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Short posts discussing the yuri content in mostly non-yuri shows.

Yuri Quickie: Alice in Deadly School

Remember the Episode 0 New Year’s Special premiere of the Gekidol anime that included both Episode 1 and a play called Alice in Deadly School? At first it seemed unrelated to the Gekidol anime but later our heroines took part … Continue reading

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Yuri Quickie: Yuru Camp△ 2

Of all the sequel seasons I have watched recently, Yuru Camp 2 has to be the simplest to talk about, hence the Yuri Quickie instead of a G-View. Speaking of G-Views, here is one of the first season HERE where … Continue reading

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Yuri Quickie: Raya and the Last Dragon

Originally I didn’t plan on talking about this movie here but I imagine there are some curious about the fanart so I figured I might as well hint why that is.

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Yuri Quickie: VLADLOVE

Originally the plan was to review the show in its entirety once all 12 episodes were made available. That time had come. However, as readers will soon find out there is a reason I changed the post into a Yuri … Continue reading

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Yuri Quickie: The Loud House (Another Luna X Sam Episode)

When we last talked about The Loud House there were only two episodes in the series devoted to Luna X Sam. In Season 4 a third episode aired so might as well give it a quick glance at Season 4, … Continue reading

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