Otaku Elf Episode 6: Ritual Studying

Study woes and another ritual this time around.

Most important word on the test

We began with Koito struggling with memorizing the meaning of English words. She envied Koma’s lackadaisical attitude due to being really good at studying but somewhat appreciated her support regardless.

Elda worried Koito got bored of herDue to the upcoming exams Koito had little time to hang out with Elda causing our lovely elf “goddess” to worry her miko got tired of hanging out.

Elda's reasoningAfter a lot of pestering and excuses to hang out Elda, including her vintage Japanese history trivia, she finally formulated a reason why it’s important for Koito to study. Sure Elda. That’s why.

Koito can't studyAfter a classic procrastination montage Koito thought it best to have a study buddy. Knowing Elda was a fountain of Japanese history she rushed over to her. In my favorite part of the episode as Koito tested the elf’s historical accuracy every time Elda got an answer right she shared an awkward memory of related events bumming Koito out. One example was unable to understand Dutch navigators. Feeling bad Elda quickly thought of something to cheer her up. Good news was it worked. Bad news was her wallet suffered for it.

Dr Akane with glassesThe next sketch had our heroines on their way to the Tokyo Skytree for another ritual. This time to guide the miko guided the elf goddess to a high enough point in the tower so they could see Mt Fuji at sunrise. Sexy Dr Akane was coaxed into giving them a ride. I bet Sir Nickolas loved seeing her again but this time with glasses.

Koito and Elda inside the Tokyo SkytreeOn their way to the finish line Elda’s super nervous because she’s afraid of heights. To help her calm down Koito suggested she share more trivia. This time we got stuff like discussions on humanity’s obsession with building tall stuff and the reason why Mt Fuji, short for Fujinami, may have been named such. It’s related to the tale of Princess Kaguya. World Dai Star fans will recall that story.

Elda's pained smileAs she got to the sad part of the princess and her lover separating. Not sure there’s foreshadowing when she mentioned immortality but it could be related to the sadness of living longer than the people she cared for as hinted at in the premiere episode. That along with her treasured friendship with the late Lord Ieyasu. Point was Koito not being a fan of the pained smile Elda sometimes had to hide her sadness.

Elda guides Koito passed the separation pointAs they got closer to the finish line Koito held Elda’s hand to give her more courage. Though Elda’s like “I’m still scared though this time we’ll fall together” she appreciated the support. In a nice moment when they reached the finish line Koito stood back as Elda went on to pray to Mt Fuji, possibly symbolic of them one day separating because of time, Elda took the miko’s hand as they crossed together meaning Koito’s special to Elda. Maybe I read too deeply into the scene but that’s what I got from it.

Koito and Elda pray to Mt FujiThe touching moment ended with our heroines going back to their fun fun silly willy selves. Good stuff as always.

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7 Responses to Otaku Elf Episode 6: Ritual Studying

  1. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Ah studying. It sure is hard!
    Elda relating how she remembered history was so damn funny. It’s definitely different if you are there.
    And in the end Koito had to be bribed with sushi to pass lol
    One of Elda’s imagine spots is Koito berating her for buying model kits when she hasn’t finished her current projects yet- a sin many of us kit builders commit haha

    The second half was really wholesome in the end. As an immortal Elda has been on this same process before of losing loved ones to the passage of time, and she knows Koito too, will be eventually claimed by death.
    Then of course they had to end it with some funny prayers.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      First half was great.

      Indeed. The same dilemma is bound to repeat sooner or later. Best to enjoy the time spent together as much as possible.


  2. draxdrilox says:

    So Elda is the real Kaguya-hime?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. yurimylove says:

    looks like Elda’s determined to stick with Koito for the long haul

    Liked by 1 person

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