241st G-View: Koufuku Graffiti

Japan can write stories about anything, even ones revolving around sexy eating like in those burger commercials featuring bikini babes. This is Koufuku Graffiti.

WARNING! It is not recommended to watch this anime on an empty stomach.

Koufuku Graffiti Cover

Alternate Title: Gourmet Girl Graffiti

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life

Themes: Cooking

Number of episodes: 12

G-Rating: 11/10

Plot Summary: After her grandmother passed away, high school student Ryō Machiko began living by herself. Although she recreated her grandmother’s recipes perfectly, she felt that something was missing. However, when a girl named Kirin begins visiting her home, she realizes that company makes any meal taste better. Together with their friend Shiina, they enjoy many different kinds of delicious foods together.

Auntie Akira saying hello 2

Graffiti can be best described as a “cute girls eating cute things erotically” anime which is this particular Girls Club anime’s driving gimmick. See, the way the girls taste and devour their meals has been jokingly described as softcore food porn. The slowness in how the ladies consume food is quite erotic to say the least. It has to be seen to be understood.

Vintage softcore eatingNabe - Koufuku Graffiti 01 - 01

Another amusing part of the gimmick is how in depth the ladies go in describing the finer details of all their meals: All the textures, crispiness, salivating goodness, absolute bliss and wonder found in every bite. It is a most wonderful spectacle every time. These descriptions can also help aspiring cooks who enjoy cooking the meals prepared in anime. I know some animeniacs who were inspired by the dishes prepared on the show. As I hinted at above this anime has the power to make make a hungry person suffer…unless they are dry inside.

Koufuku Graffiti

Besides the erotic eating Graffiti is a run of the mill Girls Club anime with a strong emphasis on the joys of cooking for people close to one’s heart. Friendship-Love, family, togetherness, cuteness and eating are what encompass this show’s appeal. There is little to say about the morals and the like. They are standard fare for SoL anime and really for viewers such as myself who enjoy this SoL sugenre, why would we look for more than that? It is more of the same as far as Girls Club shows go but when it is done as well as it was here why complain? It is cute girls doing cute things while eating food erotically and with great detail. The show speaks for itself.

Shiina head tilt

As we can see her from the show’s most iconic SHAFT-tilt it is evident which studio picked this series up. It is amazing how well SHAFT can produce Girls Club anime. If only the others they made sell as well as the Hidamari Sketch series had. So yeah the animation is vintage SHAFT…in episode 2. Every other episodes SHAFT’s influences can be spotted but they are not as in your face as ep2 was. Basically ep2 exists to remind viewers this show is produced by SHAFT. So for viewers who do not like SHAFT’s style, worry not for it is only used at full power in one episode.

The OP is my second favorite of the Winter season this show aired, the ED’s pretty good and the soundtrack is sublime. I love this show’s music is what I am saying.

Ryou, Kirin and Shiina

-Ryou’s a kindhearted soul who is the first to reveal the magic of “the gift”. Other than that she’s a lovable sweetheart with a nice body.

-Kirin is the energetic member of the crew who is not good at socializing with adults, is quite athletic and shopped for footwear at the same store Yoshinoya-sensei bought her sandals.

-Shiina is the cool beauty of the group with a mysterious aura. The way she uses “the gift” perfectly encompasses these traits. She is friendly but not the most sociable person.

The rest of the cast as is the norm in Girls Club anime are either likable by default or quickly become likable. There is one character in particular who often teases her presence but takes a very long while before finally making herself known and when she does…

shipping material 1

And now it is time for the usual. This pairing is a subtext goldmine. Let me put it this way. RyoKiri got a married lesbian woman who is normally not into anime IMMEDIATELY declare the duo gay after seeing them in action only once. Unless the viewer is a purist denying this couple’s chemistry is inane.

Overall Koufuku Graffiti is a simple yet satisfying show that can make viewers very hungry after one episode, especially if by some miracle their favorite meal is featured. The ladies are easy to like, the music is simple yet sublime,the SHAFT-i-ness is present but not fully exploited and RyoKiri is love. Recommended to Girls Club enthusiasts and gourmets.

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19 Responses to 241st G-View: Koufuku Graffiti

  1. cirno9fan says:

    There is just so much good to say about this show….easily my favorite of the season~ The final episode was so fluffy and warm and ~~~~~~~~~

    I really hope it gets another season. I’m really betting that when they start school Yuuki will be their homeroom teacher. too bad they couldn’t get around to making that clear this season, but we just gotta hope for another!

    The show makes it really easy to imagine a future where the two get together really. Rather, it’s harder to imagine a future where they won’t. I honestly saw this less as a cgdct (aka girls club) show, and closer to a light and fluffy romance between the two. I mean, the show focused REALLY heavily on the two. The others around them weren’t shafted or anything, but you could tell where the show focused. It also progressed at a natural pace through the plot, time actually moved forward and each experience built on the last. And the season ended with them reaching a goal that makes it so they can finally live together!

    I really really hope that it gets another season…


    • Overlord-G says:

      The season finale had some fun moments and squees in it.

      Yuuki-sensei would be awesome.

      Your view on the show being more about RyoKiri’s developing love life works too. It was a great moment, the finale. Hard work paying off.

      I hope righteousness prevails. I really do.


    • yurimylove says:

      I’m totally with you there, cirno9fan! In addition to it being a fun and touching story, i also viewed it as “light and fluffy romance between the two”. Great minds think alike XD


  2. Hanneman says:

    I havent seen the final episode yet, but nonetheless, this show was better than what i’ve hoped. I expected something fun and sweet, and what we’ve got was that and much more! Yuriness, hilariousness, and the habit of eating before watching.


  3. Kai says:

    “Graffiti can be best described as a “cute girls eating cute things erotically”
    Pretty much this.

    The eating scenes aside, the way they touched upon the other emotional aspect of the anime like family, friends, companionship, warmth and so on are executed perfectly. And yea, I love that OP too. I also like how the ED in the last episode is pretty much a compilation of all the eating scenes, lol.


    • Overlord-G says:

      That’s why I love the Slice of Life genre so much.
      The OP is glorious. That was an amusing final montage reminding viewers what the anime’s main draw was and it was marvelous.
      Don’t forget mentioning the sweetness of RyoKiri as a highlight.


  4. K says:

    The finale was a nice way to cap off this show and it shows how less lonely Ryou is now when compared with the start. So happy for her. Leaving food for her grandmother was cool. Speaking of, the ever-changing pictures was funny to me. However, I just realized something; why is her picture black and white? Weren’t there any colour cameras around?

    Delicious food, good character interactions and heartwarming moments (especially concerning Ryou). What more can you ask for? The OP, ED and the previews were all delightful as well.


  5. Knew this would be added ever since I saw that short clip.


  6. MisterMasada says:

    Just got around to watching this and I agree completely with your 11/10 G-Rating. My love for this show is something that I can’t really express in words, it (the show) really helped me out this past week (the time I took to view it), by that I mean it really helped me regain some happiness in my life and deal with my current bout of depression.

    Going with what several other people have stated, I too would absolutely love to see this get a sequel where perhaps Kyou’s (My personal shortening of Kirin/Ryou) love for each other might bloom into a beautiful romance. At times I almost felt like the animators at Shaft wanted to make it happen, it being the Kyou romance.

    This show has also inspired me to try and improve my (non-existent) cooking skills by branching out and trying to make some of the dishes seen in the show, such as omelet rolls or omelet rice.

    And one last thing I wanted to say before I wrapped this up, and I want to know if anyone else agrees with me on this. Yuuki-san reminds me quite a bit of the homeroom teacher from Nichijou, both in her demeanor and her physical appearance (Myanimelist character page for reference http://myanimelist.net/character/41617/Izumi_Sakurai).


    • Overlord-G says:

      Good to hear the show helped you relax during hard times and filled your heart with joy.
      Kyou’s a wonderful pairing.
      Yeah, giving the dishes a try would be cool.
      They do share similarities.


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  10. Christian Appel says:

    Just finished it and this anime showed once again that love goes through stomach and brought two girls together forever – due to the events of the final episode.

    The OP is an obvious reference to “Alice in Wonderland” which I would call “Ryou x Kirin in Foodland”.


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