Symphogear XV Episode 11: Death Moon Zone

When we last left our heroines they were conveniently transported to the Moon thanks to Tsubasa’s spur of the moment action. Let’s see what awaited them there.


Enki vs Shem-Ha.jpg

Enki vs Shem-Ha.

Two new characters were introduced. Actually it’s Enki (the present day mummy guy who looked like a Studio Trigger male character) and Shem-Ha in her original form. The two waged an intense battle that Enki won but at a great cost. That’s when Maria woke up from this flashback dream. By now it’s 100% official that she’s the last of their people or something like that. We’ll get back to this later.

Maria taking charge.jpg

Maria taking charge.

Maria calmly assessed the situation but Tsubasa was still feeling guilty. Maria had had enough and took command. She is pretty much the mother figure of the team and the one who knows Tsubasa best. Readers who saw the chibi specials will know why this is. Short answer, they were assigned together several times. Anyway Maria’s Airgetlam (pendant) started glowing and guided them somewhere important.

Vanessa Laser Split.jpg

Have I mentioned how much I love Vanessa?

Bikkie Kick!.jpg

Captain Bikkie doing Captain Bikkie things.

Both Team Symphogear and Noble Red were warped to the Death Moon separately where most of them were greeted by security drones. Awesomeness ensued.

Shem-Ha and Miku

Shem-Ha and Miku.

We went back to Earth inside Yggdrassil where Shem-Ha had a little chat with Miku.

Miku: Let me out! I have to talk to Hibiki!

Shem-Ha: Oh but twas ye who let me take control of your body in due part to your inner desire to convey emotions too difficult to do on your own. Art I wrong?

Miku: T-that’s…

Shem-Ha: Surrender thyself to I for I art the future of this world. Thou art the catalyst for great change. Rejoice, oh delectable welp.

I do hope the Symphogear fanbase do the right thing and bless my Twitter timeline with OG Shem-Ha art. I NEED me some hot evil alien space chick.

AI Enki.jpg

AI Enki.

Back to MariTsuba they entered what looked to be the Death Moon core where they were greeted by an AI Enki which held all the history of the Earth and the extinct lunar civilization. Right. So the ancient civilization were the gods of Earth creating all life and everything that came with it. Reminds me of The New Gods from DC Comics. Not exactly gods but very powerful entities from another galaxy or something like that. Shem-Ha was the “Lucifer/Baal/Satan etc.” of the bunch. After her defeat she split her consciousness inside every single human on Earth guaranteeing an eventual resurrection. Thanks to the outcome of HibiMiku’s battle in S2/G the two became potential vessels for her return. We know what happened next. Her goal is of course to rule the Earth by turning everything and everyone into creatures she can control for all eternity. Basically supervillain plan #5: Change everything to my likeness and rule over all. Another example of a villain with a similar plan was Dr Nefarious, only I’m 200% sure he’s more entertaining than Shem-Ha to most. To me Shem-Ha is like The Queen of Chakra Kaguya from Naruto. What say you my good friend Rory old bean?

Suddenly Milaarc appeared to complete her mission, wreck the Death Moon and break the last seal preventing Shem-Ha from ultimate domination.

Milaarc and Blood Milaarc.jpg

Milaarc and Blood Milaarc.

Supercharged Milaarc took notes from Dracula and Skarlet in her epic rematch with Tsubasa. Maria gave Tsubasa an effective pep talk. She understood that the best way to get through to her is by addressing her as a fellow warrior. Guess she figured hugs wouldn’t be enough for now. Maybe after the world is saved.

Amalgam Tsubasa and Maria.jpg

Amalgam MariTsuba.

Like the battle with Supercharged Elza it was tough but the tides were turned the moment MariTsuba activated their Amalgam forms. The smile they shared, to me, was squee worthy.

I wonder if what’s left of Milaarc will be her permanent form or she’ll slowly revert to her current self? We’ll see.

Shem-Ha initiating her plan.jpg

Shem-Ha initiating her plan.

Back again on Earth Shem-Ha initiated her plan by covering the planet with dark roots. Next time it’s Captain Bikkie and Christopher’s turn as they face Supercharged Vanessa.

I freakin’ love this series. Two episodes to go.

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14 Responses to Symphogear XV Episode 11: Death Moon Zone

  1. Ivn says:

    It’s good to have the real Miku back after 3 episodes even if just a little.
    I love how Shem-ha used Miku’s feelings so she could be her vessel and the same thing will also be the catalyst to Shem-ha’s demise once Bikki challenges Shem-ha.

    It’s good that Tsubasa is back again, she still needs hugs tho. As you pinted out there will be time for that later.

    Maria’s amalgam got me thinking what Chris is going to pull off when she uses her amalgam form, the dragon thingy wasn’t something I expected, Chris new form could also be something unexpected.

    Just 2 more episodes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      There’s still time for a miracle, yes.

      Oh don’t worry. Maria’s got plenty of snuggles waiting after the world is saved.

      Amalgam Maria is my favorite so far. It’ll be interesting to see what Christopher’s is like.


  2. cirno9fan says:

    Another episode that was just too fast…..
    I don’t know where things will go, but man, they’re making it really obvious Miku wants to say something to HIbiki that is very difficult for her to actually come out and say. We are definitely in for something pretty great!
    I really hope Noble Red get to be villains that live on ;-; They’ve done some horrendous things, but everyone deserves another chance if they’re willing to change….


    • OG-Man says:

      Symphogear is known for being super fast along with leaving enough hints and tidbits each season to connect plot threads. I’m sure super mega analysts will find plotholes but in all honesty I don’t care. I get the gist of it all.

      At this rate it better be what we hope it is.

      At best we can hope for some jail time.


  3. Gurrenprime says:

    The Shem-ha/Kaguya comparison is pretty apt. Similar backstories, motivations, and means to their ends (giant murder trees). Even similar (lack of) personalities. Though in Shem-ha’s defense, she was actually built up to instead of just being thrust into the story at random like Kaguya was.


  4. Rory says:

    Yeah, I can see the similarities between Shem-ha and Kaguya. Well, from what I can remember of Kaguya, that is – it’s been a while since the end of Naruto.
    Another utterly fantastic episode of Symphogear, of course.
    Maria’s Amalgam looks fantastic, Hibiki is just too cool and Millaarc… well, I think I’m about ready to forgive her past transgressions for some reason or other…
    Maria’s dream of Enki and Shem-ha fighting was excellent, too.
    Nice to know that Miku has been resisting Shem-ha. Surely we’re going to get another Miku song before the end.
    Let’s not forget that what we thought we knew about the Curse of Balal has been turned on its head, as well.
    Symphogear is amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. All I care about is they’re both hot and I NEED Shem-Ha fanart.

      As is expected from this series. Most episodes are good to excellent, so long as the viewer enjoys it of course.

      Maria’s Amalgam is my 2nd favorite.

      Captain Bikkie doing Captain Bikkie things brings us great joy.

      Best we can hope for is jail time for the three. No need to have them sacrifice their lives.

      Great flashback dream battle.

      Fingers crossed she expels Shem-Ha and joins her captain in battle or something along those lines.

      What I love about Symphogear is they give no Fs while giving an F at the same time. Bless this series. Bless it so very much.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Christian Appel says:

    Finally a M x T Amalgam couple fight.

    I know that they are already acting and harmoning as an official couple, but if my prediction is right, we will hear and see Plan C (C for confession) at the next episode. Even if it is for just one minute.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. mikubikki says:

    “bless my Twitter timeline with OG Shem-Ha art.” my exact thought. also, i can see shem ha x miku as a couple for some reasons :3. all left is chris amalgam owo. if bikki’s case is the heart knows but the brain does not, miku is the heart and the brain know but can not muster the courage to say it XD. snuggles after they save the world >w</

    2 more episodessss…hypeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Liked by 2 people

  7. yurimylove says:

    I hope Maria will kiss Tsubasa before this season is over…


  8. Nick says:

    The opening scene confused the hell outta me, literally thought I had downloaded the wrong show. But then yeah it became Symphogear and everything was good again.

    I’m like a week late here and I can’t remember much anymore, but Amalgam MariTsuba was super badass and I don’t know why but Milaarc is kinda sexy. I’m not sure why I feel this way about her.

    I’ll hopefully have a more intelligent comment next (this) week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Yeah I noticed you sounding like you were half asleep before dropping by. It’s cool. I get what you’re trying to say.

      Vanessa is the hottest but Milaarc is a super sexy vampire in her own right.


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