18th G-View: Hinako Time Pt1

Hello and welcome to G-Views, where SoL reigns supreme, moe is respected and Dokuro-chan sucks poopie. Say…it’s Hinako Time!

Yes it’s Hinako Time, a short 2 part experiment I’m doing which explores the bizarre Japanese marketing ploy known simply as Hinako and her 2 OVAs.
First up is “Training With Hinako”.

Now, Training With Hinako….does it have a plot?…Yes, kind of. Basically the plot obviously revolves around Hinako, a teenage girl who was sucked into the anime world while watching some random action show. Later on she begins talking with the viewer, male or female, and explains to them her situation. She was transported to the anime world because she wished for it and now is a part of an action anime herself. However, she received a note saying that she must lose some weight or else her show will get canceled. And so Hinako suggests to the viewer, (You) to do a training segment with her. Yes folks, as the title states, this is a 20 minute training video…with a few twists.

Now then, what kinds of exercises will Hinako be doing you ask?
-Push Ups.
-Sit Ups.
…Counting in Bed.
…Breast Ups.
That’s right people, you read right, those are the 5 exercises Hinako will do. Do the last two have a purpose you ask? You tell me. Anyway, the basic setup for the day is 12 of each. After that, the training ends and Hinako says it’s time for her to get to appear in her show. Then the end credits roll showing clips of Hinako, along with her co-stars fighting monsters Magical Girl style. After the credits, we repeat the same sequence the next day, except the introduction is changed. Same exercises, different goodbye, same credit sequence. On the 3rd day…..well….this is where it gets loopy. How loopy, I’ll leave that to the viewers to find out.

I don’t really know what else to say about it. I basically summed up everything. As for how the training itself looks, I suggest you look at the poster above and use your imagination. Try to guess what I meant by my introduction and the poster. Like I said, this is basically an animated training video, with a loopy twist.

Music…umm…it’s exercise music, I guess. Including the ending theme.

You know, it feels like you’re watching a webcam, without lagging or slowdown and many closeups.  This show is unbelievable. It left me speechless. I’m not joking. This show is something else, let me tell you. Either you’ll be scratching your head asking yourself, what am I watching and why? I ask you all, do the Japanese animators have limits? Seriously, what haven’t they attempted yet?

Now then, do I have a rating? I really don’t know how to rate this OVA. I was left speechless and neutral. I really have nothing to say about the rating. I can’t find words or a number, EXCEPT, you can pretty much guess who this anime is primarily targeted towards.

Oh, I almost forgot, there is a bright side: If you survive long enough, you’ll eventually learn how to count from 1 to 24 in Japanese.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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