, and not even trying to cover her hair at all.

    Interesting learning more about all the stuff.

    Shirase, Fight-o! You can do it! I believe in you!

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  6. Reapy_s0ul says:

    so I haven’t watched the new sorayori yet
    but I did catch up on Yurucamp
    and I had an idea
    bear with me, what if Rin and Nadeshiko went camping, and one of them forgot their sleeping bag, so they have to share one

    wouldn’t that be amazing?
    I know, sometimes I surprise even myself with my amazing ideas

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mauron says:

      Nadshiko would probably forget hers because she fell asleep on the floor while packing, and Rin would be stubborn about sharing, even though she’s secretly happy about it.

      Liked by 3 people

  7. Zack says:

    I wasn’t expecting that cool old guy from the last episode to turn out to be Rin’s grandpa. I wonder if that means we’ll be seeing more of him in future episodes?

    I suspect that the onee-san will be a recurring character. Possibly as an advisor to the Outdoors Club.

    As for the onee-san’s sibling, I initially thought they were a girl. Even after Nadeshiko called them a guy, I still thought they were a girl. I just thought that maybe they were so boyish-looking that Nadeshiko simply made a mistake.

    Not much else to comment on. The rest of the episode was really fun, and I’m looking forward to the next one. Especially since it seems as though the Outdoors Club will go recruiting for new members.

    On to Antarctica. I loved the beginning of the episode. It shows that even the adults have their goofy sides.

    I suspect that Shirase might not be the only one who’s hoping to find her mother. That might be the true goal of the expedition, find Takako and presumably give her a proper burial. Let’s face it, if she’s been missing in Antarctica for years, her chances of survival are not great. Especially since this is a slightly realistic show.

    I loved the scene where the girls were dressed as ninjas and were sneaking around. I especially liked how Hinata was only wearing half a mask, and wasn’t even attempting to be sneaky.

    Speaking of Hinata, I noticed something about her that doesn’t really pertain to this episode in particular: she seems to have an interest in the Hindu god, Genesha (if you don’t know who that is, he’s the one with the elephant head). In this episode a plushy of Genesha was briefly shown in their room, in episode 2 Hinata had an image of him as her wallpaper on her cellphone, and in episode 5 when we briefly see her home you can see some miniature statues of him sitting on a self. Wikipedia states that he’s the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and science, and the deva of intelligence and wisdom. I wonder if that has anything to do with Hinata’s interest in him? Or maybe she just likes how funny he looks.

    I also liked how after finding out that the room they were using used to be Shirase’s mom’s room, they immediately started looking for anything she might have left behind. It was a nice touch.

    Speaking of Shirase’s mom, we finally get to see what kind of person she was like through a flashback. She seemed to be a very carefree easygoing sort of person. Kind of the opposite of her daughter who seems to constantly worry over everything.

    Something just occurred to me: what happened to Shirase’s dad? I doubt he also disappeared in Antarctica, because Shirase would have said she lost both her parents not just her mother. Did her parents get a divorce at some point? Or maybe Shirase was born out of wedlock? We’ll probably never know.

    Another scene I liked was when one of the adult expedition members reminds the others that the girl’s aren’t legal, and even signals out one of the guys. I just thought it was kind of funny.

    Shirase’s speech at the end was really well done. Maybe not the best speech ever, but that makes sense considering she’s usually bad with speaking in public.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. LuzeriP says:

    Ramen: Yuu’s determination to get closer to Koizumi-san was outstanding. She won’t give up. I think I learned something from her. I believe in you, Yuu. There’s nothing wrong with stalking the one you love. Koizumi-san doesn’t seem to hate her. She just likes to be alone. By the way, Koizumi-san and Yuzu from Citrus have the same seiyuu.

    Yurucamp: What an adorable episode. They should’ve slept together in the first place. It’s cold when you sleep alone in a tent. And I’m sure we get to see the drunk onee-chan again.

    Antarctica: Great episode. What the girls did always fun and hilarious. When Shirase introduced herself, I’m not gonna lie, I cried. So proud of her.

    Liked by 3 people

  9. x says:

    On Ramen, I’m pretty sure that Koizumi-san will literally go all over Japan for Ramen.
    On Antarctic, now I’m more confuse of Shirase’s mom being dead or alive.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Mary Sojka says:

    Why aren’t you watching slow start there’s a ship between Eiko with orange hair and the pervert tsundere teacher. This show constantly has yuri moments!


  11. yurimylove says:

    The girl’s aren’t legal?! Sigh, i guess no drinking and smoking for them at antarctica parties then…y

    Liked by 1 person

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