22nd G-View: Seitokai no Ichizon

Hello and welcome to G-Views, where SoL reigns supreme, moe is respected and Dokuro-chan sucks poopie. This time we have something familiar, yet different at the same time. It’s yet another Student Council based anime, with a few twists. what are those twists you ask? Read on to find out.

Alternative title:
The Student Council’s Discretion

Genres: comedy, romance, slice of life
Themes: bishojo, harem, moe, otaku, parody, school

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: The series, which is also called Hekiyō Gakuen Seito-kaigi Jiroku (The Records of the Hekiyō Academy Student Council’s Activities), revolves around a private high school whose student council is chosen entirely by popularity vote. Because of this, Ken Sugisaki is the only male representative, in the otherwise all bishōjo student council, that may enter the “sacred sanctuary” of the council’s meeting room. At the behest of Council President Kurimu Sakurano (aka Aka-chan by Chizuru), Sugisaki records the minutes of the council meetings, which devolve into daily conversations about the students’ lives and interests.

We begin by introducing the characters. Even though each one is kindhearted and good people, there are certain things that make them “different”, yet familiar:

First off is Kurimu Sakurano: (aka Aka-chan, exclusively to Chizuru). hotheaded, not too smart, has a sweet tooth, kinda childish, victim of  “teenager with “loli virus” (Means she’s older than she looks). The student council president for reasons that are inexplicable to this day. She’s also Chizuru’s plaything (in my mind, girlfriend).

Next is Chizuru Akaba: Sexiest of the four girls, sadistic, manipulative, seductive, wise cracking, possessive (Especially of Aka-chan), organized. In short, the most interesting character on the show.

3rd is Mafuyu Shiina: Cutest of the 4 main characters, Shounen-Ai (Yaoi) fangirl, hardcore videogamer, soft-spoken, minor inferiority complex, loyal to her older sister Minatsu, doesn’t have many friends outside of the Seitokai. Basically, the quiet one, or least hyper of the team.

4th is Minatsu Shiina: 2nd to Chizuru in sexiness dept., Tsundere towards Key-kun, tomboy, Shounen anime/manga fan, equally as hotheaded as Aka-chan.

Last but not least is Ken Sugisaki (Key-kun). Openly seeks to create his own harem (Much to the other members’ dismay), Bishoujo game collector, preys on all the girls in the same room, is the victim of both physical and mental torture (my favorite parts). Not much else to say really.

There are a few more sub-characters (My fav being Elise), but you’ll see them as you continue watching the show.

What makes this anime unique is the fact that the male protagonist is openly seeking a harem. Sure it’s been done a few times before, but the thing is that he openly declares it to his prey and tries to seduce each one in a random order. Each episode has an intro, then a middle and conclusion. Why state the obvious? Mostly to explain the middle and conclusion since each episode has the same flow.

The middle is the main attraction of the show and why most people will watch this show. During this time, most the following will occur:
-Discussing the themes Aka-chan brings forth on the whiteboard. This usually involves slacking off….usually, not always.
-Key-kun randomly seduces the girls.
-Key-kun is physically or mentally tortured by all the girls, or a few of them.
You’ll have to watch to understand what I mean by “torture”.
-Each girl has to do something noticeable. to set them apart from the others.
-Some stuff happen.
-Spoofing other well known anime.

To better explain the last one, this show will parody and spoof many different anime. Nothing new in terms of mindless comedies, but it’s still funny to see which show they will make a spoof of or mention. I bet many viewers will easily recognize most of them.

The conclusion, or as I like to call it “bathroom break” or “Key-Kun time”, is the moment where the show gets serious and no matter what the situation, one way or the other, Key-kun has to be the one to save the day or look good, thus earning brownie points with the girls. Thankfully it doesn’t lead anywhere. That makes me happy.

In conclusion, I recommend this show to anyone who enjoys laughing their butts off and watching harem males’ egos get clobbered.

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