68th G-View. Controversial edition 2: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Hello and welcome to G-Views, where SoL reigns supreme, moe is respected and Dokuro-chan sucks poopie. How many people around here have watched and miss the glory days of Adult Swim, where each one of their original shows was pure awesome and the programming didn’t rely on having to broadcast other shows like Simpson, Family Guy, American Dad, etc. Do any of you out there miss the greatness that was “The Great Mighty Poo”? Well then,the  following show represents everything I enjoyed from Adult Swim and then some. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. You know what the funniest part is, this show is brought to us by the same people that created Tengen Toppa Gurrenn Lagann, Gainax Studios.

Panty and Stocking

The transformation sequence that opened many eyes:

These two lovely demons changed the history of male animeniacs forever after their debut in episode 6.

Genres: action, comedy

Objectionable content: Intense (graphic depictions of sex, drug use, or bloodshed)
Number of episodes: Possibly 26, (Hopefully as far as I’m concerned)
G-Rating: 8/10 (For those who can and are allowed to watch this one)

Plot Summary: A company of ghosts has moved into Daten City, taking advantage of human greed. Two angels, Panty and Stocking, are sent from heaven to exterminate them — but in reality they got kicked out for bad behavior. Don’t worry, it’s not THAT sexually active that you see naked breasts and sex.  No, it’s around the “Rated R” range.

The 1st 3 episodes are more than enough to show the viewer what he/she is in for should he/she decide to stick around.

WARNING! This show contains the same level of material or possible even stronger than Adult Swim cartoons. As you can tell, this anime is NOT for the young or those with weak constitutions. Later on, I’ll post a few tips, showing what you need in order to watch this show.

This entire show feels like a spoof to all forms of American Culture, EVERY known form. Why is it controversial you ask? Watch the 1st episode and see for yourselves.

The animation: In my view, it’s a mixture of the Powerpuff Girls, Invader Zim, Hihi Puffy AmiYumi and a 1970’s-80’s setting. Each episode is chock full of madness in each and every corner. you won’t get a chance to breathe from all the wacky stuff that takes place in each episode. Expect many dirty jokes, cursing in both “Engrish” and Japanese, sexual situations (courtesy of Panty), sex jokes, spoofing American Media and a little bit of the culture. (Mostly media and celebrities). As for direction, there is none. Actually, if there were a purpose then it’s this. Beat up bad guys and get enough “Heaven Coins” so Panty and Stocking are allowed back to heaven.
Think of it as Japanese animators making an American cartoon.

This show is the epitome of 1970’s spoof show. It’s so stupid, so vile, so retarded that I consider it a work of art. THIS is what you call a side-dish show, THIS is a “so bad it’s good” show for those who enjoy B-Rated shows.
*Yup, the dog, Chuck, looks like Gir’s retarded cousin from Baltimore.
*The main characters do look like adulterated Powerpuff Girls.
*Heck, Great Mighty Poo’s uncle, twice removed and Turbo Man (From Megaman 7)’s rejected nephew are the first villains they beat up.

The music: Oh so glorious 1970’s and 80’s music. If you don’t like these rocking beats, then I don’t know what you want in terms of music.

There’s not much I can say about the characters that isn’t explained in the poster above.
Panty is a sex hungry whore who doesn’t care about anyone other than herself.
-Stocking is the less mean than her sister, but equally rude. She’s a gothic lolita with a HUGE sweet tooth (Meaning that she LOVES sweets).
-Garterbelt is their guide and kind of father figure. He often loses his temper because of the girls but tries hard to not explode, which he often fails at doing.
Despite all the trouble the girls go through just being moral citizens, they at least get the job done when push comes to shove.
Chuck is, as mentioned above, a retarded look-a-like of Gir from Invader Zim. Not much to say about him other than he’s nutty as a fruitcake and invulnerable to all harm.

Alright, let’s review by checking out my tips:
The ONLY way that someone can enjoy this show is by having at least two qualifications on this list:
-Must enjoy American Spoof cartoons.
-Must have watched and enjoyed “Adult Swim” Cartoons during Cartoon Network’s heydays.
-This show is the current ultimate definition for mindless comedy.
-Must have a strong stomach and constitution.
-Must not care about many things in life when it comes to race, society and human curiosity.
-Must not be easily offended or disgusted by dirty jokes, sexuality and random cursing.

In conclusion: Despite the negative vibes, this show is pretty good for those who can handle it. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it does please the target market from what I’ve heard. Everyone older than 18 can give this one a try. The younglings should stay as far away as possible.

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8 Responses to 68th G-View. Controversial edition 2: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

  1. Talt Lo says:

    GODDAMMIT!!! I don’t know how to feel about PSG. There were episodes I absolutely LOVED, but then there were episodes I couldn’t wait to be over. It’s mostly because of geekboy. There was probably ONE scene in the whole series where I thought he was bearable, other than that, I don’t like him very much. When he started becoming more important to the plot, I was really annoyed.

    But there’s so much to LOVE about this show!!! GAAAHHH!!!

    F**k it. I LOVE PANTY & STOCKING!!!!!!


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  4. Crimson Crusader says:

    While this is old advice, I highly recommend watching the show dubbed in English, as the profanity and jokes are cranked up to eleven in the English dub.

    Liked by 1 person

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