Yuri Quickie: No Game No Life

Kurami X Fil

How convenient that the premiere post at OG’s Anime Island is also the premiere post for my new Yuri Quickie segment where I briefly discuss the yuri subtext/canon content in mostly non-yuri anime and possibly shows. In this premiere post I’ll be covering the resident from Inamity Kurami and her mistress/obvious soul mate Fil.

KuraFi's first sign

Kurami first debuted as “Blank”s first major challenge since arriving in the world of Disboard and she made sure her boss fight was not an easy one. However that is not what we are here to discuss. This picture here was the first instance that the two were more than partners in crime so to speak. Unfortunately for yuri fans they do not get much screen time on the show. They did get more time together than Shion and Yayoi in both seasons of Psycho-Pass combined at least.

FlashbackYuuna and Nanami on a date

KuraFi can be best described as a flat tsundere and busty honey who is both like a kind hearted onee-sama and lover…kinda like Yuuna and Nanami.

For the time being I will not post the link to my NGNL review but I will say it is recommended and for nation members KuraFi is worth the wait while watching the show.

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34 Responses to Yuri Quickie: No Game No Life

  1. cirno9fan says:

    The Specials pushed this couple even harder xD
    Man I loved these two~

    Liked by 1 person

  2. animelover32 says:

    So will you be making the review soon for Yama no Susume 2, since it’s over.


  3. elkat4 says:

    I’ve replied on the review of the series, but I figure I’d say my two cents on this couple. In short, this was arguable the only yuri couple currently possible in this series. If I had to pick a second couple, it’d be Shiro x Izuna just because they’d be a cute couple and Izuna clearly doesn’t mind the BLANK siblings petting her.


  4. r0nkun says:

    I really like this couple, then I found out that Kurami grew up from being a kid while Fli seemed ageless and things started feeling awkward. Given the situation that Kurami was in, I can’t blame her and have since gotten over it, but it still threw me for a loop. You love who you love.


  5. Cytrus says:

    Kurami works because she’s yuri master Iguchi.

    Fii works because she’s like “no-prob” about sacrificing herself, her clan, her country and the entire world order if it benefits her lover.


  6. automaticimperfection says:

    Yet another anime you will make me watch…. thank you good sir!!! I am looking forward to it


  7. I could not be less interested in this show if I tried…yet one of these days my friends will insist I watch it anyway…and there’s yuri…so resistance is futile. Sigh. 😛


  8. automaticimperfection says:

    Oh well,that’s different, haha I shall insist no more, I’m just into games so of course I ended up liking it, then again some shows that initially make me go “meh” turn out to be real good, others..are beyond meh .


  9. They are a good couple.

    Plus Shiro has that, Cute Loli who acts like a dirty old man, thing going for her as well. The Harem of the show should be defined as Blank’s Harems, not shut Sora’s.

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  10. Jamie Norwood says:

    NecroDancer comment, as I am rewatching: Any pairing that involves Shiro or Sora is instantly a triad. Likely a Yuri arm of a triangle. Most likely, though, it would end up a square where Shiro and Sora are each other’s primaries. Steph likely would end up Sora’s secondary, while Izuna would end up Shiro’s. Izuna and Steph would merely be friends and compatriot OSO’s. Supporting the other in their branch. (I may be too clurful about poly structures. 🙂


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