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Symphogear XV Part 2 Spoiler Discussion

Welcome to Part 2 of my review of Symphogear where, as mentioned in my overall review of the (supposed) final season, I would go into more detail on the lead duo Hibiki and Miku’s relationship development. Think of this also … Continue reading

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396th G-View: Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV

For this G-View I will split it into two parts. Part 1 is the spoiler free G-View right here. Part 2 is of course the spoiler post discussing a certain something. Let us get to it as we talk about … Continue reading

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Symphogear XV Episode 12: Goddess Slayers

We’re at the home stretch ladies and gentlemen and I am all the tingle! Pretty sure Rory lost his mind seeing Elfnein (and Carol of course) bravely opposing Shem-Ha. I admit I too got giddy and was like, “Why are … Continue reading

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Symphogear XV Episode 11: Death Moon Zone

When we last left our heroines they were conveniently transported to the Moon thanks to Tsubasa’s spur of the moment action. Let’s see what awaited them there. BUT FIRST!

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Symphogear XV Episode 10: Supercharged Rematch

As always we Symphogear fans ask how will the show leave our jaws dropped on the floor this episode. SPOILERS, fantastically as always.

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