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Lilycle Rainbow Stage!! Review

(Note: Review code provided by Mangagamer) What do you get when you mix A Kiss for the Petals (Specifically Hanahira) and Kindred Spirits on the Roof while toning down the drama a bit? Well something like Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!, developed … Continue reading

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SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy Review

Note: PS4 Review Code provided by NIS America Here is a fighting game I had been eagerly anticipating and the main reason I chose to review fighters on the blog. Question now is whether this surprise sequel to an old … Continue reading

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Girls’ Frontline Guest Review by Mai88 and Raida

Note from OG: Here we are again taking a look at a mobile game that looked to have promising yuri potential. However, since I still do not own a tablet as of this writing I could not check the game … Continue reading

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351st G-View: Slow Start

I was instantly hyped for this show when it was first announced because it looked like a Girls Club show that was right up my alley. Let us find out if it became another Girls Club show worthy of aficionados’ … Continue reading

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328th G-View: Kantai Collection: The Movie

Not much of an intro for this one. It is the Kantai Collection movie. What more needs to be said? NOTE: The story takes place after the events of the main series so expect spoilers. Check out my review of … Continue reading

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