Fate/Grand Order: Reasons to Love it and Why it Does So Well (By Deven Luca)

Note from OG: As of this writing I do not own a tablet or phone strong enough to play the game so I asked Deven Luca here, someone who has had plenty of time with the game (Both in EN and JP), to drop by and share his experiences with it while also giving readers a small taste of the in-game yuri.

Hey everyone it’s Deven from AnimeThief and AnimeCorps doing a guest post over here on one of my favorite series and games, Fate/Grand Order. There’s a lot of stuff to talk about so let’s get started!

Fate-Grand Order.jpg

Fate/Grand Order, the mobile game for iOS and Android, is basically a runaway hit from the word Go.

Being translated into English, Korean, and Chinese(Deven can’t tell the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese), this game is reaching nearly every major mobile game market.

But how?

Fate in general has always had an “Easy Appeal” compared to its other Type Moon series like Tsukihime, Mahou Tsukai no Yoru(Witch on the Holy Night), or even Kara no Kyokai. My personal belief is that if you asked someone to sum up Fate in as few words as possible it would be easier to explain the entirity of the series. Fate is basically “Reanimated heroes fight in a battle royale for a wish” as opposed to the deeply philosophical mysteries that are Tsukihime, Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, and Kara no Kyoukai.

This leads to Fate, with its ease of understanding (you don’t have to rewatch Fate multiple times to get what’s happening) to eclipse its fellow Nasuverse entries in my opinion. And add some incredibly beautiful waifu servants, nearly every female servant being bisexual, and a mildly fair gatcha you have a recipe for success.

Now that the game is nearing its 3rd year and this Spring 2018 will be going into the Part 2, the mysterious Cosmos in the Lost Belt, we need to look at how far we’ve come.

Fate-Grand Order Gameplay.png

Fate/Grand Order originally shipped with 59 servants, a 10 minute AP regen timer, a very low level story, and horrible gatcha. Nowadays the game currently (with the addition of Semiramis during Valentine’s Day 2018 and Fujino Asagami in the Kara no Kyokai Revival rerun) has 200 servants available, a 5 minute regen timer, a story worthy of being called a true Nasuverse story, and a cruel but ultimately relenting gatcha.

As a result of both the changes made and the ease in which to enter the game, the game has made a crap ton of money. Let’s just say it’s enough where Sony (the game’s distributer via Aniplex) always specifically mentions Fate/Grand Order during quarterly business reports. Not saying “Our mobile games department is doing well”, they say basically “Fate/Grand Order pretty much has a license to print money”.

This leads to a lot of this fame and notoriety leading to more Fate projects. In 2017, we had two Fate/Grand Order specials, Fate/Apocrypha, a rerun of Carnival Phantasm with new ending cards featuring Fate/Grand Order servants, a Prisma Illya movie, and the Heaven’s Feel movie. 2018 looks to be just as good for Fate with more anime, manga, and another Heaven’s Feel movie.

Finally, something I personally as a writer enjoy, the potential narrative. I play 2 FPS games, Destiny 2 and Overwatch. My poor Steam library…

I prefer playing Destiny 2 because it allows me to create my own narrative and make up my own stories. Why am I on this planet? Then I come with a nice little story in my head to ease the large amount of farming this game is…

Overwatch is a good game but I’m not making my own story. I’m a passenger in one of the Overwatch characters.

Fate/Grand Order gives you that “Make your own Narrative” feeling to it. You can think up whatever story you want for your servants. A lot of these stories can include romance and cute yuri love.

The thing is about is that a lot of the female servants are bisexual so they have no problem with being with or loving a female master. A lot of the interludes and bond lines show that your servants fall in love with you as you spend more time with them. The female servants, probably save a few of them, are unrestricted in their love for you as a female master. Here’s an example from Medusa or better known as Rider from Fate/Stay Night.

So it’s an excellent way to feel close to them and push your personal story of being a Master of Chaldea with all of your servants. You can be what ever you want in Fate/Grand Order. It’s up to you and your servants to make your story.

Note from OG: Besides Medusa here, aka Rider Classic as I like to call her, here are some more lesbian and bisexual servants:

  • Nero
  • D’eon
  • Anne and Mary
  • Tamamo
  • Kiyohime
  • Ereshkigal
  • Queen of Sheba
  • Carmilla
  • Ibaraki
  • Da Vinci
  • Bryn(iffy because her yuri love for jalter wasn’t her but a grail wish)

I hope you enjoyed my little post on my good friend, the Yuri Ambassador’s blog. This is Deven so later days.

Note from OG: Thanks again to Deven Luca for taking the time to share his experiences with the game. Another friend who also put time on Fate/GO, though with not as much to comment on the Yuri ground, is Josefcd904. Check out his post for more info at The Reviewer’s Corner HERE.



About devenluca

Hey everyone, my name is Deven Luca. I'm an friend of SkyCorps since he started his blog and now we're working together.I'm a co-writer here at Anime Corps. I'm a huge lover of the Nasu-verse, Love Live,Love Live School Idol Festival and Date A Live. Expect a lot of posts about them! So that's enough from me. Make sure to let the reviews speak for themselves. Later!
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14 Responses to Fate/Grand Order: Reasons to Love it and Why it Does So Well (By Deven Luca)

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  2. Wait, what class is the Queen of Sheba? I didn’t know she was in there?

    Have they increased the number of Biblical Servants? It was just David, Solomon and Martha last I checked.

    Artoria is pretty big given you can get a Threesome ending in Unlimited Blade Works.


    • Sheba’s only in JP currently, released with the 4th part of Arc 1,5. She’s a 4* Caster. Also very fluffy, based on what I’ve seen/heard.


      • Interesting.

        BTW, there is a legit scholarly theory that Martha and Mary of Bethany were not literally “Sisters” but a Couple, simply using that word in a Lesbian way. An Idea Yuri fans familiar with.

        I wonder if things can get Yaoi when you play as the male Protag with male Servants? Because there is a basis in the source material for David being Bi.

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      • Ooh, cool. I wonder if Mary will ever be added into the game, then? …Granted, I already ship Martha with Jing Ke for reasons, but still interested. I’m always open to OT3’s, to be fair.

        I guess it might be possible? Haven’t really seen much on that end, but there is the Valentine’s return gifts from male servants that will come in next year’s Valentine’s event for NA, at least.


  3. Ah, my favorite past-time (obsession), and source of much personal joy and suffering.

    Just a note, but it’s Ereshkigal though. One of my favorite servants, so have to offer a correction.

    Indeed, yes. The Yuri. The source of much of my enjoyment in the game. Though I could mention that out of the ones you mentioned, Tamamo is an odd one out of sorts, due to expressly mentioning she still has feelings for “a certain someone” in her Interlude quests and Valentine’s lines and such, referring to the progagonist of Extra/Extella, Hakuno(n) (who is also female (at least in my playthroughs she always is!)), thus strongly hinting Tamamo is not going to get attached to her Master in Grand Order quite as much as some others. Usually Servants would forget memories of other times they’ve manifested, but in this case, Tamamo is an exception.

    Though besides the fact that many of them often show affection towards a female Master, the shipping in the game can get intense as well. I have way too many to list here, but for example Nobu(naga Oda) x Okita (Souji) is practically close to canon with the amount of interactions they have throughout the game and how much even non-Yuri fans ship the two of them together.

    Special mention to my favourite Fate ship of all time Bryn(hildr) x Jeanne Alter (Jalter) though. It does actually get a mention outside of the event with the Yuri Route Bryn during Jalter’s introduction event though, in Arc 1’s final story bits when the two of them appear in a quest together.

    It’s actually interesting that with Grand Order, the game actually didn’t do all that well for the first 3/4 of a year since it’s release, partly due to Type-Moon’s inexperience with creating Mobages…it was only once they significantly improved the game with lots of quality of life changes with the 5th main story chapter and allowed the story to be as epic as it could that it became the massive hit it is now.

    That all said, this game will consume all your time if you let it. Especially if you play both NA and JP versions at the same time. And then Madoka’s mobile game on top of that.

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  4. elkat4 says:

    One of my friends and I just joke about Type-Moon should start printing money with how many spin-offs they have with the Fate/ franchise.

    I feel the Fate/ franchise is popular due to how fan-fic friendly the nature of Holy Grail Wars (or in a abridged Rin’s words “Murder Death Kill”) is. Since there’s several different cannonical time lines and a lot creative liberties are taken with heroic spirits, anybody can put their own spin on their favorite heroes of history and legend.

    Me normally: Let’s grind a little in F/GO while I wait for the bus. Then I’ll work on something else until I get to work/home.
    Me during a new anomaly or event: I’m not closing F/GO until I get to work/home!

    For the love of Medusa-sama, I DESPISE Setheno & Eurayle; half-because they are HORRIBLE older sisters, half because they seem to enjoy making others suffer. It’s much to my shame Eurayle is my first archer to be fully ascended (I failed to get the last ascension item for Oda Nobunaga so she will be forever stuck at level 70). I’m grateful that I managed to fully ascend Shiki so that she can be my secondary assassin when I take on Riders (my primary is Carmilla).

    While I’m still haven’t forgive Type Moon for making Carmilla into adult Elisabeth, I must admit I’m smitten with how quickly she can charge up Phantom Maiden.

    On the yuri end, I ship the general purprose fem!PC (whatever her default name is) with Mash. I also wanted to ship Joan and Marie 1st anomaly, Mordred and Fran during the fourth anomaly. While I generally consider Medusa my PC’s waify, I feel Kiyohime is stalking her way into my heart.

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    • One thing to remember about Stheno’s, Euryale’s and Medusa’s relationship is that if you talk to Medusa herself about it, she actually loves her sisters despite their treatment of her…or sometimes because of it? IDK…their relationship is occasionally pretty weird. But it is shown occasionally/later on that her sisters do also care for her and worry about her and such. Which, if you’re playing on NA, you’ll also see more of when Medusa’s alternate versions get added to the game later on (chapter 7/Babylonia, I think?)

      As for Carmilla, it’s more accurate to call her “Elizabeth Alter” in a way, perhaps. As the current Elizabeth as we know her in game won’t ever become Carmilla, they just sort of…are based on the same person, or on the same legend, basically. And hate each other’s guts, each for their own reasons.

      Kiyohime is good civilization. Also, yes. Those ships are good, and also I also ship or have considered. There’s several super-cute Jeanne x Marie fanart comics that I’ve found that just melted my heart to it. Though personally, I actually have an OT5 with Fem!MC/Gudako x Mash x Kiyohime x Ushiwakamaru x the-yet-to-be-added-in-NA Hassan of Serenity.


      • devenluca says:

        Carmilla and Liz are pretty much the same person, Elizabeth Bathory, just at different ages. Carmilla is just Elizabeth Bathory wearing the mask of Carmilla the vampire. With the Throne of Heroes, characters from novels, works of fiction, and folklore can make it on the throne but with some of them since they didn’t actually exist they can’t be properly summoned.

        In the case of Carmilla, Carmilla is just a character from a novel. She did not exist. So the grail did what it did with Sasaki Koujiro in Fate/Stay Night and found a person of similar ability and personality which was Elizabeth Bathory as an adult.

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      • Though, Elizabeth is also based on the story of Elizabeth Bathory, and affected by all the stories revolving around the “Countess of Blood”. Neither of them is, you could say, fully the “origin” of the stories. Both of them derive their existence from similar sources, simply.

        As to the reason why I said Carmilla is like a Liz Alter is because the two of them can’t quite exist in the same timeline. As she is, even if she grew up, Liz will never become Carmilla. She actively seeks out to avoid becoming her or like her. And on the other hand, Carmilla is more like “a Liz that accepted that darker part of herself and fully embraced it instead of denying it”, something which could only happen with a different younger self, basically (and hates Liz for trying to avoid it/denying it).

        So in other words, they’re basically from different timelines, one, Carmilla, the girl who accepted all the things said about the “Countess of Blood” as herself, and has no problem with it, and the other, Liz, the girl who despite possessing some of those qualities herself, hates that part of herself, and actively pursues a different ending through all her idol stuff and such.

        The relationship between them is sort of like the relationship between Artoria and Artoria Lily, or any of the Alters and originals, where both basically can’t have existed in the same timeline, even if they were exactly the same person.

        As for Carmilla “not existing” as she’s based on a novel, that’s basically the foundation of a lot of Fate/ characters in general. Both ones like Nursery Rhyme, who was never human to begin with, and has never had a “real body” even, and Jack the Ripper (both FGO version and Strange Fake version) who are based on a story about somebody who likely existed in another form, and ones like Gilgamesh, where they’re so far back in legend and myth that you have no idea if they really existed or were simply characters in an epic story written back then.

        (Uuhh…now my mind is getting tired…)


  5. John says:

    As a long fan of Fate, I’m well aware that many servants, both male and female, are bisexual, but I was still surprised to see Ereshkigal and Queen of Sheba in that list. Did I miss something? Also, a few more servants that you can put in the list:
    Miyamoto Musashi -> She likes “pretty boys” but also has an… interest in Raikou’s chest and towards Katou Danzo for being a “black-haired Japanese beauty”.
    Medea AKA Classic Caster -> This isn’t from F/GO, but still. Remember when she captured Saber in UBW and made her wear a revealing dress? The Visual Novel was very clear on what she planned to do with her, her feelings for her master notwithstanding. Carnival Phantasm had fun with that one.
    Mata Hari -> One of her My Room lines has her saying she loves all kinds of humans, both male and female. Kind of like Nero, I guess.
    Mordred -> In the summer event her swimsuit version tells her master: “no matter if it’s waves, horses, or women, the rougher the ride, the more fun it is.”
    Medb -> Being who she is, she obviously prefers men, but in her interlude she boasts that she can also seduce any woman, no problem (which is just her ego talking, as her Alluring Voice skill can’t charm females enemies).
    Also, no need to be hesitant about putting Bryn there. Yes, the one that was in love with Jeanne Alter was a fake, but do you know what the special trait of NP is? It deals bonus damage against servants she can fall in love with. The list of servants with Brynhildr’s Beloved trait includes many handsome men… and Ushiwakamaru. And you forgot to mention Illya and Kuro are in the game.

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  6. kitsu260 says:

    FGO was the best entertainment happens to me last year, basically my routine had dedicated hour to this game and make me get more interested on Nasuverse.


  7. The Otaku Judge says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of servants. It’s impressive that the game has been running for three years. So many similar titles go bust after a few months. It’s nice that they reduced the regen timer. Waiting around is what puts me off from many mobile games.


  8. Thanks for the informative post! I already adore the majority of type-moon’s work and I might check this one out. Just wondering has anyone here played Fate/Extella? I finished all the main-/side routes in the game as the female protagonist and the amount of gayness is fantastic! Highly recommend to any Fate fans and fans of yuri!


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