19th G-View: Animation Runner Kuromi

Hello and welcome to G-Views, where SoL reigns supreme, moe is respected and Dokuro-chan sucks poopie.
Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to work in for an anime industry? Have you asked yourself what it feels like, will your employers and co-workers be sane? How do anime get published, approved, shipped, checked, confirmed etc.? Well look no further than this superb presentation right here.

Genres: comedy, drama

Themes: animation production, animators, deadlines
Number of episodes: 2 OVAs
G-Rating: 8/10

By Cryssoberyl:

Both this and ARK2 are excellent. These are two 45 minute episodes about a tiny animation house called Studio Petit and their struggle just to meet deadlines. The cute and energetic Kuromi is an “animation runner”, which seems to be a kind of general studio helper in addition to ferrying key animation frames back and forth from the animators to the studio. Comedy ensues as Kuromi has to deal with various colorful, highly unorthodox staff members as she struggles to keep the schedule on track.

It’s a simple premise, but it glows with quality. This is an anime about making anime, and you can tell the creators really loved and enjoyed doing this. The animation is very high quality, and it’s a very cute, charming, entertaining show. The music ranges from corny to catchy and relaxing. The characters are awesome. Each and every one of them, from the stressed out, yet determined Kuromi, a chubby otaku stereotype, a housewife who works harder while ranting about marriage, a low self esteem emo who just needs cheering up and a few others.
However, the character who steals the show, besides Kuromi herself is:
The studio’s director, who is a late 20’s-ish woman, Shihonmatsu (Shihon for short. Her given name is Hamako, but rarely used). She’s like a model, tall, stylish and statuesque, but also very kind, patient and soft-spoken. She’s the source of most of the show’s emotion and meaning, being otherwise peopled with zany comic characters. Besides that, if you look at the following pic, you could swear that she looks extremely identical to an anime babe we all know very well.

In conclusion, I’d definitely recommend these 2 OVAs to everyone here who’s interested. This show had me laughing since the beginning and I guarantee a great time and 90 minutes well spent. Besides, you get a Certain character look a like to enjoy.

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  2. Cryssoberyl says:

    Plagiarism of my write-up on the shoujoai.com Master List, without crediting me.


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